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Hello everyone I've been following this site for...

Hello everyone I've been following this site for some time and I'm going to put my story on here to track it. I'm 32 years old with 2 children youngest turning 3 in September. I breastfed my youngest for one year I've always been petite. Prior to children I was a 36 b not able to fill out a b cup so I was probably more a full A. During breastfeeding I went up to a full C after I stopped I shrunk down to a 36AA, seriously I didn't even know bras came in battery sizes -.- definitely not confident I'm still young and barely let my husband see me topless. I finally decided enough is enough and I want to be happy with myself and feel like a woman rather than a 13 year old boy. I'm seeing Dr. Mark Crispin in Atlanta. So far the experience has been positive everyone in the office is incredibly nice and he took his time for my consult I didn't really speak much to him during my pre op but everyone else was able to answer all of my questions, with all fairness I was running a few minutes behind on my appointment. My BA is scheduled for 8/19 and I can't wait to see the results I'll post pre op pics to show size. Thank you!!

Final decision

Sorry I forgot to post that we decided on 350 mentor moderate plus silicone under muscle. Currently weigh 125lbs 4'11"

Today's the day

I did it I finally did it and it was so fast I feel asleep I woke up and have boobies. I'm super swollen and I'm wrapped up with an ace bandaid I don't get unwrapped till Tuesday. I'm in so much pain it hurts to breathed :( that and my back probably from being so tense it's been hard to sleep I've been sitting up on the couch all day my surgery took place at 7am, it is currently 7pm. Es given Valium and loratb so far I et sharp pains and muscle spasms which are very painful I'm hoping tomorrow's better and I don't feel like there's an elephant on my chest. I'll post my prep pic but till follow up with more on Tuesday once I can see myself

Breast augmentation

Whey thing welt great in I tons of psi but this ok my had a natural Birth and a
C-sections I know I can do this
I can't wait to
See the end result!! I see a little something!!! ^_^

Day 6

I'm not so terribly in pain anymore but I feel really sore, tired all the time. Although the breathing is better I had to ask for more meds. He took off my band aid and put me in the sports bra I brought which was a large. He wants me to get an underwire bra, his statement I want to make sure it doesn't go further in a the pocket :/ like what does that mean?? I know every doctor is different but I do t know if I want to put something stiff on just yet my incisions are still fresh he said to put gauze over it . I guess I'm confused and hoped for better instructions. Even the refill I got no pharmacy Carries it I'm having such a bad experience today

Still getting used to boobies

My left boob had less breast tissue it room to the implant much better than the right my incision fits nicely in the crease however my right boob hasn't dropped yet which in the picture you can see the difference I know I have to be patient I am feeling better but still not 100% confident in my new girls. My scars look a little dark and will be looking into scar creams to help with this, just 3 weeks post op and I know time will only improve my results. It is hard wearing some kind of bra 24/7 I was advised underwire however I would wake up in my sleep hurting (I'm not used to wearing bras to bed) considering I was a 36AA prior to surgery I know I have to allow my breasts the right care to get the best experience possible I still don't know when my follow up appointment is and will be calling the office to find out, still confused why I haven't heard a peep from the office post op when they were so amazing prior to surgery :/

Update so far

I've attached some pictures of my scar they are actually looking a little lighter I've been using neosporan and also mederma they are definitely feeling softer not much bouncy it's easier to life things without feeling discomfort it's still tricky to sleep but overall getting much better. I can tell they are still dropping I don't see much fluffing happening and don't have boob greed yet I still feel uncomfortable showing them off in clothing. So far no one can tell. :)

4 months post

Every day that passes I feel a little more comfortable with my surgery definitely worth it. It's been a little rough getting back into the gym especially doing any chest exercises not because it's painful but because I can feel the implant move. It's just awkward but not painful. During my 3rd and 4th month I was experiencing minor pains like sharp jabs here and there everything I've read is telling me that it's just my nerves reconnecting. I've maintained sensation in both my breasts so not sure how many more nerves are connecting but it's nothing that's causing me concern. Overall I'm happy and can't wait till I hit the 6 month mark to know what they will look like. I was measured at Victoria's Secret and I'm at a 34DD never would have believed it but the bras fit me perfectly the hardest part of all this is getting the right size down it can be super painful to keep guessing. Another downer would be the lack of follow up from my provider, I haven't had any complications so I haven't called however a nice hello how have you been would've really helped me to feel more care han just another paying customer.
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