My TJ Journey with Dr. Campos

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Hello ladies!! Ive been lurking on here for a...

Hello ladies!! Ive been lurking on here for a while now. I want a BBL!!!! Im obsessed with this! Im seriously going to pay for this instead of student loans. Lol! Anyway, so I have a few questions. What is 'shelf' exactly? Can any one post pics in a comment? I had more but forgot! Im sure Ill be posting more when I remember or have more questions! Thanks ladies and Im so glad to be here! Oh ya, Ive made my decision to go to Dr. J! He is awesome!!! Im 5'8 and about 135. I have a nice butt now, but i want it bigger! Id lie lipo from my belly and chin/neck mostly. Probly back too. Think i need to keep gaining cus i want ASS and THIGHS! Anyway, thanks again and cant wait to share my experience!

Im now Team Campos!

Ive been lurking on here for quite a while now. I dont comment much or post because im still in research mode. But now its getting more serious. Ive been ekailing back and forth with Angie, which yes all the rumors are true, getting my quote and all the little details worked out. I had originally got a quote from Hannia for 4525 with first garment and 2 massages. Well Angie said his prices have gone up to 5400 I think. I let her know that I just got the quote of 4525 in Dec and would like them to honor it. They did. But she is still horrible at answering all my questions at once. I think she wants to save time by telling you the essentials then giving you the details on what's next.
Anyway, after doing some research I've decided that Campos is just as good as Dr. Jimmerson. I love his work! And I've heard nothing but good things about Clubmed so that's where I'll be staying for 8 days after sx.
As of now I'm waiting to hear back about how to pay and if I can get in mid Sept. I hope so cus I want to do this ASAP! Im planning on getting lipo to the stomach waist flanks back and chin areas then grafting to the hips and butt.
I already have my passport and the money so all I need is a date, plane ticket, reservations for recovery house, labs done, and pack up! I couldn't be more excited! I'll keep my posts updated and will answer questions for all you girls that are in research mode. Talk to yall later!


Well I'm waiting on a surgery date from Angie. She has been faster at responding to my emails but its cool. I have to find a dr that will use my insurance for labs. Shouldn't be too hard. I'm trying to do this step by step but there is so much I have to do its kinda overwhelming. I have my money and passport. So i will talk to Club Med next. I have to wait to book it because Angie hasn't given me any available dates yet. So we will see!

In the meantime I will be getting the vitamins and looking at garments. I suppose I will need a second one since everyone else says how nasty they get. Any ideas on where to get a good one? Ill post some pics soon. What else do I need? Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks ladies!

Got a date!

Well I received the available dates from Angie. I have went with Sept 19th. I also talked with Marvin at Club Med. I'll be staying there the 18th through the 26th and I'll be paing them 1075 through PayPal. Angie said I needed to pay 30% asap andthe rest the day of surgery Iin cash. Ill also be getting my labs done the day before surgery in the office. Not sure how much itll cost yet but im bringing the extra cash to take care of it. Now im trying to gain some weight and get my vitamins. Im also getting a bunch of extra pillows and a smaller garment. Guess ill get a small and keep the receipt and take it back if it's too big. Next all I need is the plane ticket and a few extras that I'll need. Marvin said I won't need anything extra besides my computer. So I'm packing very light. Dragging the 6 hour plane ride home but it'll all be so worth it!
Im getting closer and closer and just tying up the loose ends. Ill keep everyone updated with the progress! Tootles.

Surgery Date Has Changed!

Well I thought I had my money together, but I didnt. So I canceled the 19th surgery date. Today I sent in my deposit. She hasnt given me any available dates yet but im sure theyll get me right in. Im thinking ill get surgery the end of September. Still planningon staying at Club Med. Marvin has been so helpful and nice. I already love them. But thats the only new news I have for now. I will keep everyone posted on my TJ journey. Until next time ladies.

Update and Lab Issues

Well I got my date of October 7th. Ruby (Dr. Campos other office lady) asked me if I wanted sept 30th oct 3rd 7th 8th or 21st. I initially went with oct 3rd but she emailed be back and said it was taken. So I'm going with oct 7th. Still staying with Club Med. I'll be paying them very soon. So I asked Ruby if I should come a day early to get my labs done the day before or the morning of surgery. She emailed back and said I need to get labs done asap for my health. Well Angie told me I could get them done there sooo..??? Waiting for an email back from her so I can figure out what to do next. The whole process is kind of a pain in the ass (literally lol) but I know it'll all be worth it! Until my next update ladies!


