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Hello! For the past two years I've been doing...

For the past two years I've been doing tons of research on breast augmentations. I've always had small breast but after having my son and breast feeding, my boobs deflated. On top of them being deflated and saggy, one is slightly bigger than the other.
I came across a young lady on YouTube named Morgan, she had her breast augmentation done by Dr.Colgrove in Atlanta. Her breast look amazing by the way, Dr. Colgrove did a great job! After watching all her videos a million times, I finally decided to schedule a consultation at Dr. Colgrove's office. My consultation was today 8/3/16. The office looks very nice! Amanda was extremely nice and she made me feel so comfortable. She took my vitals and took me to a room. I watched a video and tried on some sizes. I took a picture with the 3D scanner, (I'm not sure of the correct name for it) it took a picture of my breast and allowed me to see how I would look with the implants. I didn't really care for this method because it did not allow me to see how the implants would look with cleavage. It basically put some implants on my saggy boobs and that was it. Afterwards Dr. Colgrove came in, he was pretty laid back. He told me about the different implants and his methods for putting them in. Afterwards I met with the manager to discuss the pricing and where I needed to go for blood work. I went to get my blood work done right after I left. I was not expecting to pay $300 for the blood work but whatever. I was thinking more around $100-$200.
Overall I had an okay experience! I was expecting everyone to be alil more friendly and bubbly. I will call tomorrow or Friday to see if my results came back from my blood test.

Surgery Date!

So yesterday I after my consultation I went and got my blood work done at different location not too far from the Doctors office. Which was a horrible experience. I'm not scared of needles or anything but the woman had a hard time finding my veins and poked me in the wrong area. Come to find out she also overcharged me $200 for my blood work.
Anyways, this morning I called the doctors office to check on the results from my blood work. Everything came back and I scheduled my pre-op appointment and surgery day. My pre-op is August 16th. Surgery is August 23. I'm so nervous, I feel like I won't be able to sleep until this is over with. My husband and my dad (surprisingly) supports my decision! My mom is okay with it. I really love this site, such a great support system for those that may not have any support from friends and family!

Wish Boobs!!

Here's a few wish pictures. I want fullness and cleavage but I don't want to look too top heavy! I am 5'3 and I weight 115. The Dr. Said 450ccs would be a good size for me because my shoulders are alil wide. I'm going with saline because I think that is a safer choice and honestly I don't want to deal with getting MRIs every so often with silicone. He also said I have a good amount of breast tissue so there's a less chance of rippling.


My pre-op appointment is tomorrow. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!! One week left until surgery!!! I'm still trying to decide between 420ccs and 450ccs. I want side boob and cleavage but I don't want to be top heavy. I'm 5'3 and I weigh 115.

Pre-op appointment!

Today was my pre-op appointment! I filled out the paperwork and sat down with the nurse to discuss my final size. Initially I thought I would get 450cc's high profile but the nurse said my chest is wide so moderate plus will be a better choice for me. I like the look of high profile but the nurse said I'll still have that look but just wide enough for my frame. She said it might not look right if I have a narrow implant with a wide chest. I'm going to trust her and go with moderate plus. I did not speak with the surgeon today, only a nurse. Afterwards I met with the manager/financial advisor to pay in FULL!! Man y'all, this is happening next week. I'm so excited. I still can't believe it! I graduate in October so this is my graduation gift to myself!! :-)

So nervous...

So my surgery is tomorrow. I'm so nervous and excited. I just want everything to work out. I'm 5,3 and I weigh 115-120. I'm getting 375 saline filled to 450ccs, under the muscle and under the breast fold incision. I don't want to be top heavy or Too small. I seen other women with my stats, the same size implant, and they look perfect. I trust my surgeon and his staff so I hope they come out beautiful. Today I have to pick up my last prescription and get my "nest" together. I have 6 prescriptions in total with my insurance 5 of them cost $2.87. AMAZING, RIGHT? Walmart didn't have Morphine in stock so Im I'm getting it filled at Target, it will be ready today. I have to start my antibiotics today. They also gave me something to help me sleep tonight. I purchased a micro plush bed rest pillow from Walmart for about $12. My surgeon says I should sleep on my back but if it's too uncomfortable I can sleep in a different position. I'm going to sleep on my back as long as I can because I don't want to mess up the new girls.

