32 Yrs, 5'6, 126 Lbs, 32A, 325cc Silicone, Moderate Profile, Under - Atlanta, GA(updated)

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I have decided to join the journey as so many of...

I have decided to join the journey as so many of you all have done and will do. I have always been slender and tall. The boys would pick on me growing up because I did not have any boobs. I would be so self conscious that I would wear big shirts and pants. Not until I grew up I just decided to deal with it. But as I matured and wanted to wear more sexier clothes and feel more feminine I then was concerned about how my breast appeared in certain tops, dresses and bras. I became frustrated and aggravated because I appeared so empty and flat chested and no "push-up" padded bra could help save the day. It got worse, in weddings never a tube top bridesmaids dress, always halter, couldn't wear tube top shirts either. The "Annual Bra Sell" I could only find 2 bras in my size and it's always in black, white, beige, the old boring non sexy, fun styles or colors. I stopped wearing underwire because it just presses deep into my chest, ( maybe that will change)? So I just got tired, depressed and frustrated because I wouldn't wear certain dresses and tops because they didn't fit or look right. And don't forget having to were camis under my tops because my bust couldn't support the top and I still didn't have cleavage. So with all that unnecessary drama with my tiny A cups I decided it was time to set forth the journey to accomplish my dreams of having bigger breasts. One last thing before I talk about my consults. I initially postponed my breast adventure because I figured I would get breast when I had children, well the stories I have been reading just made that quest all null and void, because I do plan on breast feeding and that there will place me at a negative A cup. So off to my consults.....

My initially consult was in May and My bf went with me and I told the doc that I wanted under the muscle, 360 cc, saline. He showed me a video and went over it with me. He gave me sizers to try on and had me do the 3D imagining. They enhanced my breast and showed me what I would look like. He took away two things:

1. Under the muscle-said I should go through the areola due to my pigmentation
2. Saline-due to my thin skin I would see rippling, needed silicone

I had done my research but not enough to not be persuaded to other options. I spoke with him about nipple sensation loss with the areola incision and he stated that it is no less loss with any incision. "SOLD" I also was persuaded on silicone because I did not want rippling and I wanted to feel natural. He sold me my dream and I was about to buy it, until I found "Realself". I then started doing research and reading and asking questions and reading this PS reviews and they were not that high. I educated myself a lot more because initially I didn't ask a lot of questions, take any pictures, have any pictures, have any wish pics in mind. I was clueless if you ask me. I was about to make a huge mistake that some women make because it's not that they don't ask questions, they just don't ask the right questions. They trust their PS to be in best judgement for them and their wishes, and so many women fall victim to this everyday.

Second consult: August 11th, after reviewing this website day in and day out I found a doctor to have my consult. I first spoke to another person on here who had her surgery perform by this PS and I was curious. I heard some really good things about him and his reviews were high, and his FB page said a lot. I met with him and I didn't mention anything about cc, but I wanted to be a full C cup and wanted to be natural as much as possible. I didn't ask him a lot of questions because I read up on a lot of concerns I had ( side trip):

1. Upper pole fullness
2. Drains
3. Massaging
4. Capsular contraction
5. Anesthesia

Back on track. And I was comfortable with the answers. He measured me with the standard tape measurer and created my dimensional diagram. He said I would be in the range of 250-300. I was shocked. I ask why not 360? He said because of your body frame and measurements you would look as if you have fake boobs, your thin skin will not cover the entire implant. I then asked about the incision and he said I only go infra mammary because I need to be able to see what I'm doing. (Tuba, trans-axillary, areola) I can not see and that may lead to issues later. And due to the nerves being so close to the incision in the areola and the milk ducts I don't want to compromise any chance of you being able to breast feed later. I was happy to hear that he had my best interest in mind and we were on the same page. I also asked the nurse about why would that other PS go with 360 cc? She stated that some PS like "Big Boobs" and they want everyone to have them. Something to think about..... Moving on...I took pictures and wrote notes and had great conversations with the staff. After thinking about it and researching even more I decided to pay my $500.00 non-refundable deposit (Friday) and move forward with my procedure. One of my personal decisions was not to have a ton of consults due to there being more options and having a harder time making a decision. I believe if you do extensive research and make sure you have your idea look you want to have in mind then you can find a PS that will give you what you desire and not so much of his desires. (Excluding anything that is not safe). More to come later....