Well Club Med is paid for! But once AGAIN the date I picked was taken. Now it's looking like I will be getting surgery on Oct 8th. I'm getting frustrated with them telling me the date I pick is taken. This is 3 times now. I'm waiting to hear back from Angie on my Oct 8th date. So I guess we will see if it's set in stone tomorrow. I'm getting my labs done the morning of surgery for 80 dollars. Angie confirmed that i can do that. I'm praying that everything turns out fine. Only thing left is my plane ticket! I'm ready for this!


Well the confusion with my date is resolved. A few days ago I talked to Angie on the phone and she put me on Dr. Campos calendar for Oct 10th. Ill be flying to San Diego on Oct 9th. Ill get there in the morning. Marvin is picking me ip from there and taking me back to Club Med. I also got my plane tickets today. So I am almost done with all this preparing! The onyl thing left that I want to do is get Arnica and maybe the other vitamins. I also need a yoga mat to roll up under my legs to sit onand a female urine funnel. I have a neck pillow but I dont think its the same as a boppy. Ill have to get those things too. Just tying up the loose ends and im ready to go! Surgery is exactly two weeks away!!!!!


1 week and 1 day left! Its flying by! Im excited. I got my vitamins too. Now I just need a boppy and a yoga mat. Ill get those within this week. Tomorrow will be the 1 week mark before I leave! I also sent in my final payment of 3125. I sent my deposit of 1400 mid Sept. Only a few more things left and I will be on my way! Until next time ladies.


Just went to Walmart and got The Original Boppy in the baby section. I hope this works as well as everyone says it does. If not I suppose I can roll up towels and put them under my legs. I don't want to sit on my ass at all! Im going to check a few more lists and see if there is anything else I need. I also got Emergen-C so my body will have plenty of that in my body. Please let me know if you ladies come up with anything else. Thanks!

On My Way To San Diego

Wow! The day is here! I am on my way to the airport. It's 6 am here. When I land in San Diego it'll be 1035. Marvin will be there waiting for me in the cell phone lot since people can't sit outside the airport. I got a bunch of new sweat outfits and slip on Nike sandals. I'm going to get some stretchy y I ga capris and some tank tops while I'm there. It's getting real girls! Can't wait to stay my healing process! Talk to yall son!

Made it to Club Med!

Well I made it to San Diego after about a 5 hour flight. Marvin was right there to pick me up! He is sooo nice. I just love him. We met with his wife and a nurse and she drove me back to Club Med. this place is just awesome. It's a little weird at first because you're in a house with a bunch of strangers, but after just being here for a little bit, it feels just like home. I love it here. And the view it amazing. The food is awesome. The nurses are awesome. I just love it here. Tomorrow is the big day. I am really relaxed and calm. Not nervous at all. But that will probably change in the morning. I don't want a wide butt. I want a bubble! And I really don't want much hips. I want ASS. LOL. Im just too excited. Can't believe I'm going through with this! Tata for now ladies! Ill post an update as soon as I feel we'll enough to post. Ttyl.

4 days post op!

