32 Years Old, 150lbs, 5'7", No Kids, Breast Augmentation - Atlanta, GA

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Hello everyone! I have recently decided to move...

Hello everyone! I have recently decided to move forward with breast augmentation surgery. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but between money and bad timing I never managed to make it a reality...until now.

My mother has very small breasts, and I definitely inherited them. From middle school to college experienced bullying and harassment for my small breasts. To this very day I still get it from time to time. I am extremely self-conscious about how small my breasts are. I don't feel as confident and sexy as I deserve to feel.

I love maintaining an active lifestyle, and being outdoors mountain biking, hiking, or doing some form of exercise is when I feel most in my element. I am also a military veteran (U.S. Army), and all the push-ups and pull-ups I did really made my breast size even smaller than they were to begin with. This surgery is something I have dreamt of for years, and I am extremely humbled to be able to push forward with this. All I have left to do is schedule it now, and I'm hoping I can get it done in early March. I have decided on 450cc, Mentor Memory Gel, Moderate Plus, sub-glandular with an areola incision.

My Unsexy Boobs

Hey guys! This morning as I was getting all dolled up I noticed something that is the number one reason why I want to get breast implants. My boobs are flat and have no cleave or volume. They don't fit bras correctly, and, btw, this Victoria's Secret bra is seriously MEGA-PADDED. I cannot wait to get this surgery. It cannot come soon enough!

Surgery Scheduled!

I scheduled my surgery today. I am so excited! Goodbye forever to my deflated, flat boobs! The biggest challenge I have yet to endure thus far is telling my parents about my surgery. I have decided to not tell them until afterwords. My mother will give me the silent treatment for a while, but she will come around eventually. My family is extremely conservative, and anything sexual, any revealing clothes, or anything involving cleavage or breasts is a huge no-no. However, MY BODY, MY CHOICE! Everything about this surgery feels right to me. I am so happy there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Now I can look forward to feeling like a real woman, to having men be attracted to me, and to being confident with my body when I get intimate with a guy. I also can't wait to show my new girls off in a bikini! :-D

Post BA Clothes

I can't wait to try on clothes after my boob job! I put up some pics of what I want.

Disguising Flat Boobs for Gym

I have to stuff my gym top with extra padding before heading to the gym. How mortifying. :-( Soon this will be a thing of the past.

Rice Test

I did the rice test, and 450cc seems to look really good. I was worried it would be too big, but I'm happy now.

Boobie Care Kit

My boobie care kit arrived today. :)

More boobie care kit supplies arrived today!

My arnica pellets and implant stabilizer strap arrived today. My boobie care kit is complete. :-D

Before pics

Stats again:
5'7", 150lbs, 32 years old, 34B, no kids, looking to be a full D

Warning: long boobie post

Surgery is this week, and I am slowly becoming more anxious. It usually hits me at night as soon as I lay down. All kinds of thoughts and questions race through my head. Am I making the right decision? What if my boobs turn out looking too fake or Pamela Anderson-ish? What if something goes wrong during surgery? What if I’m not happy with the outcome of the results? This surgery is a one-time shot. I saved up for it and am paying it in one lump sum. There is no room for error here. What makes this experience even tougher is how secretive I have to be about it with my family. I love my family, and I’d never want to hurt them. I know they will be disappointed in my decision to go through with getting breast implants, but this is something that I’ve wanted to do since as long as I can remember.

My mother was raised in a very conservative, sheltered family. She was always well taken care of, and my grandparents love all their children and grandchildren. They are all extremely conservative…and then there’s me; I’m definitely the lone wolf of my family. I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum, and while there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with, that it has been known to cause tension at family gatherings. I’m the only one with tattoos (my back is covered in them). I wear fitted clothing. I drink beer and bourbon because I don’t like wine. I served in the U.S. Army and deployed to the Middle East twice. I got my undergraduate in a field mostly dominated by men (aviation). Hell, I just recently got into graduate school, and no one in my family was thrilled about it (they think I’m making a mistake pursuing my graduate degree). Their idea of how I should be doesn’t fit my mold. It’s always been an uphill battle, but we love each other and try to put our differences aside. Family branches into loyalty and unconditional love, and even though I’m the lone wolf they have taught me what it means to be loyal and how to love unconditionally.

