AA to C with 275cc silicone round smooth mentor over muscle

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I have been wanting a breast augmentation since a...

I have been wanting a breast augmentation since a teenager. I remember my grandmother telling me to be patient and that my boobs would fill out when I had kids. Well I had 2 kids and breast fed for a year on each and then afterwards boobies went back to nothing. I am very active and do crossfit 5 to 6 times a week so I want modest natural looking boobs.

I have more recently got a lot more serious on my training and the result is even smaller boobs and it has begun to make me more self-conscious than in the past. Swim suit shopping is an absolute nightmare and I have never felt sexy in my life. Cute or pretty, yes...sexy? No. I can't even go to the gym without a padded sports bra because it makes me so self-conscious.

I go in for my first consultation tomorrow and I am excited to hear what the PS recommends for me. I am leaning towards gummy bear tear dropped shape in the 250 cc range based on what I have seen on here but it will be interesting to see how that measures up to what the PS says. I have attached before pictures and will post "wish boob" pictures soon.

Wish Boobs

3 Consultations Complete

Wow, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. My first PS I scheduled a consult with was a total flop for me and I left thinking I just wouldn't get this done at all. From the moment they called me back it was very structured and I felt very rushed. I was allowed to try some sizers on though and confirmed the fact that I like between 250-300cc size range. Surgeon told me that under muscle smooth round silicone was the best option. When I explained crossfit, he told me that I would have to take a break from it for 9-12 months!!!! WHAT?! I thought he was kidding and he said he was not....he told me he wanted to make sure that pocket was completely healed before I started engaging my pecks in that way. Well I would rather not have boobs than give up crossfit for that long. I reluctantly went to my next appointment figuring I would get similar answers. To my surprise Dr. Zaworksi (who has been doing implants since the 70's) recommended subglandular for me and said I would be back at full capacity in about 6 weeks! I had read so much about little breast tissue needing under muscle but Dr. Zaworski was able to show me dozens of photos he had done subglandularly with patients that look like me prior and they looked GREAT! He told me he has done lots of crossfit athletes and they all get subglandular...from his look book it appears to be his specialty. He put my mind at ease about a lot of my concerns. He recommended smooth round silicone above the muscle for me. Well I decided to go to my 3rd appointment because it included 3D imaging and I wanted to get to see my possible result. The third doctor told me I could go subglandular and did the pinch test to make sure I had enough tissue and I have exactly the minimum amount (2cm pinching my upper breast). He recommends under the muscle textured implants in general but said if I wanted subglandular he would do it. He stated that capsular contraction is higher with above the muscle smooth implants and said if I did above the muscle he would HIGHLY recommend (if not insist) I get textured. He also recommended memory shape implants for a more natural look. This recommendation completely contradicts the previous 2 surgeons. The previous 2 surgeons completely dismissed shaped implants because they were firm and had the chance to rotate. Dr. Zaworski said they have techniques to decrease chances of rotation but that a study showed that most plastic surgeons couldn't tell the difference in shaped vs. round in patients for a blind test.

I left my 3rd appointment very confused on what to do but the longer I thought about it the more I realized that I was the most put to ease with Dr. Zaworski and he was the only doctor to be able to show me pictures and pictures of smooth round over the muscle at my size prior. The third doctor could only show me under the muscle pictures. I still have some questions about textured vs. smooth and areola incision so I am going back for a second consult on Monday.

I am still debating my size...I like the 250 and all 3 doctors though 300 would look good on me so I may just go with 275. I know that the difference is minimal but I think I will be more accepting mentally if I know it is under 300....so weird I know!

I am attaching some pictures from my 3d imaging (ignore the bruise in the middle of my chest...power cleans!) I didn't realize how much my nipples pointed out until the 3d imaging...little concerned about my end result but my husband assures me they look good.

Surgery Scheduled!

I paid my deposit today...eeeeekkkk!

So I ended up deciding on going with Dr. Zaworski and getting 275cc mentor round smooth silicone gel overs (subglandular over the muscle). I know, I have read everywhere and seen where most people go under the muscle...BUT I had huge reservations about going under the muscle with my level of fitness and doing crossfit. I had 2 surgeons tell me I could definitely go over. Dr. Zaworski highly recommended that I go over due to my activity level. He has done several crossfitters and gone over with all of them. What was even more impressive was his before and afters were mostly done over the muscle and there were several women with as little breast tissue as me...so I am feeling pretty good with my decision and doctor.

My surgery is scheduled one month from today, October 19, 2016. I feel like I have looked at more boobs than a teenage boy in the past 2 weeks and I am not sure if I can look at a single other picture! haha I am excited and yet pretty nervous. I am sure that the week before will be nerve racking...

Count down to boobs begins!

3 more sleeps

So my surgery date is in 3 days and I think I am handling it pretty well. Not that nervous yet but I am sure it will set in Tuesday night before my surgery. I am debating just going ahead and doing 300cc instead of 275 because of all the reviews wishing they had gone bigger. All 3 surgeons I visited told me they recommended 300 but I am just nervous about being too big and unnatural. The more I think about it though, it is only 1.5 tablespoons so I should jut go for it.

We will see what I end up deciding day of...ha. Wanted to go ahead and upload some pre-op in some unpadded bras for reference later.

