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I am so happy I found this site, I have learned so...

I am so happy I found this site, I have learned so much .. Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences. I am so ready ! I previous had a TT about 14 years ago and I have stayed close to keeping it up but I must admit I gained about 15 lbs and I would like to take that few unwanted fat and put it in a much needed place.... Buttocks!!! and get my fat stomach back and Beyoncé body ... or better !

My Pre-Op pictures

Need a body adjustment soon, can't take this to the beach !!!! Lol

1month Pre-op front

My BIG Wish List

I can't wait to see my J Curves transformation!!! Soon and very soon!!

Pre-op side view ... Need help !!!

Never had a bootay ! This is gonna be great !!!

30 days till the BIG Transformation of a New Body Day !~

Count down is on ! 30 days

July 19th is my day ... I'm gettting ready !!!

Count down 19 days !! Atl/Dr. J... I will be on my way

I'm n ATL - Post-Op in 1 day ! J Curves Times

I made it to Atl on July 16th, checked into the Hyatt - Jones Creek (very accommodating ) checked in early was not a problem, and free shuttle within 3 miles. My plan was for my BFF to travel with me but she got sick with strep throat so I had to shift to plan B always have a plan B, called for nurse got referral from another BBL sister called nurse for interview. I had to go with her sher was pleasant and lots of medical experience 13 years showed me her resume' and credentials she was a LPN (licensed practitioner nurse) super nice. Her name is Richelle 678-557-5322, decided to get a massage b4
Surgery day found Belinda Garrett 770-771-2570, had my massage tdy (awesome) and great prices $50 each if you purchase 4 or more massages she comes to you and very professional, licensed massage therapist with credentials to show and website info to check her credentials. I was very impressed!!!!!! I'm set to go..I will take you on my journey. Good night for now !

Atlanta lymphatic massages & Nurse research

I found the perfect two for my massages and nurse watch if anyone need it ..just FYI !

Massages: Belinda Garrett 770-771-2570
Richelle (lymphatic massages)

Hyatt Hotel - Jones Creek ( super also)

6 days post - op Dr . J

Not feeling my results yet, I definitely have lots of swelling, my problem is I specifically request "no shelf' but have one I'm told it will go away when swelling goes down it better or I will be a pissed ms double d. If u have questions I'm ok to answer if I can

7 days post-op

I will get my drain removed tmor and hat will be a relief. My blood count is still low currently 7.5 should be at least 12 so lots of greenery and taking iron to build it up and avoid blood transfusion. This is not a easy surgery for most be prepared for your life to change tremendous after surgery when you can sit on your butt for the next 3 months (big challenge) but it can be done. The taxi fee from the airport to he hotel is about $80-$90. I will update later ...sleepy!

3 weeks post-op

I have exhaled. My blood count is still low 8.5 so I'm still not feeling 100 yet working on it and I found that SSS tonic is great high potency for raising iron levels got it at CVS $10 will post pic. I'm sure other pharmacies sells it also.

Helpful Nfo: Hyatt Hotel @ Johns Creek is the best w/free shuttle within 3 miles -Dr.J office is approx 1miles away.. The staff is nice and very decent free breakfast.

For massages I used : Belinda @ 770-771-2570 Garrett's Caring Hands (very professional)
LPN (licensed Practioner Nurse) I used Richelle @ (678) 557-5322 ( I think she is only available now on Fridays but call and see) she was excellent

For your ride back to the airport after surgery is challenging you can't sit -- we found Airport Metro 404-766-6666 they has passenger van with 3 long seats you can lie down for the 40+ min ride to airport rate was $50 (1st person) $20 each additional person ( we split the total cost) and I think 10% tip it was worth it ride was very comfortable and u can get 3-4 people or 2 surgery person (to lie down) and 2 friends or persons that didn't have surgery.

Surgery update :
It's definitely a harder recovery than I imagined only because I'm tired of lying on my stomach and standing all the time but I'm going to do it!!!

He first 3-4 days is the WORST... If you start to feels exhausted, dizzy or weak they your energy level has dropped go to see your doctor to get your blood count checked find out your levels you may have lost a lot of blood during surgery and that is a major problem you could possibly need a blood transfusion-- if you hear your heartbeat loudly when u lay your head down is another sign. I think the higher you can get your blood levels b4 surgery the better mines was at 12 and 3 days after surgery it was at 6.8 dangerously high (almost at transfusion must). I am now trying to get it back to 12 to feel normal again .

Now at 3wks post I'm loving 90% of my results and I think that's pretty high acceptance I didn't want to start from day 1 expecting the final results to show it takes time and patience. I know my body has to go thru many steps and changes and I am willing to wait it out although its hard not to critique every little area of my body --but I remember what I started with and it looks a lot better now so I'm grateful!!! Will post pic

3 weeks post op --- I'm happy !

SSS Tonic

Help raise iron level

Massages and airport transportation info

Here's the persons I used in case you want to research and ck out b4

Surgery info

I have 900 cc in each cheek (didn't want a huge butt)
no hips added
and a total of 5000cc removed

*** great jump start ***
Thanks Dr. J

Thank You!!

Thank You to everyone for your prayers and support, it was truly appreciated.

1month post -op

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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