As a woman of faith I try to maintain a relationship with God. It may not involve going to church every Sunday, but sometimes a nice hike on a beautiful day or a good day of mountain biking will help me feel connected to God. Breast implants has caused me to question certain aspects of my morals. Is getting this procedure done an insult to God? Does God know that I’m thankful for my body? Well, I am! However, I have had to endure lots of negative criticism pertaining to the size of my girls (or lack thereof). I had to wear a military uniform for almost seven years (talk about not feeling feminine). My confidence isn’t as high as it should be. I don’t want to be looked at as a cute little girl anymore. I want to feel like a woman. I want to fill out a bikini properly. I want a man to look at me as a woman and not some athletic tomboy. Most of all, I just hope God knows that I appreciate the body I was blessed with, and all I wish to do is simple enhance my girls.

This is a long post, and I apologize for that. I guess I needed to get this off my chest (no pun intended). The night before surgery my friend and I are going into town to have a farewell dinner and officially resign my presidency of the Itty Bitty Tittie Committee. By the way, there will be an official opening for this position if anyone would like to volunteer. My girls and I have been through a lot together. They have gone through rock concerts (I can neither confirm nor deny they may have even made an appearance for a few seconds), several deployments to the Middle East, and a few years of college in Florida. Now they are in Georgia and look a little tired. It’s time to revamp my them. Thursday is D Day. Let’s do this.

Pre-Op was Today

Today I had my pre-op. I've been through every possible emotion known to mankind today (maybe even a few that scientist haven't yet discovered). I'm ready for the girls to arrive! Let's do this! ????

The twin have arrived!

The twins are here. We are at home resting and watching movies. There is definitely soreness, discomfort, and nausea from the anesthesia. I could only handle buttered bread and some veggies. I'm hoping the nausea will be gone tomorrow. I typically don't handle anesthesia very well afterwords.

Day 1 Post Op

Today I woke up with some pain in my chest and mid-back. My pain meds have helped with that though. There's obviously some swelling and bloat, but I took my arnica pellets this morning to help with that as well. I managed to hold down breakfast with coffee which is awesome because last night I was really nauseous. I could barely handle bread with butter! At one point I forced myself to eat little pieces of bread and washed them down with water because there was absolutely nothing in my stomach, and I hadn't eaten all day. My bandages will be removed today at my post-op appt. I'm excited to see what they look like. I hope I didn't go too big. Dr. Zaworski called me last night around 10pm to make sure I was feeling ok. What a fantastic plastic surgeon he is! I'm ver happy I chose him. It's been nothing short of a great experience with him and his staff.

Post Op Day 1 Boobie Pics

Ok girls, here are the twins. The bandages were removed. I'm ecstatic about the results, and it's only the first day since surgery. I'm so happy right now!!!

Day 2 Post Op

Feeling very sore and tight today. My PS told me to go braless as much as possible. I woke up this morning with "morning boob" and put my surgical bra on. I feel ten times better now. I'm going to attempt to go out today and hang out with my friends. I won't go too hard though. We will see how I handle it. I'm still in pain meds. I'm hoping to be off of them by tomorrow.

Day 4 Post Op, are they too big??? :(

I am feeling weird today. I'm worried I went too big. They're so big, and I'm not sure how I feel. I hope it's swelling and they shrink a little. :(

Day 5 Post Op

I woke up this morning with major morning boob. If I move my left arm the wrong way I get this sharp shooting burning pain in my left breast around my nipple. It started a few days ago. I was worried and went to see my PS today. He assured me everything was fine and even cleared me to sleep on my side (phew, finally!). I'm starting to be more comfortable with the size now. I debuted them today in a tank top and went for a walk because it was so beautiful outside. I didn't get any weird looks from anyone. I did, however, run to the grocery store after my walk and caught a guy staring at them. Men will be men I guess, ha. My best friend had a BA as well and tells me to get used to men staring. Who doesn't appreciate nice cleavage anyways? Gay, straight, whatever you are...nice cleavage is a work of art and worthy of a glance or two.

