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I've been considering having a combined procedure...

I've been considering having a combined procedure for well over a decade. After much research I have now finally made up my mind. The only dilemma I'm faced with is the question of the procedures I will combine vs. Which procedure must wait. I'm in desperate need of a FULL tummy tuck w/liposuction, BBL and Fat transfer to the outer upper thigh (hips).

Considering the fact that with the healing process of the BBL I know I MUST not lie on my buttocks, with the Tummy Tuck, I can't lie on my stomach, so the only option is laying on the sides, which is impossible if I get the transfer to my hips. I just feel that my BBL would be complete with the hips, since this would give me an hourglass look. But I'm prepared to return at a later date to have the latter preformed.

I know Dr. J curves is very busy, but damn.....Next year until I can even get a consult? Needless to say I'm very disappointed as I had anticipated having my procedure preformed at least by the end of this year. Well... Looking on the bright side of things I will have a bit longer to continue working out.

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I'm 5'10" and weigh 287lbs (Yessss. I'm down 10...

I'm 5'10" and weigh 287lbs (Yessss. I'm down 10 lbs). I'm not scheduled for my patient consultation until June 12, 2014. However, I spoke with Michelle today and she explained this entire process of "How to get your surgery date bumped up". Now, that it has been clarified, I will share the info with you ladies. First of all there are 2 lists: 1)Consultation 2)Surgery A $500 non-refundable deposit guarantees a Surgery date NO LATER than 6 weeks after your scheduled consultation date. A $2000 non-refundable deposit gets you on the Surgery LIST! (I know you say $2,000 WTF??? However, she explained that she does 15-20 consults on average/day and out of that 15-20 only 5-7 patients are retained. So, that's a lot of wasted time. The large deposit displays the seriousness of the person to have the procedure/s done. So upon paying this deposit, handled via debit card, or directly depositing the funds into the Advanced Solutions Plastic Surgery account(Patient Coordinator will provide you with bank routing and account number upon request). Then your name is automatically placed on the Sx list! When a Sx cancellation comes up, they go down a list in order of who paid first and call them to offer the date. If you are unable to accept the date, then your name remains on the list. She even told me that after you mail in the $2000 dep. you can begin sending in payments until your surgery is P.I.F. My consult date is 15 months out. Ideally I would like my procedure done by the earliest, October and NO LATER than February 2014. I still need time to achieve my goal weight which is between 220-230. I believe I can have that amount over the next 7 months. I will only get about 1/3 of the procedure financed. So, in essence the first people who are taken off of the Sx list are those who have paid in full. COMBINING PROCEDURES Initially I was seriously contemplating combining the BBL & TT, but after I thought about it I decided to wait for the TT and here is the reason why: In the state of GA, only 5000 cc's (approx.11 lbs of fat, tumescent fluid,blood and other body fluids)can be safely removed during a single session. Keeping that in mind, my problematic area is my lower back. Therefore, I'm going to express that I want him to pay close attention to this area foremost. I mean AGGRESSIVELY lipo this area (As I want a pronounced arch or sway in my back) 2nd would be my flanks (I really don't have much of an under bra roll . A waist cincher smooths that area out just fine). My worry is if I have him focus too much on lipo' ing my tummy then he reaches the the 5000cc limit, then the area I desire to have removed the most is going to be sacrificed. That's why others seeing Dr. J mention not to pay for these additional areas, because he might be unable to remove enough fat in that area(due to state law) for you to see a noticeable difference, but nevertheless you will have to pay just the same, because yet and still he suctioned that area to a certain degree. Does that make sense? When I get my TT, I want him to be able to suck out the MAXIMUM in THAT AREA ALONE to give me a tummy so flat that I make the walls jealous! I love Dr. JCurves work! He's a little pricey, but I believe that nothing safe & good goes for kibbles-n-bits. He also carries insurance on every patient for the first 30 days. That's a plus! I'm interested in getting my blood drawn and stored. Just in case I need a transfusion. OAN Michelle stated that in light of the procedure being completely paid, if you pass the medical clearance, he won't operate on you!

COMPRESSION GARMENTS Anyone here familiar with...

Anyone here familiar with Ardyss BodyMagic? I have several of their garments and they are wonderful. The makers boast of one losing 3 dress sizes in 15 mins (that's because it takes that long to get the darn thing on, due to the heavy compression). Designed by a chiropractic and orthopedist. I wear one underneath my dresses with my padded panties and I swear I look like a XXX rated movie vixen!LOL These garments really do bring your internal organs into their proper alignment. I was considering on getting one for after my BBL but uncertain if it is even recommended since the compression level is really out there!

Ok so a few ladies spoke very favorable of Dr....

Ok so a few ladies spoke very favorable of Dr. William Perry. He specializes in aggressive lipo. He focuses heavily in giving a small waist and full buttocks with fat transfer to outer thighs to give that hour glass look. I appreciate the way he does patient education on his Facebook page. Patients highly commend him for not only for his work, but in taking extra time to listen. No rush whatsoever during the consultations. I keep looking at this photo of a patient that he lipo'd. Other PS' s told her she needed a tummy tuck, until she found Dr.Perry (Who doesn't believe they are necessary in most cases). When I tell you he booked her up. ... Umph damn his lipo is on point! He also mentioned the fact that after a BBL if you gain weight, you will gain in your ass first, and when you lose weight, your ass will be the last to go! Now run tell that.

It's a keeper. I was blessed with this enormous...

It's a keeper. I was blessed with this enormous shelf. Even at my lowest weight of 165 I still had it. After much deliberation, I've decided to keep it after all. When I tell you that I have a very uniquely interesting shaped ass it's true. The bottom is round and I have the top shelf, but it's middle throughout the middle portion, which gives it a very odd look. But when I put those padded underwear on and get my tight dresses on, that flat area is plumped up and I look like I have a donk! After asking the question, "Can a BBL fix this shelf" I received 2 replies. Both doctors agreed that it is fixable, but it is going to take 2000-3000 ccs of fat removal in that area alone! That only leaves 3000-2000 to be removed from the additional areas (Keep in mind I need a super sculpted waist. At this rate, the stomach won't even be addressed since Dr. Jimerson can only remove a total of 5000ccs). So, I decided to work with what I have. Instead of trying to remove it, keep it! Lipo can be done on the tummy and back then transferred into my flat area. Should have enough left over to give me some saddlebag hips too! So it looks like my dreams of having that Pebblez Da Model or Buffie the Body is going to come true!I'm a stallion mami 5'10" weighing 287 (but I'm aggressively working at getting it down to 215 prior to my sx date).

Originally, I wanted to combine several procedures...

Originally, I wanted to combine several procedures. Now, I think I'm going to wait on the TT simply because I don't see how I'm going to get comfortable to sleep. With the BBL and Fat grafting to the outer Hip area (Saddlebag) I'm faced with sleeping on my STOMACH ONLY. I'm not about to attempt sleeping on my tummy after it's been sucked, pulled and stapled either! OUCH!!! Well at least I know I will get my maximum 5000 cc fat removal! Unlike some of my girls here, I have plenty and I mean plenty of fat stores! He won't tell me to gain weight that's for sure.

Hello my BBL sistahs! I just thought of an...

Hello my BBL sistahs! I just thought of an additional item that you may find helpful in getting you through the post op period. You know it is highly recommended that you get massages to soften up the tissues and prevent scar tissue from forming. Well how about allowing your care provider to use a rolling pin to give you a light massage. I have lower back pains and my hubby uses it on me and it feels wonderful! Just a suggestion.

I hate to feel that I've paid for a service and...

I hate to feel that I've paid for a service and not get the full benefits. Why is it that those ladies who have already had their BBL's have yet to have a full total of 5000cc's of fat removal, but yet have paid additional funds to have other areas liposoctioned, for those areas to look untouched???? I'm very disturbed and highly concerned because if you have already removed enough fat to transfer and sculpt the buttocks then by all means continue to remove additional fat until you reach the maximum amount allowed under the law! Don't stop at 3500cc and charge for the removal of areas? I'm not satisfied with knowing that aggressive lipo is not being done to the fullest. I don't want to feel like I've been duped. I'm sticking to the BBL and that's it! Ladies plz share your stories. How many CC's did you have removed? Do you feel like you got what you paid for?

Well ladies, I have been doing my fair share of...

Well ladies, I have been doing my fair share of research this afternoon. I came across a highly informative, yet interesting blog. I mean this young lady REALLY did her homework!!!
She recommends all BBL patients to have 2 pre-op lymphatic massages 2 days prior to sx.
Here are the 3 main benefits of Pre-Op lymph massages
1) Decreases swelling
2) Speeds the healing process
3) Helps mobilize lymphatic fluid
Post lymphatic massage benefits:
1) Increases the blood supply to the region lipo'd and fat transfer region
2) Relaxing
3) Fluid mobilization
4) Notice a definite amelioration in body contour initially after the massage

During consultation don't forget to ask your doctor for a referral to a experienced masage therapist with skills in performing these techniques on someone post op cosmetic surgery.

Just a little more info for you to store in your mental rolodex!

Well maybe I spoke to soon! (That's me... Running...

Well maybe I spoke to soon! (That's me... Running with my hair flying back!LOL) I may not be playing into this shelf-booty idea after all. Truth be told I really do want a upside down heart with juicy-juicy cheeks, wide hips and a deep scoop/curve/arch in my back. All of my life this ass of mine has been sitting on my back-hot pockets! I observed myself closely in the mirror today after my shower and noticed that the shelf is beginning to slowly diminish! Believe me when I tell you that I have been going in really hard with this strict restrictive eating regimine.



I begin my day with a large mason jar of icy cold water. This helps to turn on your internal furnace, by jumpstarting your metabolism.

Take a Centrum daily vitamin along with a 1000mg vitamin e supplement. I need to add some B-12 and Vitamin C.
Now I keep my caloric intake between 500-800 per day. Very low. It's damn near fealt like I was starving at first, but after the 3rd day the body adjusts. Besides I don't require too much because my job is very sedentary. I sit on this ass for 8-12 hours.
So here is what my frig is stocked with Odwalla Superfood Shakes(I love the green monster 220 cals?). Slim Fast Shakes (180 calories. This is my meal replacement. I do one a day), Slim fast bars (1 bar/day =180 calories) fresh fruit and veggies. I eat one chef salad minus the egg yolks and cheese. I do add deli turkey/chicken/ham. Craisins w/baby carrots.( I carry 1/3 cup full in a plastic snack bag and keep it in my handbag to snack on while at work). I eat a cup of hot soup or cold cereal at night before bed. If you keep veggies and fruits with you at all times you will always have a healthy choice snack to be your crutch and get you through. H20, H20, H20!!!!!! Can't stress that enough. NO SODA POPS OR SWEET TEA! If you must do carbonated beverage opt for Fresca. As it is calorie free and doesn't leave a after taste. Basically, stay away from heavily processed foods. No white pasta, white potatos, white bread. Somedays I have a sandwhich using only 1 slice of 12 grain bread. Ladies, for so long I've ate what I wanted whenever I wanted. I'm talking peach cobbler and vanilla bean ice cream at 2 am then roll over and go to sleep. Hubby waking me up to breakfast in bed with homemade French Toast, Cheesy eggs, hashbrowns, ham, bacon and juice. I'm the type of woman that believes in and insisted on preparing home cooked meals for my family at least 5 days a week. My son and husband are so damn active that weight ain't never been an issue for them. My baby is ultra petite and now that she is walking she is really burning the calories. Me.... Oh lawd. I look at food and gain weight. I used to be a fit gym rat, but you wouldn't know it by looking at me today! I'm determined to get this weight off once and for all. I'm ready to take my life to another level. Tired of wearing Body Magic compression garments and padded underwear. Holding the fat down in the front and projecting it in the back. I want to know how it feels to wear a 2pc and some downright nasty sexy gear to the club! I'm so thankful for my husband. Supportive is the understatement of the century. He will be travelling with me to have this procedure. He is going to be my nurse,my cook, my honey do, my everything (Ok he already all of the above lol! What can I say, he wears many hats. But so do I).

Ladies, I can't stress enough GET THAT DAMN WEIGHT...

Ladies, I can't stress enough GET THAT DAMN WEIGHT OFF!!! Everyday I read stories about patients that came out with poor results due to not being close enough to ideal weight. There is a story over in the Tummy Tuck (TT) forum in which a female 5,2" weighing 223lbs (She has a gastric band in place and lost like 70lbs prior to this surgery, yet 100 lbs overweight still), anyway, her lower tummy is flat, but above the navel looks like a FULLY INFLATED BALOON! OMG! I'm sure it may be a combination of lot of fluid build up that needs to be released & swelling. Anyway... Unless you want to pay to get the same procedure done 2X, then get as close as you can to where you need to be before surgery! BBL and Tummy Tucks aren't weight loss procedures, although they can facilitate it. Sometimes we need a jumpstart to continued weight loss, and getting a procedure helps to blaze those trails, to go on and lose more weight. If this is your situation, just be prepared to get additional work, because as you lose additional weight the skin is going to hang and you will definitely want to get it removed too! It ain't easy, but we can do it with prayer, proper diet and exercise!

***Homemade Chicken Veggie Soup*** Ladies this...

***Homemade Chicken Veggie Soup***

Ladies this recipe is not only delicious but better than buying canned soup (No preservatives and YOU control the sodium level). Make a large pot and store in freezer/microwave safe containers so that you will have it available on demand.
1 Chicken wing boiled with the skin-on contains anywhere from 80-103 calories depending on the size.
4 Chicken Wings or 1-2 Chicken Breasts
15 oz can of tomato paste
15 oz can of stewed tomatoes
1 small onion (sliced)
small bag of frozen mixed vegetables
whole wheat macaroni or spaghetti noodles (optional)
Use whatever seasoning you desire. I prefer Maggi (beef or chicken) bouillon and Johnny's seasoning salt. Not too much. Salt retains water and makes you swell in the fingers, ankles etc.

Boil the chicken about 15-20 mins (make sure chicken is fully covered) add your seasoning and onion.
Add tomato paste and Stewed tomatoes and continue to boil for another 5 mins. Add the noodles and cook until almost done. Add your veggies and simmer for another 5-8 mins. Bon Apetite!
Eat all you want it's very healthy and filling. A better choice than a hamburger or fried chicken dinner!

Hi Ladies, I just spoke to Michelle over at Dr....

Hi Ladies,
I just spoke to Michelle over at Dr. Jimerson's. I finally decided to add the TT onto my BBL procedure. She is so sweet and professional. As you know my original patient consultation date was scheduled for 6/12/2014. However, she explained that I could get it moved up. Anyway she gave me my new quote. I told her that I really want to get this surgery done at the very latest January. Well she checked the calender and gave me the date of January 17, 2014! Even better, I will be his very first patient of the day. As I'm scheduled for 7:30AM!!!! Pre-op the day before. Most of all I haven't even sent ANY money in! I'm so excited to get this ball rolling! I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT I WILL MAKE MY WEIGHT LOSS GOAL BY THEN!

Inquiring minds want to know! Everyone asks that...

Inquiring minds want to know! Everyone asks that million $ ? "HOW MANY CC'S DID YOU GET? How many you receive depends on several factors. The larger # of cc"s tend to go to the taller, heavier chicas. Where as the ladies weighing between 130-175 average sur 850cc's. It takes more fat to give a large person fuller buttocks. Thus requiring 1200-1500 cc's. Some women want subtle results, while others prefer dramatic. I fall into the latter category. Yes I love exaggerated. I'm going to make sure I don't lose too much so I will have enough to deposit into all desired areas.

I've been researching weight gain and loss as a...

I've been researching weight gain and loss as a prerequisite to BBL sx. I got pretty annoyed when I read a physician's comments here at RealSelf in regards to "BBL's" being a fad and that most people completely lose their butt or 50% within a year. This really got me annoyed and I began my quest to research this topice of gaining/losing weight and fat storage. Who the hell wants to or can afford to spend $4000-10,000+ on a procedure that is not going to gave long lasting results?
Anyway, I really like what Dr. Perry had to offer up in terms of "Fat Cells". He states that each individual is born with a certain number of fat cells. As we gain weight, we DON'T get more fat cells. Instead, our existing cells increase/inflate in size to become a LARGER CELL! Think about those colorful waterbeads that you place in a vase with your bamboo. When you first get the waterbeads they are in a small tube. After you place them in the vase and add water they begin to increase in size. When the water evaporates, they shrink in size. This is pretty much how are "fat cells" work. Now, think about it. During the BBL procedure. Fat is liposuctioned from one area (Flanks, Abdomen, etc...) and transferred to predominantly the butt and hips. So now that you have more fat cells stored in those areas(butt and hips) of your body, means that you have less fat cells in the undesirable areas. So, if you have been told to gain weight for your BBL, and lets say in fact that you do, then make sure that you maintain that weight. Because if you decide to go on a diet to lose weight, you could very well end up losing volume in your butt! Why? Remember your butt has became the storage compartment for a lot of transferred fat cells. So naturally you will lose in this area. Now, if you are in the other situation where you have been told to lose weight prior to your BBL(Which I have), here is the REAL DEAL. According to height to weight charts, at 5'10" large frame I should weigh between 152-173. Ain't no damn way! Are you kidding me? At 160 I look like death! Wayyyyyy to skinny! I look alright at 175, but I look the pretty good at 210. But best at 220. This is far from the suggested medical recommendation, however, I know what looks best. So my goal is to be between 200-205 lbs. at the time of my BBL. This way when I gain weight (which is definitely my intention for now). I will gain even more volume in my butt and hips (remember more fat cells have taken up residency in these areas, therefore these cells are going to grow larger in size)!
Now, I think the aforementioned Dr. was referring to people who gain weight for the procedure (which may be something they want to do or maybe not), for the latter, they end up deliberately losing weight. In turn, they lose the fat booty that they paid for. However, if they were to gain weight, the booty would inflate once again. Does that make sense?

So, I was right! I love it when I have that...

