Active 30 Years Old, 5'10", 135lbs, 250cc/350cc moderate plus silicone, Southeast USA

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After reading all the reviews from this...

After reading all the reviews from this outstanding and supportive group of women... I've decided to write my own journey and let it all out there.

I'm 30 years old, turning 31 next month (a week before surgery, yay), 5'10", 138lbs, and small B size boobs. Been waiting my whole life for these puppies to grow in, so it's time to do this for myself.

About ten years ago I had a cyst removed from my right breast, and the surgeon took quite a bit of tissue out with the cyst. It's never quite been the same and when I was measured recently at my PS office, there was significant difference. He will be using 50 more CCs in my right breast.

Here I am, over the month mark. Have been absolutely elated about it, and now that it's coming closer I'm feeling more anxious. This was unexpected. Overall I'm thrilled and excited to get my new boobies!

Will write more detail and some pre- pics later on. It's exciting to be able to take this journey with so many other strong women. Feeling grateful already!

I love my PS already... so that's good news. Decided to go with Dr. John Connors in Atlanta. He made me feel immediately at ease, was a great listener and has proven results that I really liked. I'm hoping to go mod profile between 300-375ccs with a finished product looking natural between a large C cup and small D cup.

Here are a few of my wish boobs!

Wedge Pillow?

Does anyone have a wedge pillow suggestion? I am planning to order one soon and would love to get something super comfy. Any advice would be so appreciated! Merry Christmas Eve :)

Pre op pictures

Merry Christmas y'all! Here's a few photos pre op. According to my PS, I'm a small B cup now... Looking to get between 300-350cc moderate plus profile silicone. What do you think?

Pre Op Appointment tomorrow! Anxious!

Hi! And Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment and I wanted to share the collage I'm putting together for the visit. It's all my dream boobs on one sheet of paper. I also am doing one for what I don't want, and writing the reason why next to each photo.

For some reason I'm feeling anxious. I've been looking forward to the surgery for a long time, and confident it's what I want to do... and yet 16 days out I've got majorly sweaty palms. It's feeling like PMS everyday. Has anyone else felt this before surgery?

I had a list of questions in my mind (great place to keep them, I know ;) to bring up at tomorrow's visit, and they've all gone out the window too. Hoping for the best, keeping calm, and will update after tomorrow's appointment!

Pre op done! Going 350cc mod plus profile

Just finished the pre op visit and waiting now to get blood work done. Walking in this morning I was a hot mess, and leaving I'm feeling much calmer and excited.

I met with Maggie, a PA with Dr.Connors. She was a gem, super relatable and knowledgable. She answered all my questions and helped me pick the best size. I'll be going 350 moderate plus in my right breast (the smaller one), and he will size my larger breast during surgery... Should be approx 300cc.

Attaching some photos from today including the vectors 3d imaging. Can't wait!

Tomorrow is the day! Less than 24 hours...

Well tomorrow is my big surgery day... The last few days have been a blur with a mix of excitement and anxiety. Mostly excitement :)

Wanted to come on and post some final pre photos, since I won't EVER have the opportunity again! And for comparison in the future, this should be fun...

Wish me luck! And I'll be thinking of all of you out there going through the same journey. Thank goodness for this site.

It's done!

Hi everyone! Well, I'm home from surgery and feeling better than expected. Will write more on the experience later... Had such a fabulous experience with everything and everyone at my surgeons office. He's the best! Highly recommend Dr.Connors!

My main goal is to fix the slight assymetry I had, and to look more full and natural. He ended up going with 250cc on the left, and 350cc mod plus on the right.

The car ride home and first hour have been the most difficult so far. Other than that I'm feeling better than expected. So grateful for the support of my parents, they are spoiling me at their house right now.

I will keep this wrap/cast thing on for a week until my 1 week post op whee they will take it off.

Overall right now the pain is real... About 6 out of 10, and the drugs to help are real too :)

Will write more later. Thanks for the support!!

Day 2 post op- torpedo boob!

Hi guys! 2 days post op here... Torpedo boob in full effect. The girls are super sore today, pain is about 6 out of 10.

The incision site is the most painful, overall feeling good though! They are still wrapped up tight, but the good news is they seem to be the same size. Yay!

No bowel movements yet. Been eating very healthy- tons of steamed veggies, fruit/veggie smoothies, grilled fish, prunes, grapes, etc. My parents are saints, I'm so grateful for their help.

My first round of friends are visiting today! Hoping I can make it through the visits, excited to see everyone. Happy healing to all of you out there!

A few pics attached here.

Pics didn't attach

Day 2 torpedo boob

Day 3 post op

Skin is tight, stiff and swollen. Switched to Advil today and muscle relaxers my dr called in. Pain is very manageable. Waiting for then to round out and fluff!


It's the middle of the night. I'm dying to sleep on my side. It's too painful at the moment, but boy will I enjoy that milestone. Hope everyone out there is getting a good nights rest!

First Post Op Today!

Hey! Just got back from my first post op appointment. It went great :) There is no bruising, the scars look nice and are perfectly in the crease. Boy it hurt to take off those bandages, but it felt so good to shower and actually see my boobs for the first time in six days!!!