Surgery day

Surgery day run down:

8:45am checked in
9:00am IV in and waiting
10:30am put relaxation medicine in my IV
10:50 begin to wheel me out and I don't remember another thing until they woke me past 12:30pm

It is now 4:30pm and I am feeling pretty good. All wrapped up and I can't undo it till the doctor does tomorrow. My left breast is starting to get sore but I am due for a pain pill in less than in our so hopefully that will help.

Go back to doctor at 10:30 am tomorrow and am excited to see them.

Day 1 post

I got my bandages off and doctor told me to go braless for awhile. Felt good to have that binding off but I keep getting these "let down" sensations like I used to with breast feeding.

Overall I am feeling pretty good. Just sore. I decided to stop taking pain medicine and am now just taking Tylenol. So far so good.

Hubby took a couple pictures.

Feeling good

Well today is my first day without any pain medication whatsoever. I was taking the occasional dosage of extra strength Tylenol but today I went without all day. We went to church this morning and then took the kids to re corn maze. I was getting a little sore after being on my feet for so long but nothing excruciating.

Also, they are still pretty dang tight but I actually got a glimpse as to what they may actually result in and I am pretty happy. I am happy with my size and feel that the 275s give me a very natural look. I am surprised that I have been feeling the tiniest bit of boob greed because I swore I did not want big boobs but now that they are on me I realize I could have handled a little larger. I think my end result is going to be a c cup which is exactly what I was looking for.

So happy

It has been 10 days since surgery and I cannot believe how good I feel. I am having nearly zero pain except for a little tenderness on my right upper breast. I did experience a few nerve zingers recently that were not pleasant but haven't lasted long.

I was having some concerns at the 1 week mark that they were always going to sit like balls on my chest but within 2 days they have softened soooo much. My left one has dropped and fluffed a little more than my right. My right one is still sitting a little higher and has tenderness. It is hardly noticeable but I can tell. I know it will settle eventually but can't help but be concerned they won't ever be the same.

I am so happy with the size and shape right now. They feel very natural. I will take a video later to show the softness because I always found that helpful when looking at other reviews. I am amazed that I feel this good prior to 2 weeks out and I am going to have a very hard time not exercising when I feel this good. Good thing is doctor told me I can do light weight exercises starting next week and then at the 3 week mark I can start running. Can't wait for that point.

I went to the doctor 2 days ago and "holy hell" did he move my implants around!! I was still a little sore and it wasn't the most pleasant but I really think that is what softened them so fast afterwards. He squeezed them and then had me do it too so that I could know how they are supposed to feel and watch for capsulation. So far so good...he said they felt perfect!

Working out and feeling good

Ok so I have been meaning to write this post for over a week but life has been busy. First off, someone asked about my pre-op measurements. Here are all my measurements:
Sternal notch to nipple: 17.4/18.2 cm (R/L)
Clavical to nipple: 17.6/18.3 cm
Breast width: 13.6/ 12.7 cm
Breast base width: 12.0/ 11.1
Nipple to nipple: 19.1 cm
Nipple to IMF: 6.6/ 6.3 cm

Hope that helps.

I am doing great and have been cleared to run and exercise as long as no pain. I have ran, done push-ups, pull ups, flys, and rowing without any issues. So happy about that. I plan to go back to crossfit on Thursday (right past the 4 week mark).

I was sized at VS this past weekend and I sized at a 32d or 34c. I personally like the 34 c a bit better but was quite surprised to see I fit into 32d so nicely.

I have a video I took showing how they feel right now but I can't figure out how to upload so here is a pic of the 32d bra instead.

9 week Post Surgery update

It will be 9 weeks since my surgery tomorrow and it honestly feels like an eternity ago. My boobs feel like mine and I have zero restrictions. I am back to crossfit 100% and even competed in a competition last weekend where we placed first....so pretty safe to say that my boobs aren't holding me back. I am still very happy with my size but am pretty sure that I would have been just as happy with 300 cc's. I love my size because I never wanted "BIG" boobs but I wanted to be able to wear clothes without padded bras or padded sports bras. I feel like they are perfect now because I can wear a sports bra and feel confident and yet they don't get in the way or bounce around too much when I run.

There have been a lot of questions about how I like my over the muscle implants. I cannot say enough good things about going over. My advice is to shop around for PS's that will listen to your lifestyle and recommend the implant that is right for you ....there is no one method is right for everyone out there. I have been pain free since 2 weeks out and working out since 3 weeks out....recovery has been a dream. I take vitamin E every day as my PS recommended to help avoid cc and so far I show no signs. Fingers crossed I stay that way. They feel and move like natural breasts. The only thing I notice is that when I flex or put my arms wide and overhead, the implant shape is more evident (round). My husband says that I am being very picky and that he thinks they look great in every position...lol.

I also HIGHLY recommend the areola incision. I have very small nipples and my PS said that my surgery is more difficult than most with larger areola but the result was phenomenal. No visible scars whatsoever and recovery was so easy. So glad I listened to my PS when he recommended it. Some other plastic surgeons dismissed that incision type or threatened higher infection rates...my PS told me that was ridiculous. I had absolutely no issue.

Could not be happier with my result.
Dr. Zaworski

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