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Hey, girls.... I have been reseaching the BBL for...

Hey, girls.... I have been reseaching the BBL for about a year now. I want it soooo bad lol. I have my virtual consultation with Dr. Jimerson, ATL on Oct 1, 2012. Im completely anxious and excited but i am also worried because I dont think I can come up with $500 by then to actually schedule the surgery. I want to do this but I have to be patient because of finances and this surgery is VERY expensive but well worth it from what I hear.

Does anyone know a better way to get financed for Dr. Jimerson? I am financed trhough HEALTH CARE FINANCE DIRECT but they want to you to put down half which is about 5,000 ( Havent done consultation with DR. yet so im not sure of the actual price.) So if anyone knows a place that DR. Jimerson accepts that will finance someone without the best credit, I ll be extremely HAPPY.

I want to feel good about my self againa nd look good in my clothes..i m sure you all can relate. I look forward to going through this journey with all of you and reading about all ya'lls experiences. YAAAAHHH BBL!! LOL

So i've literally spent ALL day reading reviews...

So i've literally spent ALL day reading reviews and secretly (shhhh) hating on the Beautiful women who have already gotten the procedure :-) neglecting my husband who completely supports my decision. I am toooooo excited I want the money to do this so bad... i've even considered stripping lol j/k but seriously i am desperate.

I would LOVE to get this done...everyones post/ experiences/ review and pix only make me want this so much more. I've researched Hotels and airports near 6920 Mcginnis Ferry rd suite 360, suwaness, georgia 30024, so if anyone who had already had their surgery have any info on hotel prices an which airport I would need to land in and how far is the hotel away from the airport and how far is the hotel from the doctors office.

I need this self- esteem push soooo bad... i dont know what to do with my self..I wanna feel sexy again ladies :-) oh yeah im hoping to get the procedure in March 2013....im 5'7 183 lbs ( Huge I know) African American Female.

So I put up some pics of me now ( last 4 or 5)...

So I put up some pics of me now ( last 4 or 5) that my husband took for me, but he failed to take a pic of my thighs ( inner) that I also want lipo'd during the procedure and as u all can see I have a no ass havin boxy ass lol for lack of a better description with no hips and a stomach that surpasses it all so I'm sure ya'll see y I want this procedure...bcus no sexiness lives here hahaha. Granted its not That bad ( and I say that sentence loosey) it is bad enough to affect my self esteem. I am 23 yrs old, no children, newly married ( little over a yr) so to me there is not a reason for me to look like this. So enough of the self pity.....good Luch girls and I'm proud of yall for taking the reigns in ur life and changing what u didn't lime to make u look/ feel better about ur selves. Until later my big booootay women ;-)

So ladies alot has happened since ive last posted...

So ladies alot has happened since ive last posted. I am now getting a divorce , my husband cheated on me twice with these girls with nice little bodies cuz i dont look like i once did, we've only been married for a yr and one month. The first time he cheated was 3 months after we got married. Im devestated...this makes me want this surgery even more..not so much becuase of him but for me also..i want my self esteem and self worth back. I feel worthless, ugly, fat disgusting, pretty much every negative thing u can think of. That is one of the reasons I switched to Dr. Salama..I cant afford him right now either but i probably can afford him beofre I can afford Dr. J. I need this...I am so Depressed, I feel like dying half the days but this is what i look up to, to move on, to be better, this and going to school for registered nursing and to start my life by myself. I just need enough money to get this done. If anyone knows how I can get the money to get this done ASAP please let me know im begging yall inbox me. Thank you for ur guys support. i dunno if i can get though this with out yall. Thanks for listening.

Soooooo....Ladies I have FINALLY, FINALLY made my...