So, I was right! I love it when I have that defining "Ahh-haa" moment! A doctor here at RealSelf just confirmed my previous post!
You will likely gain More in your butt than would have otherwise.
I have performed many Brazilian Butt Lift procedures over the past 13 years. I have seen women return years later who have gained additional weight years after their BBL procedure and have seen significant increase in the size of their buttocks.
I do believe that the grafted fat cells continue to function as normal fat cells do. They increase in size with weight gain and decrease in size with weight loss. If you have more fat cells in your buttocks after having the BBL done, then I would expect you will gain more weight in your buttocks with weight gain than if you hadn't had the procedure. This will not be the only area of gain, but you will see more gain in your buttocks than you ever have before with that same amount of weight gain. So,if you are looking for a larger buttocks DO NOT plan to lose weight after the BBL, because your buttocks will shrink! Lose it before the surgery!

You will also not gain as much in your stomach area after the liposuction of this area because there will not be as many fat cells remaining there to store the fat.
Web reference:

Dr. Wilberto Cortes has won me over! www...

Dr. Wilberto Cortes has won me over!
Superior aggressive lipo & hourglass tummy tuck technique and bomb ass baby got back BBL's! Whewwwww!!! No extra costs for transferring fat to hips or liposuctioning bra roll or inner thigh areas! Everything for under $10k???? Stellar credentials and many online videos of him in action doing these procedures. Outstanding reviews here at Realself. He has an expert rating. Only downside is he doesn't believe in combining BBL W/TT procedure. He suggests getting BBL 1ST (SO he can use allthat harvested fat to create you a really fat booty-which is what I want. Then come back in 6 months for TT. Hell judging by the way he aggressivly lipos I won't mind waiting on the TT! Anyway I just want a doc that is very attentive and listens patiently to my concerns w/o making me feel rushed. This man even goes to hotels to check on his patients! Now who does that? BBL'S are performed at the hospital and require an overnight stay. Just in case.

I was Team J all the way, but if i'm not 100%...

I was Team J all the way, but if i'm not 100% sold, then I'm unwilling to compromise. The first thing that really bothered me was the fact that so many ladies had paid additional $$$ to have the "Back Roll" lipo'd to receive minimal to NO visible result at all??? In a BBL a large number of doctors automatically include this area, along with the flanks, abdomen and lower back. When I viewed the pre and post op photos of work by Wendell Perry, Salama, and others observed the removal of the bra roll in the post op photos INSTANTLY! The more photos I viewed the more I became convinced that I really did LOVE Dr. JCurves ass work, but the liposculpting left me wanting more. Simply, because I'm seeing better work being done out here. If I was a small lady with minimal fat then this wouldn't be a major issue, and I would definitely go to Dr. J , if I didn't mind mind not having my post op appt. with him. But thats just it for me... I'm not a small lady and I do have a HUGE issue of not having my doctor consult with me at the post-op. So that eliminates Jimerson all together for me. Too much money up on the table... To not get what you need and deserve in terms of aftercare and follow up. Yes, I know the nurses are well trained, but it something about conversing with your surgeon that makes all the difference in the world. Another prospective patient jumped ship after her phone consult with him. She personally told me that he seemed hurried and distracted. He honestly told her that he couldn't get her tummy completely flat, only could remove about 60% or her bra roll, and suggested she get her arms done. Gotta respect the honesty ya'll... Bottomline, she wasn't sold, and wants a complete refund (sx is paid in full). As for me, my mission has ended. I believe in my heart of hearts that I have found THE ONE! I chose him for a myriad of reasons: First, 85% of his TT's & BBL's are done on women that are full figured like myself (I'm a size 20-22 and 5'10" weigh 275. Average arms, 40G chi-chi's, super thick thighs & legs and a gang of gut with a interestingly odd shaped butt!) His before and afters are UNBELIEVABLE! I actually cried like a baby when I saw all the patient transformations because these women look just like me! Bra roll...GONEEEE without a trace of it ever existing. He prides himself in his "hour glass" technique. He includes the hips in the total price, and doesn't charge additional for any area that he liposuctions. All work is done at the hospital and requires an overnight stay. (I'm going to confirm with him whether or not this is due to the fact that he is allowed to remove more than the traditional 5000cc's of fat, (which is the maximum amount that can be to a clinical settings in a lot of states) as opposed to a hospital setting. I've read in some cases people have had nearly double of that removed, but due to complications, it can ONLY be done at the hospital. Anyway that waist-to-hip ratio is popping! He is very aggressive and goes in hard with getting out that unwanted fat. He builds those hips out and cinches the waist. With a banging A-type booty. I'm talking "brickhouse" ladies. Elke the Stallion all the way! But what is most impressive is the reviews I've read regarding his follow up. Him and his wife have made personal visits to patients hotels to check on their well being. Even came to the hospital on Sundays as well. Now is that impressive or what? Like Jimerson, he has an "Expert" rating here on RealSelf and amongst his peers. He is an educator. He believes the better a patient is educated about the procedure etc. The better informed he she will be to make the best decision. He's closer to home form me and his price inclues a 30 day insurance plan for every patient. Not, trying to sell him, just letting everyone know about other PS's specializing in this field that produce great results! 97% Health Grades rating. Dr. Wilberto Cortes and of course on youtube to watch him perform a Tummy Tuck and a BBL

So today I paid my $500 deposit and picked my...

So today I paid my $500 deposit and picked my surgery date 10/22/2013! My consultation is on 6/12/2013. Here are the scheduled fees:
$108 garments
$175 insurance ($500/day for for 30 days)
$1, 538 Anesthesia
$1, 600 Houston NW Hospital
$500 Overnight stay
$20 Arnica pills
$3, 688 Dr. Cortes fee
Anyway I may have missed something but the grand total is $9, 503.

I decided to go with Dr . Cortes for a myriad of...

I decided to go with Dr . Cortes for a myriad of reasons. However it concerns me that only a handful of ladies who have already had their procedures performed are reluctant to post photos-only written reviews? I think we all would appreciate visuals! Whether good, or bad. I love rave reviews but a picture is worth 1000 words. Thank you to the ladies that took the time to come back and share your stories, photos, and experiences. Please keep the photos coming so that we may see how you look from day 1 post op to at least a year. I just want the Cortes Dolls to be as delighted and fired up as Duran, , Jimerson, and Perry dolls!

Today is the day in which I can no longer make...

Today is the day in which I can no longer make excuses, but deal with the real. In order for me to have this BBL procedure performed by Dr. Cortes, It is mandatory that I lose 50 -60lbs. Which will bring my B.M.I. Down to a safe place for surgery. If I'm not at this goal come 10/22/2013 I must postpone and reschedule. That's it. Cut and dry. For so many years I have ate whatever I've wanted, whenever I wanted, and how much I wanted. Now i'm sick of this outer shell that I live in... The one that I created. I'm so serious about getting this BBL I have dreams of me in my newly transformed body. Yes in willing to do whatever it takes to get myself on point so that I'm on deck and ready to go! Gym here I come!

Just returned from a two hour walk. I feel good! I...

Just returned from a two hour walk. I feel good! I love my family so much. Especially my mom. After Church I was once again talking about the size booty I want. Mr. Man (a.k.a. My husband was just smiling and shaking his head). She said, "Honey I pray u you get the butt that you want". It means so much to have her support.

Whewww where the heck do I begin? Grab your...

Whewww where the heck do I begin? Grab your popcorn and pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Wow up feeling fantastic! Got dressed and really liked what I saw. Ladies the body is looking good! I'm down another 4lbs since last week. So I put little ..mama in her stroller and we hit the concrete for a brisk 1hour walk. My menu today consisted of my Right Size Berry flavored protein shake, steamed cabbage w/smoked Turkey, banana, and water( 3liters). So for some reason I keep going back to Dr . Jimerson. I'm typically not a wishy-washy person. I've Been struggling with my decision of ps' s i know deep down inside that I'm not going to be satisfied of Dr . JCurves doesn't do my BBL. So since my pre op and sx date is scheduled with him, we will be flying to the dirty-dirty. I've already placed a non refundable deposit with Dr. CORTES. In addition i already have scheduled my consultation, pre op, and sx date. I will use this deposit towards a TT in 2014 after I heal from my BBL w/outer hips. I can depend on him to take care of the FMLA and sculpting me a beautiful azz! Well I already know we will be staying at Studios on 25th, located in Buckhead/Midtown. A fully furnished studio rents for under $600 per wk. We've stayed here before and loved it! Close to everything. I had planned staying no less than 3 weeks, regardless of whom I selected. I'm not going to rush sitting on this new bootay. Especially considering the duration of a flight from Seattle to ATL. So I will call Michelle first thing in the morning to go over everything. I'm happy ya'll.

Glad I called Jimerson's office today. I was yet...

Glad I called Jimerson's office today. I was yet to receive a confirmatory email regarding my upcoming sx. (Thought it rather odd that I received both a pre op appt. and sx date w/o a down payment???). Come to find out my dates weren't even in the system(What da luv????) Thankfully Michelle got it all straightened out. I paid the $500 deposit, got my phone consultation on Nov.11 and sx date for Jan. 15,2014! (Far better than July 2014 right)? So I'm scheduled for a week earlier and once again I'm the first one of the day!!!! Yayyyy. MONEY TALKS-BELIEVE THAT!

Ya'll today I find my pendelum swinging over to...

Ya'll today I find my pendelum swinging over to the impatient side. Damnit, I want both of my procedures at the same time! I don't want to compromise. I only want Dr. JCurves to give me my ass, but I'm a little worried that he won't be able to remove enough fat to sculpt me the way I truly want to be shaped to get me by until I can get my tummy tuck. Dr. Cortes...Like Jimerson, Cortes seperates the harvested fat from the tumescent fluid and blood, so that he is injecting pure fat. He also uses the triple layer technique (underneath, in between and on top of the muscle) to ensure fat survival plus he does high volume liposuction (5000cc and greater). In his total BBL price he includes fat transfer to the hips and performs liposuction to 7 areas: Inner thigh, lower back, bra roll, chin, flanks/love handles, arms and abdomen. Plus I MUST have his signature sculpted hourglass tummy tuck. So, I've paid two deposits and have two scheduled surgeries for the same procedure,the BBL. I've watched 6 live videos of Cortes doing the BBL procedure in which he uses two entry areas to suction and deposit fat. These areas are marked and located above each buttock cheek. This is great for a getting the fat in the upper & mid region to give a bubble butt or shelf. However, I'm looking for a bubbly teardrop (A juicy upside down heart shape). Yes, I want to be bottom heavy. I have only seen him insert fat in the lower buttocks to one patient. However, he did a wonderful job! I will discuss this with him during my consultation. This is really the only thing that has me lingering in the balance. I know for a fact that Jimerson can deliver that because I see him give teardrop shaped butts on the regular. I just don't want a Jimerson ass with all this surplus fat. Yes, i'm currently in the process of shedding these pounds, but I just feel more comfortable in knowing that a doctor can be aggressive with the fat removal-skiming won't suffice. I've been told by 3 plastic surgeons that at least 2-3 liters can be removed from my lower back alone (This has always been a very problematic area of my body. The fat is just stubborn as hell! No matter how thin I am, it is is yet hanging around like a bad cold.That would only leave 2-3 more liters that could be legally removed by Jimerson. By the time my stomach is done, there wouldn;t be any possible way that my love handles could get any love!!!!! I just need to be sculpted! A deep arch in my back is what I use to have. I want the old me back with bootay!

***HELPFUL HINTS*** It is recommended that after...

It is recommended that after a BBL one sit on a rolled up yoga mat. How about taking a noodle tube (A long, pool floatation device made out of polystyrene) and wrapping the Yoga Mat around it. Measure the seat and cut the mat and tube accordingly. This will offer more stability, as the yoga mat will begin to settle, but the noodle will withstand pressure. Just an idea...
Take water pills 3 days after sx to reduce swelling. Compliments of Dr. Cortes

Anyone interested in a sx date of 1/15/2014 with...

Anyone interested in a sx date of 1/15/2014 with Dr. Jimerson pls. Inbox me.

It may sound crazy, but I'm going to do what I...

It may sound crazy, but I'm going to do what I find to be feasible and sound for now. I've had plenty of time to research and process the BBL. It's been many moons since I've seen myself weighing 175lbs, although I haven't ARRIVED there yet, I'm noticing some wonderful changes taking place, with having lost over 25 lbs. (My highest being 296 over 6 weeks ago) Now, that the fat is slowly, yet steadily melting away more of my natural shape is reappearing. I'm a tall chica 5'10" and although over the years I have pretty much gained weight all over, I notice that the majority is primarily centered in my abdomen and extreme lower back (where the scoop is supposed to be) but the bottom of my booty is round. Yes, my chi-chi's are a 38 G (or H depending on the bra designer/manufacturer) so I've very full. However, I wear top of the line minimizer bras that provide extra lift, so I keeps the girls sitting up at attention. I've decided that instead of getting the BBL, I would benefit the most and it's going to be in MY BEST interest to get Dr; Cortes's signature, "Hourglass tummy tuck w/muscle tightening, extensive lipo to my entire back with fat transfer to my outer hips. During his TT procedure he actually lipos the same 7 areas that he does for the BBL, so I'm still winning! I can't bear the idea of having my dream ass, with this tummy hanging over my panties. Umh I don't think so. Ain't nobody got time for that!!!!!!!! No boo-boo I'm not in denial-liposuction is NOT and I repeat NOT going to get rid of this loose overhanging skin, and in fact it could make it worse. Nope this pouch MUST be cut off all together. By the time I get my procedure I will have lost 100 pounds, maybe even more. So no, there is not that much skin retraction that is going to take place. I'm happy now that I have finally figured it all out.
OAN, I'm still waiting to see long term results from the BBL. It's great to see all of the fresh new work. Pretty much everyone has great looks in the beginning, but as time progresses rarely do I notice anyone coming back to give an update. I'm talking 6 months to a year out. Not only is that frustrating but it causes me to raise my eyebrow in wonder. Especially when you hear that typically by the first year all the fat has reabsorbed. So I wonder if they aren't updating because life is hectic, or simply because their ass's are back to where they initially started from??? I know people mention going back for round #2 because they want more. I'm going to continue to follow those ladies that I have *bookmarked* (due to them going from spongebob square pants flat, to a BADONK. Those ladies who have taken EXTRA special care in really going above and beyond to strictly adhere to the docs orders, etc...ex. Alldatass (but she had a big ass to begin with LOL, so I guess she doesn't count, but she did come back and post her long term results.) I feel confident that some of these doctors really do know what they are doing. Then there are those that don't know shit, but taking peoples coins! Then you have those that know what they are doing, but for one reason or the other (person's body chemistry caused reabsorption, or they didn't follow the aftercare properly)and still get poor results....Well, I'm going to wait on it some more... Until I see more long term results...

Hello my BBL sistahs (I don't care if I postponed...

Hello my BBL sistahs (I don't care if I postponed it for the meanwhile Ya'll still my sistahs LOL!!!!) I want to thank all of you for sharing your journey, as I have gained a wealth of information that is going to prepare me for my future ps endeavors! I have taken note of the various hints, tips, and tricks to do as far as using foam, various compression garments, how to make the "triangle" and abdominal board, etc... A great deal of this I can put into practical application with my tt w/lipo. Especially, the importance of wearing the compression garment NO MATTER WHAT! I've been reading that tt w/lipo makes the healing process twice as long. So I'm just mentally preparing myself for this recovery. I'm getting excited knowing that I'm at least getting fat transfer to my hips. This way I can really observe how the fat behaves, before committing my time and money to the BBL. I'm just worried that with my line of work I'm run a more higher risk for killing my newly transplanted cells. I work 9 1/2 -11 hour days driving the city bus. I can't get up and walk around until I reach the end of my line and that can mean sitting down as long as 2 hr 20 mins in one direction alone! I just can't chance it. I'm going to build up some more time, take my 4 wk vacation in a block, this way I can get 6 months off (I'm running low on FMLA just enough to have 2 months off. since I took 6 months maternity leave last year). So, I'm going to do this thang in the near future. I will be periodically checking in on those whom I've bookmarked to see how things are coming along. Now, I have to focus my attention on the Tummy Tuck board since this is where i'm at now. Nevertheless, once again I want to thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart for all the love and information you have shared! Happy healing and I wish you everyone of you MUCH SUCCESS in your journey! Muahhhhh

Playing around with this darn visual plastic...

Playing around with this darn visual plastic surgery program. It was fun working with it. Creating new bodies. BOTTOMLINE, STOP TRYING TO LOOK LIKE YOUR WISH PIX, BECAUSE THE MODEL DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE! #PHOTOSHOPPED TO THE GODS!!!

I've been spending so much time visiting everyone...

I've been spending so much time visiting everyone else's blog that I have neglected my own! (I'm so unselfish! :-) Whewwww during my last weigh in I only lost 1lb. and yes I was hella frustrated! All this walking and keeping the calories down to a minimal, quite naturally I expected to see more. In any case, I ordered Chinese Fruta Planta. Another BBL sistah suggested it and gave it rave reviews along with valuable info relevant to the specific one to order. Her personal weight loss was 30lbs in a month and she has a few family members who have lost between 20-30lbs within a month period also. So, I went on YouTube and checked iLoveMsSugar's (she's so damn comedic) review out and decided to give it a try. Anyway, I got to step up my game and increase my output. I just feel like my body is trying to hold onto the weight. Technically, my body is in "starvation" mode. I'm not going to eat when I'm not hungry. OAN I'm enjoying all of the wonderful stories and lovely work I've been seeing here. I'm just trying to maintain my patience as I await my turn. It's sooooo hard!

OAN, just sitting over here looking at various BBL...

OAN, just sitting over here looking at various BBL blogs and came across beautiful10 and damn near choked!!!!! LAWD HAVE MERCY ON HER ASS! LMAOROTF

My ambitious personality won't allow me to settle....

