Surgery is 2 days away!!!!

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Hi Ladies! I am so excited! Aziza from Dr....

Hi Ladies! I am so excited! Aziza from Dr. Jimerson's office called me today to tell me they had an opening come available on October 21, 2014 and asked if I wanted to take it. Um………YES!!!!!!! I can't believe it! I am so excited! I have so many things to do though to get ready for this. I am coming from out of State. I need to buy a plane ticket, find a place to stay, hire a caretaker, start buying the things I will need, and get my house and family all taken care of before I can leave. I am thinking of staying 14 days. They say you have to stay at least stay 10 days. I'm thinking 14 to be on the safe side. I don't know where to stay though, or who to hire to take care of me, and for how long? As well as who to get lymphatic massages from and how soon after surgery. All of this is a little overwhelming. For those of you who went to Dr. Jimerson and were from out of State, where did you guys stay? How was it? Who was your caretaker? Would you recommend them? And what about lymphatic massages. Do you know anyone good, who will come to you? How soon after surgery did you start getting them? I would love some advice if anyone would like to send it my way! Tomorrow I will post my pictures. Until then, good night everyone!!

My Wish Pictures! And a little about me!

I have been collecting my my wish pictures for a year and a half now. I hope Dr. Jimerson can make me look so AMAZING, I will be someone else's wish picture one day:) In my pictures you can see that what I want most is that hip to waist ratio. I want some hips more than anything! And in order for those hips and butt to look their best, you need a tiny waist to go along with it! I am having pretty much my entire body lipo'd , so I better not have any fat left anywhere what so ever. I am paying for 5 extra areas on my body lipo'd along with the bbl. The bbl includes stomach, lower back, and flanks lipo'd. I am paying extra for my bra roll, upper back, inner thighs, chin and arms. But I might not do the arms. Well see the day of surgery. My husband is not supporting me on doing this surgery and thinks its going to be a big waist of money. He is SO negative. He thinks its even more ridiculous that I am traveling across the United States to go to Dr. Jimerson. But I think Dr. Jimerson is one of the best (from what I've seen) and has a lot of experience with doing bbl's. So since this is my one and only chance to get this done (my husband would never let us pay for another surgery EVER) I can't take my chances going to someone inexperienced. So hopefully Dr. J can do his magic on me and make my husband "eat" his words! My husband also thinks the results are not going to last. That is what I am most worried about. It has been so hard to talk my husband into letting me get this surgery, that if the results don't last, he's going to be right, and I will hear about it the rest of my life:( Vets, if their are any of you out their with results past a year, please message me how your doing. I want to know if your results have been permanent or not. How much fat have you lost if any? I would be SO THANKFUL to those of you who would update me on their results past 1 year. Or even 9 months. I don't have any support going into this journey, and would love some support from someone who has gone through it. Anyways enough about that.

About me. I am 5 foot 4". 32 years old. I have 4 wonderful kids, and love being a mom. Though it is very exhausting at times, and I never have time for myself these days, I still love it, and I am so thankful I was able to have kids, even though it has done a number to my body. I use to have a decent figure before I had kids. I had no hips whatsoever, but somewhat of a little butt. Not a lot, but a little. I got a boob job when I was 20. I had nothing before. I went conservative. Not big at all, but more than what I had before. They looked very natural, and fit my 110 frame I use to have. Since nursing 3 kids though, they have gotten smaller. Not sure how that is even possible though with breast implants, but it has happened. It must have been my natural breast tissue that shrunk. Anyways, I plan on getting a breast lift, bigger implants put in, and a tummy tuck after my BBL. But not for a really long time after. My husband won't pay for it, so I will have to figure out a way to pay for it myself, while still being able to be a stay at home mommy:)

