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It's almost time (10/25) ando I would be lying if...

It's almost time (10/25) ando I would be lying if I didn't say I'm super-duper nervous. Today was my last day of work for a few weeks. I have told only a few family members. Although I'm soooooooooooo nervous; I'm just as excited as I am nervous. I did do my research on Dr. J and I'm pleased that I chose him. I continually read about his non-existent bed side manners but it's all good... as long as he snatch this waist and fatten this ass I'm good. I will keep you guys updated as often as I can. I will do my before pic on 10/24 the day of pre-op. I can't wait to get sucked, stuffed, plumped and popped.... I'm so ready... although I'm neerrrrvvvvoouussss!!

Pissed!!!! Missed Flight!!!

I am so angry I probably could bite a brick in half!! Stood in line at Delta forrrreewvvveerrrrr!!!! When I approached the desk to check in my bags, she said oh my, you're not gonna make the flight because we can't get your bags on the flight in time. Now keep in mind everybody is complaining because one guy is doing baggage check-in. The other people doing baggage check-in are for "Special Services" or "Sky Priority." it's only one or two people in those lines but it looked like over a hundred people waiting in line for regular baggage check-in. When they finally get him some help its too late for me and a few others. So pissed right now. I had to call Dr. J and reschedule pre-op. Now I can't have pre-op until tomorrow at 9a.m. and surgery moved to the last patient of the day. PISSED!!! PISSED!!!! PISSED.... and I can't eat after midnight and not having surgery until noonish is gonna be horrible because I'm gonna be starving!!!! Pray for my temper!!! it's on 100!!!

Ok guys I will post pictures later today. I'm...

Ok guys I will post pictures later today. I'm waiting on the masseuse to come and help me get naked, sponge bath and then the lymphatic massage. Today will be the third lymphatic massage. The 1st two were really bad. I'm miserable because I don't know another way to sleep besides my stomach. it's causing my shoulders and neck to ache. If you guys have any suggestions on how to sleep please share them. I should be back with pictures around 4/5 p.m. (est).

post op day 3

Today is post op day 3. I had my last lymphatic massage today. Days 1
& 2 were really tough. Today has been much better. I have been up
and down and walking on my own a lot more today. I'm miserable though
because I want sleep in a different position. I find it so difficult
because I had my hips done also. If you ladies have any suggestions
about how to sleep other thank your stomach please share. I have no
appetite for some reason bUT my husband is making me lots of fluids and
lots of frui. Here are a few pics. I will post more tomorrow without the garment.

two week update with pics!!!

I missed my flight on 10/24 and had to take a later flight. I had to reschedule my post-opinion to 10/25 same day as surgery. This caused my surgery to be moved from 7:30 to 12:30. I was fine with that. The staff was amazing.

**Day of Surgery** I arrived at surgery nervous, excited, pumped and ready to go. I met with Dr J. He was very honest about my expectations. We discussed booty shapes based on my body shape. So I was excited about that. After surgery my husband and I went back to our hotel room. I had the lymphatic massage over the next three days. They were BRUTAL!!!! My surgery was on a Tuesday. On Friday I started to feel week and I didn't have an appetite. Like noooooooooooo appetite. Saturday I noticed I'm still weak and lethargic. Sunday was no better. Monday I went back to Dr. J's to have the drains removed because I was leaving on Tuesday. I could barely stand when I was in the office. Nurse J tested my blood and my hemoglobin was so low they sent me straight to the hospital and I had to receive a blood transfusion. I was in the hospital for 10 hours. I was finally released and flew home the next day. Two weeks later I feel soooooooooooo much better. I'm still tight and swollen but I feel great and I'm loving my shape. I know over the next few months my shape will get better and better and I'm looking forward to the final results. I have not sat on my butt and I'm not. I'm following my RS sisters advice but more importantly, I'm following Dr. J's advice... I will not sit for 3 months... sheesh. that's a long time but I will do it. My pictures are horrible because I did them myself. Hopefully I can get someone else to take them next time. I still need options to sitting. I stand a lot because I hate laying down. HELP!!! I return to work next week and my only option so far is the booty buddy for work.... what did you guys do for sitting at work?

I am 4 weeks post opt yesterday and I'm loving it....

I am 4 weeks post opt yesterday and I'm loving it. I was worried that it was losing a lot of volume but boy oh boy she's coming along really nice. Dr. J did his thang on me. I love how my waist has been snatched and booty popping. My husband loves it. The thing I'm worried about now is my appetite. It has finally returned and with a vengeance. I'm eating like I'm crazy!! I have to stop before I gain a lot of weight!!.. I still have not sat on my booty. I use my booty buddy pillow everywhere I go. I tell people that my sciatic nerve is acting up!!! Anyway RS Sistas I just wanted to give yall an update. I'm still a little sore and have numb spots on my sides and back. Slowly but surely it's getting better everyday!! Take care ladies!!
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Dr. Jimerson is awesome. Very honest and prepares you for actual expectation!!!!

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