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Hello ladies. ive been wanting to get this sx way...

hello ladies. ive been wanting to get this sx way before i ever knew it exsisted..maybe even before it for so long i have felt like i was in the wrong body. i look in the mirror and see this body with no hips or ass and it feels like it is not me. my man thinks i look fine the way i am, but he doesnt understand what it feels like to not feel like u. i was thinking about it the other day and how to explain it to him and the best comparison i have is to the men and women who feel like the are the opposite sex. like a man feeling like he isnt a man...he feels like he really should be a woman. and to be honest, i didnt understand it myself until the idea came to me.

my man seems to go back and forth between seeming like he is embracing my sx and then wondering why im getting it. he is more of the decision maker in the relaionship and said it was ok if i got the sx and so i started to gain the weight needed to get the results that i want. and since i had a baby, i dont gain weight the same way i used to...its not cute. to me or to him=/. so im scared my man is going to change his mind and not want me to get the sx, bc b4 i started to gain the weight i was about 115-120lbs (i was scrawny) and im 5'2" and now i am about 130, maybe more. (its been a while since i weighed myself). and so i dont want to have to loose the weight ive gained bc it has been hard to gain it. im sick of eating...period. only when im ravenous is food at all enjoyable to me at this point (i never thought i would feel this way lol)

anyway...i have been going back and forth between jimerson and salama. i had a consultation already done by jimerson and feel like i didnt address all that i wanted to, so im hoping i can get some more questions answered. and i still need to schedule a consultation with salama. i have actually been more hesitant about salama bc for one he is booked up for a long time and i need this sx done before this year is up. and im scared to scedule an appiontment and not be able to switch it out for an earlier date. and second ive read some bad reviews on him. with jimerson i see good results just not a lot of them. im leaning more towards jimerson, but its still up in the air. money is not an issue when it comes to this sx for me, i just want to go with the best doc possible. one that will get the closest to the results i desire and that will treat me as they would like to be treated. so are there any ladies out there with some advice on which doc to go with? and if money was not an issue, what doc would u prefer to go with?

i plan to get my arms, bra area, upper back, lower back, flanks, and abdomen, lipoed. thats where i gain most of my weight now (i feel and look like a nothing i put on looks good...i just dont feel comfortable in my own skin). i want atleast 1000cc or more in each cheek and im going to get hips. i would like a very full, round, s curve (i think thats what its called) ass!

so, some concerns i have:
ive been looking at some b4 and after pix and one thing that i didnt like was in the b4 pix, it looked like some ladies have the indentation in the lower back and after the sx the indentation looks flat (i dont it bc of the lipo?) and i see some sort of white pads under the garment. im assuming to help with swelling. Any ladies who know what im taking about? i dont want a flat lower back. i dont have much of an indentation...but i do have one and i would like to keep it.

another concern of mine is that i have always been athletic and my ass feels like it has a good amount of muscle and im not sure if the my skin is elastic enough to get the fullness i desire. is there some way to tell? does anyone know about this and have had the same concern? did u get the volume u wanted? i also have light back dimples. i would like to enhance those if not keep them.

now, i know that getting massaged is extremely important for this sx. how long after i get the sx do i need to be massaged? and how many times a day is ok? is there anyway i can overdo the massaging? or the more the better? i want to make sure i am nice and soft. i know the damage of scar tissue and what it can do=/ i see some ladies ordered more massages for right after sx, some continued them once home, and i read about using rolling pins so u can do it urself.

ive always wanted a really small waist. does anyone know of a good garment to go with? does anyone know how to know which one i may need for sx? ive also heard of ladies using some kind of corset...i guess its called a waist cincher?

bbl is not the only surgery i plan on getting. after i had my baby via csection, i breast fed and i am more than definitely getting a tt and maybe a breast lift. i have ugly stretch marks on my tummy and my tits arent as perky anymore. I know some would say that i am vain or just plain crazy, but i just want to enjoy life. i am young and i want to just throw on a some clothes, be able to wear whatever the hell i want, and not be concerned about sucking in or trying to find the most flattering look. i want to live without being so focused on hiding.

i am so thankful to have found this site and be able to share my journey with u ladies and read ur journys as well.

Hey ladies. so i have just been doing tons of...

hey ladies. so i have just been doing tons of research, trying to make sure i have all my lists together for sx. i have really been getting excited about this sx. but i think i got too ahead of myself. see, i have never had a credit card before and i have no credit. i saw that i could get a cc no prob, its just that the financing places arent going to accept me bc i have no proof of income. i get paid under the table and that is how i have gotten paid for the last 3 years! i dont know what im going to do. the financing place said i could get someone to cosign or something but i dont have anyone that would do it. the only person i really have in my life is my boyfriend and he has no credit either! it freakin sucks! i can pay! just not in one lump sum. so i have to finance this sx...but i guess thats not an option anymore ::sigh:: i dont just venting. sorry, i dont mean to be such a downer. i just wish i wouldve known sooner so i couldve prepared more. and im sad bc ive already started gaining all this weight, im already 135lbs and my target is 140! so close yet so far...

any ladies run into the same issue? what did u do? any suggestions? im desperate...