I currently weigh 150 lbs. This is what I weigh naturally with eating whatever I want, and not exercising. Its not at all what I like to look like, but I have purposely let myself go this past year to prepare myself for surgery (meaning have enough fat for a bbl). Exercising and eating healthy though is important to me, so I plan on toning up and changing my diet after my surgery. Before I had kids I weighed 115 lbs. It took a lot of exercising to look like I did, and pretty much starving myself. I ate very little, and only healthy foods. I have the "apple shape" body type. So when I am not super skinny, my fat goes to my tummy the most, next my inner thighs, arms and back. Oh and my chin. I am jealous of those girls with the "pear" shape bodies. They gain their weight in all the right areas to get them that hour glass figure. I am SO EXCITED to change my body type into a "pear" vs. an "apple" :) I want that hour glass figure more than anything! I was actually hoping my hips would widen with childbirth. ha ha! But instead they became even more boyish to me:( My hips went higher, taking away any little waist I had, and my rib cage has expanded, making my waist even more impossible to achieve that hour glass figure that I have always wanted.

I want Dr. J to take out as many cc's as he can ( I don't want any fat left over what so ever. Esp on my waist and back), and put it ALL to good use! I want my butt and hips to go as big as they will go. I'm thinking 1300 cc's in each butt cheek, and 300 in each side of my hips. I hope my skin will stretch that far for that amount of cc's I am wanting. I will never get the chance for a second bbl procedure again (husband would never let us spend the money to do it again). So I want to go as big as I can go the first time. Especially since they say you will lose an average of 30% of what they transfer. If it is too big, which I doubt would be the case. The girls that work at Dr J's office say they never hear that complaint. If anything, here on real self, I here more of it being too small than too big. But if it ends up being bigger than I want (because I am going to tell him to make it as big as it will go) I will just lose some weight and it will go down. I may just have to be stricter on my diet than I want to be. Going as big as I can go though, will "ensure" me if I end up having any fat loss.

Well that ended up being a lot about me and not "a little" like my title says. LOL! My kids were being really good. I was able to type more than I thought I would. My surgery is in 6 weeks. I still don't know where I am going to stay, who I am going to hire to take care of me, or who to get lymphatic massages from. If any of you vets have any advice or experience with places to stay or caregivers to hire, send em my way! I would be SO thankful! I am a little overwhelmed esp. since I am coming from out of state. I have bought my plane ticket. And today I will make my appointment for my medical clearance. Can't wait to be on the other side! And hopefully one of you ladies wish pictures one day:)

Here are the wish pictures!

Here are the wish pictures! I have many! I've been collecting for a year and a half now:)

Wish pictures continue!

I meant to add more wish pictures than that to the last post. Here they are.

I think I have more wish pictures on this site than anyone else! ha ha:) I could have just posted a few, but I thought "what the heck" why not post em all! This should give everyone a clue of what I'm hoping for! Hips, Hips, Hips! and Waist to hip ratio! Waist to hip ratio! Waist to hip ratio!

Only 5 weeks away, and not sure what supplements to take to prepare….

I am only 5 weeks away now! It will be here before you know it. I am getting SO nervous. I hope Dr. J takes his time on me, and I'm not just a pay check only to him. I am friends with someone who works closely with Dr's, and goes into surgeries with them. They say that some Dr's could care less about their patients, and all about how much money they are going to make on them. They will talk bad about their patients while in surgery, and make jokes about their bodies. I hope Dr. J isn't like this. I am getting so nervous. I hope he is a good guy. I read a review here on real self about him, and the girl said he wasn't very friendly and only answered her with one word answers while marking her up to go into surgery. This was her first time meeting him too. She met with a nurse for her pre-opt appointment. I better be meeting with Dr. J for my pro-opt app. I have never met or talked with him on the phone. If they expect me to meet him for the first time as he's marking up my body for surgery, I will not be happy, and will think twice about going into surgery with a doctor who doesn't meet his patients until 10 minutes before surgery. My coordinator made a note that I want to meet with Dr. J for my pre-opt appointment the day before my surgery. This better happen. I will be calling before hand again to make sure this happens. I am flying out of state, and have never met or talked to him over the phone. I need to feel comfortable with him before I go through with this. I'm getting SO NERVOUS!

