35 Yo with 2 Kids, 5'1 and 105lbs, Needing Volume. Atlanta, GA

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I will update this later, I am getting breast...

I will update this later, I am getting breast augmentation with silicone but it won't let me put that for some reason, so I had to put breast fat transfer. I need 137 characters more,, so before pregnancy I had a 34B, I always wanted bigger breast but never considered surgery because the shape and perkiness of them was fine. In my 3rd trimester I became 36 D, even bigger while nursing. After the children I lost 65lbs and became smaller than pre pregnancy, and they were saggy and thin. So I was tired of passing the bra section in VS, I don't want padded bras, they look padded and feel uncomfortable, I want to feel confident wearing lingerie or pretty bras, and want to like the way they look once the padding is off.

this shows asymmetry, sagging on one side and big space in the middle

my silicone sizers


Wish Pictures

Just measured myself correctly

Turns out I am 32AA right now. I measured 30 inch around my rig cage and 33 around breast. So a 30 in ribcage is 32 bandwidth on bras, are there any bras out there for this size?

more wish pix

Does this look natural on me?

I recently got my 450cc sizers in the mail, and when comparing them to my 350cc sizers under a sports bra and shirt I can hardly tell there is a difference. But my hubby disagrees and says the 450cc does not look natural on my petite body. I am posting side by side comparisons, sorry if there is clutter in the background I tried to crop it out : ) , any advice or opinions please? I am 5'1, 105lbs and petite.

I figured out how to measure my base width

One side is 12.5cm and the other is 13cm, this is the weird thing, the smaller breast is the wider BW, so is this a normal size for 5'1 body or do I have a broad chest. Anyone else with 12 to 13cm on small frame? Did your PS recommend staying within 1 cm of your breast width or going 1cm outside of it?

Just a survey

Is anyone with post op BA planning to dress up for Halloween, if so what?

What costume will you wear post BA?

I decided to post this question differently because the title looked like it was in the wrong area? Just curious if anyone is excited about Halloween this year now that you have the assets to fill out costumes, if you are dressing up, what are you wearing?

My 34B bra from VS

Just wanted to show here how differently bras can fit. Currently I am 32A or 32AA, depending on the source. I have a hard time finding 32A bras that fit me correctly, it either digs in uncomfortably somewhere or creates loose spaces, I could probably fill out a training bra though : ( . When I went in I originally took the A version into the fitting room and it fit horribly, as usual I felt my boobs had failed me. The lady working the fitting area suggested going up to 32 B AND 34B, at first I thought she was joking with me, but she insisted, sure enough the 34B fit perfectly, the outer curves of my breast were completely encapsulated within the borders of the underwire, no overflow of boobs on top and sides, no uncomfortable poking or pulling, and even managed to create a little cleavage, how could it be? She shrugged her shoulders and said I have no idea how these bras work. Just wanted to confirm there are inconsistencies from bra to bra, one may tell you that you are 34B and another one will very clearly let you know it's time for an augmentation!

night lift bra

marena post op bra I bought last year with 450cc sizer

sports bra from anita.com with side reinforcement

Augmentation date 11/24/15

I am set to operate 2 days before thanksgiving, I usually do not care too much for this holiday (not a fan of dry turkey meat), but I am hoping to have great results and be able to THANK my doctor for GIVING me boobies, get it: thanksgiving! ! Jokes are not my forte,lol! Usually I am the only one laughing at my jokes : p. . The breasts augmentation itself was 6100$ (all inclusive :surgical/anesthesia/3 different post op bras). But at last minute decided to tack on nip tuck on my bellybutton, so total came to 7200$. And I found a recline on Walmart for 250$ with free shipping, so I can sleep like Dracula post op :D

3D images from a previous consult

Please report Andrea2983

This is likely a 12 year old geek or a creepy old man making inappropriate comments on the breast augmentation site, if you see him report this little troll.

Tomorrow is my big day !!