Well I am 4 days post op and I feel SO much better! The first 3 days was pre HELL! The pain is no joke! It really does hurt but the pain meds do help.
So the morning of surgery I arrived at Dr Campos office at 730 in the morning. I signed and filled out some papers and was sent to a small room to get my blood drawn for labs. I was given the two pills for my nerves. A Mexican man came in and drew my blood and was quick and pain free. Then i peed in a cup for the pregnancy test. After that Dr Campos came in and gave me my consultation. He examined my skin and I told him what I wanted. I showed him pics on my phone too.
After that I was led into the operating room where they washed me in the brown stuff to kill all the germs I may have had on my body. Then I laid down on the operating table. The anesthesiologist and two nurses that bathed me in iodine were prepping the surgery room. Dr Wizard was trying to find a vein for the anesthesia but couldn't. So I had one person on both sides trying to find veins. That HURT. But the nurse found one and that was over. Then Dr Wizard rolled me on my side for the spinal block. Not sure if it was an epidural or spinal block. It didn't hurt much at all. He pressed me and asked if it was a sharp or dull pain. I said sharp and he tilted the table back so the medicine would travel through the rest of my body. After that I was out. I woke up during surgery but did not feel any pain. I could tell he was lipo'ing me because of the movement but it did not hurt at all. They had put up a sheet so I couldn't see beyond my neck too. I was looking around the operating room and Dr Wizard had his back turned so i just waited until he turned around to ask him if I was supposed to be awake yet. Lol. He said no and put me back out. When I woke up I was in the recovery room. I didn't feel any pain. After that I was off to Club Med.
About Club Med. this place is the most awesome place I've ever been to. They took such GREAT care of me! I am so happy that I came here. I swear any of you ladies traveling alone, do not think for a minute that you can recover on your own! You NEED help! I just love it here so much. The view, the food, the service, the people, I just love everything about this place. I could not ask for anything better. The price is dirt cheap for what you get here. Anyone who writes a bad review are out of their minds. And I say that literally. There was a lady here that was psycho. She locked herself in her room and wouldn't come out. She wouldn't accept Any help for anything, she wouldn't communicate or mingle with any of the other girls. She was freakin crazy! She has been writing bad reviews on here about Club Med. take them with a grain of salt. Susanna Marvin and Their staff are WONDERFUL to say the least. I have had such a great time here. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Dr Campos is awesome too. And yes he is very handsome.
I am now day 4 and I feel so much better. Day 1 through 3 is no joke. It hurts. I drained a whole lot too. The drain isn't too bad but I am ready to get it out because I can feel it on the inside of my body and it hurts a little when it moves. I've slowed down on my draining a lot so it should come out soon. My body is hard as a rock which is normal. I can't wait until I fluff and get soft. My body is amazing! Waist is tiny, hips are nice, and my butt is going to be big. I showed him pics of hat I wanted and I'm pretty sure thats exactly what I got. Can't wait to seethe end results! I think I get my first massage today so I will post and let everyone know how it goes. Until then tata ladies!

10 months post op.

Well I've been gone for a while ladies. Sorry! Life just kinda got in the way. I'm going to be posting before and after pics and life after BBL. Let me just say that Dr. Campos is AMAZING! He shaped my body to the tens. I can't believe. I actually went through wit having plastic surgery in Tijuana. But I am SO glad I did! I've never felt or looked better! I never wanted to post pics but I've changed my mind. I think you ladies that are considering bbl should see the results Dr. Campos gave me. I didn't tell many friend or any family. They noticed. But I played it off. Lol. They probably don't believe me but oh well. It's my business. They know I'm crazy anyway. Lol. My butt is so perfect. You wouldn't believe how many people have told me my body is perfect. It really is though. My waist is tiny, my butt is big, my hips are thick. It's just amazing how much better I look. I am LOVING it! I can wear anything I want. I love body suits. Lol. I can't express enough how awesome my body is. There aren't enough words to describe it. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Other than going sooner! Lol. The massages were HELL. But they helped. I got them from Mari Paz. She is really awesome and does her best to be gentle with you. I just grit my teeth and bared it. Angie might not be he most organized receptionist, but she gets everything done. Yes she does some questionable stuff. But as long as you have ALL your emails and receipts, you'll be fine. Don't let her take advantage of you. Be firm. And most important of all, have ALL your documents!
If any of you ladies have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me. I've been through it and I was so grateful that I had the help from the previous ladies on here. Without them I couldn't have done it. So now I'm going to pass along my experience.


Well ladies I am finally going to upload some before and afters. I didn't want to before because I didn't want anyone to recognize me. I didn't tell many friends and no family. Yes questions were asked and they probably know what I did(although now that I think about it they probably think I got implants lol). Now I'm not really even worried about it. They'll all love me regardless. So here they are! Let me know if you have any questions! Comments go to my email and emails come straight to my phone. :)

Thinking about round 2 !!

Well ladies I'm back! I'm still in love with my results Dr campos gave me. He really did his thing!! BUT! I think I've lost weight and I've lost some volume in my butt and hips. I hate it! I want my huge booty back!!! Lol! It's still huge, and others can't tell I've lost weight, but I've been comparing my old pics to new ones, and I can tell. I want about 350 more cc's. I don't wana go too big, but I want that BIG back. Again, I still have a big butt! But it's not what it was in September of 2014! Maybe I'm crazy, but I can't help it! Lol! I want more butt! So who is popular here days? I hear Yily is and she has good prices, but you get who at you pay for. I've always believed that. I'm also going to email Dr campos again and see how much a touch up will be. Wish me luck and let me know who you ladies are goin to !!

Im now a Campos girl!

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