35 Years Old, Removing 8 Year Old Saline ( 425cc ) Implant - Atlanta, GA

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Hello ladies! Here comes my story! After...

Hello ladies! Here comes my story! After breastfeeding my 2 wonderful children my breast looked sorry... It didn't bother me as much as it did my husband at this time. I don't know how I let him talk me into this but I ended up getting fake boobs. I agreed on 375cc but somehow during the operation the surgeon decided to go bigger and I end up with 425 cc :( I'm not saying that I didn't Iike the, I did.. But I'm tired of looking fake! And my right breast has been hurting me lately. After reading all those great stories on here I'm ready to get those things out! I'm no more married to this man who talked me into it and my current husband supports me in all I do and wants me to feel good about myself :)

5 days till the surgery!!

I'm getting a little bit nervous as the time comes closer. The doc said It would easy and quick and done in 30 minutes. It will be done under local, no drains and the capsular will be left inside. he insured me that my body created it and it will also get rid of it once the foreign object is out of my body. I'm really scared of the outcome and how my scars will be... When I had then placed in it was put in under my armpit, so I don't have scars under my breat. I hope those won't look to bad. But he also said that since mine are saline implants the cut will be smaller as he can drain them before taking them out. So I guess that's good news! The smaller the cut the happier I am. Thank you for those who wished me well. I will for sure keep you updated with everything including pictures :)

More pre op pics

I took them this morning, not great at this! Lol

24 hours after the surgery! SEROMA?!?

Sorry I didn't write an update yesterday but I wasn't feeling that great when I got home. The surgery went pretty quick and even it was a weird feeling being awake for the whole thing, I survived! I looked down and my sorry boobies and noting but skin was left before they put the compression on.. I didn't even fit in a bra... And I was a full B cup before surgery :( To be honest when the nurse was checking my blood pressure I started crying. I guess I was very disappointed in the way they looked....I went home ( about 2 hour drive from the doc ) and was feeling pretty good otherwise my emotions.. After the local started to ease off I had severe pain :( not sure why, since I was told I should not experience any pain... I took some strong pain meds and it still would not go away.. First night was tough... And this morning I noticed I have fluid build up in my left breat!! Oh no!!!!! I didn't had any drains put in, but my doc said that I would not need them. Now I am not so sure and worried! I left him a message and he called me right back. Telling me that is not common with the type prosedure he did. That it usually happens when you place an implant??! Anyhow doesn't seem to me to unusual after reading some of the reviews here.. He told me to watch it and stay compressed. As long the boob don't get bigger than the other he said it will be fine. I don't feel very comfortable after reading some of the stories. Did anyone experience anything like that? Please help!

48 hours after surgery...first shower!

This morning I took the wrap off for the first time! Still have the fluid build up in my left breast, which totally freaks me out. The more I read about it the worried I get. Anyways, after unwrapping my breast I was positively surprised. It's not what I hoped for, but looked 100% better when I peaked at it once I got up from the surgery table! My right breast looks very sorry....this is the one I had a cc before and never really got soft and always kind of bothered me. I hope that with days it will catch up to the other and won't be so wrinkly.... Due to the fluid I had to wrap everything again, so can't really let them fluff yet -- bummer!!! I really hope the fluid goes away!!

Day 3..2nd shower..

I love taking a shower because that's means I can take off the compression wrap and let them just be for a moment! :) The little things that I'm looking forward to. I did notice a tiny improvement today as for shape, but the fluid in the left breat is still there. Not sure if same or less but I'm almost sure it's not more. But I have kept everything pretty tight. I did notice that the scar is on the left one at least half inch under by breast :((( this will show in a bikini :( I don't know if the ps just didn't think my skin would bounce up or what the issue is. I know that he cut underneath while the implant was there.. I just hope this will not stop me from wearing bikinis :(( hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for all kind comments

5th day after surgery.. bra shopping

Today i went with my best friend , sports bra shopping! Here a couple of pics of braS :)

One week post explant!

Hallo Ladies, it's been now one week since the surgery. I still have some fluid build up in my left breast but I feel like it's getting a little less each day. I feel almost pain free and feel better each day about the looks. It's a little sad I don't fit in a b cup like before but I guess that's ok. My right breast had still a lot of catching up to do. I feel like I have no breast tissue at all there. I just hope this will build up with time. Today was my first day at work...I'm sure people noticed but no one has made a comment yet... Lol. Thank you again for all your support. :)

Day 10,naked truth

I guess I have been just telling me it's great and looking better every day... And it was till today... This morning I noticed something I really don't like and hope it goes away :( i did knew from day one that when I raise my arms my sorry boob would have this weird inside dent. I want posting pics of it because it was kind of getting little better every day and I figured it needs time... And who cares how they look when I raise my arms.. Well I do care now since I believe it does this weird fold to my right breast :( :( I am so worried now ... Did anyone had the same problem and it possibly went away ?!? :( :(

2 weeks update

I feel much better every day! Even tough my size is smaller than before implant, I feel so much better about myself and my body. I know it will take time to heal and till I can wear a nice bra!! And that's if I only find one that fits.... But for right now I'm rocking the sports bras :)


Baby steps.... Still don't regret my decision at all! Next Monday I have my one month follow up! :) Happy Monday!

1 month post OP

Hello Ladies, just wanted to give you a quick update! I saw my PS for a follow up, he said everything is healing well and he wants to see me again in 6 months! I have to say that things are getting better each day! I know the pictures show a difference in size between the 2 boobs. Which is correct, I had this problem before the BA also. I do have to say that it's not that visible to me when I look at myself in the mirror as it is in the picture? Weird?! Either way, I couldn't be more happier to have them out! I love my soft sagy flat pancakes ;)

New update

I figured it was time for an update picture. I still want to say how happy I am I did this. I don't care if my boobs are floppy and how my daughter says, mom they look like pancakes, I'm loving them! :) I even went to Florida for Christmas and rocked a bikini top! :)

Care Products

Ok here is a post with all the stuff I do in the background to help my breat to recover :)

Short pic update

Still feeling good and loving it :)

Almost 6 months update

Super, super happy with my natural boobs! Love them!! Still see a change from month to months. So don't give up girls! It sometimes takes time but it's so worth it in the end!!

It's been a year! :)

Hello ladies! It's been a year! I wants to give you all a short update. A lot has changed in my life this past year, but nothing more made me happier than getting rid of the implants. Yes maybe I'm not perfect , but it's perfect to me. I feel great and loving it. I'm still not regretting anything. I am also in a new relashionship and my new partner loves my breast! He saw pictures from before and said, you look so much better now!! ?? To all of you out there that helped me to make this move.. Thank you!! It's great to know there will be no more "upgrades" nessesary and that I can be myself again and being loved that way. Don't give up!! Sometimes it takes time... but it's all for the better :)


Sorry forgot to attach the picture I took this morning
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