One Week Post Op

Today my level of pain has dropped dramatically. My left boob still hurts more than the other, but they are both feeling much better. The pain meds have caused a number of issues for me like constipation and weird emotional outbursts, but they do help with the sharp pains I get early in the morning and later in the evening. I took a stool softener and drank Smooth Move tea last night so I finally dropped the kids off at the pool this morning (yay, finally!!). I'm learning to appreciate my new shape more and more everyday. My confidence is the highest it's been. I have to get used to this feeling. I genuinely feel happy for the first time in years. I'll post photos later tonight because I'm at work right now.

One Week Pictures

Home from work. Here's the girls one week post op. :-D

3 Weeks Post Op

I am so happy with my new boobs! I have confidence in myself now. I stand tall and hold my head high. I can go out in public with no makeup on, sweatpants, flip flops, hair up in a messy bun, and a tshirt, and I feel beautiful. I love this new feeling. I hope it stays. I should've done this a while ago. This was such a fantastic investment, and it was worth every penny! The surgical tape was removed off my scars today at my post-op appt. I was cleared to wear underwire bras, and encouraged to go bikini shopping to see my new shape. :-D The drop-and-fluff thing has definitely been happening. My left boob is still slightly more sensitive than the other one. I do my daily massages to each boob as my plastic surgeon instructed. I've been working out again to. I jog, spin, and do small weights (nothing too heavy). I also work my abs and have no issues. I love that I fill out my workout tops now!!! I feel like such a beautiful woman now. I hope this feeling stay forever. :')

6 Weeks Post Op

It's been six weeks, and there's no more pain! The scars are starting to becoming minimal as well. I'm very happy with my results. All my girlfriends ask if they can see them because they're so curious! It's hilarious. Some of them even want to cop a feel to see if they're squishy. They are VERY squishy! They feel very real. Bonus: I am able to sleep on my stomach now. Thank God for this because I've always been a stomach sleeper.

5 Months Post Op

My breasts are doing great! They're super squishy and look/feel so real. I am so grateful I chose a fantastic plastic surgeon. I fit my clothes so much better now. The insecurity of my small breasts is now a thing of the past. I don't regret a single thing about this. I would recommend anyone to just go for it if you're thinking about it. I love my body now. I went from a 34B to a 34DDD!! Unreal! With this new found confidence, the new girls and I have a ton of new adventures to experience now, hahaha!!

32 Years Old, Offically Resigned My Presidency from the Itty Bitty Tittie Committee

Dr. Zaworski was fantastic throughout the entire process. He calmed my nerves and assured me that all the ridiculous rumors I heard about breast implants were incorrect. We spend about an hour going over the procedure, and I was very well educated and informed of everything. I'm extremely satisfied with Dr. Zaworski, and I would recommend him (and I already have) to any of my friends looking to have a cosmetic procedure done!!! :-)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zaworski was excellent at communicating everything to me very clearly. He busted all the ridiculous myths I threw at him, and he educated me on how the surgery will work along with the risks and complications associated with it. He made me feel very comfortable, and the staff in his office were very kind. I felt very confident about my decision to continue on with my journey to bigger breasts through Dr. Zaworski. I am very excited, and I cannot wait until March 10th to get here because that will be the day I leave the itty bitty tittie committee! ********(August 14th, 2016): I'm incredibly overwhelmed with the amazing results of my breast augmentation! I chose a fantastic plastic surgeon. My breasts look phenomenal, and my confidence reflects it. I would recommend Dr. Zaworski to anyone. He's great! Great sense of humor to calm you down, very good and educating the patient on the procedure they want, extremely informative about very good at returning calls/emails. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Zaworski! Trust me on this! He's the best in Atlanta. If my boobs could talk they'd agree with me.

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