My ambitious personality won't allow me to settle. I'm come second to none. My confidence in Dr. JCurves has been reaffirmed. I'm depending on him to deliver the ass & latetal hips of my dreams. Nothing more, nothing less. As far as the tt/lipo/sculpting is concerned, I'm still going to allow Dr. CORTES to handle those areas. Gotta get his signature "Hourglass TT"no one else will do! I WIN BABY! I'm getting the best of both worlds.

Feeling myself today! I was seriously feeling some...

Feeling myself today! I was seriously feeling some kind of way last week when I stepped on the scale to discover I only lost 1 pound. I just knew that I had lost more (all of the hard work I had been putting in w/ my exercise and diet...Umphhhhh lets just say that I was mad as hell). My husband kept reminding me that I just had ended my monthly cycle so my body was retaining water blah, blah, blah. I stepped on again and it said I had gained 5lbs! What da luv???? Afterall, I had been taking Diurex water pills. (Ya'll he thinks he knows. He kept commending me on a job well done and to give it more time before I step back on the scale. He's super encouraging and so supportive. I love him for that. Fast forward... Yesterday I only walked 40 mins. total. I went to the gym after work and did some light weight training. I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down another 5 lbs! I'm doing this thang!

Received my Vedette 100 this morning. The...

Received my Vedette 100 this morning. The compression is strong and is doing a good job at cinching my waist, holding in my stomach. What I don't like is the slight bunching in my back area (I don't have a long back. My torso is short). I'm going to order a couple of other styles (swimsuit) to see how they work. I love me some Ardyss "BodyMagic" compression garments!!! Matter of fact I just remembered that they have a high waisted panty with the butt out for lift. Guess I'll give it a twirl also.


Just got off the phone with Deanna over at Dr. Cortes's office (She is sweet as pie and very informative). I'm flying into Texas on June 10th for my "Mommy Make-Over" consultation. She explained that he is pretty adamant about the 6 month wait in between procedures (however, he has made some exceptions at 4 months. Depending upon how well you handle the first sx.). She asked how big I wanted my butt? Of course I told her I wanted the Monster Donk!LOL She told me there won't be any fat left over after he finishes lipo'n me. I explained that I won't have my shelf and inner thighs included in the Mommy Make-Over-I'm saving these areas for later for my BBL. I just want a tight hourglass frame with super curvy hips (You know the kind that Dr. Yily and Duran are known for) thankfully fat transfer to the hips comes automatically with hisTummy Tuck procedure. I'm getting excited ya'll!!! This man begins the muscle tightening just below the Xiphoid process (right below the breast bone) all the wayyyyy down to the mons pubis area (right above the pubic area). This is what is responsible for cinching that waist in to look like a "hourglass/coke bottle" shape. Anyway holla at ur gurl!!!!!


Today, I took more photos of myself and played around with the virtual plastic surgery app. Amazed to find out that if my lower back is scooped out (which it will be during liposuction) my ass is already there! I just need hips and I tight waistline and I'll be good! Check out the photos I posted up. Tell me what you think.



It has been awhile fam. Today, I spoke with my RealSelf sistah Hottat41 in great detail about her BBL w/Dr. Jimerson. She is a hot azz mess! Her comedic & colorful personality had me dying with laughter! She gave me the REAL 411. The good, the bad and the ugly of this sx. I'm so relieved to know that JIMERSON gives you EXACTLY what you ask for. TBC

The word for the day is FOCUS!!!

Ohhhh my sweet Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints these people on the bus today are making me want to kill them!!! I promise the only thing that is keeping me glued in this chair is the conversation I had with my girl Hottat41 today. I got paper chasing on my mind. NO MATTER WHAT my job is the tool in using to finance my dream! I've already saved 50%. Trust me i'll be more than good and ready to let Dr. Jimerson give this broke down ass of mine life in January!


(In my Mariah & Quad voice) Yessssssss SHE is looking forward to meeting the very talented man behind the gifted hands! Yes, SHE is excited!!!! This time next week the husband and I will be in the Lone Star state. I really haven't prepared a list of questions since he thoroughly addressed my concerns in the educational videos. Only thing I need to know is if he will do this mommy makeover 3 months a after my BBL.

Texas bound...Less than 5 days!

Ladies, today I had a mammogram. Guess you could say that I killed two birds with one stone. First, all women should schedule an appt. to receive their first one shortly after their 40th birthday. Second, it is listed on Dr. Jimersons medical clearance form. (I spoke to a few of his patients and they said it wasn't necessary and neither was the EKG. However, I believe in adhereing to the doctors orders... No half steppin' for me. I'll be damned if I travel darn near 3000 miles w/o having my ish in order! So, slowly but surely everything is coming together. No rush. My pap smear is scheduled for next month. I had to cancel my EKG back in Feb due to a scheduling conflict. However, I'm going to reschedule that for next week since I'll be on vacation. OAN I gave in and ate some damn fried chicken wings ya'll!!! Uggghh, I swear fried chicken is the devil incarnate! What kind of hold does the yard bird have on me??? Nevertheless, I've been a good girl when it comes to sticking to my workout regimen. So, I'm not going to beat myself up. Well time to go to Hotwire and secure our hotel and car rental. Ciao!


Damn that Spirit Airlines for cancelling this flight 3mins before the boarding call! We had a 12:40am Red Eye that was scheduled for arrival in Houston before 9am. Next flight out was scheduled for 11:30 am which would cause me to still miss my 5pm consultation. The trip part is that the airlines didn't issue vouchers for hotel lodging or food. Thank goodness I was in my hometown and this happened, instead of being trapped in the airport in Texas. I just feel sorry for those poor people with children that had to sleep on the floor at the airport. Well this is what happens when you try to save a dollar with the budget airlines. Oh well I didn't lose anything except for sleep. I was refunded my ticket cost etc. Maybe this is God's way of telling me to schedule a virtual consult instead?


WHAT I TOOK AWAY FROM THIS ORDEAL IS SIMPLY TO BUY FLIGHT INSURANCE EVEN IF IT'S A DOMESTIC FLIGHT! Sure the airline will refund you or reschedule your flight, but who wouldn't want to be compensated for the inconvenience? I would have been hot as fish grease if I had missed my pre op and surgery! But, this was only a consultation.


Hey ladies, I haven't updated in awhile. Nevertheless, I'm still here daily reading profiles, viewing photos etc. I'm glad to report that i'm back on track with my eating regimine and workout routine after nearly one month of inconsistency. Lost 30lbs and gained 5lbs. Then damn fried chicken wings caused me to relapse for the hundredth (ok I lied, the thousandth time) lol! Less than 6 months to go until my reconstruction. I pray while patiently awaiting my turn.

Much love to Mercyme

Mercyme I luv ya sistah! She gave me permission to post a series of her pics to use as my wish pix. After relentlessly searching for that *PERFECT* ass the qwest is finally over.


Slow motion, yet the train is moving.


Greetings to all my BBL sistahs!

Here lately there seems to be a surge of our favorite doctors being involved in medical mishaps (I'll spare ya'll the name dropping). Quite of few of you have personally expressed the fact that you are apprehensive at this point about continuing on with your journey. Let's be real. Risks are involved with any surgery. The questions you must answer are, Does the risk outweigh the overall benefits? Do i still want to take the risk based on the information I've been presented with? Can I afford to take this risk? I say to all my sistahs, don't get discouraged to the point that you give up on your dream. Postpone perhaps, but never give up on your dream! The recent happenings are not atypical occurrences of our doctors. What we have been witnessing are isolated events. They have stellar reputations for practicing their craft. Things just go wrong from time to time. Just because it happened to one person, doesn't necessarily mean that this is going to be your fate also! We have to keep our focus and keep it moving forward ladies. Trust your gut feeling and MOST of all stay prayerful!

Queen Kong Badonkadonk

Here is my collage!

Another Badonk

Ain't nobody got time for that!

I want to know what's up with the females who have already had their procedures done, and now don't want to give back and assist other sistahs by answering questions, giving tips, feedback etc.??? Don't go getting all bougie and brand new acting now that you done got your s@$# done. (If the shoe fits dammit you better wear it!) Don't forget you used this site, just like the other ladies to gather information your damn self! Now it's like pulling "wisdom teeth" to get an answer to a simple questions. One thing I promise to do, regardless of my results, is to give you the truth. Be it good or bad. If I can help one person, then I feel a sense of accomplishment. As far as all this other bs is concerned, go on ahead with all that,cause AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!


Today I recv.'d a email from Lucy. Looks like Dr. Cortes will be contacting me Saturday via Skype for my consultation. Can't wait to talk to the man with the gifted hands.

The show must go on!

Patience really is a virtue.

To make a long story short, (for all the inquiring minds) I rescheduled my consult for this upcoming Monday. Once again I plan on getting this mommy makeover done first. Followed by the BBL. I'm now pretty certain at this point that I want Dr. Cortes to be in charge of ALL of my procedures. I will let you know how the consult goes.

Lose It!

Hey ladies! I found a great FREE weight loss app that I've been using named Lose It and I love it! Fast forward... I've been going at it hard in the gym. As a matter of fact a round trip walk to the gym is 20 minutes. I then workout on the Arc or elliptical for 30 mins. Followed up with a 30-40 min weight training regimine. I lost 3 lbs at my weigh in today, however I believe it would have been more if I didn't have to deal with this water weight gain due to my menstrual cycle (I always put on 3-5lbs during this time of the month). I'm still religiously drinking a Right Size Hunger Smashing Smoothie for breakfast. Eating
plenty of fresh veggies and fruits and the water train is moving. A gallon a day! Of course I'm eating carbs to (only whole grains) and lots of protein. I'm scheduled to have 50lbs off by Jan.14 with just restricting my caloric intake to 1899 per day, so imagine how much faster in going to lose it by incorporating my exercise routine and limiting myself to 1500 cals! Anyway I'm praying that this weight training will lessen the amount of pain I experience during my recovery.

Zulu Princess said it best...CALORIE CYCLING DOES WORK!

Yeaaassssss Calorie Cycling is highly effective! I'm a living testimony. I attribute the bulk of my weight loss to it. I read the Alternate Day Diet book. I lost steadily for 2 months then I took a break for over a month, but even with that I only gained back a few pounds. Our bodies are very smart and recognize a routine rather quickly. However, our bodies are also easily confused when it comes to calorie consumption. For this reason calorie cycling is an excellent approach for weight loss. I'm going to incorporate adding a high calorie day into the eating regimen, as I currently do low and medium. I've been using this free weight loss app entitled "Lose It" simply plug in your start weight and your desired fitness goal weight, and it tells you the amount of time it will take you to lose the weight, with caloric intake alone. So my goal is 225 and if I take in 1882 cals/day I will reach the goal by Jan 14, 2014. However, I'm doing the calorie cycle with plenty of exercise everyday, so I know I will meet the goal way before time. So, here is my weigh-ins for the week: As of July 1, I was back up to 278 lbs. After being out of the game for a minute, I decided to put myself back in.
7/1/13 278.0
7/8/13 274.2
7/10/13 272.6
7/11/13 271.6
7/12/13 270.2
*I typically do weigh-ins once a week, but this week i'm on my menstrual cycle, so I wanted to see how water weight gain effects my weight loss. I will keep you updated on how it goes with adding in that "heavy" eating day!


Well if things go according to plan I will be talking to the man (Dr. Cortes) with the gifted hands tomorrow I sent over updated photos along with my wish pics. I literally NEED A 2500cc booty ya'll! I want an ass so big that I need a U-Haul truck to carry it around! Why are you laughing? I'm serious! I can only imagine what his thoughts and response will be after laying his eyes on those photos... I've been juicing today. Today is my low calorie day. So far I've had a Right Size Hunger Smashing protein smoothie, Odwalla Green Monster ,Red Monster and plenty of water. Tomorrow is weigh-in. The search party is out looking as I type. I'm confident that they are going to find and bring me 268lbs!


Whewww-we today was just Great! The day got off to a wonderful start with my weigh in. I am down 30lbs!!!!!!! Yes, I started this journey on March 15 at 299 lbs, and today I stand proud to tell you that I weigh 269lbs. (Actually, I had made it down to 272lbs by mid May, got off track for 6wks, regained a few pounds, then got back up on the horse seriously for the past 2 weeks). I'm trying to find an app that will allow me to conceal all my apps, then I will add photos of my progress.

(Drumroll please........) So, I finally had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Wilberto Cortes in great length this afternoon. We chatted and laughed for nearly an hour. It was more like talking to a good old friend. He provided me with good information and answered all of my questions. He gave me the real deal about the main factor that determines the amount of cc's of fat that can be transferred to the buttocks. He explained that he had never heard or seen in cases in which 2500 cc's had been transferred (I laughed and told him that I hadn't either, as I only said it to give him an idea of the massive size booty that I'm hoping to receive. In my world there is no such thing as having too much ass). He assured me that he would transfer as much as my skin will allow, because when you overload too much, there are complications from sciatica, pinched nerve, to necrosis etc. Overall, I was well pleased with the flow of the convo. and the information he provided me with. So, I told him that we will go forth with the BBL first. He said that we could negotiate the recommended weight loss, since I want a Queen Kong Badonkadonk. Then while at some point while I'm still in Houston recovering, I will meet with him to discuss my mommy makeover. The only downside was that it was hard for him to determine from viewing my photos the real amount of subcutaneous fat that I have available. I assured him that this belly of mine hangs, and I can grab a lot of it with my hands. I'm going to try my best to have a face to face with him in late September so that he can assess my available fat (Hey some things you have to touch and feel to give a more accurate determination), then If he feels I need to gain or lose more I can have at least a month to do it before sx. Today was a very good day!

Minor setback. Yet, the show WILL still go on!

Okay ladies, so as you remember from my last blog entry I had my bbl phone consultation w/Dr. Cortes. For the longest time I have been going back and forth with which procedure I should get done first. I had a daily debate with myself. Get rid of this gigantic gut, and titantic tata's or get rid of the spongebob? I knew that I was unwilling and down right refused to get my bbl unless I could manage to have 2 months away from the workplace to allow myself ample time for a good recovery. Well, I don't have to do this wishy-washy indecisive psychological head game anymore. Well, to my surprise I'm not working with as much FMLA time as I thought. I said to myself, "Umphhh, looks like the mommy makeover is going to be my *Phase 1*" afterall"!
Which is all good, because lawd knows that I need this stomach SNATCHED! I always wondered if I would regret getting the BBL done first? I sure as hell didn't desire to walk around with a fat ass with all these rolls and muffin top hanging over. Well I guess I can't have the bonfire for the butt pads just yet. My partners in crime will be with me for a little while longer.
Meanwhile, I've decided to have a face to face with Dr. Cortes in September, since my flight was cancelled the last time. This will allow for him to take an accurate assessment of my body. I anticipate progressive weight loss to continue. I should be at LEAST 250 lbs. by then. (but in all reality I expect to be 240lbs when I see Dr. C. for the consultation) I know it may be a rather ambitious goal, but hey I'm very optimistic! I'm calling first thing Monday to see about scheduling my date.

I'm going to shoot my scale!

In my Kevin Hart voice, "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT"! Today is my weekly weigh in and although I didn't work out over the past three days, I still didn't get crazy with my eating. This is why I was at a loss for words when I looked down to see the 5lb. weight increase! It's all good in not going to allow myself to get wrapped up in the numbers this time. I attribute the gain to the fact that I did heavy weight/strength training this week so I added muscle (muscles outweigh fat). So whoop the it is. The hubs and I are enjoying this beautiful day over brunch with black cherry mojitos. I will put in work later on tonight in the gym.


Got on the scale this morning and BAMMMM down 5lbs! For the past 3 days I've been going in hard on the arc trainer level 5 for an hour which equals 1021 cals burned, 20 min Brisk round trip walk to the gym and back home, 30-45 mins of strength training. My food consumption has varied between 1300-1700/day. I'm going to have a heavy eating day (2000-2500) on Sunday, but instead of taking a day off from my workout routine, I'm going to grind it out early that morning!

Pics of me

Well ladies I finally have posted photos from day 1 of my weight loss journey (March 15, 2013 ) till today (July 28, 2013). I began at 299lbs and today I'm 266lbs! YAYYYY! I've had periods of lulls, (nearly 1 month of not eating properly and inconsistency with my exercise routine. However, I'm a conquer so of course I got back on the bandwagon. Well I'm trying to get down to 220lbs so I gots to keep it pushin'!


More pics...

For some odd and strange reason all the photos didn't upload??? Anyway, here they are

Steadily getting to my goal

I may not be swift in getting to my goal, however I have endurance. That's the most important aspect!

More Pix

Feeling sexy. Vain? Yes. I own that!

And another

Ooops left this one out.

? Upload probs.


Hey ladies.

Yes it has been awhile. I really don't have much to report. I got off track for nearly a week. Yet I managed to maintain my weight. I'll be hitting it hard tonight. I'm just sitting back enjoying reading blogs while counting the days until it's my time to shine. My day is coming too!

Let's discuss it ladies!

Most of us are psychologically, physically, and financially preparing ourselves for Round 1. However, I think it's not uncommon and honestly very rational to consider the possibility of Round 2, 3, etc. The simple reality is that additional rounds may be needed in order to fully address certain areas. The need for more work may not be discovered until all swelling has subsided. I'm so glad that i've decided to get my tt done first, because I knew from the starting gate that lipo to my tummy alone would not solve my issue with the over hanging tissue. In fact it would probably made it worse. I feel like I'm in a win-win situation being that I get even more lipo work to my tummy & flanks at the time of my BBL. Honey, I know this tummy is going to be fliznat and waistline is going to be straight SNATCHED!!!! Lol If not, Round 3 here I come with the quickness! I just want to get it tight and right and keep it that way through good eating habits and exercise. Basically choosing a healthy lifestyle. Like Dr. Cortes mentioned, you can't expect one procedure to fix every problem! So yes, it's a process! Just like we did what we had to in order to get this money, we can do it again! I feel this is a special gift that I'm giving myself because as a hardworking mother of two, and a wife, I more than deserve to reward myself. So if I want to reward myself on the yearly (or bi-yearly) why not? Sure I'm willing to sacrafice vacationing abroad for the next year or so in order to use my p.t.o. and vac. time for my surgeries (Trust, that is a MAJOR sacrifice for me, cause I live to
globe trek). Anywhoo... I'm going to continue doing me. Guilt free! Lets talk about it ladies. Anyone else here besides me contemplating another round?


Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints did you all see K. MICHELLE'S ass and hips on the Love and Hip Hop ATL Reunioun pt.2?????? Honey was rocking the white 2 pc get up and she had ass & hips to the GODZZZ! EWWW-WEEE I WOULD LOVE TO COME OR ON THE OTHER SIDE LOOKING LIKE THAT!!


Wow! I love to read and I'm inquisitive so I decided to read up on liposuction in the American Journal of Medicine. Not only did I broaden my knowledge, but I also scared myself. I discovered that tumnescent liposuction is deemed the safest, but the
lidocaine( numbing agent) can cause it's fair share of complications! Stories of aspiration freak me out. Let's face it, I just have a fear about being put under! I'm going to ask Dr.Cortes can the anesthesiologist administer an epidural instead? Anyway, instestines can be ruptured and internal organs punctured with the lipo cannula. It reaches temperatures over 100 degrees, so the skin can suffer burns if not very careful (this explains Yily's patient back burns). Anyway, I'm going to continue to pray about it and as always ask God to guide my surgeons mind and hands so that I will make it to the other side safely. To be cont

American Society of Plastic Surgery

I inadvertently gave erroneous information. I stated that I had been reading American Journal of Medicine, when in fact it was the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Anyway I love soaking up the knowledge like a sponge. Although, the content can be startling and has me nervous. I'm still convinced that I'm going forth with my sx's!

265 lbs & I'm doing the thang!

I'm actually was very proud when I sin myself in the mirror today. I was scared to step on the scale because I had a backslide moment with my diet and exercise. Anyway I lost 1lb. But building muscle all over.

At the gym pix

Yeasss ladies in getting it in at the gym!

At the gym pix

Pls. Lord all I want for New Years is....

Pebblez ur girl is trying her best to catch up. I gotta remember that you had multiple sessions before you reached your Queen Kong Badonkadonk status. Hope I have enough fat. ..

Pebblez Da Model


Pebblez Da Model


Hey ladies,
I hit the ground running with my hair flying back in the wind!!! I was on the phone with Lucy as soon as I woke up this morning to find out what Dr. Cortes's sx calendar looks like for February 2014. (My original sx month was October). So I picked 02/20/2014, and I'm the first scheduled sx of the day!!! I typically take a vacation week during my birthday (since NO ONE is beating the doors down to vacation in February) and the *BONUS* is that I'm going to regain 160 hrs of FMLA time at the end of January 2014! This means I will be able to take at least 6 weeks off for my bbl recovery. I managed to get this thing figured out and it feels great! I JUST inhaled deeply and released a deep sigh of relief.... Woo-sahhhh... Time is evetything. Now I don't have to worry about my results being compromised due to sitting to soon. I LOVE WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!


Another bbl sistah (Mercyme) shared this info on her page. I believe you ladies will appreciate this info.

Well wishes!

My bbl sistahs Zulu Princess and LadyB2011are up for sx and I'm so excited for the both of them! It is MY sincere prayer that the both of you get EXACTLY what you desire! (Lady B, you already know we are on the same page as far as the "type" of
bootay we want;-)). Bump the negative speak! May angels be dispatched to sheild, cover, and protect you from any hurt, harm, or danger. Bless the doctor, guide his mind and his hands along with that of the entire medical team. This is a life altering experience! May it bring you happiness.
Now go get your life!


I woke up this Sunday morning feeling overwhelmed with joy. I walked down the hall to take a peak into the "manchild's" room to find him snoring with his mouth wide open. Now I'm watching both, my hubs sleeping, and our baby girl on the
monitor clutching onto her blanket for dear life, booty tooted out in the air, while sleep
talking. Life is wonderful, and I'm BOUNTIFULLY BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE! Beautiful family, lovely home, great career, and all of the material goodies (fruits of my labor) that come as a direct result. I've travelled to several continents and enjoyed nice vacations. It's a good feeling to be able to do what you like, whenever you like, without worrying. You ask what does this have to do with bbl sx? My response... Absolutely NADA! I'm here at this moment to reflect and give thanks to The Father for all that he has done for me! I don't need anyone to praise him on my
behalf. I got this! Lord, at my tender age I really feel such a sense of accomplishment. I've had to contend with one major health ordeal and it looks like I'm slaying what tried to slay me! If Satan didn't take me out 10 years ago when he had his hands wrapped around my throat, in an attempt to snuff the life out of me, he surely can't defeat me now! Lol He better get back down in his pit or return to one of his chambers of
hell! I'm victorious baby and just in case you didn't know you better ask someone, I AM A CONQUEROR!!! Now run tell that!

Look at toot-toot!

Watching my baby on the monitor LADYB2011! lol (our inside joke mama nurse ;-) )

Like Mary J. Blige says, "NO MORE DRAMA"

I promise you can't make comments inquiries on these boards w/o people getting all up their feelings! I don't walk on eggshells, and I'm straight forward in making my point. At times it seems like I'm conversing with hormonal menopausal chics or PMS'n little girls! Must be something in the water that is causing some of us to be overly sensitive, defensive, and in attack mode... Oh well...GET OVER IT and GET OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS!

wish pic

wish pic

Working at it. 8/29/13

Still in the gym. Trying to maintain. Still don't lots of cardio to strengthen my heart and build endurance.

Before & After


Came to the realization that I need a inner thigh lift. I seriously work out hard (especially my lower body). However, with the weight loss came a great deal of skin laxity in my inner thighs. No matter what of exercise or weight machine I do/use to
address the issue, I end up with jiggly, soft, hanging meat! I want that meat cut off and stitched tight. I want a gap in between my legs. I'm going see if I can get this addded to my bbl procedure.

Gain weight or hold steady

Ok ladies so is the 411. I spoke with Dr.Cortes today. He viewed my wish pictures and my current picture. He stated that based on the projection that I'm already working with that my butt is going to be BIG! So the million question (according to Dr.Cortes) is where my fat is subcutaneous, or visceral? I never had a CT scan to determine/measure percentage of each. All I know is that my tummy and booty is very soft and jiggly. Lol!!! I told him I will make a trip to see him in the very near future so that he can make the proper assessment. As we all know pictures can be deceiving. So yes I'm going to give him an up close and personal opportunity to snatch and grab this blubber of mine. From here he can make the determination if I should gain or lose. Meanwhile, I'm going to drop another 5-10 lbs prior to us meeting.


You know this is NOT the DR forum. So it's very rude, and disrespectful of you, and annoying for me to come on MY page to find it CLOGGED the hell up with commentary that is totally irrelevant to me
and my sistahs. You got a blog of your own so take your visitors to your house.


( Inhaling deeply,,,letting out a LONG deep sigh,,, woosah) Over the past couple of days pots, and pans have been flying all over the place here on RS. I, myself am even guilty of entering someone's home uninvited to repay their visit. I'm woman enough to own up to the role I played in this unorchastrated drama and yes ma'am I allowed myself to get out of character. As I was putting far too much negative energy into the universe(Lord pls have mercy and forgive
your daughter)! Anyway I learned a valuable lesson the final analysis. Information will not always be received or accepted. In those times, pat the dust under your feet, and leave the town and never look back! Keep it moving because I've been called to greatness and there is more work to do! I love you sistahs. We just need to relax and recenter our focus. Let the frivolous nonsense ride off into the sunset. Peace

***MY motto for TODAY***

"I absolutely refuse to entertain the mere idea of engaging in discourse that is non beneficial to my upliftment, spiritual well being, or advancement". In the event that you decide to leave a comment and I don't respond and you are unable to figure out the reason why, just refer back to my motto and there you will find your answer.


All I can say is daaaaaaammmmmn! Ass to the Godzzz with a tiny waist. Don't take my word for it. Go see for yourself! Holla back let's talk about our sistah!


Whoop-Whoop! These two ladies LADYB2011 and Mariel2013 are my favorite CORTES DOLLS! LADYB2011, as time goes on in your recovery phase, and you take
More photos I will add additional photos to the collage. The world needs to see the work of Houston's BADONKADONK KING Dr. Wilberto Cortes!


Corte's BADONKADONK Angels

Need I say more? A picture is worth more than a 1000 words. This is my attempt to show love while also creating a resource for ladies who haven't seen the wonderful works of the Houston BBL KING, Dr. Cortes. The collage idea was conceived after questions arose of whether he "gave big butts". In essence this collage is a necessity. As it allows ladies to come on board and see various Cortes Angels all on 1 page. Screen names are included so that they can be reached for further inquiries etc. Navigating the system can be challenging and time consuming. If I ease the journey then part of my mission has been accomplished!

Random pics

random pics

Lower body training

This past week I've been doing strictly lower body training. I begin my workout with 30 mins high intensity on the cybex arc trainer followed by 5 sets of 25reps on the (160lbs +weight of the machine)incline leg press. In between sets I run on the treadmill (4.8 speed +1incline) for 1 min and power walk for 2 mins at a speed of (4.2). I also rotate 5 sets of 25 rep on the incline squat machine. I take a 20 sec break in between station rotation. I've gained 5 lbs. However I attribute that to muscle gain. The inner thighs are slimming down and firming up. My entire butt and thighs are extremely sore! I have also lost a little more in my shelf area.

299lbs vs. 270lbs

299lbs vs. 270lbs

I was holding steady@ 265lbs. I put on 5lbs of muscle mass over the past week +.


Took this pic on the right this morning and decided to do a side by side comparison.

Going for the gusto!

Hey ladies it's been awhile and I've been so busy with life that I haven't had much time to come on the board. Where do I start? Well for starters I've set my personal goal to go for the gusto by losing an additional
50 lbs prior to sx. I also reconsidered the shape of ass I want. The Queen Kong badonk is out-and the upside down heart is
in! I have always had this shelf humped up on my back, and honestly I want to know how it feels to have all this fat completely sucked out and have a deep sexy dip that gradually slopes into a bottom heavy derriere w/hips. I'm on a roll with my weight loss and I want to keep it going. Once again I don't care to have a big ol'booty with an untoned body. I'm aiming for a tight, leaner body. I'm confident that I will have enough fat to give me the shape I desire.

Amazonion Goddess

I chose Alldatass's pictures as my wish photos simply because we are the same height and she weighed 240lbs on her sx day. Our leg structure is similar as well as our breast size. Bottomline her body structure is the closest representation of mine that I could find out here. I think her look is very sexy, yet classy.

A few more pics

Feeling blessed and highly favored!

If you ladies can recall, Spirit Airlines cancelled our flight to Houston last minute. My friend's son works for the airline and he was the one who suggested to me to begin with. Well today he texts me and offers me a couple of buddy passes! So looks like our round trip airfare to Houston in February
has been taken care of! GOD IS SO GOOD!

Another wish pic

So I tweaked my girls pic to create another wish pic. I love hips, but they MUST be low.


Looking Good!

I took this photo of myself today, and I admit....I like what I see! Still my to list another 30lbs by Feb 20th.

Fall Shopping

Went to get a few things today for myself. Everything fit nicely. I'm really proud of my dedication to losing this weight.




I stays geared up!

You ask,"How does she do it"? I told ya'll I stays geared up! LOL Here I have on my Elomi uplifting bra, Vedette 100 firm compression vest, Co'Coon high waist thermal girdle, and my set of 4xl silicone butt pads. Whut? I DON'T PLAY! !!!

Trying to justify...

Don't know what came over me last night, I weathered the torrential rain and storm to get my krazy tail to the mall an hour prior to closing! $564 later I'm trying to justify my little spending frenzy, because in a few more months everything is going to be way to big. Well I did manage to save $100 by using a coupon! In essence I needed a few key pieces in my closet for this fall. A lady has to look good right? Can't go around wearing my last fall/winter wardrobe that was size 24 when I'm down to wearing a 18 right? See, now there I just my spending!

Triangle Compression Pad

Here is texAZZgirl and a photo of her triangle compression pad. She states that she has worn it consistently since sx along with the #1613 faja Lipoexpress garment. I love the scooped out definition she has.


Alright ladies I met the deadline! I promised that I would get the step-by-step directions on how to make the triangle compression pad for the sacral area, to reduce swelling and give that deep sexy "scooped" out look in your lower back. I tweaked mine by adding heavy duty cardboard to make it sturdy. I didn't have any surgical tape so I used Scotch tape to hold the seams in place temporarily. Now.... Let me upload the photos.


Demo:How to wear the triangle compression pad.

Per request, here is a demo. It's a little off center (This was unintentional. However, this is as good as it's going to get for now. My hubs is at work, so I had to go at this solo). Hope this helps!



Back in the day

My, my, my. ... Life has a way of doing a sneak attacj on your body... Dang kids!


I ordered this garment last night. Interested in testing it out.


Today I killed it in the gym. I started with a 30 min (level 6) interval training on the elliptical. I proceeded to do the incline leg press (160lbs+machine weight) 5 sets of 20. In between sets I ran 2 mins on the treadmill. Did some oblique work, squats, and hamstrings. My iner thigh skin is retracting nicely. Hey maybe I'm not going to need that thigh lift afterall...

Closed Mouths DON'T get fed...

Hey ladies, I can't stress enough the importance of being VERY specific. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well I would like to think so. However, when is my time to shine I will take advantage of my verbal communication as well. It's easy to say I want a big butt, but are you also stating the shape and where exactly you want the projection? I need a radical change, therefore switching up the technique is going to be necessary in order to deliver the intended outcome.

My New Wish pics

The Queen Kong Badonkadonk is history. I'm going to create a new collage.

Ultimate Work Out...

I hit the gym last night after my 10 hr shift. I was a little tired, but it's crunch time, so I must go ham on these workouts! I actually did a level 8 hill climb on the elliptical for 30 mins, followed by the squat machine for 4 sets of 25 (using the 10lbs + the weight of the machine). I also did 2 min interval runs on the treadmill at level 3 incline and a speed of 4.5. Not too fast, but fast enough to break a sweat. In between intervals, I hit the Lat pull down machine, and standing dead row. Gotta run

Why am I so indecisive?

The past couple of days, my mind has really been playing tricks on me. I thought this back and forth mess was over for me, but yesterday and today I found myself feeling unsure of which procedure I'm going to have done first... I think a lot of my feelings are attributed to the fact that my body is transitioning right before my vary eyes. Your girl is going in hard at the gym, my eating is oh so good, and my body is definitely showing the results! I just have this serious issue with this gut of mine... If it wasn't for this hanging apron and rolls, I would actually be able to wear a couple sizes smaller. I'm just tired of disguising it inside of various compression garments. I'm ready to be completely flat..with a sick looking SNATCHED waistline! OAN looks like I'm not going to need that thigh lift after all. My inner thigh tissue is shrinking and the skin is retracting quite well, nice and firm. I have every reason to believe that lipo to my inner thighs with good compression is going to be all I need, because the muscles are building nicely from doing a combo of adductor/abductor machine and strength training bands to isolate the inner thigh muscles.
I felt so amazing this evening at my Pastor and First Lady's appreciation svc. I was able to get into a outfit that I hadn't worn since God knows when. Rocked my funky wood and leather platforms and strutted to the front of the congregation, arm locked with my hubs to give a short speech. Hair was on point, make-up flawless, etc... Yes, I had my ish together!!!!LOL I know i'm not going to be worth $0.02 after these procedures. My confidence level is going to be on another stratosphere! Lawd help me to figure this thing out. I feel like even if I did get the gut done first, I will still have a enough fat remaining in other areas that I could still get a nice size bootay. Funny my girl, texAZZgirl had me dying. She admitted she lied about the way she ate after her BBL. Everyone here was talking all that "eating clean", but she said she was eating whatever the heck she wanted, she said,"I was feeding this ass!"LOL Detailing what she ate and how she just tightened up and wore a smaller compression garment, meanwhile the booty was just getting fatter and fatter. Too funny! Well whatever she did sure did work wonders for her ass. I'm taking notes, best believe that......

Phone out of commission!

Well my phone had been behaving strange over this past week. Yesterday morning, I had 18% battery life, then 5 mins later I find my phone is completely shut down/off with no indicator lights operating whatsoever. Argggghhhh! I take it in to TMobile and they of course can't figure out the problem, so I dropped it off at this local Geeks Fix Gadgets. Battery is good, and the charge port was fine. Only thing left to check is the circuit board. Praying that the tech will find the problem and resolve it quickly... I'm over here trying to locate my receipt from Amazon. It is still under the manufacturer's warranty period. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 what's your issue??? I need my phablet back like yesterday!!! OAN I hit the floor running to the gym this morning. I took a few more pics. let me see about uploading them from my hubs phone....


Take it from me DON'T ever purchase a International unlocked phone!!!! The warranty will be void and no one can do the repairs. $626.00 for a phoneii used for total of 11 months!!! So I got myself the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 today( I just couldn't take being w/of my phone another day)! Yes once again it's on! I missed ya'll! I feel like I've missed so much,but after I hit the gym tonight I will be back to catch up and post!

In the gym

Getting it in ya'll!

My mind is made up AGAIN!

First, it was the wrestling match with the decision making process of selecting doctors. Next, came the dilemma of dedicing on which procedure I was going to get done first. Just when I thought I had made up my mind, I had second thoughts.... Then I began questioning myself for be so indecisive. I'm very picky and I just won't settle.... Too many coins coming out of my account to compromise and settle for mediocrity. With that being said, I'm going to go ahead and follow my gut. I'm going to get this tummy tuck done first. Primarlily because my gut bothers me the absolute MOST! I'm a master illusionist when it comes to making this booty of mine look like it is PHAT. So, I can hang in there a few months more-faking it until I make it. This belly is the ONLY thing standing in the way of me wearing belly tops, skin tight shirts, and tight form fitted dresses. Baby, this summer, this beautiful Black butterfly must spread her wings and fly high! With my weight loss on point and a sick looking snatched hourglass waistline and flat belly. (Don't forget the Dra Duran doll hips!) Surely, Dr. Cortes can come through for me. I can hang in there until early fall to get this bbl done. Now, Deanna (Dr. Cortes's nurse) suggested that I get the bbl done first. She claims there won't be enought fat stores left if I do the tt first. However, I know that I have an ample amount of stubborn fat accumulations in my"shelf", inner thighs, and back rolls. I wonder why is it that one doctor can take a patient that has minimal fat, give 800cc of fat transfer to the butt, and the patient comes out with BAMMM-BAMMM-POW MAJOR PROJECTION. Where as the next doctor transfers 1200-1500 cc's of fat and the results are just mediocre? The answer? Technique baby...Technique.