Pre op completed!!!!!!16 days and countdown begins!!!

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!! I'm at my 16 day mark. I just has my pre op today and it is a lot of paper work that you have to sign. Everyone make sure you read through everything, because your John Hancock says you read, agreed and understood what you signed. The coordinator was feeling a little impatient with me but I wanted to make sure I didn't have any questions. They also provided the same paperwork for me to take home. Plus it's funny how they list more complications in the paperwork then the internet, brochures or other resources that I have read. I will say again that this website is very informative and almost a must to read and research. I have read so much on here I can take a test on breast augmentation and pass. Lol. On a serious note, this website answered a lot of my questions. I also asked the coordinator the same questions and got the same answers. One thing I thought about when it comes to under the muscle, you lose some of the implant so when you try on the sizers they will be a tad bit smaller the they appear. That made me feel a little better knowing I can go up a little more in size and still achieve that look. One more important bit of information, make sure you go over the drugs and personal information that you provided them at your consultation. I say that because my surgery is $5970.00. That's a lot of money and I wanted to bring the cost down before the pre op, so I paid some every 2 weeks and I kept a notebook. The coordinator said my cost was $5470.00 I almost had a baby and was like how could it still be so much.....until I pulled out my notebook and saw the amount due was $2470.00. She said opps my mistake. (Angry face, with a smile:-). Plus they had my prescription as Percocet. I told them at my consultation that it makes me itch and I can't take that drug, so I have to get a new prescription on the day of my surgery. A new law, the doctor can not call in narcotics over the phone anymore as of October 6th. So I have to go the the drug store before going home after my surgery, which is not cool. But I will deal with that, because I will not drive 1 hr, sit in traffic, just to pick up a prescription. My contemplating sizes are between 300-325.

What I found out for my day of surgery. Be there 6:30 am

1. Wash in dial soap(the orange antibacterial bar) no dove, caress, lever 2000 or anything else.
2. After shower, just towel dry (no lotions, deodorant, makeup, facial moisturizer, no nothing)
and put on spandex pants, shirt that buttons up in front of jacket. I didn't mention bra because you wont be wearing that when you return home. Lol
-I also get a styrofoam shape bra instead of the ace bandage.
3. Start icing the girls when you return home. 30 mins on 30 mins off, not directly on skin (Tops and side, do not do bottom)
4. Sleep on back with 5 pillows underneath. Omg!!!! (2nd to worst)
5. My surgery is October 31, I can not shower until Nov 5th!!!!!!!! (#1worst thing) praying that the red ocean comes to visit a week before. I can take a bath, but just sit in the tub. How the heck am I suppose to get into the tub and out the tub without using my arms.????? Too risky!!!!

Ladies I wish each and everyone a speedy recovery, happy results and positive minds. We are on this journey together and thank you to all for sharing your stories to help give us insight, questions, hope, awareness, peace and comfort.

I'll be back probably a couple of days before surgery.

New Boobies on board

Well ladies my surgery is over acc I'm in the healing phase. So to update y'all.

