Smart Lipo and bbl

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Hi ladies I'm getting excited for my upcoming...

Hi ladies I'm getting excited for my upcoming surgery. I'm having lipo of waist, bra roll, flanks and abdomen. Ive been reading everyones reviews and experiences and wanted to share mine. I'm really curious for the ladies that already had BBL when does the bruising disappear? I have a trip to the beach a little over 3 weeks after surgery.

Wish pics

This is what I sent my doc. No hips just booty

I'm done! Had my procedure yesterday

Dr Connors and his staff are great. And of course my friend who's taking care of me is a doll. It's really hard getting in and out of bed and going to the bathroom every hour. I've been drinking a lot of Coconut water and taking my meds as instructed.
I'm super swollen. My stomach \0/ I will post before pictures now and some after when I take garment off.

Super swollen day after surgery

Here are some pictures after. I'm so swollen and my garment is full of foam until next week. The doctor only put about 230cc in each cheek. He put a little more in one to make it even. I already have a Dominican booty so with his lipo sculpting I think that amount is good.

Day two. Feeling much better

Hi ladies, today is day two. I took my last Percocet at 4am this morning. I don't have much pain so planning on not taking it anymore. I'm super swollen but I can see how thin I am when I take my garment off. Pretty happy so far. I have NO bruising which is amazing and was able to have a BM. The antibiotics are killing my stomach but I expected that.

Day 3. Very little pain and swelling going down slowly

Today I was a bit more tired than yesterday. Hardly any pain and was able to move around on my own. Only taking the lyrica and the antibiotic. Took a pic without the foams :)

One week yesterday

Went to see the doctor yesterday. They removed my foam and tape but kept my stitches in for one more week. Stopped all medicine. I don't have much pain but some discomfort in some areas specially trying to sleep at night

Day 9

I have to say today I turned the corner on pain from lipo. Feeling so much better overall. Just wish I didn't have to wear this full body garment. I tried wearing two different control tops (no butt) the last two days and was miserable. Early this morning I got in my postop garment and had a great day. :) it's so itchy but it's only til Monday so praying I can do it.

Day 10

Some new pics. Not so happy with my back swollen, and cellulite and folds still :-( hope it goes away. Tomorrow I'm getting my first lymphatic massage. Let's see if it helps.

Abdomen lipo

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