I'm so glad....

Last night my friendgirl and I did cocktails and a dinner date. It was high time for us to get together and catch up etc. When I initially shared the news with her of my plans to get cs. The first question she asked was, "Who's going with you?" I jokingly said, "Tag, you're it. You are coming to take care of me!". She replied, "Okay. So when are we leaving?" I love my girl. She is taking a sabbatical pretty soon so she will be by my side the entire month that I'm in Houston to be my caregiver. Who does that? If that's not a great example of a friend, I don't know what is! I'm so blessed????. Thank You Lord for always looking out for your child????

Tummy Tuck w/ Dr. Cortes

Hold on to your seats! I just left SuchALadie's blog and lets just say Dr. Cortes did the damn thang on her!!! She looks absolutely amazinggggg. Her tt scar is down super low, super flat tummy, and her "hourglass" is definitely on point! This man ain't playing ya'll. I promise he isn't. I'm encouraged to work out in this gym even harder to get a super foundation. I can't take this man a raggedy junk yard car and expect to come out with a Bentley. With that being said... I have to do my part! #Excited

Another pic for the collage

Viable fat sources

I was talking to my girl Booty4Real. She mentioned abdominal fat not being a "stable"source of fat (I had also read this info somewhere during the course of my journey). Ideally, doctors prefer to extract fat from multiple areas. I read that fat behaves differently. That being said, I wonder if fat in those stubborn hard to lose areas (bra roll, lower back, inner thighs) provide the best source of stable fat for transfer? Anybody have info? Pls. chime in.


DON'T COME FOR HIM UNLESS HE SENDS FOR YOU!???? He has mucho grande kahunas! You can't help but to admire, and respect him for defending his honor. He's ever so passionate about his views, and persnickety when it comes to practicing his forte'. What a guy... Dr. Cortes strikes again!!!!!

Nothing BUT a dream...

I dreamt that Dr.Cortes and Lucy came to my home to preform my bbl. It took the good ol' doc from 8am-5pm to convert my bedroom into a O.R., and he still didn't do my surgery!!!!! This is what happens when you combine M.S.G with Vicodin then go to sleep! #smdh lmao


It's official. After today I'm on a 10 day vacation! I'm going to see about me and the hubs catching a red eye to Las Vegas on Sunday for a couple of days and shake & roll the dice!


Enjoying the sunshine and the 80 degree temperature! Just mama and I (while the hubs stays behind and take care of the kids). We are having a ball!


For the ladies out there that have already had their BBL'S thank you for sharing your info, advice, and photos. This entire process is a journey. Journey with getting mentally, physically, and financially prepared etc. Now we all know that on the other side- the recovery is also a journey. Results often change daily, and it isn't until you have reached 6 months that your results are considered "yours to keep". With that being said, it's nice seeing you ladies all dressed up looking good! However, it would be equally nice to see photos wearing swimwear, undies, or your birthday suit! Anyone is going to look good in their clothes with the assistance of a compression garment pushing up the ass cheeks, and cinching the waist... However, this is not a true and accurate depiction of what your current results are, but instead a mere optical illusion at best. This can be misleading for those considering the procedure. I give big kudos to Bigbootytinywaist for her comittment to diligently provide us with weekly photo updates that really bare all! You may not be happy or proud about every transformation your body makes during your recovery, but hey it is what it is.... Embrace it. Better days are yet to come! muahhhh

Like Michael Jackson said, "This is it"!

Well... All good things must come to an end. In just a few hours I will reunite with my darling hubs and my beautiful babies! It's been real. We had "slots" of fun!

On my journey to becoming SNATCHED!

(Luda's instrumental playing in my head) BBL MOVE, GET OUT THE WAY-GET OUT THE WAY! Alright TT time. So I included my wish photos. Yes, I'm looking for a super sculpted, dangerously curvaceous hourglass. Praying the good Dr. C will aggressively liposuction and sculpt my waist and hips like this. I know muscle tightening is going to cinch the waist. Can't remember how long it's been since my stomach was flat? Anyway bring it on baby cause I'm ready!

wish pics


I'm getting there...

Slowly and steadily I will achieve my weight loss goal.

Took these photos today.

You know how it is when you are on vacation. I haven't worked out in two weeks, and eating everything under the sun! Well, I have my work cut out for me.


Wanted to show you all the difference 2 weeks of no exercising and over indulging in my favorite food does to MY body.

Still gathering pix

Still gathering pix

This is too funny.

TheRealCathyofSeattle contacted me to find out if I was comfortable with the amount of notifications I had been receiving. Unbeknownst to me, I had received 4k last month alone! Wow, now that's a lot! Time to change my parameters cause I surely can't keep up. This is massive!

Realistic Expectations

Flat tummy, snatched waitline, nice set of curvaceous hips. Is this too much to ask for? Please Lord, all I want for my birthday is a beautiful body. Let the good Dr. Cortes hook me up

$$$CHI-CHING$$$ surgery deposit REFUNDED!

While doing my online banking I noticed that my balance had increased. Scrolled down to see that Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions had refunded my $500 deposit! Much love and thanks to Sarah,(Marketing Manager) for all of her assistance. I will ALWAYS fight to get back anything that rightfully belongs to me! I put forth a great deal of effort, but it was worth it!

Broken and Shattered to Pieces BUT not destroyed! The story of how I turned sour lemons into sweet lemonade.

Ladies I haven't sat down with you all and shared a story with you in awhile. Go get your cup of coffee, your snugly soft throw, and your box of Kleenex. I'm going to take you for a journey through a segment of my life.

Over the months I have received so many private messages from ladies here at RS with questions/comments/concerns regarding HIV issues. Everything from the inability to find plastic surgeons whom are willing to perform operations on HIV positive individuals, fear of getting tested, etc... You name it, it has been asked. Well, after addressing so many HIV related issues privately, I decided now is the time and the perfect platform to share my personal story (Can't share it all. You will just have to buy the book when it hits Amazon, Barnes & Nobles etc. It's destined to be a #1 Best Seller!!!). I'm a HIV/AIDS awareness advocate, and a voice for the voiceless. This syndrome is REAL and choosing not to have candid discussions about it isn't going to make it go away. EVERYONE knows someone (friend, family member,neighbors, co-workers etc.) that is either infected or affected by HIV or AIDS (no they are not one and the same!). It may not be you, but know the facts: 1 in 5 Americans living with the virus are unaware of their infection. African American women between the ages 25-44 are most disproportionately affected. African American women continue to be the fastest growing population group. I believe talking about this can reduce the stigma that keeps people from getting tested, treatment services, and the support they need. That's REAL talk!

Broken and Shattered to Pieces BUT not destroyed!
"A true story of my journey with HIV"

Let me begin by telling you that I don't want or need your sympathy. Don't cry tears for me. As I don't want your pity. I'm a proud woman of VALOR! A conquering lioness... I will NOT be succumb to this virus! So, don't, and I repeat DON'T get out your black dress. Remember that it is written, "This sickness is not to end in death, but for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified by it." John 11:4.
As I sat in the patient waiting room for the HIV/AIDS outreach worker to return with my test results my mind was flooded with all sorts of thoughts and fears. I took my mother along for support, but had her to sit in the waiting area. It seemed like eternity before Beverly, returned. Then she entered the room with paperwork in tow. She looked deep into my eyes, the kind of look the pierced deep into the depths of my soul. There was a strange, yet thick silence in the room. "Baby, I'm so sorry... Your test came back positive." I just sat there while those words echoed in my head. I lost track of all place and time. Everything was just a blur... As she began to speak, I honestly couldn't make out a word she was saying. My body was physically present, but my mind was a million miles away. I felt my body getting limp. I felt as though someone gave me a blow to the gut, and knocked all of the wind out of me. I was utterly speechless... As I went to stand up I could feel my knees buckling. Somehow I had to make it back to the lobby. It felt as though I was walking the "Green Mile" slow and labored...
In the days, weeks, months to come I began eating,drinking,breathing, and sleeping the internet. Researching, reading, and educating myself on this syndrome. I must have lived off of 4 hours a sleep per night.
I lived in denial for nearly 5 years. I'm healthy, I look good, I feel wonderful! Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me my immune system had been waging a war with HIV throughout the years. My immune system began losing the battle. I had this horrible cough for months that wouldn't go away. I blew it off as a upper respiratory infection (and it was, just not the type I was familiar with). I finally decided to go to my PCP to get this problem addressed. I requested a CBC (Complete Blood Count). The following day I received a call from the nurse. My WBC count was critically low and he wanted me to return to the lab for further testing. I complied. I returned to the hospital for a follow up visit with my doctor. This time he didn't enter the room alone. A social worker also accompanied him. I already knew what this meant. He delivered the news. By this time I already knew for certain that the diagnosis I received 5 years prior was REAL. I woke up out of my dream called denial.
Let me say the 1st 3 months of antiretroviral treatment was horrible. I couldn't keep any food down, nor did I even have an appetite. I was like a pregnant woman in the sense that anytime I smelled ANYTHING I would vomit. So I drank liquids, and ate fruit and raw vegetables for 3 months. If I wasn't vomiting, I was defecating (6-10X/day). Cold chills during the day, and feverish sweats at night. I had to change my night gown several times during the night. My immune system was completely shot!
It got so bad, that one night all I did was cry and beg my Lord in heaven to let me die (keep in mind that I had a small child at the time, and his father was living nearly 2500 miles away)! I gathered my life insurance, banking, investment and retirement account info and gave it to my dear mother. We just stood there crying and holding each other. Thank God for a PRAYING MAMA!!!! In those moments of tears I heard the voice of the Lord tell me, "I will not release you my child. It's not over until "I" say so". I just cried and held my child tight- my only child. The sweet, innocent, apple of my eye. The one who could never see any wrong in me. As I squeezed him I thought to myself, pretty soon he won't see me ever again. Until we reach glory...
This was my lowest point. It was then that I began to remember and quote Bible scripture to myself. Some times in life you have to encourage yourself. You have to speak to those things that are not, as if they are so! I began to speak healing words, and lay hands on myself. Keep in mind that I went from 240lbs to 207 in a matter of 2 months. Everyone complimented me on how good I looked. If only they knew how sick I really was.

Well, gradually my immune system began repairing itself, and I was making it out of the woods. My ID doctor is fabulous! We have such a great relationship. My wish is her command. When I asked her how long I had to live, she replied. "If you want to die, then don't take your medications period. If you adhere closely to your meds, there is no reason why you won't live to a ripe old age"! (laughing)
Fast Forward -10 years later my viral load is "undetectable" (less than 20 copies of virus per cubic centiliter) and my Tcell counts are "normal". I've since remarried a wonderful man and we have a healthy beautiful baby girl that was born yep you guessed it HIV NEGATIVE!!! Can't nobody tell me about my God's grace and mercy. Satan didn't kill me when he had the chance, so now I've got the victory! I'm triumphant. I'm not laying in a sick bed, waiting for someone to care for me. NO! I live a great life. Shortly after my recovery, I began working 12-16 hour days! I did this for a 2 year stretch. Just so happy to have life, and determined to live EVERYDAY to the fullest! I tell everyone, "Chile, I don't have time for death up in here! Too much living to do!" I have a teenager to get through college, more travel, and plastic surgery to fix this body (after I got my appetite back I was eating everything to gain my weight back. I always felt as though I looked sick-with the rapid weight loss. Thus the reason for all this extra weight gain now. That's a psychological thing. It was a sign that I was getting well and on my road to recovery). Through it all, blood, sweat, and tears. I made it! I'm determined to share my story, for there is healing power in my testimony. The stigma that is attached with this syndrome is why so many of our sisters and brothers suffer in the dark, behind closed walls in silence. Not me! I will not allow Satan to shut me up or shut me down in fear, shame or embarrassment. No one can tell my story the way I can. This is only a prelude of what is yet to come! I encourage the ladies who have reached out to me, to in fact get a letter from your ID physician that states/details your current lab scores. Make copies and keep them on hand. When interviewing/consulting with perspective p/s. Be very open and upfront about your status. If you get any indication whatsoever that he/she is uncomfortable with performing sx on you due to your status, then keep it pushing! There are many out here that are comfortable, as long as your numbers are normal. Alright mamas I'm out! Now, go hang your black dress back up in the closet. The funeral has been called off!

The cost of staying alive.

The pharmaceutical industry is making a KILLING on prescription medication cost. All I can do is shake my head every time I view my invoice. I take a 3 pill cocktail and the monthly cost is $3,568.78!!! (Can you imagine the fate of those w/o health care coverage )? However, my out of pocket fee is only $15.00. Thankful unto God, that I work for a company that has a great medical benefit package! Talking about rebuilding/restoring the immune system. Everyone in the house can have the common cold, sneezing and coughing all in my face, and I never catch it! Yes, closely adhering to your medication is of utmost importance in fighting and winning this battle!

Ain't my doctor the best!

Couldn't bear the idea of Dr.Cortes's response getting lost in the Abyss of comments. I definitely want his words to be a permanent part of my blog.


I found it! Opened up the package to find they sent the wrong color, and no packing slip. (Hummmm this is suspect)
Anyway, as I promised to all of the ladies that requested information, here is the website: www.LINGERIEOFFPRICE.COM



This update is soo p/s irrelevant. My chicas after the hubs got lil'mama dressed and off to school. He prepared me a breakfast of deep fried pork chops and stove top stuffing w/ gravy and whole cranberry sauce. To drink... A double Crown Royal sour!!! This was at 10am. Lol! We laid in the bed ALL day watching everything from Shaq & Cedric's All star comedy to horror flicks. I literally laid in ya'll!!! Something I never do on my days off. Well, guess I'll get up and go outside to fire up the grill. Cooking home made burgers (you know with Lipton Onion soup mix). I have some apple & cherry wood chips to toss over the coals. Yep, dinner in bed too! Today was a good day!

You know your work is good when...

A BIG shout out to twinklett! Traveling across the world from the U.K. To have sx with Dr. Cortes, on Feb. 25th! I'll see you there girl, since I'm scheduled for the 20th!

Great changes are on the way...

Great changes are on the way for Rejuvenusaesthetics! Yesterday morning after getting my family out the door for church I received a call from Dr. Cortes. Still his characteristically nice and funny self. Just like talking with an old friend. Out of a desire and comittment to better serve his patients he has decided that several changes must be implemented. I was excited to hear of all the plans that are currently underway and also the others that are yet to come in the near future. The most exciting... (drum roll please) The plans for a RECOVERY HOUSE ladies!

Breast Augmentation

Here is a wish pic that I sent over to Lucy to show to Doctor Cortes. These are the perfect size(I would be happy even if they were a tad smaller) shape, and positioning. I'm looking for a full "B" sized cup/small "C" cup.

New Beginnings

My original plan was to restart my healthy eating plan and exercise regimen on Monday (Dec. 2). But God's plans ALWAYS supersedes my own! So my tomorrows plan is now my today's plan. My body just can't take it anymore! Yesterday my digestive system experienced a wild ride that lasted for nearly 20 hours! I ate 2 containers of fruit & maple oatmeal (compliments of McDonald's). My tummy was satisfied... The problem started when I ate the 2 parfaits several hours later....(music from the Twilight Zone playing in the background). Yogurt, blueberries, and strawberries. Seemed pretty harmless to me. Typically I don't experience lactose intolerance, but it is a fact that the majority of African Americans lack a enzyme that is specifically related and necessary to aiding in proper digestion of lactose. Perhaps my body has reached a point in which it can no longer process dairy correctly? Ohhhh such a wrong move! My stomach began to inflate like a balloon. Within a few hours, I looked 10 months pregnant!!! I suffered all day and night with bloating and gawd awful reaking gas. The stench was so horrible that the hubs decided to jump ship and go sleep in our baby's nursery!!! 0_0.. Then the bowl movement finally kicks in at nearly 5 am this morning. Oh Lawd Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints help me!!!!!!!! Cause it smells like something is dead inside trying to make its exit through my portal! OAN-TIME TO SWITCH GEARS YA'LL.... This past week I had been planning in my head, and psychologically preparing myself to radically change my diet. I began researching a raw food diet. Trying to get my body to an alkaline state by eating alkaline rich foods "live" foods that are never cooked at a temp. higher than 115 degree. But for simplicity purposes i'll keep it srtictly RAW for my first week. Then I can gradually transition into other aspects of the raw food diet. I going to buy a detox tea today and begin cleansing out my body. I will also only drink Superfoods today. I don't own a juicer, but I'm doing my research and the Vitamixer looks pretty nice( just kind of expensive). Any suggestions ladies? I need one with capabilities of breaking down the cell wall, so that my body can readily absorb the nutrients in the veggies/fruits. Time for a change! All of these dead, processed foods are taking a toll on my body. I KNOW IT'S THE FOOD I'M CONSUMING that is responsible for my feelings of lethargy. I've spent a great deal of time in West Africa. I shopped daily at the "Open Air" markets, and only ate fresh whole foods. The size of the veggies and fruits were much smaller than those i'm accustomed to seeing here in the US (no growth aids, herbicides, pesticides used whatsoever) nevertheless very sweet and flavorful. I never ate bread, but lots of cassava and yam. I ate a gang of chicken, goat and a little bush meat. That chicken was good, but never could get it cooked tender to save my soul! (No hormones etc. ) I ONLY ate dairy on Sunday (2 scoops of ice cream at one of the fancy Euro/Americana food courts) since dairy isn't a part of the West African diet, maybe the lack of stable electricity plays a significant role in this also. Since dairy must be preserved in the refrigerator? Anyway, my shit never stanked!!!! I'm serious ya'll! I felt great (maybe because I walked everywhere)! Anywho.... There is a direct correlation between good health and eating a non-processed food diet. I'm going back to what is tried and true. I will continue to make my protein shakes with Almond milk for now, but yogurt,cheese,sour cream,cottage cheese etc. are out the door! I will incorporate seafood and poultry I nto my diet on occasion. But for now I'm going hard, cause I'm preparing for my second life. After surgery I want to keep this body right!