Soooooo....Ladies I have FINALLY, FINALLY made my FINAL decision on which Dr I want to do my body/ Boootyyy make over. I chooose Dr. Jimerson. I wanted to choose dr. s becuz he was cheaper but his prices are getting a little steep also so I decided to go for the gold!! Dr. S is awesome too but my booty want what my booty wants ;-). I am concerned because I want to lose ALOT of inches in my waist with the bbl....My waist now is maybe 33 to 34 inches ( I dont have a tape measurer) and I want it at a 25 to 26 and In Dr. J 's pics I dont see that drastic of a change in any of his patients so im concerned that I wont get the results I want in the waist size. My consultation is Oct 1st so I'll just ask him then..which im absolutely excited about....it seems so far away but it's perrrfet timing since im having ACL surgey on the 6th of Sep so ill have plently of time to talk to him while im home on conv. leave. I have also found the PERFECT wish pic for me that explains EXACTLY to the 'T" what I want...I only hope it looks good on me and goes with my body shape, Im also concerned about that too because the butt shape I want; I am not sure If Dr. J know how to contour it that way since I havent seen anything simular in any of his before and after photos. Does anyone know of a cheaper hotel near the office, I do not want to too much money for a hotel but still want to be comfortable and clean...91 dollars a night is Too darn expensive. Im Ballin on a smalllllll budget lol SOOOooo Ladies until next time....Booooties out...PEACE

So ladies i need your help......I cannot figure...

So ladies i need your help......I cannot figure out for the life of me where my final destination would be on an airplane...Do I get off the plane in Atlanta or is there someplace else?? Also if you all know of a nice hotel that doesnt cost too much...any hotel that cost more that MAYBE 70 a night is WAYYYYY too much for me. Let me know......Im researching everything and need to find the prices so I can save enough. Thank you girls and Gook luck with you all on your journey.

It has been a while since I have posted anything...

It has been a while since I have posted anything on here so I am about to put an upday on what has been going on with me. So I have my ACL surgery on the 6th of Sept and will be out of work for 30 day which works out well for me since my consultation is on OCT 1st 2012 with DR. J so I will be home and will be able to ask all the questions I need to ask with out worrying about my co- workers hearing me hahahaa. I almost have the full $500 to put down to save the date ( hopefully 1 MAY2013 is open...Birthday is May 21st...want this done before my 24th Bday) I will haveit by my consultation date. I plan on putting the money down as soon as my consultation is over and me and the good ole doc are finished discussing our plan for my new booootayyyy....I have a good idea of what I want done but am not sure if he is going to agree with this because heknow more of the dynamics of the body than I do. I would like VERY aggressive lipo of the abdomen ( 35 inch waist to 26 inch waist if possible), upper and lower back as well as additional lipo on my inner and posterier thighs ( not sure is posterior is the right word for the back of the thigh) also I would like to add some hips because right now im SERIOUSLY lacking ladies lol....So as yall can see I have put ALOT of though into this and am excited even though i still have a XTRA LONG journey ahead of me but this is the only thing keeping me sane right now. UMMMM lets seee..OHHHH AND SOMEPNE PLEASELET ME KNOW OF AN INEXPENSIVE HOTEL I CAN LOOK INTO, ALSO DO I FLY INTO ATLANTA OR IS THERE A DIFFERENT AIRPORT WE NEED TO USE. Thanks Ladies..Bootttiesss Out!!

So ladies Here is my depressing update lol ....I...

So ladies Here is my depressing update lol ....I am back to square one with the money issue. I am getting the divorce and he is leaving me with ALLLL the divorce except the wedding rings and HIS car. I didn't make the consultation on Oct 1 because they said they didn't received my pictures even though I checked with then 2 days prior and they said they had received then...but I received no call..but an email a couple hours later stating that they didn't have my pics...even though everything ( exaggeration) seems to be going wrong, this is what I look forward to...The sooner I get it the better..I was hoping to get it in Jan, so i guess sill have to find a rich boyfriend by then lol jk...But on a serious note I love this site..truly is a godsend for me in this aspect of my life...I really do need this for my sanity, self esteem, confidence and I hope to get it soon. If anyone knows of any type of financing that might accept me please let me know..Jan is my goal and i pray to get it done by then..I dont know what imma do but i have to make it happen. I really just have to. ...Thank you girls for listening to my babble.....Oh yeah i have to reschedule my consultation , does anyone know when the next available online consultation is going to be?