I was soo excited because my man finally agreed to...

i was soo excited because my man finally agreed to let me get a bbl a few months ago and now he has changed his mind once again. he told me to loose the weight that i gained to get the bbl and im feeling resentful because it was extremely hard to gain and he knows how much this surgery means to me. he thinks that the fact that he tells me that he wants me to be scrawny and likes me that way should be enough for me. should it? i feel torn. apart of me agrees with him. i feel like his opinion should be the only opinion that matters. but then i disagree because i feel that no matter how much he is pleased with the way my body looks i will never be happy with it...i have to be content with me because of no one but me. ::sigh:: yes i had a smaller waist when i was thin, but i still had no hips...i was straight up and down and carried most of my weight on top. so even with the weight off i feel soo uncomfortable in my own skin. and there is no way i can get the sx if he doesnt agree with it. i dont know how to convince him to let me get the sx. i feel hopeless.

Hey ladies, so my husband and i are trying to...

hey ladies,

so my husband and i are trying to work things out. he agreed to me getting the sx now i just have to figure out the date. for quite some time now i have been doing research on the bbl and bookmarking all my fav info. and somehow all my bookmarks are gone from chrome!!!! im so confused as to where they went and kind of disappointed bc some of the info i got was from ladies that no longer post on rs and/or are no longer members of the site. i wish i remembered their names that way i could go back to their profiles to get the info i need. does anyone know how to do that? get back my bookmarks from chrome? i tried looking to up on the computer to do it, but i dont have any idea what im

anyways, i called dr j and my quote went up from 14,000 to 16,000. that kind of sux. i hope i can lock in a date soon. its just a matter of time. i was hoping to get my sx around the summber time but i dont think its looking good. i wish i could just win the lotto and not have to finance the sx. bc i gained all the weight needed to get the sx already and it is making me depressed...i feel so blah...i cant fit any of my clothes and have major muffin

also, i just wanted to say thanks to all the ladies for ur support. i have been going thru some major changes and im aware that i have some growing to do. dont we all. my man has been so amazing and i have taken him for granted big time. so im trying to be better for him and myself. and he is aware of that and knows how much this sx means to me. so i was pretty releaved to hear that he said i could get it.

i still have been stalking the site and i just want to say that all of you ladies are looking amazing and hope sx and healing goes well for you all!

I made my deposit and set my date. dr j curves...

i made my deposit and set my date. dr j curves here i come!!!! monica was super sweet and took care of me right away. thanks monica! i am so excited. i feels surreal. now i just have to get my ducks in order and get to planning and saving. i am planning on financing but i may have enough time to save up most of the cash. plus, i wont have to worry about finding a cosigner. yaayeee meee! lol.

oh and ladies, i found out some mega useful info when i was at the bank today. if u dont have credit or have bad credit, u can take out what is called a "secured loan" and what u do is u give the bank x amount of dollars...lets just say 1000. then u take out the loan...they give u 1000 back and give u a loan for the 1000 they just gave u. so what u do is u pay 100 dollars a month for lets say 7 months for a 9 month loan and bam! ur credit is better. so u have to pay back the 1000 dollars 2 months prior to the loan cut off. and i think 9 months was the shortest loan available at my bank...but they have ones that are longer than that and i was advised to take out a loan for 12 months and pay it in 10. and u dont spend the 1000 dollars they give back to u...u use it to pay off the loan. so then ur credit will be good enough for u to finance ur sx all by urself. i am going to do this plus save up as a back up plan just in case i dont get all the cash together in time. hope this was helpful. sorry i cant really get my thoughts out and for speaking in just so excited to finally after being on this site for a year to finally have my date set...yessss!

Attention: Dr Salama girls...

its been a while since ive posted. not much has gone on. im just not seeing many girls that go to dr jimerson and im seeing a lot from dr salama. also, im noticing that im liking more of dr salamas results more that dr jimerson. so i am considering switching doctors. just trying to weigh my options. and it comes down to how much it would cost to stay in miami to see dr salama vs how much it would be to see dr jimerson. so if there are any ladies out the who know of a great place to stay in miami please inbox me! i am looking for a place where i can cook my own meals b/c i am allergic to lots of foods and have a strict diet and cant eat out. i already know where i would stay if i was to see dr jimerson. so any ladies that have seen dr salama or are going to see him and know of a great place to stay...that is cheap too...please let me know! thanks dolls

Changed my mind...

i will now be going to see dr. salama! paid my deposit. thank you cynthia and nancy. they are truly some of the most wonderful women ever! they sincerely care about ur well being and u as a human being. such kind and considerate women. i heard so much about them from other rs sisters, but now i know for myself. and dr salama is the truth ladies!!!!! i have always loved salamas work, but i decided to go with dr jimerson bc i was able to get an earlier date. i love jimersons work too, but i never was 100% about him. so after months and months of having a date set with jimerson...the less confident i grew. i was into jimerson way before all the tv shows and interviews. after all that feelings toward getting my sx by him changed. not to say those were the reasons...just something in my gut. plus his lack of lipo. i still believe he is a wonderful surgeon, but dr salama and his practice give me a warm fuzzy feeling i likey. oh yeah...his prices are waaaay better too! im saving like 5gs to get the same stuff done with salama that i was going to get with jimerson. soooo...yeah....thats a major plus too. i loose $500, but its worth my peace of mind =) now... if rs would just allow me to change my surgeon...

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