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I have been wanting this surgery for about a year...

I have been wanting this surgery for about a year now. Finally, i went on October last year and had my consultation and paid my deposit to hold my surgery date. My surgery is about 3 months away and i'm getting sooo nervous! Anybody else having surgery around that date? I will add a pic of teh before pic soon.

Anybody date on or around Nov 21, 2013

Anybody going to Dr. Jimmerson on or around Nov 21, 2013.. Looking for someone to that will be there the same time as me.

may have lose too much weight

Now I'm really nervous back in oct 2012 I was 230lbs after my baby and I'm 5'7 1/2... So I have been working out the entire time now I'm 190lbs my goal was to get to 185.. So I sent dr jimmerson off new pic of me and the email back was DON'T LOOSE ANYMORE WEIGHT, and she says she has to talk to dr jimmerson tomorrow to see of I may need to gain some weight back.. Now I'm really nervous I still want my face to slim down a little more and I really don't want to gain anymore weight I love my body... But my stomach is damn near flat there so little fat in there I'm just hoping they can use the fat from my thighs they are huge! I will post a pic in a few after I crop it!

My wish pic

My wish pic!

My post op pics

My post op pics

Finally got my date changed!

I wanted a date in middle December but there was no openings, but they did have a January 7th that's not that bad, but I will be paid in full Dec 1 so hopefully I can go sooner if some one cancels.. Or if anyone have a Dec date and want a Jan date let me know we can switch!

Finally got a Dec date! Dec 23rd

Paid my surgery off in full.. Now just waiting on dec 23rd.. I'm so excited but nervous as hell!

My date just got moves up from the 23 to the 20th

Only 8 more days. Im hoping for the 17th I have to call the office today and see if anything came open.... my time is really coming fast! I will post some pre-opp pic later today! Where do you guys get you garment from

Pre-op pictures

Update on pre-op pics more coming soon!

More pre-op pics

More Pre-op pics.. I will take some in clothes later and post.. Then take with the same clothing after surgery.

My new wish pic

Maybe a little unrealistic but this is the look I want. No waist at all!

On my way to my surgery

Took my measurements this morning

Breast: 36
Waist: 33
Hips: 43

I'm on my way to surgery now; surgerys at 10:00 but I have to be there at 9... Will post pictures soon as I can.

Day of surgery pics

Me on rhe car ride home

I love my results!!

My ass looks huge and I love every inch of it. I can't wait to take off my garment on friday.

Aftet surgery I was totally out of it. I was in and out all day. The pain was on level 10 rught after surgery. I could barley walk, my sister had to hold my hand everytime I got out the car. I slept the majorty of the day. That explains why I'm up late night. I'm not hurting ass much now. I had to get my inner thighs done because there wasn't enough fat in my stomach, back and inner thighs.

l will post alot more picture in the morning

I will post alot more pictures in the morning

cc's out and cc's in

So I had a total of 2500 cc's taking out
Stomach: 500cc's
Back: 1000cc's
Thighs: 500cc's each

I had a total of:
875cc's in each cheek
200cc's in each hips

Day 4 post op

I'm on day 4 post op. I donr feel any pain. The worst day was day 1 everyday after that eavh day got better. My butt changes each day, its acutally bigger from the day I came home. I love my results so far, I dont want to fall in love with it yet cuz I know it will keep changing.. Its still hard tho.

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