I meant: He is leaving me with ALL the DEBT except...

I meant: He is leaving me with ALL the DEBT except the wedding rings*

So I finally got another consultation date and its...

So I finally got another consultation date and its for DEC 28TH 2012...So far away but im patient, i know its worth it. All this trouble for the BBL lol I love it...I envision how it'll look in my mind everyday. I look on Dr. Jimersons website and he has new pics on there and I am amazed how good he is still. I definitely want hips because im as narrow as a 5th grader...but im afraid of looking too wide and then it will look fake so I hope we can talk about a happy medium. Good Night BBL LADIES...I wish you all well and Happy Healing!!!

So ladies my Measurements as of Todays are...

So ladies my Measurements as of Todays are 39-35-44 and I weigh 180 LBS, 177 on A good day lol. I feel like my body is all f*@#$d up...Out of proportion for real....I am on a diet now and I drink a slim fast shake for breakfast w/ a 16.9 oz water bottle...then for lunch I eat regular, then for dinner another slim fast shake w/water; so now Im just working on keeping my diet and staying away for temptation :-( ....The things we do for beauty ladies....SMDH lol. I might have to put up new picture of what I look like now because i think I look different. My waist is 35 that is horrible..and if Im right DR. J will only be able to MAYBE get me to 31 inches...I want my waist to be hella small so that not gonna work...So thats why Im tryna lose weight so i can have a smaller tummy. To be honest I am more concerned with how my stomach and waist will look more then anything else in this procedure because if your waist is small it can make just about any ass look a good size and the stomach to me is the problem area. Fat just likes to live there and never leave...but im bout to evict they a$$ pretty soon here. So Ladies if yall know of a diet where i wont be so Fricken hungry all the time let me know. To everyone good luck and I want to see each and everyone one of yall new a$$e$ so we can all celebrate being sexy as hell!!

UPDATE***Hello Lovely Ladies *** So I have 21 days...

UPDATE***Hello Lovely Ladies *** So I have 21 days until my consult, It may seem like a long time away but time is really flying for me. I have my deposit so as soon as the consult is finished im saving a date, Im thinking May or June 2012..Most likely june; i would love it before my birthday but I wont have the funds by then so I can wait. I heard the prices have already went up which sucks but I have my mind made up about this surgery and there is NO looking back...Im already picturing myself in the mirror. SOOOO I bought this butt pad to wear out and about that fills my booty out, that i love...I love how it looks in jeans, in dresses, even in my pjs...I cant wait until i dont have to TAKE OFF my a$$ lol...So time is flying...my divorce will be final on Monday and I will moving in a few weeks also. Things are looking up and this BBL is my priority right now as everything else is taken cared of. Take care..and I wish everyone well and of course HAPPY HEALING!! :-)

Had my consultation with THE DR. JIMERSON. When he...

Had my consultation with THE DR. JIMERSON. When he came on the phone it was as if i was star struck....Stuttering and all lol. He answered my questions and said that he could make me look even better, I asked him a question about ALL the fat on my stomach and he told me I really dont have that muc fat on my stomach to my surprise because it sure looks like i do....so that made me feel good. His assistant Shelly told me not to lose anymore weight but I did forget to ask the dr about it so im going to email her and ask her if he said anything about my weight. Shelly was concerned that my butt looks tight and DR. Jimerson alaso asked me if it was hard or loose so to speak but said he can get it round, perkey and looking good. My total cost including hips and the bra roll will be 11,200 so price have not went up yet but I was told that they are going up really soon in the next month so lock in your dates ASAP ladies.....the soonest they have is July...so Im going with August. I am extremell excited wish I could have the procedure done sooner....ohhh and I was told If i pay cash I could get in sooner to get the procedure done so thats an incentive to pay cash...even though I know I wont be able to but for those of you who can will certainly benefit from it. Well thats all I can remember for now...My journey Starts now!! Bottoms up Ladies....

