26 Y/o 34B --> BA 325cc Mod+ Silicone Submuscular - Atlanta, GA

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I have been contemplating a BA since I was 18...

I have been contemplating a BA since I was 18 years old and was convinced by my friends and family to wait until I was older to make the most mature decision I could. So 8 years later, after college and starting my career, I still feel the same way. I'm completely happy and confident with myself but this is just something I have always wanted and think I deserve to give myself. I have the support of my friends, family and boyfriend although my family took a little convincing. I have done all kinds of research on doctors, different surgical techniques, silicone vs saline, under vs over the muscle, etc. and have decided on the following:
--Mod plus profile
I'm currently a 34B although I don't normally fill out that cup size and can also wear a 34A. I'm hoping to achieve a full C or small D. I know cup size doesn't really equate to cc's but that's my goal. I'm afraid of going too big although all the doctors and most of the reviews say that it's better to go too big than too small. I had my pre-op appointment and decided on 325cc although I'm starting to think 300 would be more on the safe side. I just don't want it to be too obviously or "in your face". I'm a very active person and have an active job. Any thoughts on the size ladies? That's pretty much the only thing I'm still debating. But overall I'm so excited and READY!

Deciding to trust the Doc and go with my first instinct

So I had made an appointment with the surgeon to try on the sizers again next week because I kept doubting myself, but I decided today to just trust the surgeon and go with what he originally recommended which was 325 cc. This was actually on the smaller side of what he recommended so I think it's a good fit. I tried on some rice sizers with a very sheer bra so it looked more realistic. I think this made me feel better because I forgot to take pictures with the silicone implants in at the MD's office. I'm a very thorough person and like to look at all sides of everything and there's so many sides to this!

I bought some bras both from Walmart and Target (posting a picture). I was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations. Is it better for them to clasp in the front or the back? (even if you have someone to help) Is it better for them to be too tight or too loose? I'm keeping all the receipts but just didn't know if there's one that everyone just loved.

I'm posting more pics. Any comments are appreciated! What do you guys think of the sizers? They are 300 cc sizers which would equate to getting a 325 implant

Forgot to add on the last post that I'm 5'7" and 135 lbs

3 more days!

I can't believe my surgery is this Thursday! I'm so excited and hardly nervous. Any last minute advice? Can't wait!!!

Pre pictures. 1 more day!!!!

Surgery done!

So everything went pretty well today. I was the first surgery scheduled and we got started on time. The anesthetist had difficulty putting the tube down my throat and had to do it twice. So my throat is really sore. He said this was due to my tonsils being bigger than normal. In postop I was in a considerable amount of pain and was crying. I was surprised because they told me that my chest would be numb from a local injection they were doing. They had to give me IV pain meds several times before I left and the pain never got under a 7/10 pain.

I've had 2 knee surgeries and have never had a bad reaction to anesthesia but did end up throwing up on the car ride home.

I've been very uncomfortable since I got home despite taking pain meds and muscle relaxers. Please someone tell me this is normal. I consider myself having a high threshold for pain and this is just unbearable. It hurts every time I breath or move my arms.

On the upside I'm very happy with my decision and from what I can see under the Wrap they look good. I was never nervous and still don't regret anything. My wrap will come off on Saturday and I'll post pictures.

Post-op day 1

So I am feeling much better today so far but still have a lot of soreness. I had to call my PS for some stronger medication because I literally couldn't stand the pain. Staying on top of the pain meds and muscle relaxers, taking them every 4 hours is helping. They also put me to sleep so I can heal in peace.

My PS also suggested putting some ice/frozen peas on top of my chest (above bandage) and under my arms but to make sure they were covered in several wrappings so my bandages don't get wet.

I have a couple's shower to go to tomorrow and am really hoping I can make it for a couple hours since I'm co-hosting it but I figure tomorrow has to be even better than today

My bandages will come off tomorrow so I can finally get a look at these babies!

Post OP day 2

I'm feeling so much better today in regards to pain. I am able to get in and out of bed by myself, with pain but still better. The bags of peas on my chest really helped. I was even able to take off the bandages off and take some pictures!

I'm liking the way that they look so far. SO Glad I didn't go with a smaller size. I know it's going to take several months for them to heal and drop completely so I'm going to be very patient!

Again my beginning size was a small 34B (never filled them out. Probably more like an A). Went with 325cc moderate plus profile silicone implants. What do you guys think?

Post op Day 3

I am feeling SOOO much better today. I only took one nap and was able to hang out with my family around the house. I have learned that it's very important to stay on top of taking your pain meds and that frozen peas are a lifesaver. I can tell my breasts are changing everyday and it's really exciting! I go for my follow up appointment tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see what the doctor thinks!

More Pictures POD 4

I had my first follow up appointment today and the doctor said everything is going well. He said sometimes, at this point they will give patients a strap to wear on top of their breasts to help the implant drop faster, but he said I did not need this. He said to continue wearing sports bras/bras without underwire for 3 weeks, both day and night. Also, I was also happy to hear that the sutures he used are going to dissolve on their own.

Overall, I can't believe how huge of a turn around I've made coming from 10/10 pain on day 0 and now to 1/10 pain at rest (with medication). My next goal will be to wean myself off of the heavy duty pain meds because I've been sleeping almost all day and night. ALSO, this is TMI, but I haven't had a bowel movement since surgery. I've been taking laxatives since I got home and just took some miralax so that should do the trick. I know this is a common thing after surgery but come on! I feel so bloated. Anyways, super happy about the results and they are looking better and better everyday!

Feel free to ask any questions. This website helped me SO MUCH before my surgery.

Update and question.

Hey ladies, I noticed that most of these reviews post a card with the name and size of the implants. When did you get this from your doctor? Day of surgery? Post op? I was wanting mine just for the record and wasn't sure when I was supposed to get it or what it's called. Any help would be appreciated :)
I'm still feeling pretty good although I'm tired throughout most of the day and have to take naps. Still sore but definitely tolerable. I stopped the pain meds during the day but the Tylenol just isn't the same. Hoping some if this soreness with improve in a few more days...
I tried on some different sized bras today and I think I'm either a 36C or 34D. So I'm very happy with that! I might be sized differently once all the swelling is down. But I wanted to be a C or D at most so I think that I have achieved my goal!

Feeling good

So it's been a week and 2 days since surgery and for the most part I feel good except for pain at my incision site and my nipple are very tender. I've only been taking Tylenol during the day but still take painkillers at night because I have trouble sleeping. I am still taking the muscle relaxer because they do tense up very easily. I have my next post OP appointment next Wednesday where my surgeon said they'll give me some stretches although I've been doing my own light massage just to help the muscle relax. Overall I'm still really happy and wouldn't change a thing!

Feel like a whole new person!

2 weeks post OP and I'm feeling great! A small amount if pain near my incision but that's it! The doctor gave me some scar cream and some easy stretches to do to prevent capsular contracture. I'm also taking vitamin E to help soften the tissues. Got a new bikini and LOVING my size and have no regrets!

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