Anyways….. I am not sure what vitamin supplements to take and not to take before surgery gets closer. My paper work Azizza sent me is only half readable. I am waiting for her to send it again. I have read on her to take iron way in advance. But not sure how in advance. I hope 5 weeks is plenty of time to get my iron level where it needs to be. And do I need to take a high dose of vitamin C with the iron? I also read something about vitamin E. I think your not suppose to take it before surgery. Is this right? Help!!! I'm not sure what I am suppose to take and not to take. Vets I would love some advice!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - How soon after surgery?

I have another question for you all. How soon after surgery do I need to start getting the lymphatic drainage massages? 2-3 days after surgery? Is the sooner the better? And then once I start, how many do I get every week? 2-3 a week? I read you should get around 12 massages after this surgery. Is that correct?

Should I be 10-15 lbs over my ideal weight going into surgery, or 20-30 lbs over my ideal weight?

I currently weigh 150lbs. I want to weigh 120 lbs after surgery. Thats what I weighed before I had kids, and it is what I think I look best at. My arms are skinnier, and I don't have the double chin thing going on at 120 lbs. But I want Dr. J to make my butt and hips goes as big as they can go, so I'm worried if I don't have lots of extra fat, he won't be able to get enough "good" fat from my body to give me what I want. But I don't want any fat left over after my surgery either. They say they can only take out 10 lbs of fat (5000 cc's). So you should be 10-15 lbs heavier than your ideal weight before surgery. It seems here on real self though, girls who are skinnier don't get as many cc's as girls who weigh more. Why is this? Do you guys get what I am thinking? Do you all have any advice on this? Is it better to be only 10-15 lbs over what you prefer your weight to be, or 20-30 lbs over what you prefer your weight to be to get as many cc's and "good fat" as you want. Once again, I don't want any fat left on my body except for my butt and hips, but I want Dr Jimersen to make my butt and hips as big as he can make them. What should I do? And what has been your experience on this topic?

Gold Platinum Recovery House

I just booked my stay at Gold Platinum Recovery House. I will be staying 14 days. Its costing me $1950. That includes 3 meals a day, transportation, and nurse care. Only 5 weeks to go!

Hackers posting your pictures on your Facebook account!

I just read someone's review who took her pictures down because she said their are hackers hacking into their real self accounts, and somehow connecting it to their Facebook account, and posting all their naked pictures for everyone to see! Is this true? Has anyone had this happen? Now I'm thinking twice about posting my pictures of myself. But thats such a shame cause I know it could help someone else who is thinking of going through this surgery. I know your reviews have helped me a ton!

This is how I plan to sleep!

I am going to purchase this antigravity reclining lawn chair. The bungee cord style. I plan to undo some of the bungee cord where my butt will be sitting, and make a hole in that spot. It will be perfect because I won't have to cut anything out. And when I'm done using it as a butt less chair, I can put the bungee back into place, and it will be good as new! These chairs are SO COMFORTABLE! You can recline in them, or sit forward. Perfect for us recovering from bbl surgery. I am planning on buying the Earth Elite home massage kit as well. Its a face cradle that you can attach to your bed. Perfect for sleeping on your stomach. Oh, and someone here on real self had the idea of swimming tubes. I purchased two of those. Depending on how those will work, I might be able to sleep on my sides without them actually touching the bed. Will see on that idea. Its a good idea, but trying to get in and out of the tubes might be kind of hard.

This is what the chair looks like reclining.

Self massages with rolling pins. Youtube video link.

Youtube has this video on using rolling pins in between lymphatic massages after liposuction surgery. I plan to do this. Link below.

My surgery is in two weeks!!!! Here are my pre-opt measurements.