1 Month update. Well my date is Aug 28, 2013, Im...

1 Month update. Well my date is Aug 28, 2013, Im hoping to get an earlier date but that invloves paying cash since I guess they arent letting us switch dates anymore due to confusion. I know its still 8 months away but i want to be prepared so to all the BBL veterans LMK which hotels are worth the money and which ones arent. Ive been reading alot of reviw but have been unable to consolidate the needed information, i need to do better lol. Initially i was gettting BBL, Hips, Bra roll but i changed it to inner thigh...even though my bra roll needs alot of help ive aways been insecure about how i walked, i feel i walk like a peiguin (?)and would like a little space between thighs to even things out. I know there is a chance that they wont be able to take alot out because i dont know if you can tell from my pic but my thighs are thick..and not in the good way. So there it goes my update i guess... oh and my measurements today are 39-33-41, so ive lost a cpl inchs in the backside and in my stomach... i was told not to lose anymore weight but i just wan to loose this last 10 and ill stop...i figure the more i lose the better my results will be and they will have plenty of fat between my thighs and stomach area so im not at all worried...also ladies HOW WOULD I GO ABOUT TONING MY ARMS AND LEGS BEFORE SURGERY....When i get out of surgery i want to focus on healing, ive ben working out but my thighs dont seem to be slimming or atleast toning...and my arms are fat and i want to slim them out and tone them. One of the ladies on this site brough up a valid question...Where do yall buy jeans after the prodedure is done????? I will post questions in my headline just in case no one reads my post but i would love info...like i said i still have about 8 months so this is just for preparation purposes. Thanks ya'll, I appreciate the support. Happy Healing!

Its been a while since Ive been on this site and...

Its been a while since Ive been on this site and updated my post. First off I would like to thank the ladies that posted websites where I would find more wish pics AND those of you that check up on me...I appreciate it although I haven't replied or posted in a while. I am content with my 28 Aug 13 date, I realize it is truly PERFECT timing now that I reassess my to do list. I am moving to Augusta, GA in Late Apr early May.. June the latest,( Whenever the Army decides to let me go) then I will live with my sister and her husband until I find a decent apartment ( I search online for apartment but I still have to go see them in person and make my decision accordingly) so I will live with her for 30-45 days.....60 max, then I will move into my apartment hopefully by July ( early, middle, late). So the timing is perfect. I will not be telling anyone in my family about this SX so it work that I wait until I get my own apartment. I will start school in Jan 2014. I have a friend going with me and I am going to be staying at the hyatt...We will drive up to Dr. J office and my friend will stay with me for 11 days at the hotel and drive me back to Augusta. Things are starting to fall into place....Let me tell y'all one thing.... EVERYTHING happens for a reason...I truly believe that...EVERYTHING has its season. I am blessed and have been fortunate enough to wake up healthy each and every day and although I don't have a plethora of money, I have been fortunate enough to pay each and everyone of my bills every month and also pay off my past debt that occurred in my marriage.....I am now DEBT FREE with the exception of MY car I recently:-) am not bragging, just expressing how thankful I am and wanting to share with you all.I am still financing the procedure through Care credit, Just waiting for pst debt to COME OFF my credit report.I am Patiently waiting for my time and I know my results will be Amazing like so many of these women on here. Bless everyone nd BOTTOMS UP!!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies....Its been a min since...