Silversunshine, I drew so much from this sister! I strongly encourage anyone who is struggling with weight loss to read her blog. She's A true God send indeed! Just a little insight.... She lost nearly 150lbs. without any form of bariactric surgery!!! Whoop-whoop she looks fabu! Thanks girl, you Are MY inspiration;-).

Taking the plunge!

Just returned from the supermarket. Today is DAY 1 of eating a organic raw food diet! Time to detoxify and rid my body of toxins and impurities. Had anyone ever told me I would be subscribing to a diet such as this I would have biatch slapped them! Lol NO MEAT??? What da luv??? Anyway wish me luck. The only way in going to get different results is by doing something different.


I used the plastic surgery app. to morph my breasts down to MY ideal size. I desire a little more lift, but trying to create this using the app resulted in too much warping.

Here's the breakdown

Spoke with Lucy today. If you can remember I changed from the bbl, to the mommy makeover, then to the tummy tuck, and now back to the mommy make over (Lawd help your daughter)....
I'm looking at an estimated sx time of 7.5 hours. TT w/ lips to my ab/flanks/and back with fat transfer to the hips and breast reduction/lift.
$9200...Dr.Cortes's sx fee
$550.....Overnight Stay

GOD IS GOOD! Price Adjustment

Big shout out to LADYB2011(hugs-n-smooches to ya mama)! We were comparing notes, and I followed up with Dr.Cortes for clarification. Meanwhile, as I patiently awaited to hear from Lucy, I had a talk with the Lord. I thanked & praised him advance for the blessing. This morning I got the call from Ms.Lucy so here is the NEW quote:
Dr. Corte's fee $7500-$500(security dep.)
Insurance $275
Garment $108
Arnica $20
Overnight hospital stay $550
Facility Fee $2,500

One step closer

Well slowly but surely I'm getting everything accomplished. Today, I made my payment to Dr.Cortes (only a $400.00 balance left which will be taken care of next week) Yayyyy! Next on the list of things to do is paying the hospital. My raw food diet went very well. Today marks day 10 of my raw food and juice diet! Wow, I have amazing energy. I did sneak some chicken w/green chilis soup w/ organic garlic bread on yesterday. I just couldn't resist. But overall the inches were lost, but I'm yet to weigh in.

Hey fam!

I know I've been missing in action for few days primarily due to work, party planning, and preparing for the upcoming holiday. Yesterday, was our anniversary. We had a combined bday party/anniversary celebration at the Kareoke club with our other two friends that also share birthdays in December. We had a blast! I laughed and told my hubs that I couldn't afford to get him a gift this year. He laughed and said , "Ahh baby don't worry I have you and that's enough"! Kissed me on my forehead and gave me a big hug. I could have easily went into my savings, or used a credit card, but I'm mindful of the fact that we will be away from home for an extended period for my recovery. So practicality in my spending is important. Who knows what is coming up ahead? I want us to be financially prepared in the event. FF, I lost 5 lbs during the first week of my organic raw food/fruit/juice diet. I'm now close to bringing week 2 to a close. However, I mixed it up a bit thus week. I spent this week eating plenty of soups and crusty rustic breads. Lots of veggies w/dips, and plenty of Bolt House farms blended juices. I only made it to the gym twice. I don't feel like I necessarily lost a lot, but I don't feel like I gained either.

Realself goodie box

Thank you Realsef team for the skin care regimen gift box!


Well a lot of ladies have inboxed me regarding FMLA. Every company is different in regards to required info you must submit in order to get approval. I work for a very large organization and our sick FMLA is managed by an outside entity. That being said, contacted them yesterday with my scheduled so date, medical providers name, and his much time I was requesting. I have 28 day AFTER the first day of my absence to submit my paperwork. I believe with most companies approval must be taken care of prior to sx. Anyway, as long as the conditions are met for "serious condition" as defined/outlined by FMLA you are good to go!




WHASUPPPP?????!!!!!!!! Stopping by to wish all my lovely sisters a happy, fun, and safe New Year's Eve! I'm VERY excited about what 2014 has in store for me!!!! Shortly after the new year I'll be celebrating my birthday, and a few days after I will get my long anticipated "dream body", whewwwww- so yes I'm feeling super stoked! Ya'll look out for the " AMAZONIAN GODDESS" coming your way in the 2014 cause she is going to be a force to be reckoned with!!!! Lol

Dr. Cortes patients post op photos

Navigating the current system to view a wide variety of photos of a particular doctors work is far too cumbersome. I wanted to make it easier for newbies here to the system. If you are a Cortes patient, and your photo isn't showcased, then please upload your photos to your profile. Hopefully, you all will find this beneficial!

Another Cortes patient

Here is a list of other Cortes dolls that have already had work done, or are upcoming patients:
*Fefifo Bum


KIRSTY, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING A MUZZLE ON THIS MUTT! (BTW, your posts got deleted from my blog before I had a chance to view them anyway). BlaqSCALLIWAG, GET YOUR LIFE ALREADY! You just created your profile TODAY and you have already been to several Cortes patient profiles spitting venom. Meanwhile, your MITCH A$$ wan't to talk ish' and critique in the open, but don't want us to critique your coward punk a$$ in the open. Why are you so miserable??? Do us all a favor and go take your psyche mess and get some rest cause you are (yawning)TIRED!!!!!!


THANKS TO KRISTY BlaqScalliwag has been ousted from RS! Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Airline reservations made!

Ahhhh s#!@ piece by piece this dream of mine is becoming a reality! Found a place for us to lodge also. Nothing fancy, but the location is PERFECT! Spacious rooms, a few even have recliners (I'm going to request this of course since I'm not supposed to sleep in the bed for awhile after the tummy tuck)Conveniently located near the hospital (Walking distance infact), plenty of restaurants, Walmart etc. Since my friend is coming to assist me I wanted her to have a options. Honestly, I want to be closer to the hospital just in case. It will also be convenient for Dr. Cortes to check on me also.


LADYB2011, I want to begin by thanking you for calming my nerves on yesterday. I spoke with Deanna this morning (she discussed the matter with Dr. Cortes, and i'm good to go! Right down to my FMLA). Truth be told I could have had the mammoplasty take care of by my insurance for a whopping $5.00! However, mediocrity won't suffice. So I paid out-of-pocket for the BEST! Thanks again& Most of all Thank you Lord for allowing everything to fall into place!

Epifoam benefits

Backtome45(sp?), Shared her experience with using liposuction foam.


Whewww-weee, this has been a very hectic work week! Glad it is behind me. I've been busy making final preparations for my upcoming surgery. Spending a great deal of time on Trip Advisor getting hotel reviews. Finally decided to go with a budget Inn that is only a brief walk from the hospital (literally only several blocks away)! I feel this is best for the first week anyway (just in case). Then I have a couple of other housing options lined up for us in The Woodlands area and Conroe. This way we're I'm closer to the Conroe office location. Just looking forward to spending the first day in downtown Houston sight seeing. I can't wait to indulge in some delicious cuisine. Hopefully, before I leave I will feel up to getting dressed , and going out for a night on the town! Wishful thinking anyway..... I can see myself all stooped over looking down at the ground trying to be cute!lol

Lelee of SWV gets a BBL!

SWV, reunited episode 1 aired on WETV, Thursday. Next week's episode Lelee will be having her bbl done by Dr. Jimerson. Can't wait to see!

I know it looks cray-cray, BUT...

I know it looks cray-cray, BUT it is going to work perfectly!!! I'm a soldier ready to go into battle, and conquer any & ALL swelling from aggressive lower back liposuction with my armour (Triangle compression pad)! I revamped my prototype by adding additional pieces of heavy duty corrugated cardboard and using Krazy glue gel to secure the pieces together. I then used 3rd Nexcare flexible clear tape to wrap the majority of the pad. So many ladies have complained about their compression garments not delivering enough compression to the lower back,and as a result they experience lots of swelling. Well I placed the finished product inside of my Ardyss Body Magic and it works like a charm!


This is how the compression pad is worn.


So ideally, it is my mission to get this lower back definition. I'm praying that through aggressive liposuction , and my dedication to wear the triangle, that I can achieve this. Can you imagine the stares I would get while sitting on a bar stool wearing a belly top with a pair of low rise skinny jeans??? 0_0 WHUUUUUUT!!! AIN'T GO BE ABLE TO TELL ME A DOGGONE THANG! LOL


Alright...My lower back is SORE as f#@&! After giving ya'll the demo picture last night, I wore it around the house for about 30 mins. When I woke up this morning my back felt like I had been doing standing bent rows! Yessir this triangle is definitely the bizzness!

Fefifo Bum

Here is our Australian Cortes Doll, Fefifo Bum! Looking amazing!

My teary eyed moment...

I'm such a emotional softy at times. ESPECIALLY when I read certain blogs that touch my heart. I came across one today that spoke so highly of Dr. Cortes, that I had to fight back my salty tasting tears (guess I didn't win the fight huh?). Maybe it's no biggie to most, but to ME...It meant EVERYTHING! She told how he came to check on her the day after, and made her feel so clean by gently changing her dressings, and his kind words were very comforting and reassuring to her. You know so many of us leave are respective home states to travel far to have our surgeries done by doctors that we may have never even met personally, but on the strength of what we have read, and seen via patient reviews and word of mouth, along with our research , and human intuition we entrust our very lives -the only life we have,to them. Now that's powerful when you take time out to think about it. This is one of the most stressful events in life that some of us will ever face. All of the research, meticulous planning, Financial Sacrifices, hotel hunting, transportation, supplies, travel buddy, childcare, and the list goes on... Meanwhile, life in general and the bills don't stop rolling in just because we are having surgeries done. Some of us have had to do this journey in the absence of any family support whatsoever, not to mention globe trekking across the world alone. It just gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling inside to hear about genuine, gentle caring doctors that view as real life humans, and not $$$ signs. They know first hand the trauma that our bodies experience going through during the procedure and post op. I'm thankful for God's guidance in selecting Dr. Cortes. No other doctor on the planet like him. I pray that every body his hand touches God will allow it to be a MASTER PIECE! May blessings cntinue to be showered upon him. Lord bless his life!


Got my determination letter today! MY LEAVE HAS BEEN APPROVED!

SH!T just got REALLY real!

Wow, I have my surgery exactly one week after my birthday! I have been so busy with work that I haven't had time to updateI really don't have anything new to report. Just anticipating the BIG day!

Final wish pics

Well the search stops here. I think I have enough photos!lol ;-) A picture says a thousand words, and there is nothing like visual aid. I don't feel like my waist will be this small immediately post op, but with proper eating, exercise, and waist training I believe I can get a nice hourglass.


WHOEVER IS PRAYING FOR SNOW PUHLEEEEZE STOP!!! We are going to get hit with round 3 today. 6 inches already on the ground, and they are calling for another 3 inches with freezing rain, and sleet! My time is just around the corner. This is the last thing I wanted to see! Ughhhhhhhhh

Everything is falling into place...

Hey my sistahs! I'm going to give you a rundown of today's events. Received a call from Deanna(Dr. Cortes's nurse) this morning requesting my most recent blood work. I immediately emailed my doctor with the request, and as always she responded quickly. I actually did my lab work last Thursday, and my phone appt. was this morning. So she was very happy to inform me that my viral load still remains "undetectable" (less than 20 copies of virus per cubic decimated of blood",T-cell count is "normal", hematocrit=41(Dr. Cortes ideally prefers it to be at least 39) so I'm good in that regard. My liver function was also at a normal level. The results were sent over to his office this afternoon. I got the "green" light from Dr. Cortes to have my tooth filled (new cavity was giving me hell last night. Well Thursday is my birthday, and also my last day at work. Having my hair done on Friday, and I will begin packing my bags.
I'm continually praying that the Lord will bless & shower me with FAVOR! Bless, and guide the mind, body, and soul of Dr. Cortes and his surgical team. May I get results that surpasses my hopes and expectations in JESUS'S name Amen!

MILF in the making...

MILF: A extremely hot, sexually attractive middle aged mother. Yep, that's right. I'm striving to get my super sexy back, and this new found body is going to make me complete. I have the dress code down, and definitely enough confidence, and sassiness to handle the NEW me! I'm getting ready to turn heads, and break necks!!!Lol Watch me now!


I would like to thank those of you who took the time to inbox me Happy Birthday wishes! Thanks Dr.Cortes for the e-card;-). I rushed home after work, and Mr. took me hot tubbing w/ sauna for two hours. Just what the doctor ordered to relieve my stresses.

I'm REALLY (did you hear what I said),REALLY on my shit today!

I'm so much on my shit today that I need a pamper! Today is Valentines Day so I wanted to look and feel extra beautiful for mine. After stepping out of the steamy shower, I slathered Jimmy Choo 'Exotic' body lotion, and a few sprays of the perfume. Did my make-up like I was getting ready for a photo shoot. Slid into my skinny jeans, black tank, leather moto jacket, with a pair of black suede shoebooties with Stiletto heels. A chunky link choker with my black leather bedazzled & stud handbag to polish off my look. Off to get my hair done. Feeling like the cat's meowwwww! Yeah SHE hot & bad! (Dang I ain't even had surgery yet! Lmao!!!) This hairstyle is edgy, sassy, dramatic and it is giving me LIFEEEE! LOOK OUT TEXAS HERE I COME!

As my girl dukes217 said.....


Tonight is the night!

Tonight we fly out! It has been one hectic day. I've been operating on 4-5 hours of sleep a night for 3 weeks solid. Many thanks to all of you ladies for the prayers for a safe flight, and well wishes for a successful surgery. I've been spending the day with my baby princess, and my son while doing last minute packing. Mr. Husband's flight departs several hours prior to ours. We all arrive in H-town in the morning within minutes of each other. Well I'm signing off for now. Ttyl

Flight delayed.

We have a 3 hr flight delay.... However, all is well. Hope we see a Waffle House after touching down.


We Touched down at 9AM. I'm ready to agitate the gravel, and kick up dust! The hotel is pretty nice (America's Best Value Inn). It is conveniently located several blocks away from Houston NW Medical Center. You can actually see it from the hotel! Well I'm going to post pix of it. Time for my nap.

America's Best Value Inn

Bathroom Pix

Hotel Lobby

Pre op

I have my pre op in just a little while at the hospital. I go for my pre op at Dr.Cortes's office later this afternoon. Wish Me Well ladies!


Went for my pre op at the hospital this morning. Next we arrived at Dr. Cortes's Houston office. Mrs. Janaris Cortes looks like a young beautiful teenager! Then my girl LADYB2011 was checking out. I had to cry, give her a hug, squeeze her booty, and the "twins"! Ya'll these darn pictures posted on Realself are a serious understatement of what these ladies look like in reality with the natural eye! Next I met Nurse Deanna, very nice, and professional. Then "Jessica Rabbit" Mariel2013, stepped in looking like a darn video vixen. Yes I had to rub and squeeze her booty also! Buaaaaaah Then the talented man with the gifted hands was in the hallway, and greeted me. YA'LL I SWEAR I ALMOST FREAKING PASSED OUT! He came in and examined me, and explained exactly what he was going to do during the procedure. I respect his professional opinion, and his honesty. I have all of these wish pictures posted, but at the end of the day I realized that I don't need them. Dr. Cortes is such a perfectionist that I know he does everything necessary to give you the aesthetically best looking body that he possibly can. I believe w/o a doubt that he is going to hook this body of mine up. I have a great deal of visceral fat in the upper abdomen so I know that it's going to require me doing cardiovascular work in order to get it flatter. All in all I'm going to be happy in the long run! Well off to shower, and bed. 3:30 will be here before I know it! Hospital at 5am, and Sx@ 7am.

the moment that you all have been waiting for.

Hey ladies I made it. I don't know where to start so this post is going to be all over the place. I want to begin by saying that the nurses, anesthesiologists and all the hospital staff are excellent here. Very caring kind and helpful and attentive. As you know I was the first surgery of the day, I arrived at 5 a.m. The nurse checked my vitals signs then put on compression socks for me. Juan,the very handsome anesthesiologist k man to talk to me and pretty much just joke around and put me at ease. Around 6:40 a.m. Dr Cortez came in and Mark me up for surgery.I remember getting rolled down to the o.r but I don't have any recollection whatsoever of receiving the anesthesia or just being in the operating room, or the surgical team. my surgery lasted a tad bit over 8 hours I went to recovery at about 3:20 p.m. I actually woke up about 530 pm from that point I was I'm taken to a patient room. I pretty much slept until 10 p.m..because this surgery makes you feel very tired and sleepy. My mind wanted to share my story with you all, but my body just wouldn't allow it I wasn't in pain, but just sedated from the morphine. my catheter was removed at midnight. I've been drinking plenty of fluids and I swear I've eaten a gazzillion cups of jello. My husband has been a wonderful and much needed help! The nurses had to assist me to the bathroom. I feel very very lightheaded upon standing so my husband had to bring a chair for me to sit in after I got off the toilet because I just could not walk back to the bed due to being dizzy.anyway from what I can see so far my breasts look absolutely wonderful he make them nice and small and my nipples are really cute tiny. My stomach is very flat! I have a large sheet of a lipo foam surrounding my stomach and my flanks. I really can't see it very well due to all my dressings, but I can see my vajayjay now! That's how flat Iam! my twins are very very perky like a 14 or 15 year old teenager and they are small remember I went from a size G/ H. I think I'm a "C" now. he like the suction the heck out of my back especially my lower back I have so much swelling that it doesn't look like that area was even touched, but I can tell from the major soreness that he really worked it out! he also transferred fat my hips but I can't see you right now because of the garments and the forms that have been placed nor can I see my waistline either just the same reason, but I know that its done, and I believe in my heart of hearts that is going to look very very good.I'll get some of the pictures posted up that I was able to take them myself yesterday however I have the garments on so might be a little challenging to make it out if you look at my pictures and after you can definitely see a major difference! Goodbye ladies sleepy now have to get lots of rest.