I took a pre op arnica pill today, so it's happening. I leave tomorrow at 5a to the operating room, I can't believe it. I will post another pre op pix that includes my bellybutton too, since I will also have some work done there. I am 5'1 and 105lbs, bwd 12.5cm, going with
350cc mp just as a point of comparison for some ladies who are considering augmentation and I will also include some things I have gathered for post op, I am sorry if it is overkill for some, but it helped me to prepare for my day knowing what other people used and bought before their surgery so it would be there post op when they need it. One thing not pictured here is post op meds: Percocet, Lyrica, and Robaxin for pain control and muscle spasm, Cipro is the antibiotic, Zofran for nausea, dulcolax and colace for constipation, arnica and post op vitamins with bromelain.
Thank you to all the ladies here that have shared their experiences, it has been an invaluable experience to read about and talk with women who have done this surgery and women who were at the same stage as me with the same questions. Wish me luck!! : )

Post Op Day 1

I am feeling great, thank you to all the real selfers that were wishing me luck, I think it really helped, no nausea, vomiting, or constipation. Of all things my bellybutton bothers me most, especially if I am slouching due to my new boobies because they feel bruised and I feel like I need to hold them up, not a good look in public, lol! The only real pain was after the surgery, there was this incredible pressure right down the middle of my chest and sternum, so it was difficult to breathe and stand up straight, but that has already started to go away. The only thing I did wrong yesterday is that I was on my feet walking around for hours when I should have been resting, it's hard to do with little kids, my hubby is wonderful he is taking care of me, my little boys, and our two dogs, and this is his vacation time he took off. The staff and Dr. Connors were so sweet and welcoming, it feels like family when you walk in, they made me feel relaxed, my nurse in particular was so funny and sweet, she was hugging me, everyone was calling me sweety, you couldn't ask for a better group of people to help you thru your surgery. Dr. Connors called me at night on his own time to check on me and see how I was doing, that was really nice of him, he doesn't get paid to do that. The only worry I have is the left side looks lower than the right, it was the smaller side and he had to put more volume and lower the the crease to try and correct the asymmetry. I am afraid that by lowering the crease it brought the nipple down with it, I am hoping it's just swelling more on that side. Has anyone experienced this post op, after trying to correct the asymmetry, does it correct itself when swelling goes down?

PO Day 4 Measurements (and too much time on my hands)

I thought it would be interesting to track the changes that occur, post op to one month when most swelling is gone to d&f (I don't know when that is though).I took my measurements PO Day 2:
Underbust: 28 inches

I plugged these numbers into different bra calculators online-
VS uses underpits and bustline:32C
85b.org (international,uses all three measurements): 32D
Herroom.com: 30DD
lindasonline and sophisticatedpair.com had same results: 28G

Somehow I skipped letters E and F, but I would have to disagree. I could only agree with the 32C at this point, they look like small C/big B to me. I will remeasure again in one month when the swelling has settled and again when they d&f to see if they become smaller or bigger once and for all. Does anyone know about when d&f occurs, 3rd month? And please excuse my made up word "underpits" I could not find another word for it : )

1 week post op !

My right breast was smaller and higher up, so he put 350cc on that side and lowered the inframmary fold to match the left, so it has more swelling. He put 300cc on the left to match the volume on the right. I am hoping in a month they will be more symmetrical as the swelling goes down and the bottom fills out on the right.

Post Op Week 2

I am doing my massage now and they are getting softer. I think I can still get away with wearing my normal xs in most shirts which is great, because I tried on a few small size shirts pre op with sizers and it was making me look shorter, even though the rest of of me was still xs. A lady called me right after my po visit a day ago to ask me if I could do a dance performance for a charity event, I told her I just had abdominal surgery so some movement is limited right now, she wants to start the routine first to mid week January, technically I am 6 weeks out, the nurse was sure I could do that, but I am wondering if she understood what I was really saying. Does anyone know, were they able to lift their arms or jump at 6 weeks? I am afraid I will mess my boobies up : (

3 weeks po

For Cancun!!

6 wks post !

These are two bras I have had for a long time but never looked good on my flat chest.
1wk measurements :
Underbust -28in
Bustline 35 in
Underpits 31in

Underbust -28in
Bustline 35in
Underpits 29in
*2 inches lost on top from swelling going down
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