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies....Its been a min since i've updates...**I THINK** but I am now paying for the procedure in cash...I am keeping my date for AUG 28th 13 because its perfect timing and the Army will not let me out before then lol...I hope they dont pospone me geting out past August. Any ways I called Dr. Jimerson's office to see if they can give me a new quote for theamount if I was to pay in cash instead of being financed but was unable to get anyone on the line. DO ANY OF YOU LADIES know how much it will cost? Im getting the BBL, HIPS, and A Additional Area...Now I am locked in at the old prices...if ysll can tell me what my total will be I would be greatful. Also Is it to soon to book the hotel room....I want to do it now at the refundable rate but am unsure if its a good Idea. BBL Veterans..Which hotels are closest and are good for the money you spend..I NEED FEEDBACK Ladies!! lol Im extremely excited and cant believe that this is really going to happen...It all feels so surreal...granted I do have 4 more months to get used to the idea. I might have to take new pic cuz im not sure if I look the same of differewnt or I might just wait until the day before my SX to take before pics so they will be more current. Please give me any information I need 4 months prior to surgery...like are there any pill I should be taking, etc,.....Thank yall!!

4/16/2013 Paid in full. Ill wait till June to...

4/16/2013 Paid in full. Ill wait till June to secure my Hotel. Im so excited. This finally seems real!! If anyone knows the best iron supplement to start taking please let me know. Thank yall for the support ...Is it just me or is there hardly anyone on here now a days??? I dunno...Maybe im trippin lol :-)

I got a few vitamins today, I got: FISH OIL...

I got a few vitamins today, I got: FISH OIL 1200MG, CHEWABLE C 500MG, AND IRON 65 MG. Are there anymore I need to get? Maybe I should take a look at the list ppl have on their pages. I just wanna know which one Jimerson requires us to have and when im supposed to start taking them. Thank you babezzz....I appreciate the LOVE!

To be honest I getting a little worried. I see a...

To be honest I getting a little worried. I see a lot of DR.J patient say they are not satisfied with their results. I hope he didn't stop trying because he's made so much money! I just paid my balance and now I start seeing this...Im worried that I put so much money into something just to come out looking the same as before...I guess the only thing to do is wait and see if this continues or he gets back on the ball by my date in Aug. I have faith in him but im seeing a lot on unsatisfied customer and im sad to say my faith is very slowly diminishing. :-(

Current Waist and Hips...

Current Waist and Hips Measurements:
Hips: 42

Post SX Goal Measurements:
Waist: 25-27
Hips: 46

Is It DoAble Ladies???

I want a new date!

I Want an earlier date. I'm able to take leave and I'm anxious to get it done! Seeing all these beautiful ladies and their results make me itch for this SX even more. I've been put on the fast track list but that was 2 months ago and I know some folks have cancelled since then. Let me know if you have any experiences changing your dates for an earlier one! Thanks Ladies

Change in schedule

Whats up everyone, Sorry for neglecting this site but so much has been going on with work and with my SX. Since my last update a few things have changed: First and foremost my new date is 09 OCT 2013, I changed my date because I have yet to be out of the Army as planned and might be in for a couple more months; I also exprected to be out by October but that doesnt seem to be looking to good either, so I said hey im doing this whether im in or out this B!tch, they are just gonna have to wonder how my a$$ grew so much while I was on leave and I will LIE my NEW A$$ off...LMAO.

I dont know if I mentioned this earlier or not but I would like to get a nurse to take care of me for the forst 3-4 days...LMK if anyone knows of a good nurse for me; I have a feeling that imma be acting like a baby and I need someone to take care of me :-)

Also LAST but not least.....LYMPHANTIC MASSAGES....I know I want a few of those massages before I leave...Let me know of a great place with reasonable prices and the details ladies....Also I forgot to ask yall to point me in a good direction of where on his site has someone listed a good list of things imma need.

Sept 10th 2013

I moved up my date with DR.Jimerson to Sept10th 2013 @0730AM...YAAYYY Girls in #TooExcited #Geek'd2TheMaxxxx LOL. My pre op will be at 1:30pm the day prior. I just puchased a hotel room for 13 days at the Hyatt..I was going to stay at the red roof inn for obvious reasons but that was 20 min away and the hyatt has shuttle services so I decided to stop being so cheap and get something closer and possibly more comfortable and dare I say Lavish :-).

