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Im 30 years old 130lbs 5'........ive been stalking...

Im 30 years old 130lbs 5'........ive been stalking this site for months!! I want a booty sooooo bad that i dream about it even while im awake!!!! I want
dr.jimmerson and salama results but i cant afford their prices!!! I thought about financing bit my credit is HORRIBLE!!!!! I looked into dr.gabay because of his prices but i cant find anyone who was satisfied completely wit his results! I only want to go through this 1 time no round 2's so if anybody have any suggestions, advice, ect please HELP!!!!!!

Can somebody PLEASE tell me how to contact Dr.Yily

Can somebody PLEASE tell me how to contact Dr.Yily

I have decided on Dr.Yily!!!!! Soooooooooo...

I have decided on Dr.Yily!!!!! Soooooooooo impressed with her results as well as her PRICE!!!!!! waiting to hear back from her!!! Does anybody knlw approx how long it takes her to respond? Is she booked? Please HELP

3 days

I cant believe in 3 days I will finally get my bbl!!!!! I'm so excited but I'm terrified at the same time. I decided on going with Dr. Alphonso Findley in union city, georgia. He doesn't have a lot of reviews on here but I have heard great things about him. I went to get my physical and blood work in his office and he made me feel so comfortable. I'm kinda in a disbelief because this is something that I have wanted for years and it's finally here. My nerves get the best of me at times. I always imagine the worst instead of the best. So I have all negative thoughts running in my head. Most of them includes me worrying about my 4 year old daughter. I'm going to pray about and let it be and hopefully everything works out.
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