My surgery is two weeks away! I'm so excited! These last few weeks have been going so slow! I am so ready to get this over with, and start the recovery process. I called and ordered my second recovery garment yesterday from . They ask you to take your measurements, send it to them via email, and then they will fit you into the correct size garment. They told me I will need a large. So here are my measurements pre -opt. (I am 25lbs over my ideal weight. )

arm - 11 1/2"
above breast - 36"
bust with bra - 38"
beneath breast with sternum - 32"
waist of navel - 34"
largest part of my belly and around flanks (aka my spare tire! Yuck!) - 40 1/2
Hips at widest point - 39"
mid thigh - 21" (the top of my thigh is 24", but that should go a lot smaller after lipo)
above knee - 15
beneath breast to crotch - 15"
crotch to ankle - 28"

So you can see I am definitely an apple body shape:( And I have a serious "spare tire" going on in my midsection. Its bigger than my hips! Yuck! I can't wait for Dr. J to take that "spare tire" and transfer it on to my hips!!! I will still need a tummy tuck as well, but that will be later down the road. I think my stomach is still going to look nice and flat though with him liposuctioning all the fat from it. I will post my pre-opt pictures soon, as soon as I figure out how to blot out my face and anything in the background. Any advice on how to do this would be helpful!

Lymphatic drainage massages? How often?

So I have contacted Tiana with the wellness sanctuary and have scheduled me some post surgery lymphatic drainage massages. I am going to do my first one 3 days after surgery. And then have one everyday after that for the next 8 days. Do you guys think that is too much? Should I get them every other day instead of everyday? Tiana said everyday would be fine and keep me more comfortable. But I'm worried that is too much. I'm worried too much will be harmful and not helpful for my recovery. I have been researching lymph drainage massages to find out what the guide lines are on post surgery, and I am getting mixed answers. Have any of you vets done them everyday after surgery for a little while? Was it helpful/harmful? I am so confused on how often I should schedule these. I would love some input on this issue. Thanks in advance!

On my way to Atlanta!

I am flying on a plane right now, on my way to Atlanta! I cant believe that in 3 days, I going to be getting this surgery! I have been waiting for this for a year and a half now, ever since I found out there was such a thing as a bbl! It has always been my wish to have a tiny waist, and curvy hips and butt! I have never had hips, and if I wanted a tiny waist, I have had to sacrifice a nice round butt for it. Or vice versa. But now, it's possible to have it all, and with using your own unwanted fat and not any foreign objects!! It's my dream come true! This past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. I am feeling so many differents emotions, all at the same time. Excited, scared, worried, hopeful, ect. Ect. I am so ready to get this surgery over with, and start focusing on my family again. I have been consumed with preparing myself for this surgery this past six weeks. Ever since I got the call from Aziza telling me they had a surgery date for me. Even though I'm ready to focus on others things in my life besides this surgery, I promise to keep my blog updated with my progress and recovery. Because everyone's review I have read here on real self has helped me through this process, I want to help back. Tonight when I get to where I'm staying, I will post my before picture! I finally figured out how to do markings on my pics to dot out my face, tatoe's, ect. Three days to go, and I will be on the other side!!!! Atlanta Georgia, here I come!!!!!!

I made it to Atlanta!

Well, I'm here in Atlanta now. Terris the owner of Gold Platinum recovery house picked me up from the airport. She is super nice! At her house I got to meet a girl who is 1 week post op from a bbl and a tummy tuck. She looks really good! Oh, and Terris looks amazing too! She had her bbl done by Dr. Jimerson 6 years ago ( yes, six years ago! She didn't lose any volume) and even though she has gained 20 lbs since then (thats what she told me), she still has that perfect hip to waist ratio! I can't wait to tell my husband that! He thinks the results won't last. Shm!!! I cannot wait to prove him wrong!

Well I don't have anything more to update you on. In two days I will have my pre-opt with Dr. Jimerson, and then surgery the next morning! So excited! Can't wait!

My pre-opt appointment is in the morning!

My pre-opt appointment is in the morning! I can't believe this is all about to go down! Two nights from now, I will be post op. I can't wait for my new curves! I'm so nervous to meet Dr. J. He's like a celebrity here on real self! LOL! Well, I better get some sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow for my appointment. Good night Ladies! Wish me luck!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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