If you know the email address to The Wellness Sanctuary Inc so I can schedule the Massage for the day prior and Post op. BBL Veterans, How long did yall have to wait before getting your massages?

Well Im was updating because I wanted to updatwe my status with my new date and express how happy I am and that I cannot believe I have only 3 weeks until I get my Donkey!!! I have been on this Journey for over an year and the time has almost come. I must admit that for a while I didnt even think I would ever get this done and here I am now. So ladies even if it looks as if there is no hope for you and this SX then just have faith and WAIT, and if its meant to be; it will happen. Keep pushing and trying to make it happen...Dont give up!! Love you ladies and thank you for the support.

Medical Clearance

Just called Dr. Jimersons office and after a week of trying to get my clearance, I finally got the word that they received my medical clearance. YES!! Only a cpl weeks until my SX date. I still have to get the supplies and pack but Ill do that today or sometime this weekend..I have exactly 5 days of work to complete before im on that plane to Atlanta! Im more excited then nervous; I just cant wait to see how good by new donkey looks on me. Till next time ladie..Booties out!

New wish pics

Some of the pics I've stolen from other realselfers... ????????

Count Down

I have about 11 days until my SX, I'm more excited than anything, I just hope I look go afterwards ... I'm more worried that I won't like my results...Imm just choose to have faith in Dr. J and let him work his magic. I want my stomach so small and I'm scarf it won't be but I also believe that any improvement from what I look like now would be something to work with.

I have a 4 day off from work and will be back to work on Tuesday , at that time I will have only 4 days of work until I'm off to Atlanta. I will be buying my supplies this weekend.

Should I call ahead of time fort massages with Tiana or wait until I get there? LMK ladies. Thanks for your support booty divas!

Still up thinking

It's monday night at 2350 aka 1150 pm and I'm still up thinking about this upcoming SX. I still have so much to do and it just feels so unreal still; I thought as the days get closer It would feel more real but maybe once I get on that plane ill feel different. I know there is no turning back now and I don't want to either.

I've gained so much weight I was 168 and now I'm 189 in the last 2 months . I'm Afraid my results won't be as good because of all the weight I've gained; my stomach is monstrous, ill post recent before pic the day before SX and my current measurements because I'm trying to lose at least 10lb before then...let's see if I can do it. Well I have to work in about 5 hrs so imma try and get some sleep. Hopefully writing this post eased my mind a little. So much to do in so little time. Gnight big booty divas!!!!


I don't know why I've been finding it hard to lose weight these last couple of months. I thought as my date gets closer than I would find my motivation but I have not; I've just been eating, and eating and I'm not sure why. I know I have complete control but it feels as If I do not. I'm a stress eater so maybe I'm a little more nervous about the SX then I knew. Well ttyl ladies!!

Shocked at current measurments

Waist: 35 inches
Hips: 44

WISH Post-op


Most def

New WISH pic Y'all!!!

More Supplies!!!!

I have 4 days and about 12 hours until my SX, I just went to Wal-Mart and spent $300 in the course of 2 days on supplies and it didn't dawn on me to go to the dollar store until AFTER I checked out and was walking to my car but hey I go what I needed and hopefully you adies will tell me if I'm missing anything. My supplies are as listed:
* These are items I just bought not...I will be packing more items like toothbrush,
shoes etc....

Almost done packing

And I'm still not done #ItsAllGonnaFitDamnIt

FINALLY HERE!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!

I got in to Atlanta last night and checked into the Hyatt at around 1800 aka 600 pm. The hotel is alright, it's nice lol. I had breakfast this morning some fruit, yogurt and pastries. Yummyyyy!! ???? I have my pre op appointment today at 1330.... If anyone know how early to be there then let me know plZz... Then tomorrow morning I have my SX 1st one of the day!!!