October 31st: I got up at 2 am couldn't sleep due to boyfriend snoring. I got dressed about 4 and headed to the center. When we got there I was very anxious and cold. I only had on socks and a gown. She collected urine and got some blood. She placed a nice warm blanket over me and used lidocaine to numb the area where she placed my catheter into the top of my hand not arm. She then started my fluids. I got very cold. Then I had to urinate again! Another 20 minutes passed finally the warm hearted doctor came in and drew on me. I told him I wanted to increase my size to 325 cc instead of 300. He said well you will be bigger than the pictures that I previously provided him. I then met my board certified anesthelogist and nurse and they walked me to the surgery suite. I laid on a very warm table and had a warm blanket and the anesthelogist then gave me some iv drugs and i was waking up in the recovery room. The recovery phase was fairly quickly. I remember making my bf mad bc he asked to see and I said no, not until I see them. But after that the ride home was rough. I had a pillow but it didn't help. The bumps weren't bad it was the turns the car made. I needed to take pain meds before I got to his house but I had "0" appetite. I ate 2 waffle fries and 1 chicken finger and I had to drink water with it to swallow the food. He made me eat a lot of dry stuff. ....I was like really dude I have cotton mouth. My mom came by to visit and I did well talking to her. Then I slept pretty well.

Things to keep in mind after surgery
1. Ice ice baby
2. I used Demerol as my pain meds and it helped my achieve two things (cotton mouth and constipation) taking Tylenol now.
3. I bought a pillow with the arms and back from target for $19.99 and I love it. I'm a back sleeper anyway but I only do 1 pillow so I was worried about not be able to sleep. I sleep well at night.

Day 2

I woke up and was in a gosh awfully pain until it brought tears to my eyes. It hurt to walk, talk, blink, breath. I needed help using pulling my clothes down to use the bathroom, I couldn't wipe myself. I couldn't wash my face. I barely brushed my teeth. Still no good appetite. I had to take a bath Sat in the tub and only washed from bottom down. But at least my tush is clean. My leg strength will be superior after this is all over with because I can't use my arms much. I put my pjs back on and got back in the bed. I had the most pain on my left side under my breast on my rib. It hurts so bad sometimes I be calling on the name of Jesus! I mean when I walk and breath it hurt, if I turn wrong it hurts, if I use my left leg it hurts. But icing helps and pain meds help. But if im laying in the bed I had no pain. My right side feels great.

Things I was bothered with today.
1. The tape is like a straight jacket and I walk hunched over.
2. My chest gets so tight and stiff at times I can hardly breath.
3. Picking stuff up on the floor or in lower cabinets I kneel down keeping everything straight or use my toes. Lol

Nov 2nd My B day!!!

So yesterday was my b'day and I was determined to not be in pjs all day sitting in the bed. So my bf made me breakfast I took a bath. It took my 30 minutes to put clothes on but I did it. I wanted to go out but he said no. So I sat downstairs in the living room and looked out the window. Then he left and I went upstairs got back into the bed and when he returned I went downstairs and he gave me a pretty surprise and cooked a low country boil. I ate well took some Tylenol and went upstairs to bed at 7. Im feeling a lot better today.

This is the pillow that I love

1 week!!!

Thank God I got the tape removed. It was pure torture. I was hunched over and so tight I was miserable, but I kept reminding myself that "Beauty is Pain".

Day 5: I took a shower and I promised I stayed in the shower for over an hour. I started to peel some of the tape just to check for bruising or bleeding. I found out that the reason I was in soooooo much pain in my left breast was because the tape was rubbing into my incision. The pain was very painful. I could not move breath, think blink..... Without the piercing pain. So I was relieved that the tape would be off and I would be able to be pain free. At the visit they took the tape off and I explained to her the pain I was feeling and she said yeah the tape has irritated the incision area. So she cleaned it and put some Teri strips on and gave me my bra. The PS came in and checked for sensation and I'm happy because I never lost any nipple sensation or boob sensation. He said I didn't get a Gold Star due to the "Tape" and not around the clock icing. So I have to ice more and still take it easy. He did say that I can sleep on my back now. My support bra is a 36 C. I'm happy. I was exhausted when I got home and did take a nap.

Have to go to work. Will update more later.

Ladies please take it easy. Just because you feel great remind yourself your still healing and you don't need to do what your not suppose to do.