Instructions for the next week:
-No aerobic exercise- this one is a tough one for me! Trying to look at it as though when in else in the near future am I going to have an excuse NOT to work out all the time? It's kind of amazing to blow out my hair and get to wear it for two days. #thelittlethings
-No reaching above my head- all doctors differ here, mine is very strict about it. I have no pain at all when I reach my hand all the way up, and he still advises against it.
-Wear this new bra 100% of the time, 24/7 for the next two weeks. It's a 34D by Marena and is very comfortable on the incisions, not so comfortable on the shoulders where the adjustable part of the strap is.
-I have medical tape on the incisions and then scar away pads on top of it

Overall it's been six days and I'm thrilled with the whole process and results. I cannot say enough about the ladies that work at my doctors office... highly rec them to anyone and everyone in and around Atlanta. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring!

Going home today to my house in Atlanta. It's been amazing being spoiled and taken care of by my parents this past week, and it's time to get home. Start back at work tomorrow, can't wait. Thats it for now, happy healing everyone!

Boobs Day 8 Post Op

A couple pictures from today boobs day 8 post op. First day at work yesterday, it was all admin... and still OW. Just sitting upright all day was a lot for these girls. Still happy to be back at work :) Hope all of you out there are doing amazing! xx

10 days post op!

So ten days have passed and I'm back to most of my normal daily activities, besides working out... or washing my own hair... or reaching for the wine glasses. Fine, haha. BUT, I HAVE been sleeping most of the nights on my side and it's been relatively comfortable.

Changes in the past few days since my last post:
-The surgery bra that needs to be worn 24/7 drives me nuts and does not fit under any of my clothes except sweaters. How long did all of you wear your post surgery bra? I believe I'm supposed to wear it for three weeks... And did you ever take it off? Say for a date (like I have tonight!) or a party?
-My incisions are itchy as they heal
-My right breast (with the larger implant) is a bit more painful... maybe not painful, but uncomfortable. I'm also a righty, so have been using that arm more.
-My nipples are UBER sensitive and everything seems painful to them. My PS said to get in a hot shower and rub them really fast... just tried that.

Other than that, happy weekend! I'll update after my 2 week post op checkin next week. Happy healing to everyone!

Here are a few photos in a rather old Cosabella bra that is so comfy. Can't wait to get out of this surgery bra...

Two Week Post Op!

Hi ya'll! Had my two week post op appointment today with Dr. Connors. Everything looks good. My right breast is taking a bit longer to drop and there's more "pain" present in it. Maybe more discomfort than pain.

Not too much to report in terms of changes from week 1-2. I was cleared for light cardio and will be working my way up, and listening to my body for the next 4 weeks until my 6 week post op appointment. Honestly haven't been feeling great physically after work the last few days, so will likely still take it super easy for the next week. I have no idea how people with jobs like nursing go back so quickly and physically handle other people's body weight. Just driving and lifting my bag with a super light mac book air is taking a toll on me.

Other than that, I'm super happy with the results and size choice so far. Hope everyone's doing amazing! Happy Monday :)

Other than that, I'm starting to massage 5x a day and have been cleared to lift my hands above my head. And I get to wear this sexy surgical bra for the next four weeks. **note: I have been wearing a super supportive lululemon bra with fun straps under their tank tops when I go out... Just for a couple hours max.

First "workout" post op

Well today I went to the gym and "worked out" for the first time since surgery. I'm really listening to my doctor, and walked at 3.5 mph for only 25 minutes. Then did a recumbent bike for 10 minutes. Didn't break a sweat, but boy I felt the endorphins flow! It's amazing what a little physical activity can do for the body. Also, I wore this supportive bra from lululemon, and it felt great. It's a size larger than I used to wear, bought it before surgery and it's perfect.

Including some photos of the bra and a before and after. Feeling great today! Loving the boobies.

3 Week PO Update

Hi!! Week threes in and feeling pretty good! I've basically been wearing the surgery bra 24/7... and whenever I do decide to push my boundaries and wear something else, I pay for it later (in soreness). Last weekend I went bra shopping with a girlfriend. I lasted about an hour, tried on three bras and had to go home to ice. I only purchased the sports bra (pictured), the other bra didn't fit quite right. It didn't have underwire (no underwire for three months), but the bottom felt like it was cutting into my incisions. It was a 34 D, and the gal working at VS said it was too small... what! haha. I'm just going to wait for them to drop and fluff and the way before tempting that again.

On Saturday night, I decided to wear this OLD bra of mine that I used to love. It's a white Free People halter lace bra in size XS. OMG, dying. I literally paid for that for two days. My nipples are SUPER sensitive, and the lace rubbed them all night. Note to all those out there: Don't do it! Wear the surgery bra :)

I've been keeping up with the massages... three to five times a day for five minutes. They are feeling much softer. My right one is still dropping slower than the left, but it looks worse in pictures... can't really tell in real life.

All in all, very happy so far. See you on week 4! Happy healing everyone!

6 month update

Hi! Just a quick update because it's been a long time. I'm 6 months post op and feeling great, very happy with results. Just got back from an intense workout that I am able to do 110%. It feels like I've had the girls my whole life. Here are a couple pics post workout. It's so true, six months and you'll love them!

Please let me know if you have any specific questions, I know how helpful it was to me post op to see after/progress photos... And happy healing to those going through it now!
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