My lovely chi-chi's

tummy pix



My doctor and I

On the move!

My friend helped me with my shower, massaged my back, lotioned me up, and assisted me with getting dressed. Dr. Cortes came in early to check me out. My hubs drove to Conroe to pick up my meds.(Talwin NX cannot be found in CVS or Walgreen. Walmart doesn't stock it but will gladly order it for you for the price tag of $5K for a 30 day supply My nurse gave me bags of guaze, tape, pads,ordered me 2 surgical bras and two garments in house. I stayed 2 nights at the hospital. I was administered a i.v. bag or two of antibiotics, sodium chloride, etc. Pain pills offered to me around the clock. The staff were awesome. One PCA kept me stocked with jello cups, juices and cups of ice. Anywho, after discharge we went across the street to get lunch. Then we returned to the hotel. I took a 30 min stroll with my friend, stopping occasionally to rest. I was also given a air life respiratory inhaler to open up the lungs and prevent pneumonia. I use it every couple of hours. After this surgery the doc wants you up and walking every 2 hours for 15 minute sessions. I'm sore as hell in my back. But the walks really help.

Day 3 post op

Ladies, I'm going to post nude photos after my shower sometime today. My energy levels are coming up, but I'm going to be brutally honest, this is a serious procedure and I'm experiencing crazy swelling in my abdomen and back. I got my jumpstart with doing my mommy makeover first. Now i can seriously grind in the gym doing exercises that my breasts & big ass gut wouldn't allow for. I haven't scheduled my bbl date, but I know that won't happen until late this year at the soonest moving forward my main focus us to exercise, healthy eating habits, waist train. As for now I'm taking my recovery day by day, and not rushing it. Just want to enjoy the transitions of my new body.


In the Nude

I'm going to try one more time

more pix

A couple more!


At Dr. CORTES'S Houston office

Feeling so much better!

Well, this marks 4 days PostOp! I'm moving about a lot better. Taking the Arnika tabs for bruising, and I'm going to start my Singulair Rx, for Inflammation. I really don't need the strong painkiller at this point. I tend to take 800 mg of Advil, nd that seems to work just fine. The worst feelings come upon standing! Feels like the skin is ripping off of my back! I believe this a combo of the waterproo bandage that covers the liposuction sites in Junction with movement. Dr. Cortes called to check on me yesterday. I will have my drains removed later and get fitted for a tighter fitting garment. Swelling has gone down considerably. I can't wait give you a guys a fashion show. I brought all these pretty dresses to wear. But hunties, let me tell you my mind wants to do so much, but my body says, "Umphhhh...Sit your swollen ass down and rest!" Now I fully understand why it takes a minute to get post op pictures up. You are so freaking tired! It takes so much energy just to stand up less alone getting dressed. You really don't need to bring many clothes, because you are constantly in your compression garment. A few maxi dresses are sufficient. Here I am with heels packed in my bags thinking I would be able to go out to the club Saturday night! Huhhhh UMMMM NOTTTT! Had my 1st Bowel movement last night, and let me tell you it was SUCH A WONDERFUL FEELING. I USED the powder Miralax, mixed with hot green tea, and it worked well. Now, we come on here and look at recent postop pics,and think of how graphic and tragic they look. That shit is real! WE are not accustomed to seeing our bodies severely bruised, mutilated, and swollen beyond belief. The entire ordeal can take a tremendous toll on your mental psyche, if you tend to compare your body to these wish pics.
So please don't do that to yourselves. Your body will continue to shape and settle in due time. However, it can be a slow ordeal. I'm 41, so I know not to even think that I can bounce back as soon as I could as I did when I was 21. That's just real talk! My nurse friend and hubs have been FANSTASTIC care givers! Couldn't have made it w/o them. She gets my shower ready, takes off my garment, washes my back, and while I'm in the shower, she hand washes my garment/compression socks etc. She oils my legs, gives me a massage and places new dressings on then my gament. Hubs is the errand runner! Poor thing has been dispatched from pharmacies to pick up my meds, to getting dinner etc. I'm going to sign off, time for my mid morning nap.

What in the world????

Hello my dear sistahs, First of all I want you to know that I'm not intentionally staying away from you all. This mommy makeover has REALLY been a MAJOR ORDEAL for ME! Today I woke up, put on my sweats and went for a 15min walk. I was sweating like I had ran a damn marathon! Went for breakfast, and the high pace of the restaurant had me so overwhelmed that I couldn't process fast enough. I sat at the table with my hubs and friend, and began to cry a river of tears! I was flooded with a wealth of emotions from missing my kids and mom, to feeling vain and selfish. Houston is a beautiful, vibrant, progressive city that moves at the speed of light. I want to indulge in all that it has to offer, but I feel like I'm from another place in time... Since surgery I feel like my mental acuity isn't quite as sharp as it used to be, and now my vision is blurred, (my vision is normally keen 20/15) which buggers me because i generally can read road signs from a mile away! Dr. Cortes and Nurse Deanna came to my hotel this evening to check on my progress etc. He was satisfied with the healing of my breasts. I'm now wearing the Marena Surgical Bra. He's also pleased with the tummy tuck incision on my left side. Color is good etc. , but the right side is a little slow to heal,so he just wants to monitor it closely. Drains are producing too much fluid to remove. My left averages 175-200 cc/24/hrs, the right is bout 90cc/24 hrs. He gave me Kenelog injections in my back for inflammation. No new garment. He didn't want to create excess pressure/rubbing on the skin, which could cause a burn. Wound healing is one of the major problems as it deals with overweight, and obese patients. So I'm just praying that I won't be affected by it. This bloating/gas/swelling is NO JOKE! Trying to watch the types of foods I eat, but it's hard! Afrerall, I'm in " southern cuisine haven full flavored, and seasoned to perfection! The aggressive liposuction is the most! My back doesn't feel real. Numbness, fatiqued, just a weird sensation altogether for lack of better words. However, the rolls are gone! So that's a plus! My waistline is decreasing also! I'm just going to continue to pray for the best, but rationally anticipate the ab swelling to last for up to 1st ear post op. I want to post pics, but it's hard getting the right poses/angle etc. Nevertheless, I will do, because I promised to keep you updated.


dukes217 & D'sWifey

Well hot dog!!!! The angels must have jetted back to heaven and kicked down Jesus's office door last night to deliver the prayer petitions you ladies sent up! I woke up this morning with my body feeling miraculously recovered! I urinated like a race horse, almost every hour on the hour! Each time I got up, I noticed less pain (I believe the injections Dr. Cortes, administered played a major role also). Last night I laid hands on my own body and began to declare Devine healing! I had no time for negative speak. No BY HIS STRIPES I AM HEALED IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!!! I love you ladies, and I am so thankful, and grateful for the mounds of encouraging words that you two have given me through out this enduring process! I'm sitting here as I type thanking the Lord for my "overnight" healing, "FATHER YOU ARE FAITHFUL! YOU DID NOT BRING ME THIS FAR TO LEAVE ME! YOU WANT ME TO HAVE THE DESIRES OF MY HEART! I CLAIM VICTORY IN THIS SITUATION AND I PLEAD YOUR PREVIOUS HEALING POWER OF THE BLOOD OVER MY ENTIRE BODY,MY LIFE, AND MY MIND! ENABLE ME TO WALK RIGHT, THINK RIGHT, AND TO ACT ACCORDINGLY TO YOUR WILL! FATHER GOD, THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH IS IN THE TONGUE. I SPEAK LIFE INTO ALL MY SITUATIONS. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! HALLELUJAH AMEN IT IS DONE! Thank you ladies God is moving me to shower right now, do my hair & make up, and put on all these cute dresses I brought and give you a fashion show! Inbox me your email address so I can get my model portfolio to you ladies! Lol muaahhhhhXOXOXX

The fashion show!

Still uoloading pics. Just wanted to get ya'll started. By the way I'm not wearing the garment in any of these shots. I decided to let my body breathe for a hot second!

7 days post op

Here she is!

Extra shots!

I'm feeling sey ya'll!

Lady in Red


So we have all heard of the term, "SWELL HELL", but what does this really mean you may ask yourself? I've been noticing that I swell really bad , and get major bloating, and God awful gas during the late evening. Even when I stick to a soft bland diet of oatmeal, mashed potatoes, eggs, soups. What I've read from the medical experts is that if you get "muscle plication/repair" during your tummy tuck that you can expect to have to change your eating habits to more frequent small meals, because there simply isn't enough pace available in your chest, because those muscles that have separated due to diastasis, are now sewn back together. Anesthesia, and medication are also contributing factors to troublesome bloating and swelling issues. WATCH YOUR SODIUM INTAKE TOO! STAY IN YOUR COMPRESSION GARMENTS, TRY NOT TO SIT FOR LONG PERIODS, EAT SMALL FREQUENT MEALS, EXRRCISE. It should get better over time but know that it is a normal common occurrence after tummy tuck surgery. I've even read that ladies have suffered with this issue as long as 3 years post op! Let's stay prayerful that if we encounter this that it will be temporal only! Muahhhhhj


Today I had my breast(areola) sutures removed with the wonderful nurse Deannna! I love the atmosphere and the beautiful decor of the Conroe office. Really quiet and laid back. I also picked up a copy of my ~operative report~. A very good read. If you haven't requested yours be sure to do so. It gives full details of the exact preparations, methods, and procedures used during surgery. I found out that I had 750ccs of fat transferred to each hip, and 8500ccs of tumescent fluid injected, and 8500ccs of fat removed. It details the muscle plication procedure used (starting at xzyphoid process to the superior part of the belly bottom and then from the interior part of the belly bottom to the lower abdomen). I did notice that my breast lift info wasn't found within, so I will request this at my next appointment. Overall, I'm feeling well. Getting progressively better with each passing day. Left drain still averaging 140ccs/24hrs and the right is 30ccs/24hrs. So the drains stay in for now.

Nurse Deanna

Before vs. After

I began my journey at 299lbs back in March 2013. My lowest weight was 264 lbs during the summer of 2013. Weight on surgery day 274lbs. I feel that I have the jump start, and motivation that I need to successfully lose down to my 225 lbs goal weight. NO REGRETS on getting this mommy makeover transformation whatsoever!???


Well I did everything all by myself! I had to work my ass off, sweating like I was going to the electric chair, but I managed to get in my SPANX Higher Power Compression garment. I also placed a abdominal binder on top for added compression. Feels really good and supportive. I spent the night drinking steaming hot green tea to facilitate another good bowel movement, and help with the gas. It did the trick. I pooped 3 times. I mean really nice long cobra snake coiled piles! Lol I'm graphic! I felt like I had to cleanse my system of some of the junk that I snuck and ate, that I totally had no business (Chips & Hot Salsa, and raw veggies. I know those raw veggies are the guilty culprits for all that damn gas!) I'm going to stick to hot clear low sodium clear broth soups today. I'm lactose intolerant, but I'm a sucker for any kind of creamy milk chowder soups. SELF BEHAVE!!! Well on another note our sister, Robbed, should be landing pretty soon. I'm going over to meet her at her at Dr. Cortes's office for her consultation. Be blessed ladies, and I will talk to you soon!



Went to meet my beautiful sister ROBBED at Dr. Cortes's Houston office. Wow she is drop dead gorgeous! We chatted for an hour or better, took a few photos, hugged and bid our farewells. I'm so happy that she is going to get back what THE DEVIL take. She is going to get the last laugh in the end. My sister hang in there. GOD IS THE GREAT EQUALIZER! HE IS GOING TO GIVE YOU DOUBLE FOR YOUR TROUBLE!!!! I have seen you with my own two eyes, and my vision isn't blurry. The other did you REAL WRONG! I love you, and trust that you are in the VERY BEST HANDS NOW!


YEASSSSSSS WE DID IT! My girl and I just came in from a 1 hr long walk!!!!!!! The night air felt so good. I can't believe how much energy I had to accomplish this mission. Just goes to show you that there is nothing like human will, and shear determination! Night luvs!

Yep. I did way too much...

I did the most... We had to get hubs off to the airport early this morning. Lots of walking. I could feel pressure and heaviness in my lower abdomen. Nenertheless, I kept it pushing. When we arrived back at the hotel, I noticed I had sprung a leak from somewhere. My groin area was drenched! My drain bulbs were in tact. Discovered it was this little area on my hip that constantly drains. I typically keep a super thick Kotex pad over this area, and I had it in place, it was just time for it to be changed. On another note I had an area on my opposite hip that I noticed the skin separating from the stitch line. I took photos and immediately sent Dr. C, a text. He told me to place some triple antibiotic ointment on it, and cover with sterile gauze. He also had me to send him photos of my back. He was satisfied with my progress. Requested pics of my stomach, I sent, and he was overall satisfied, but wants to see me in the office tomorrow. The drain output has slowed down tremendously. They mostly fill with chunks of fat-gross! Needless to say I try to steer clear of eating fried, or cholesterol filled sauces etc.


Hey ladies I'm back. I shared the beautiful side, now I want you to show you the other side. Not to freak you out, but so that you can see the healing process. The dark areas are deep bruises, not burns. My tummy tuck scar is very narrow, and as you can see is healing well.


GAS/BLOATING/ PRESSURE has returned in full effect! I picked up a bottle of Beano and Phazyme, but what I forgot was the Lactaid! I made a sour cream dip for my veggies, and I've been paying he'll for it!!! On another note my damm drain came out yesterday! Now, the slow drain is working double time. I'm constantly leaking from my tummy tuck incision. I use heavy duty Kotex to absorb the drainage.


I ate a good dinner, and had a nice nap. Now I'm ready to blog! So after sending multiple texts back and forth, Dr.Cortes finally arrived at his Conroe office to attend to my needs. (Keep in mind that he had performed surgeries in the morning, patient consultations, and follow-ups the entire afternoon into the evening). Nurse Deanna, immediately went into her work zone. She began removing bandages, and removing excess glue, while Dr.Cortes did a physical assessment. He removed the old steri-strips from my areolas, and replaced them with new ones. He assessed my wound openings, and pushed the separation together, and bandaged it. "No stitches" he said, as it will cause an infection. He then began to debride the black areas on my back. "Mama, he scraped the black off of me!"lol He exposed the LIVE tissue underneath, placed ointment on top to keep it moist. Then Deanna covered, and patched me up with pads etc. He instructed me to return tomorrow to get further debridement etc. I don't know where this man draws his energy from, but I truly admire all of his care, concerns, and after care. He told me that most plastic surgeons wouldn't have taken my case. Not due to my health status, but because of myriad of complications that could derive as a result of my weight. Mainly wound healing. But he took me because he is a progressive doctor that welcomes challenge. He says that whatever I'm doing to continue to do it because my swelling is WAY down, and my body is looking very nice. Glad I made the decision to stay several weeks post op. Had I went home too soon, I would have not received this type of care. Dr.Cortes is the man!

Conroe Exit Sign


Healing nicely.


Deanna, gave me this goodie bag of medical supplies. She will definitely take good care of you too! These guys are the best!


What can I say, "I love me some LADYB2011"!!!! THIS YOUNG LADY HAS WON MY HEART! We text each other in the wee hours of the morning, meet up here at Realself, Facebook, and speak on the phone. She is a R.N. that always has a wealth of knowledge to share with me. Sometimes I feel like the baby sister (lol). It's amazing the sisterhood so many of us build here! My sis has an appt. tomorrow with Dr. Cortes, so of course I'll be there to meet up with her, and have lunch. I must meet AEH81 tomorrow also. Wow, I wished I lived in Houston,Texas! I would spend my days meeting & greeting all you ladies!

Whoaaaaa! What are these new sensations?

WHOAAAAAA!!!! The skin on my back is tightening and retracting extremely well! I'm not wearing a garment, but I lay on my back when I sleep, so I'm compressing right? It is amazing to watch my body morph. Now, all of these strange numb sensations in my lower and upper abs feel very bizarre 0_0.

Liposuction Burn Debridement

Dr.Cortes, has been carefully monitoring the areas where I rec. liposuction burns. I have had 2 debridement sessions thus far. Not painful at all. The hardened skin is gently scraped to expose the healthy live skin underneath, then antibiotic ointment is applied, and covered with a sterile gauze. If all hasn't fallen off by Friday, he will excise the remaining portion. No problem. Be aware that This is just another complication that can come with aggressive lipo.

Angelique671 has Surgery tomorrow

Please stop by to send a shout out to our Cortes doll, Angelique671. Tomorrow is her big day!

Befores & Afters

This is the picture I sent Dr. Cortes's office in March 2013. Almost a year later, here I am today, and I'm just beginning!


Taming this tigress ain't no easy feat!

A BRA UNDER $20???

This is my first cheap bra in over 15 years! Picked it up @ Walmart. I will get professionally fitted once I return home and my girls settle into place.

Boobie Transformation




Today is Sunday, and I have a workaholic surgeon! I met Dr. Cortes and his lovely wife Janaris, in the office. After my skin was prepped, the burn debridement began. He excised the burn areas. This is when the seromas were revealed on my back. As he pushed down on my back, the fluid began gushing out! It felt like a gallon of water rushing down my sides! He kept applying pressure, and it kept rushing out! All this time I thought I was just experiencing swelling in my lower back? Anyway, after that he placed stitches in the derided areas. Next, my belly-button. My little cutie was trying to close up. He noticed a stitch had came undone. So he worked his magic, and began manipulating the cord, and restitching it. The entire process took just under 2 hours. My Columbiana garment and corset arrived. I will go tomorrow to have sutures in my breast removed by Deanna, and Dr. Cortes wants to see me on Wednesday. I have a damn good ass Doctor that genuinely cares about his patients! He goes beyond the extra mile!!! I want to cry because hands down in my opinion (based on my experience)no other surgeon can compete nor compares to Dr.Cortes when it comes to patient education, and patient care. Seeing a patient on a SUNDAY???? Who does that? DR. CORTES THAT'S WHO!!!!! IF YOU DON'T KNOW, YOU BETTER ASK ME! NOW RUN TELL THAT! HOW ABOUT THAT?