Today while down at breakfast ( looking ratchet with my hair wrap on and a sweat suit, looking seriously underdressed compared to everyone else lol) I overheard someone say they needed one of their employee to drive someone to JImersons, I got instantly excited and peeked to see who it was lol I wanted to go up to them and talk and giggle :-P but I didn't wanna put them on blast in front of the hotel lol.

I'm here lying In bed ( on my back * sigh* imma miss this lol) writing to u all before I get up and shower and go get a little groceries to put in my room so we don't have to eat out every night, then go toy pre op appointment. Well I'll ttyl later ladies muahhhhhhh ????????

Updates pics 1 day pre op

Updates pics 1 day prior to SX

Today is the day y'all 0545AM

SX is at 0730....IM so excited, anxious, worried and a little bit scared but today is the day
and it's all or nothing!!

I'm about to get out of bed and take this shower then head over to get bootified Ladies :-)!! I'll update once I get to the other side if I'm not to much in pain or out or it... Keep me I. Your prayers please..thank you!!

I'm doing Awesome!!

I got up at 0545 to take a shower and get ready to go in by 0645. Me and my sister arrived at 0645 and no one was there; Getta finally came and opened the door for us and we sat in the lobby waiting to be called back for about 15 min then was called back to undress and get in to A gown at around 0720 and took pre op pics in the office. Not log after geeta took my blood pressure,temperature, asked a bunch of questions, and puty IV in and then the CRNA came by to explain to me what she was going to do. After all the questions were asked Dr. Jimerson came in to mark me up.... He seemed tired and not in a good mood but was still polite and listened to me which I appreciated; he said my skin was tight but told me he would make me look good. He left and the CRNA came in and put something in my I've and a start to feel weird then I stated " I feel like whatever you put in my IV is mind altering" lol and she said " it is mind altering" lol then the next thing I know I was waking up telling the staff I love them hahaha and u kept thanking them; I was still out of it so I do not remember verbatim but I bet they was laughing at me lol.

My sister came back to the office at around 1045 to pick me up and help them put my dress back on and I don't remember getting up and walking to the car but I do remember getting in the back seat on my stomach and holding onto the floor so I wouldn't fall as my sister was turning corners driving. I remember getting out of the car and walking through the lobby and being asked how I felt by the staff which I thought was awesome! I came into the room ( it was so hard and painful to walk, I didn't anticipate that lol) and layers down utile I was awakened to take my pills and walk around and also tp eat.

I feel good, I'm still really sore and I feel pain constantly but nothing I can't handle. I was bleeping a lot and when I would use the female urinal to pee there was been blood all over the urinal and my hand because it had soaked through the pad the put over my incision wounds and was dropping through onto my garment so me and my sis changed it and it was so much better. I get up and walk every couple of hours, my sis gives me my pills one time and plenty of fluids and food. I just hope day 3-4 is not bad like everyone says. Well that's about it today, I'll update again soon my big booty divas!! Gnight!

Pics Again

My 2nd time uploading these pics...

Post op 3:30pm

I'm still doing fine, walking around slot, drinking alof of fluids while taking my pills on pills.

Post op. Measurmentf
Waist: 31 ( trying to get it smaller, so if y'all have advice o. How to do that let me know)
Hips: 48
Total Out:3,500
Abdomen: 1400
Lower back: 900
Bra roll: 260 EA
Flanks: 350 EA

Put In
Butt: 700EA
Hips: 200EA

12 Sept 2013 2 Days Post Op

I finally took off the bandages and took a sponge bath.... Oh it felt so good lol!! I'm still really sore and am walking a lot better but I'm stiff. I feel like I want to be able to do everything but I cannot.

My sister drove us to Augusta so we could see my nieces that I haven't seen in over a year. I missed them so much but I couldn't really play with them like I wanted but was still glad I could come even if its just for a day.

