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At this time tomorrow I Will be on my way to Dr....

At this time tomorrow I Will be on my way to Dr. Jimerson office to Finally Have The Procedure That Will Give Me The Curves That I've Always Wanted. I'm not looking for unrealistic outcome just put some curves where they are lacking.... I've been researching and following Dr.Curves (Jimerson) since 2010...I began paying on my surgery in 2013 and now my survey date is just 24hours away... I'm an RN So I'm not scared...Just a lil nervous. Hoping and praying for all things to go smoothly. I've always been confident in my own skin but NOW...Its About To Go Through the Roof...ALL THE WAY UP

41 Y/o with No Kids. Been Waiting 5Years For This Day

Looking Forward To Adding Some Curves To The Boxed Shape And
Flattening My Belly. My Preop Appt was cool. Got my Vital signs taken
And received my prescriptions. Everything was explained to me as to what
to expect when I arrive on my surgery date. The staff was nice and made
me feel comfortable. It assured me that I made the right choice. I will
continue to keep y'all posted.

Immediately Following Surgery...

Dr. Andrew Jimerson was definitely worth the wait and Money...invest in yourself...Don't Cheat Yourself!!

Invest in YouseIf..Don't Cheat Yoirself

Post op Photos
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