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I called the office today to schedule a...

I called the office today to schedule a consultation and I was given the fat of May 2, 2013! I'm kind of disappointed because I wanted all of this to be over by the summertime. I'm also very anxious to move forward after hearing all of the wonderful post op stories on this site! I would like to know what to expect and if anyone has any advice, that would be great also!

Ok ladies, I called Dr Jimmerson's office back on...

Ok ladies, I called Dr Jimmerson's office back on Thursday because my boss informed me that the only month that's available for me to take leave is feb 2013! I was informed by Michelle that the only way to have surgery in Feb is to pay my entire balance in full now! What do you all think?

I was very luck to get Kbooty's Feb 14 date for sx...

I was very luck to get Kbooty's Feb 14 date for sx today! Now I'm starting to get nervous and feel like I have a little bit of time to do so much to prepare! If anyone has any suggestions for preparations please do share!

Ladies, I'm do excited as I only have a little...

Ladies, I'm do excited as I only have a little over a month until my sx! I will be flying in on Feb 13 to have my pre op appt and have my sx on the 14! I've decided to have a bbl, tummy tuck, lipo of my upper abdomen, bra roll, flanks, inner thighs, arms & chin also fat grafting to my hips! I'm so NOT looking forward to recovery but I'm sure it will all be worth it.
Now, I wanted to stay somewhere that would be really cozy because my husband and children will be with me for the first 5 days and my dad and stepmom will be with me for the last 9 days (I have to stay 2 weeks). I went on airbnb.com and found a very nice 2 bedroom condo 30 minutes away from the office for $760 for 15 days! There were lots of great deals on that site if anyone dosen't want to stay in a hotel!
All I have left to do now is buy all of the necessary items for recovery! I have to admit that I am a little scared to have so much work done at one time, but I'm certain that Dr Jimmerson wouldn't suggest something irrational! If anyone has any suggestions/ questions please tell or ask away! I hope everyone is doing well and in good spirits!

I scheduled for sx on valentines day buy when I...

I scheduled for sx on valentines day buy when I had my iron checked a week ago I was 9.7 and they need it to be 11-17! I'm going nuts eating anything that is high in iron and taking 2 vitron c pills a day! I'm getting my blood work redone this Thursday ( exactly 2 weeks later) and I praying for a miracle! I paid for my procedures on thurs so if my results are favorable then I'm good to go! However, I haven't bought anything because I don't know for sure if sx will be a go or not but I also don't want to rush at the last minute if I'm cleared. These minds games are driving me nuts!!! All I want is a big @$$ and flat tummy! Oh, so.... My hubby thinks I paid 8k instead of 18k and I feel so bad for not being totally honest but I know he wouldn't want me to spent so much when he thinks my body is fine! I figured I will let him know after he sees the results and loves them. I know it sounds bad but I did use my own savings that I keep for shopping, trips, etc, I didn't take it from our emergency savings or joint savings. I know my post is all over the place, lol I just have a lot on my mind! Anyhoo, do I ladies think that my iron levels can raise in 2 weeks and any advice on lonely the essential items to take for recovery( I'm staying 2 weeks)?

Sorry for my spelling, damn auto correct!!!

Sorry for my spelling, damn auto correct!!!

I'm so scared now! Sh$t is gettin real! I'm ready...

I'm so scared now! Sh$t is gettin real! I'm ready for my procedures just scared of the recovery ! I will be taking and posting pre op pics on wed and I will def have my hubby or daughter post day 1 post op pics for me.

It's 5 am here in Ga and I cannot sleep! I had my...

It's 5 am here in Ga and I cannot sleep! I had my pre op appt with Kim and Dr J yesterday! I was kinda disappointed because Dr J said that he wants me to wait 6 months for my tummy tuck because of my iron levels:( He said that he's not going to touch my stomach at all since I will be having a tummy tuck in 6 months! In excited but also scared now, having the same thoughts that most of the other ladies have had before sx! Will I wake up? Will I regret spending all of this money? Am I gonna look ok? Are my expectations unreasonable? I'm going to pray and trust god! Ok..... Finally I'm posting pre op pics and I will post post op pics right after also! Wish me luck!!!

Thanks for the well wishes!!! Headed to Dr J, I...

Thanks for the well wishes!!! Headed to Dr J, I will be on the other side soon! I will post ASAP !

Ok ladies, let me start off by saying that this...