I haven't taken any medication in about 6 hrs and I'm feelin it. I've been outta my garment for over an hour and you can see me swelling up.... I was a 31 inch waist now it's about 33, so we have to keep it compressed. My abdomen , lower back , and flanks hurt to the touch I guess because the garment is off. I miss my garment lol and I can't wait till I can get it back on so I Can feel secure again. Well that's all for right now ladies, thanks for your support !!!

Post op pics


Before and after pics

Me pre op and post op

3-4 Days Post Op

Yesterday I had my first massage with Tiana Allen, she was supposed to be at my room at 0700 but didn't show up until almost 0900; she did call the first time but sent texts saying there was a traffic standstill but I was thinking that since you live here them you know how the traffic is already and maybe you should leave earlier to get places on time,... Professionalism..... but over all she was nice, I just didn't like her rolling her eyes when my sister mentioned her tardiness.

The massage was peaceful and I enjoyed it. I finally got to lay on my back and it felt heavenly lol. I hope it really does help because when I take off my garment it feels and looks kinda like my stomach is big again....I hope ifs just swelling and that taking off my garment for long periods of time is making it big.( but I can most definitely see a difference.... It's Sooo BIG lol.

I am doing very well, walking and everything ! I just have a problem with the drain... I feel like its touching a nerve or something cuz when I move or try to walk normal I feel like there's a sharp pain in my buttock and I don't know why. Other than that I feel good... It's hard to stretch, bend over , etc..... I just can't wait until I'm 100%.

I still take my medication on time, and sleep almost all day lol. I feel good but i keep leaking out of my incision marks ; I thought we would only leak for up to 48hrs but I'm going on day 5. Well that is all I have to say now. Ttyl big bootyful women....!!

Reabsorption is real ladies....

Dr.j did a fantastic job but a lot of my fat didnt survive and I'm really disappointed, I've been really depressed about it but I will write more of a review when I'm feeling more up to it. Thank you ladies

Long Time No update!!

Hey yall!!!! Haven't been on in a WHILE, sorry for abandoning y'all. :-( my compute broke so now km updating on my kindle with these long ads nails, so this update will be short until I get a new computer. I love my a$$, the difference is outstanding (I'll post pics once I receive my computer .....the only thing I don't like is the Lipo of my stomach.... I'm still swollen in my lower back...it's still numb and SUPER itchy... there are some hard parts ( like pouches) on my lower tummy that I'm hoping will disappear. One a$$ cheek is fuller and bigger than the other, so I am worried about that but my booth is soft and jiggly and it beautiful lol. Oh year SCARS how do I get rid of them... lmk ladies.

It's been awhile!!!

It's been 5 months since my SX.. I get so many complements, states, and some " got Dammnn's" lol I love how I look I clothes. My stomach is a little lopsided... He took more fat out of one side then the other and the lower stomach wasn't lipo'd enough there Was still and is still a lot of fat in that particular area. One of my butt cheeks are filler the other and my lower back kinda saggs over and crease where my Butt begins but i am so thankfull for this SX ... I really do l love it! I just wish my scars would go always.. Wally self conscious about them bcuz I don't tell ppl about my SX and a little worried about intimacy. I'll upload a few pics so tLl can see me 5 months post op!!!

2 1/2 year Update!!!

I love my result but now I feel like my butt is actually TOO big Lol. I just feel like I want more of a natural droop. And I still have the scar which I don't like but I'm planning on getting scar removal surgery in the near future. Dr. Jimmerson did a great jobs though. Also on my right but cheek there seem to be some fat stuck in one are so when i walk to looks like I have an implant in, I would love to get that fixed. I've actually gained ALOT of weight but that's completely my fault.. Poor diet. I hope everyone's sx goes well!!!

I chose DR. Jimerson due to his consistancy through out the years I have been following his work; I believe he will give me the same GREAT result I have seen him give so many of these beautiful women on this very site and on his own website. With that being said I love his before and after picture and his technique...It almost as if he's an artist and we all are his cavases. I would higly recommend his based on those picture alone lol.

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