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Hello to all my realself sistas! I stumbled across...

Hello to all my realself sistas! I stumbled across this site about a year and a half ago when searching for natural ways to make my butt bigger (exercises etc) those things did not work for me so I'm ready to do the surgical procedure and I've already chosen my doctor.

I'm going with dr jimerson. I love love love his work and his office is about 2-3 hours from me. I am scheduled for an in house consultation on jan 10th at 10 am....I'm 24 with one child. I weigh 199 lbs. currently. I've lost 30 lbs since having my child (was 230). Before my child I was around 176 lbs. I'm 5'6.

Upon losing weight I noticed that i was losing from my bottom half (hips, butt, thighs) and I really don't like it. I can't wear dresses or skirts or leggings and I have to wear certain jeans that make it look like I have a butt. I'm so ready to get this procedure done. Can't wait. I joined this site hoping I can chat with some ppl who have had this procedure done for moral support and advice.

Before baby and pre op pics

So I've added pics of before baby and so pics on me now...I have to say that I was a little embarrassed to post my current pics. The things pregnancy takes your body through *sigh*...wish pics coming soon.

Wish pics

Wish pics cont

More wish pics

Im wondering if I will be able to get my wish look...what you ladies think?...s/o to hunnywingz for letting me use her as a wish pic

Possibly switching dr.

Soooo after several nights and hours of researching on this site I'm thinking of switching to dr salama or ghurani. Dr j is great. I love his work but I have to have surgery during the summer bc of work and chances are that if I don't pay for sx with all cash I won't be able to get in that soon. I'm still going to my consult in hopes that something could change. I was going to pay $9500 in May or June and finance the rest but of course if you finance you can't get in sooner.

Got an email from Nancy about my photos!

So I got my feedback from dr salama. Upon reviewing my pics he states that I should lose about 15-17 lbs for best results. He states that he can give me a significant improvement on my waist area. So glad he didn't say that I need a tummy tuck. I got a feedback from dr ghurani as well. He pretty much states the same thing. Judging from each of their statements dr salama seems more confident in giving me great results. Decisions, decisions...I sent Nancy an email to see if I could possibly get a summer sx date. Will update you guys when I get word from her. Thanks for all the support and happy thanksgiving to y'all and y'all family.

Surgery booked!

Sooo excited! Booked my sx for June 10th with dr. Ghurani!

Just a quick update

Hello ladies just thought I'd do a quick update... Now that I have my surgery date I am trying to figure out where ima stay, how to find a good caregiver/nurse, flight,developing a supply list etc. serenity house sounds good because I don't have a fam member or friend that can stay with em but I haven't seen any pics. It's $1900 for a 10 day stay. Also I have never rode on a plane so I am super nervous about that as well. Any advice or help from you ladies will be greatly appreciated =)

Waiting game

Sooo I have my surgery booked for 6 months from now so now I'm just playing the waiting game....ladies I have to tell y'all that I am being such a worry wart when it comes to this surgery. I'm like omg what if I don't wake up from the surgery. That's the major thing that I am scared of. Have you guys gone through the same thing? Plz help.

I think I have overcame my fear

With more research and comments from you ladies I have overcome my fear and now I'm just focused on losing these 20 pounds.

Another wish pic

Dr. J it is!

Ive wanted this procedure since 2013 but I have gone back and forth about it as you can see from my review but I wanted to make the best decision for me no matter how long it took. & I've finally made that decision. I've decided to go with Dr. J in Atl. I've already had my consultation and have paid half of my deposit. I plan on paying the rest next month. He is booked until 2017 but I'm doing the fasttrack. IM aiming for may of next year lord willing

?I have been back and forth about this procedure....

I have been back and forth about this procedure for nearly two years! So I finally decided & feel in my heart that now is the right time for my bbl. I had been searching for a doc and couldn't make my mind up. At first I THOUGHT I wanted to go to Dr jimerson BUT I quickly changed my mind after talking my girl Cynthia at elite & getting Dr Salama's opinion of my photos. I knew this was the right place for me. One thing that has remained consistent about Dr Salama is that he genuinely cares about his patients and so does his staff. My sx is like 8 months away. Hoping time flies by. I'm not nervous and I don't have any bad feelings the were preventing me from going through withthe

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Going to Dr Salama for my bbl surgery on 5/5/2016!

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