Ok ladies, let me start off by saying that this surgery is no joke! I was Not prepared for this type of pain! You absolutely do feel like you got hit by a Mac truck! Ok now I will give you all a detailed account of my experience!
I arrived at 8:45 and actually met princess85! Let me just tell y'all that her pics do her no justice! Her booty looks amazing!!! She walked though the process she went through and shared few laughs ! Princess85, I appreciate you and your hubby! You guys were super cool and you helped me gather the courage to proceed! That @$$ looks the bomb girl! Ok, moving on... They called me back, gave me a gown etc to put on, had me pee in a cup and put me in a room to sit in a chair to wait for a nurse! My nurse Blake came in & asked me several questions and failed at puttin a IV in ( my veins are super small) and called another nurse in who couldn't do it either! I sat in the room for about 30 mins and then Dr J walked in and marked me up! I can't lie, I had to try my best not to laugh because I tickled so much when was marking my butt lol. The anesthesiologist came in about 20 minutes later, asked me a bunch of questions, inserted my IV , gave me my Jesus juice, and I don't remember anything else! I woke up shivering very badly and in a tremendous amount of pain. My blood pressure was high as hell and my heat rate was super high so I had to stay for 4 hours until e everything became normal! I actually saw beautyishername come into recovery, her booty looks amazing also! The nurse got me up to pee, omg, it took me forever! I had the sensation but it just took forever to come out! The nurse put my maxi dress on and they walked me to the car! When I tell you that it hurt like hell to walk, that is a understatement! It took me forever to walk to the car and to get in! It seemed like my husband hit every bump that he could on the way home! He actually met a home health aid at the office and she's gonna come over in two day and help me take my garment off because I can't imagine doing it myself! It look me 20 minutes to walk in the house ( thank god there were no steps) and it was pure hell getting in the bed!
Even with the pain meds, I'm still in pain ! I've been sleeping on and off since in been home, I've been up walking with a walker every two hours!
Oh, I have been peein successfully using a big cup! The cup is so much easier that sitting in the toilet, plus it avoids you wetting your garment! I will be up for a while so if anyone has any questions, I would gladly answer them! That for all of the support ladies!!! #teamjimmerson

Ladies.... Taking my garment off wasn't as bad as...

Ladies.... Taking my garment off wasn't as bad as I imagined! If you take pain meds before, you should be ok! I've been walking consistently every 2 hours, so I'm not super duper stiff anymore! I had a wonderful nurse named Clarice come and help me get my garment off, wash and dry it, and bathe! She is the bomb.com, I would recommend using her at least once! I'm pretty sure that beautyishername and a few others used her as well! Getting the garment back on wasn't bad either, hower, I have the ugliest burn marks on my shoulders from my garment. Other than that, I'm just resting and staying hydrated!!! I hope everyone's having a good weekend! I will update again tomorrow , if you have any questions ask away!

I noticed that when I got home from surgery, I was...

I noticed that when I got home from surgery, I was spotting! Now I'm bleeding but my period wasn't due until feb 22 (I'm always exactly on time) weird! I wonder if the surgery made it come quicker! OH..... Ladies, I have Aetna low deductible health insurance and I went directly across the street from Dr J's office to have my prescriptions filled! I only had to wait 10 minutes, and the cost was..... $38 FOR EVERYTHING!!!! Can u say excited!!

Ladies!!!! I'm a week post op and looking real...

Ladies!!!! I'm a week post op and looking real slim in the waist and thick in the @$$, lol. I had my post op appt yesterday and I'm so satisfied! Dr J and his staff are the bomb.com! Kim did my appt with me and she compared my pre op pics with my post op, OMG! You can't tell me nothin now, it really looks like he shaped me down 4 sizes! The appt wasn't long at all, she removed my drain, and showed my how to sit on the boppy pillow and went over the post op instructions again! When I was walking to the waiting area, Dr J saw me and left his office to come check on me and give me a hug! He his the sweetest dr ever! My experience with advanced plastic surgery solutions was been a 12 on a scale from 1-10! I met mslookbackatit, who was going in to have her sx when I got there! I'm sure she will be satisfied with her results and he's very nice! Msnewbody was there for her post op appt & she looked great as well and is cool as hell! I've met so many wonderful ladies on this site and I was kinda shocked to meet atleast 5of them at Dr J's office! There is so much support amongst us ladies on rs!
The only brushing that I have is on my arms, from the lipo of course! I don't really have any pain, but my back dies ache alot at night where the triangle thingy is! That thing drives me nuts! Otherwise, I feel pretty good! Getting my garment on and off by myself is pretty easy now, but it's still difficult to bend down and touch my toes.
I went to the mall yesterday and two hours seemed like six! I could walk the whole mall like I intended because my body wouldn't allow me! I often forget that I just had sx a week ago because I feel pretty good! I had to laugh because all of the young guys kept turning around to look at my butt! I found it so amusing! It's crazy how you go from no one really paying attention to men breaking their necks to look back at you!
Alright, I'm about to board my flight so I will post pics when I get home and update about my plane experience later! Have a wonderful Friday ladies!

I know it's been a while since I've Ben on rs,...

I know it's been a while since I've Ben on rs, life has been hectic! I will be six weeks post op next wed and I am absolutely loving my results!!! I started out in a 2XL garment, now I'm in a medium! Let me just say that Dr J is amazing!!! However, I did make the mistake of taking my garment off for a night but I paid for it the next day. My arms are still very sore but I do see a difference. My lower back is still numb & my waist is super small.
I returned to work 2 weeks after sx but I think I should've taken more time off. If I stand to long my feet will swell up very badly so rest is very important! I will take more detailed pics tomm and give a more in depth update! The best check I ever wrote was the one to pay for my sx! Ttyl ladies

Today makes 7 weeks post op & I'm feeling...

Today makes 7 weeks post op & I'm feeling phenomenal! I started out in a XXL garment and I'm in a medium now! My waist is super small and but butt is still huge, my arms are still a bit swollen and tender! I still wear my garment all of the time because my body feels very tender if I don't wear it after a few hours! I was worried at first, but my butt is still huge with my garment off. I'm so happy and satisfied with my results!!!

A year later & happy

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

The security guard in my building at work told be about dr J and encouraged me to look up his work & a week later I saw him on family hustle. I googled his name after watching the show and found this site! After reading the posts and see the before and after pics I knew I would be taking a trip to Ga!

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