500-600 cc Silicone implants.33 Year Old , 5 Feet 7 Inches 165 Lbs - Atlanta, GA

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Hi All ! I've been on this site for years reading...

Hi All ! I've been on this site for years reading reviews now is finally my time . I've been on 3 consultations so far over the years and have yet to be impressed by any of the doctors thus far and looking forward to my consult with Dr. John Connors on Monday . Just looking forward to sharing my journey.

Consultation Done Deposit paid!

So yesterday I went in my consultation with Dr. Connors. So I was slight frustrated because I got lost trying to find the office and was about 20 minutes late to my appointment. However I was nicely greeted by his staff. At first I spoke with one of his nurses who explained the consultation process . She was very nice and made me feel comfortable . I undressed and was measured by Dr. Connors. He measures the breast, chest wall, and surrounding soft tissue . I thought I had good symmetry but the doctor pointed out that one breast crease was higher than the other and that he could correct that during surgery so they are more even . He was the only doctor to point out that detail . But he said I have good elasticity and nipples were in a good position so I don't need a lift. Based on my 13.4 bwd I can go with 475 cc moderate + or 550 hp. I than completed 3D imaging with both sizes. So to be honest with the 3-D imaging 475 bearly made a change . Not until the put on 600 cc hp did I see something I would be happy with . I did not try on sizes that is done at pre-op.

I later spoke with patient coordinator who went over pricing . Total cost $6100 . Then I received a discount for $300, bringing the total to $5800 . I felt totally confident that I would receive the best care and that my results would be as desired with little hesitation I paid my $1000 deposit . Feels a bit surreal as this is something I wanted to do for years. Scheduled surgery for end of February.

My stats:
Weight:165 lbs
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Build : Athletic
BWD: 13.5

Pre- op photos Sad Flapjacks

Currently a flat 34b . Lost volume for pregnancy but never really had boobs.

13.5 BWD . Moderate plus or High Profile pic

From all my other consultation I was told moderate profile would be the best choice since I have wide breasts. Dr. Connors was the first to say I could also choose high profile which I thought was out of the question. I would like to know if anyone with similar stats had high profile . I'm looking for a natural slope with some upper fullness . Any ladies with high profile I would love to see your results.

Husband Not very supportive

So I have been nervous for many years to tell my husband that I wanted breast implants . One day I mentioned it and he said ok. I felt relieved he said go ahead. Fast forward to now I told him my surgery is in a few months. He finds it selfish to spend that amount of money on myself when we have 3 kids . I am paying for the surgery by myself. I have been working 60 hours a week for the last year, 10 hour days for 6 days a week. I'm working a contract job for a limited time that pays very well . In my field a regular salary would not allow me to give this gift to myself. Am I wrong for proceeding forward?

Ladies, those who had Vectra imaging , were you satisfied with your actual size compared to the Vectra image?

I want to hear ladies opinions on Vectra. I had in my mind I wanted 550 cc. That size on Vectra made a very minimal change to my breast size and 550 is a large implant.

7 weeks to go

Almost there I'm excited. My pre-op is in 5 weeks. What should I start buying now to prepare for surgery?

Surgery date moved to April 15

Hey ladies i have not been on here in a while because I had to postpone my surgery because I lost my job . Good news I have new employment and today I set my surgery for 4/15 and pre-op is 4/1. Also paid a large payment , only owe $1000. So excited!

Pre-zip Done

So now its real balance paid ! Size choose , 600 cc high profile silicone. There was a lot to go over and I have to do a blood test. I really getting excited and happy . I had my mind set on 600 or higher I was disappointed when she came in the room with 450 cc 's way too small for my frame . I like how 600 high profile looks but wouldn't mind go a bit bigger.

Help with size 600 looks small

I am having anxiety on size 600 cc looks small on my frame . I don't want boob greed . Anyone with similar stats?

Surgery Day

Had surgery this morning at 7:30 am.Arrived at surgical center at 5:50 am. Everything went very smoothly and very fast . Before I knew the doctor marked my body up and I was in the operation room . The entire nurse staff was super sweet and comforting . All I remember is waking up in the recovery room very sleepy and drowsy. I was given additional pain medicine and drowsy . The ride home the pain meds kicked in and I felt a lot better. Dr. Connors is very funny and informative , the entire expierience had been top knotch .

I am not going to lie I am very uncomfortable . Not in acute pain but definitely uncomfortable moving around and walking is very heavy on my chest . I feel most comfortable laying propped up the couch I think I will make this my recovery spot as it will provide more support than my bed which is too soft . I have several pillows, behind me and a neck pillow , which is probably the single best post op aide I have. If I can maintain this pain level recovery will be manageable .

I have no emotions at this point I know a lot of women feel elated . My mind is so focused on recovery and caring for my kids. Hopefully in a few days I start feeling happy . There is not much to see at this time I am completely bandaged with only my nipples out with surgical bra on top of that . My friend did unsnap my bra and I took a peek I already have some projection and I can see that the implants are very high . I get my bandages removed next Thursday .

Mentor 600 HP Silicone implants .

After 4 years of reviews , research , 4 consultations , and desire I finally have boobs. I thank God for a successful surgery . This has definitely been a journey but I'm excited to see the progress. I will post photos later. Thank ladies for the support this site is the bomb !

Post Op Day 1

A couple of pics not much to see????.

Post Op Day 1

Feeling good as long as I stay still . I do have pain in my ribs though . Staying up on my meds has been keeping everything very tolerable. My boobs look smaller than expected but I know I have a long way to go .

Post Op Day 4

Back at work today . The recovery was not bad at all . I drove yesterday I did feel some tightness last night but nothing a Percocet and muscle relaxer couldn't cure. I think taking Lyrica has been a game changer in my recovery, 600 cc's is a very large implant. Please don't be scared at no point have I been in pain . Only pressure and tightness. I am so anxious to see my girls I don't take my bandages off until Thursday.

One week post op

Still in discomfort. Morning boob is real they get very stiff and painful . Went to my first post op appointment left is way higher but overall the shape is great . Just can't wait for them to drop so I can show them off for now high neck tops it is.

Feeling Disappointed

Today my husband called my implants porn boobs , I was really offended that was not the look I was going for . But than he says he really likes them . I don't like my implants yet they are high and hard . Porn boobs is the opposite of what I wanted. I really hope they drop and soften , I know they will , but the waiting game is causing me anxiety . I hope I made the rest choice.

2.5 months

So I like my implants but I don't love them . They are getting softer but are still firm and don't bounce or jiggle. I wanted my cleavage to touch but it doesn't at this point . In photos my breAst are two different shapes I hope that improves . I am pain free. I wish I went larger my breasts don't seem big at all .

3 months post op

So the time really does go by fast . I like my boobs but I still wish they were bigger . I'm not pleased they are not equal in shape. I don't really notice until I take photos for this site. I do feel a lot sexier and like how they look in clothes. They have soften a lot and move more.

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