Day 5

12 day post op. Visit

I finally made it to the day to have my second visit and I must say I was nervous, all because I wanted to heal I'm healing great and now I can do massages and I can wear a sports bra now. Well it was a great visit and I wrote a list if questions.
1. Do I have to continue to ice around the clock? No unless your feeling tight or achy.
2. Can I wash my hair myself? Yes just lower you head and not to extend your arm too much
3. Will my nipples ever stop being on hard? Yes
4. Can I lift more than 5 lbs? Yes but not 20lbs
5. Can I extend my arms over my head? Yes but not too much and go slow.
6. Is it normal to have some aches in at my incision? Yes but not down your ribs and throbbing
7. Can I take supplements now such as omega 3 fatty acids? Yes

So overall I was happy but the journey has been a emotional one over the last 5 days. I swear I take pictures when I sit up in the bed, when I go into the bathroom and when I go to bed. One day I took a picture and my breast appeared lopsided. I had a fit. I was like no my breast look crazy in my picture but looking in the mirror it looks normal, then I got confused and was like well it is the left breast but the right looked off. I had to go back and read how they will appear off and they are not twins but sisters and it's all completely normal. I calmed down, after that but I was a wreck. I have to remember patience is the key and calm the heck down. But they say you will become nit picky and I was that for a few days. I kept thinking did I go too small, I should be bigger and what if I look like I did with a padded bra??? This cost too much to be just that. I said well what if I went bigger, or what if this and that. I then had to calm down again and say "Look girl, you trusted your PS and he had your best interest in mind, don't sweat the small stuff, but focus on healing and thanking God you were able to 1. Pay for the surgery, 2. make it through the surgery 3. Have something bigger than a 12 year old. Lol. I once again calmed down. So today I was relieved and thrilled and happy and excited all at the same time because I made it this far and it only gets better, I have one more month before I can be normal again.

Happy healing ladies. Listen to your boobies, when they tell you to slow down.

12th day

.....another note. I asked why my left breast seems to be my problem child and she says left look at your pre op pictures. And I guess I didn't realize it before but my left is bigger and points to the left slightly. They do say that you see things magnified now then before. Lol

Finally 1 month!!!!!

It's been a long slow journey. I take pictures everyday and I'm like hurry up!!!! But I'm feeling more and more like normal. I do not have pains like I use to. My left is my problem child and causes my back and shoulders to ache. I have to take ibp because I'm like ouch!!! This is not everyday but when I am up and moving around I start getting heavy in my shoulders, plus this could be because I'm sleeping on my back and it is starting to be a pain in the derrière. But I love how they look. I do go back and forth with the size but I believe I'm good because I can be huge and sexy with tight shirts or be modest with loose sweaters. I hate sleeping in these bras because they make me sweat at night and I find myself unzipping or un fastening them. I also will be happy to wear cute bras. I'm massaging 3x a day and feeling the softness so they are making progress and I guess it's like wine, it gets better with time. Lol

Still best decision 4mos

Hello everyone. I haven't posted in a while because nothing was really excited and changing. I got a new bathing suit and boy do I love it. I can't wait until the summer. I love my size and sometimes I want bigger and sometimes I'm like, no I'm good. It's almost my 6 month mark and I doubt there will be anymore changing. They are squishy and they do jiggle. I went bra shopping and went bonkers. I was so excited I bought so many panties and bras ( matching set) and no I did not go to VS. I went to Macy's and they had 30-40% off of CK, and DKNY.

1 year later

Hello ladies, it been a long year and I can't believe that one year ago I would be changing my life forever. I love them to this day. I sometimes forget I got implants, because they feel so real. I can say I have gotten use to the size and I want bigger. Maybe in 10 years. I will say if you have a great surgeon they will recommend the best size for your body frame. If you want to go bigger but he says no then believe him because he knows best. I believe that more complications can occur when they are too big to fit your body frame. If I had started out bigger then I believe I would been in more pain and took longer to heal. Now that my skin has stretched it can accommodate a larger implant. My 2¢. But Im truly happy one year later and will it again!!!

New pictures

Dr. Bauer

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