New You Recovery House Surgery with Dr. Jimerson - Atlanta, GA

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I am so excited. My surgery date is fast...

I am so excited. My surgery date is fast approaching, and today I confirmed my stay at the New you Recovery Center. Ms. Marcella is so kind. The pictures of the home are beautiful.. I can't wait.. The results experienced by Dr. Jimersons patients are amazing. I have been wanting to have the Brazilian butt lift surgery for 3 years. I've been looking at before and after pictures of Dr. Jimersons work for 3 years and finally I will have it done.

New You Recovery House Surgery with Dr. Jimerson

Surgery with doctor Jimerson. My results are great so far. I am still healing though, so I still have some swelling after 5 weeks. As far as the New You Recovery Home I would not stay there again. It took me awhile to decide to say anything, and still I won't tell all the disturbing things that occurred. Initially it seemed nice, but I ended up being left at a hotel when they got shut down during my stay. I paid for care but was left alone for the duration of my recovery. I would not wish this on anyone after surgery. People can act nice, but when stressful situations occur many times that nice demeanor wears off. I learned the hard way. I do hope that this never happens to anyone else. If you choose to stay here just weigh the benifits because you will have to sign a contract that relieves them of liability during your care. I do not wish bad on them, but I hope they will improve their reactions to emergency situations.

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