Just a few more


Another goody bag!

Today I had the vertical sutures removed from my breasts. Now my breasts are completely suture free! I also had a spacer placed in my bellybutton to keep it open.

D's Wifey per your request...

Babes here's to you! At your request I uploaded photos of my back before, and immediately after the debridement. You sound just as bad as me. I love watching that kind of stuff also! I will take photos of my back after I change my bandages tonight. All of the burns are now pretty much white, or a light pink, and are itching like crazy! The belly button care is interesting because I clean it out with several swabs, use a plastic wall anchor, and wrap xerofoam around it, place it inside my belly button, and cover w/bandaid. I do this 4x/day. No it didn't hurt because he numbed me up real good with lidocaine.

Upcoming Cortes BBL & Tummy Tuck patients

First, and foremost I want to say that Dr. Cortes is an EXCELLENT SURGEON-NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, HANDS DOWN! Please don't have second thoughts or be discouraged when you see that I have a couple of burns. One thing I want you to be mindful of is the fact that I had nearly 9 liters of fat removed! (THANK GOD) I weighed 274lbs. So I Required Very Aggressive lipo. to achieve the results that Dr. Cortes delivered. In my opinion it was a minor complication, so I'm not going to glamorize it. I have been treated for it, I'm healing very well, and I'm pushing forward with my head held up high proudly. So puhleeze don't cry me a river. Your girl is GOOD! ^_^ My results far outweigh these minor little burns. Maybe if I had experienced pain I would feel some kind of way, but that wasn't the case. My back was so numb that I couldn't feel a thing. Ladies, just know that if you should suffer any type of complication you won't have to worry because Dr . Cortes is going to do EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING to remedy the problem. Educate yourself so that you can know the possible complications.


This morning I see Dr. Cortes for the last time! Like Arnold Schwarzenegger says, "I'LL BE BACK"!!!!!!!!! I get placed in my Columbiana faja garment this morning, and I'm pretty excited, since I haven't had on a 'real' compression garment since surgery! I'm looking forward to getting this swelling and fluid out of my abdomen so I can be flatter. On another note, we fly home tonight! I'm so excited to see my mom, hubby, and my two kiddos (especially my 26 month old princess)! I'm going to plant kisses on her until my lips fall off!!!!! ^_^ We've been here for 21days, and that was a great decision, especially since I required extra follow up care. Had I returned home too soon, I would have been completely lost, and would have panicked. I highly suggest any lady that is overweight to try as hard as possible to get your weight down as close as you can to your ideal weight as defined by the standard height:weight ratio charts. If you can't get it off, prepare for more complications post op. Make sure you plan for a longer stay so that you can get the medical care that you need. At this stage I'm out of the woods. I'm healing up well, and I feel like I'm 90%. The only thing is the tummy swelling, and slight breast tenderness. Otherwise I'm good. Well time for me to get these bags packed. TTYL

Healing up quickly!

The itchies are In full effect! As you can see, I'm healing up well.

Fatty & MzPhatBooty

This was my second time running into Ms. Thang at Dr. Cortes's office. It was good chatting etc. Look at that flat tummy and curvy hips!

Fatty32 (Typo on the name above)

Damn phone!

*Flatty32* (3rd time is a charm)

Don't know what my problem is with getting my girls name spelled correctly!


As you can see from my photos I've come a long way! No. I don't look like my wish pics, but guess what? The majority of the models in the pics wish they looked like their pictures too!lol Anywho... I'm a MUCH IMPROVED me. I'm tickled to death!!! OAN Dr.Cortes gave me the green light to return to the gym. He said I can do cardio, but no heavy lifting. Cool, I'm already there. In so excited to get it in.


Sunday Morning

On my way to church! Got to get my praise and worship on!

Back shot


For future updates please follow my mommy makeover blog, "MY NEW LIFE HAS BEGUN 02/20/2014"

Left this one out.

Online clothing store

A few ladies have inquired about where I find my dresses. Here is the Web site & I found that gitionline sells some of the same identical dresses as chic&curvy for $10-$15 less. Most dresses are under $45, and both companies ship fast! They sell junior, misses, and junior plus sizes

Motif C. collection

Cleaning out my closet. Came across my birthday dress from last year. I thought I looked cute in it last year but when I saw my pictures I wanted to cry. I looked like the Michelin Tire man! Not today baby. I'm the cat's meow!!!


Stepped on the scale this morning 255.1 lbs is what it read! Down from 274lbs. On my surgery day. Most of my swelling has gone down. I have a few hard spots in my abdominal area, but otherwise I'm great! These hips ain't going nowhere! I Finally gave in and slept my side, I even wore a new compression garment that LADYB2011, sent me which is a2XL that compresses the life of my assignments and hips, but when I take that monster off, Lawddddd them hips pop right on out! I'm to post new photos 2morrow night. Take care ladies!

WORK,WORK, and more WORK!

Hey ladies over been back on the grind 12 hours/day. My recovery is coming along really well. Ready for my 1XL garment.

At peace with my decision...

Really happy that I got my tummy tuck first. This is going to place me in a position to exercise like a mad crazy woman w/o the fear of losing my ass, which is a serious concern for ladies who did their bbl 1st, followed by the tummy tuck. I've decided to hire a personal trainer 3 days a week for a period of 3 months to begin with. I'm also interested in doing a boot camp fitness program. As we know it takes more than eating right to get maximum results. Yep,you gotta get that metabolism churning and burning- seriously getting your cardio on! I refuse to complain when I know I haven't taken full stock. Like I said many months ago, I'm prepared to get round 2 (liposuction only to my tummy if this 1 year commitment to this fitness
program doesn't yield what I desire. I would like to get down to 210lbs. for my bbl. Once again in down 20lbs. Since surgery. That was the jump start I needed to go full speed ahead!#teammotivated#determined#igotthisonlock

How could I not be satisfied?

A picture is worth 1000 words. Nuff said...

All praises due to God from whom all blessings flow!

Look what the mail carrier brought me yesterday. That's right compression garments! Compliments of LADYB2011. Luv ya sis!


It's been such a wonderful experience reading uplifting, energizing blogs! I love the way we support, and encourage each other. Do you, my sisters know how you inspire, and motivate me to hang in there even when I hit bumps in the road? Our sweet, and funny surgeon told me to prepare for a long recovery, but each time he sees my updated photos he states that my incisions are healing well, and that everything is looking good, so I'm just very ambitious to believe that my recovery is not going to be for an extensive period of time. Look what I've been through in with my health already! Shooooot, this is a walk in the park baby!lol I've been holding down 12 hour work shifts since my return to work on the 18th with only 1 day off in a 10 day stretch!!! Yeah I'm doing this "LIKE A BOSS"! I feel AWESOME! Now with so much talk of us getting together, I'm ready to make this a reality. I have a vacation scheduled for early August, and I had already planned on returning to Houston. Those that are seriously interested let's bounce itinerary ideas off of each other. It would be nice to chip in on a couple PRESIDENTIAL SUITES so we can do our girls overnighter. Make dinner reservations somewhere elegant just like the dolls we are! Get at me with your ideas here on my blog please. Luv ya chicas!


Feeling myself (and for good reason)!



25lbs DOWN 40 days post-op! This is funny ladies!

Alright you know my lil'sis, LADYB2011, sent me a lot of compression garments. Well, I decided to get bold and wear the Ann Cherry, butt out garment today. My hubs was looking at me side eyed, because he knew that he was going to have to stuff me in it. ;-) So here I am laying on the sofa while the hubs is "straight scrugglin'"(No, this isn't a typo)!, next he calls our teenager to lend a hand. Mannnn, they were going in hard on this damn thang ya'll. Next thing I know Mr. is sending our son to get needle nose pliers to get the zipper up. Whewwww finally we make it! The entire time I'm sitting in church service two things kept crossing my mind; Can't wait to get home so I can dig this ass digging thong out of my crack. Second, How in the HELL DID LADYB2011, SQUEEZE HER BIG OL'52inch ass into this tight behind garment??????????LOL So of course all eyes were on me, and my church family kept giving me compliments. I'm very grounded so I accept them graciously. I'm not go lie it feels good to have my sexy back. For so many years until my firs pregnancy I maintained my weight at 175lbs. Nothing but long legs, and breasts. A true athletic runners body. So to have these hips feels so nice, and befitting. Anywho, as soon as I placed the garment on the fluid began to flow out. Yesterday my left leg and foot were swollen beyond belief so I had 2 doses of maximum strength diurex, and plenty of H2O throughout the course of 24 hours. I woke up to a normal leg, and foot! Nevertheless, Dr. Cortes, wants me to get a ultrasound to rule out DVT. I will take care of this ASAP. Anyway, i posted my selfy as soon as i removed that BEAST of a garment. Things are healing well. I'm so loving my beautiful transformation! Thanks again Dr. Cortes, You're the BEST!?????

What a dynamic love making session!

The late great famous comedian, actor,Richard Pryor, told his old lady, "I'm going to find me some me pu$$y!" His woman replied, "If you grow 2-3" of Dyck you could FIND some new pu$$y right here"! Lmaorotf! Wow, this surgery is giving me life for real! The 25th loss, and my body is taking our sessions into another stratosphere! Whoop-whoop Thank God he got himself taken care of last summer. If not I would be in trouble!

Dynamic Love Making Session

I posted my sexcapade in the comment section below.

Nikita101512 shared her BBL video!

Another beautiful creation by Dr. Cortes! She has a flat tummy and A SUPER DONK! Go show love on her page ladies.




Always remember he who laughs last, laughs the BEST!LOL I'm 1 day shy of being 6 weeks post op. Mind you I spoke of returning to the gym, but today will be my first visit since surgery (I'm dressed in my work out gear and ready to go. Just wanted to update first). I experimented with something the past 3 days, but I kept a lid on it until now since I didn't want to make myself look stupid had it not worked out. Anyway I wore 2 full body compression garments for the past 3 days for 24 hours straight, to see how much fluid & swelling I could release from my stomach, and hips. BAMMMMMMMM baby look at here look at here!lol The pictures speak for themselves. Once again I placed 1/4 of a Chuck pad inside my garment in the mons pubis area to catch the fluids. Mannnnnnn, I had to change the pad every few hours because it was completely saturated!!! I'm now glad that my suture came undone on my tt incision, since it has become an exit portal for this excess fluid that was built up. Otherwise who knows how long it would have taken for my excretory system to excrete all of it? Now I'm down to a XL garment from a XL (mind you I didn't get to wear my 4XL until I was 3 weeks post op. Yep I got a late start on the compression game, but IT'S ALL good. Obviously good things have come my way! I'm on cloud 9, and NOBODY ABSOLUTELY NOBODY can bring me down! All you have to do is relax and let the recovery process take its course. I LOVE THE WORK DR. CORTES DID ON MY BODY! No complaints over here! Muahhhhhhhh



I got it in today! 35mins on the elliptical trainer, and 10 mind of upper body work on the weight machines. No swelling in my foot, ankle, or leg. Feeling great! I hadn't worked out since before my surgery date, but I've been closely monitoring what I consume.


Hey ladies,
SMH.... A little heads up. My mommy makeover blog is going to be closed for a couple of days. You know this is my main spot anyway so that within itself won't stop my flow. You know where to find me ;-). OAN, A BIG "THANK YOU" to all my lovely ladybugs for your comments! All of you are beautiful, and embrace the loving bond that we share. Not much to share except my legs are back to normal FINALLY! Now I'm Just trying to figure out the month I should choose for my BBL?


Just getting off the phone with another one of our tummy tuck sisters. I told her that I'm going to beat her butt when I see her at the CORTES DOLLS MEET AND GREET in August for not sharing this amazing part of her weight loss on her to blog. She had her tt surgery just before I had mm sx. She is 5'6" and on her sx day she weighed 196 lbs. Now nearly 2 months post op she is down to 170lbs! (You go girl, I see you are trying to keep up with me. Whoot whoot 26 lbs lost since sx). Okay so you ask what is so "AMAZINGLY PHENOMANAL"? Well first of all to look at her today you would have never guessed she weighed 310lbs a few years ago. Secondly, the most unbelievable thing is that she NEVER underwent any type of body lift surgeries to get rid of the skin. Her husband had her in the gym a week post op for 2 hour sessions, 6 days a week!!!!!! Her work out consisted of a lot of strength training using weights. Her skin retracted so good that all she needed was a tummy tuck and breast augmentation! Dr. CORTES did a fabulous job on her Tummy Tuck! That just goes to show you what the benefits a consistent regimented EXERCISE program can do for the body post op. You go girl! I'm so proud of you, and thank you for not only sharing your story with me, but for allowing me to share this with the other ladies. Muuuuuahhhhh.... BTW, go look at her pictures Flatty32!



Greetings Cortes Dolls,
Our event planning is underway, and we have a weekend of fun filled activities in store! Hotel Zsa Zsa is being considered for our, "Grown & Sexy" party (Adult entertainment is being discussed). Breakfast at, The Breakfast Klub, and a fondue dinner at The Melting Pot. We will also have our very own V.I.P. lounge at a local club where we can dance and indulge in cocktails, and snack on Hors d'oeuvres. We still are working on a afternoon activity. There will also be custom designed tank tops for us to wear for our afternoon activity. We are looking forward to meeting you all. If you are interested please inbox me or LADYB2011 with your contact info. So we can send you information.


ENJOYING MY NEW BODY! I CAN'T HELP BUT MARVEL AS I SEE IT TRANSFORM IN FRONT OF MY VERY EYES! I'm wearing a waist cincher on top of my XL garment. I ordered a gorgeous double boned steel corset today so that I can begin waist training. My current measurements are:
Chest/Bra 38DD
LOW WAIST(the area where your waist creases when you bend to the side): 41"
NATURAL WAIST(where the band of your pants sit. 1"-2" above belly button): 47"

Yep. This is so true.


28lbs. lost and I'm not even 2 months post op! I don't understand how some of these females haven't lost much of anything (except for their minds), post op? I maintain that I not only eat clean, but I consume small portion sizes. I drink water & Gatorade only, loyal to wearing my garments, and walk at least 30mins several times a week. If you burn more than you consume that automatically creates a deficit. Be careful about the lies you believe. There are three sides to every story:1) Your side. 2) The other persons side,and... 3)The TRUTH! If you are already depressed about your body it's easy to succumb to emotionally eating, and give up. Own that truth, and stop playing the "Blame" game. There is no way you are going to look fatter post-op(unless it's the first few initial weeks thereafter)if you are closely adhering to the aforementioned regimine. HAPPY HEALING!!! Muaaaaahhhhhh



I'm tough and can endure pain, but damn..... This ain't no punk! I'm nearly 9 hours in, and this corset is taking my breath away and kicking my tail simultaneously!

2 months post op tomorrow

Go read my mommy makeover review to get the update. Meanwhile...I'm still shopping! I love BODY CON dresses!


Ladies a few of you have shared with me that you have been having trouble with getting my blog uploaded. (I also face unusually long processing times, and type comments that won't load) Anyway I shot Kirsty a message requesting a BBL Part 2. Hopefully she will have me up and running very soon!

BBL Part 2 Review

Hey ladies, this is Kirsty. As MzPhatBooty has mentioned, her review has so much content that the page is now very slow to load for everyone, so we have started a part 2 review for her.

To start following her BBL Part 2 Review, please click on the link and leave a comment on her page. That will ensure that you get all of the updates that she will now be posting on her new page.


Doing my part to ensue I get the BEST results that I can. No complaints. Swelling in my boobies, and lower abdomen went down a lot this week. You can't rush this thing. You Just have to sit back and let it do what it's gonna do!

Feeling SUPER SEXY & more CONFIDENT than ever before!

245lbs and yes I'm a BAD BISH! Dr. Cortes worked his magic on this body of mine! Today's weather was very nice, and as I was strutting across the boulevard this cat slows down to let me cross in front of his SUV, all of a sudden I heard him say, "GOT DAMNNN BABY!"Next I heard horns blowing. In the supermarket, I caught stares from men and women alike! I must admit that it felt pretty good to be "THAT GIRL"!



Heyyyyy now!!!!!


At the club.

Almost 4 months post op!

Well ladies a lot of changes going on with this body since surgery (ALL GOOD). For the record my highest weight was 303lbs back in March of 2013. I dropped down to 299lbs and began my plastic surgery journey/weight loss journey. I lost 35lbs in 4 months, but regained 10lbs. On my surgery date I weighed 274lbs. Today I steadily holding at 240lbs. The waist training is paying off. I'm eating healthy, but I have my days of eating the bad stuff, and I drink like a fish on the weekends!lol This surgery has changed my life overall. I use to never go out to the club. Now I don't let a weekend pass without showing up! ;-) Random men make all kinds of offers to assist me w anything from carrying my groceries to taking me out etc. A guy pulled into the parking lot of the auto supply this morning and insisted on putting the oil in my ride! (Mind you I was bent over unscrewing the cap) These men are too much, but I fight them off cause "I's married now"! The amount of compliments I receive are bananas. I AM THAT GIRL no longer standing on the sideline, but playing at the CENTER field! My husband is performing like he is trying to put another baby inside of me! smh Life is good ya'll! Muahhhhh

Me and my ride or die...

Here you see my bestie (corset) and me.


I took these photos on 6/7/2014. Look at where I began to where I am now!

Another pic.

Haters will always hate. That's just what they do!

Ya'll I've said it before, and I'll say it again. THE HATE IS REAL!!!!! Can you imagine how it's going to be when I get my BBL??????

Night on the town

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