Surgery day

My surgery is today. I have to call them before I'm on my way to confirm my time. Yesterday they told me around noon but just call today to make sure. I'm so scared. I was thinking about my sizing all night last night. What if they're too big for my body!! I'm just so nervous. I'll try to post an update when I'm on my way to the surgery center. If not you'll hear from me on the other side, when I have boobies!!


The surgeon is running behind today so they told me to call around noon to see what time I can come in. I'm so hungry :-(


Surgery went great I'm back at home now. I don't have any pain. I'm just uncomfortable from all the pressure. I heard the 2-3 day is the worst so we will see tomorrow.




Sorry I couldn't update I was in a lot of pain the other day.....

So I'm going to start from what I remember on surgery day. Initially i was supposed to be at the surgery center at 11:30 but when I called around 9:45 that morning they told me the dr was running behind so call and check back within a hour. I called back around 11 and they asked me to come in at 1. I took my shower with the cleaner they told me to get. Of course no jewelry, lotions, or deodorant. I was allowed to wear a plastic belly ring.

Once I got to the surgery center, they called me back and took my vitals. I changed into a gown, robe, hospital underwear/slippers. I put my belongings in a locker and gave the key to my nurse. She took me to a different room to take pictures of my breast and my face. She asked me some questions and I signed some paperwork. The surgeon came in and put some drawings on my chest. He mentioned that my back was curved over and slightly going to the side. I already knew my back was curved I assume that came from carrying heavy book bags in high school and college. However, I didn't know my back slightly curved to the side. I hope the implants won't cause me to have back problems from the extra weight. I'll have to work on correcting my posture in the future.

After that the nurse walked me to the operating room. There were several nurses in there preparing for my surgery. I laid on the operating table it was very comfortable and warm. The
anesthesiologist had a hard time getting to my vein. This happens to me every time I get some kind of blood work or surgery done. I have tiny veins and it didn't help that I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight. So she poked me about 4 times until she finally got my vein. I remember us laughing about me making them work to find my veins. Then after that I was knocked out.

I remember waking up from surgery shaking like crazy. No matter how hard I tried to stop I couldn't. The nurse said it was a side effect from the anesthesia wearing off and from it being cold in the room.


So I had my post op appointment today, it went by pretty quick. The nurse called me back and had me undress. She took off my wrap and said I didn't need it anymore. THANK GOODNESS, that thing was tight and painful!! The dr came in and checked my breast. He said everything look great. My incision is very small. My breast are hard as rocks but that's expected. They said I can put maxi pads under my breast to catch sweat and I need to change my steri strips every 3days. That was it!! I go back to see him in about 12 days.

Pain update: These past few days I wasn't having any real pain only pressure. Today I feel electric shocks at the bottom of my breast. From other reviews, people say it mean the nerves are trying to reconnect. I'm trying to ween myself off the pain pills, so today I took half a pill. I feel okay, still comfortable sleeping upright.

Frank'N Boobie

Cant wait for them to start dropping and fluffing!


So today is post op day 4. I'm off my prescription pain pills and now I take Tylenol extra strength. I'm still taking my muscle relaxers, stool softeners, and antibiotics. I forgot to mention the night of my surgery, I was a little disappointed no one from the surgery center called me to check on me. I've read other reviews and some women say their dr would call them to check on them. I thought that was nice and I was hoping my Doctor would do the same but Nope. It's not a big deal though. I'm feeling pretty good today. I didn't need help washing under my underarms or putting my deodorant on. :-)
I'm still taking it easy. I'm always uncomfortable because I'm a side sleeper and I need to sleep sitting up for awhile. I know this is TMI but it's one of the few things we have to deal with after surgery.... Constipation!! I finally went to the bathroom today. I feel so much better! I'll include a picture so you can see how bloated I was. I look like I'm 6 months pregnant!


Yesterday I finished my muscle relaxers. I'm officially done with all my prescriptions now. Bloating has decreased a lot. My boobs are starting to feel soft. I'm surprised I didn't expect them to start getting soft this early. I'm rubbing bio-oil on the top of my breast to prevent stretch marks. I'm sleeping alil better now, still not comfortable but not too bad. As far as pain, I'm not in any pain. I do get "morning boob" which is pretty annoying!


I've been in so much pain today. My right breast is so tight and painful. I hope I'm not developing capsular contraction. I read that it's not likely to occur this early on. The discomfort I'm feeling might be a muscle spasm. Whatever it is, it's painful and annoying. Feel like a Charlie Horse in my breast. :-(
I'm icing my breast right now and I took a Tylenol so hopefully the pain go away. My next post op appointment is in 4days!


In my last update, I mentioned I was having sharp pains in my chest on my right side. Well I believe it was gas. I felt so much better after I had a ginger ale. Also my period is late this month. I read that it's normal after putting your body through stress from a procedure. I'm still having the hardest time sleeping upright. I have about another week to go until I can sleep on my side.

BOOBIE STORY: So the other day I was eating popcorn and a piece fell down my shirt. :-) it was so weird because that never happened to me when I had smaller boobs.. ;-)
That made me feel so happy!! I can't wait until my boobs drop and fluff. I'm ready to go shopping but I know there's no point since my boobs are ugly and squarish still. I'm still wearing the bra my surgeon gave me.


I had my follow up appointment yesterday. Everything is going good. He told me I can start sleeping on my sides now and next week start sleeping on my stomach. This is my last week wearing steri strips. I start my massages this weekend. I'm excited about the massages because I know they will help my breast to drop and soften. I still can't lift my arms up all the way but I was able to lift them enough to wash my hair this morning. It felt so good to take a full shower before I would shower with my bra because I was afraid to get my strips wet (even though the doctor said I could). I'm starting to feel alil normal before I would feel very uncomfortable without a bra, it's not so bad now! My next follow up appointment is in 3 weeks.


I can tell the implants are starting to drop. My breast feel pretty soft, I didn't expect them too this early. My right breast is a little firmer than my left. I can't remember if I mentioned this before but my surgeon put different sizes in to even out my breast. He also said my rib stick out more on my left side that's another reason why he put in different sizes. I have 450ccs in my right and 400ccs in my left. As of right now I can tell the right side is bigger than the left. I hope they even out and get as even as possible.


Pics not posting

Idk why my pics aren't posting. Hopefully they post this time. Of course I knew my old swimming suit top wouldn't fit but I wanted to try it on just for the heck of it.

Shaping up

I took this pic today. The sports bra I have on is actually a small, I'm surprised I could fit it. The girls are starting to drop and shape up. I'm so excited!! I can't wait to go shopping for cute bras in a few weeks.

Late update

Sorry I haven't did an update in a while! I was supposed to go in for a check up today but I had to reschedule.

The girls are starting to feel pretty normal. Only pain I have is laying on my stomach. I'm still doing my massages three times a day, sometimes more. My boobs are so soft! I know people say saline tend to feel less natural but to me they feel like real boobs. They haven't dropped completely but I feel like I should have gotten a lift as well. They aren't saggy but not as high as I would want them. Maybe things will change once they drop completely. My right nipple is still numb but I knew there was a chance of that happening. I just hope I get sensation back! I plan to go bra shopping this weekend. It felt so good to throw away my old padded bras. I forgot to mention how much my husband loves them!! He says the size is perfect for my body!


I'm so happy I went ahead and got this done..


Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I recently graduated so I had a lot of stuff to get done. Anyways, I am in love with my results! My dr did an amazing job. I kinda wish I would have gotten a lift as well, maybe in the future! My right nipple is still numb but I'm having tingly sensations and I've heard that means my nerves are reconnecting. I hope so because i have no sensation in my right nipple. Im so happy! I'm ready for the summer already ????. I'll be laid up on the beach rocking a cute swimsuit! ????
Dr. Colgrove

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