DEPOSIT DOWN :-) Anyone going to be in Miami - Fort Lauderdale beginning of November?

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Good Evening! Well I am 23 years young and...

Good Evening!

Well I am 23 years young and under going a major procedure like this is a little nervewrecking. I have an OKAY shape, but know it could be much better. I have a little bit of butt, but it is more wide than bubbly. I am lacking the confidence I know I should have because weight on tummy and arm flab.

I have been considering since a friend got her's done several months ago.
I want to get rid of my stomach/love handles and have my butt sit up higher. I am debating between Dr. Okoro and Jimensen.


So I have been gone for a while.... I am going...

So I have been gone for a while....
I am going back & forth - back & forth
I am scared of the recovery process. Does anyone know what to do to ease that time? I read some stuff about taking vitamens before, etc. What can I do so my recovery process is quick?
I want to get as much information as possible. I am going to Hawaii for my best friends wedding in March. Ideally I would like to have had the procedure and be fully recovered & bikini ready.
Also, I want to take the fat from my arms and love handles, but my thighs need to be tightened (no lipo) what would one suggest for this? A cellulite treatment?
I was told because fat already deposits to my behind that the procedure will do well with my body and the fat will stay in place.

Does anyone have tips on the financial part of the procedure? Being that I am going to Hawaii which will cost around 3,4 k , spending another 8, 9 on my butt is a little extreme. I have one guy friend that says he will give me part. Is there a finance company that works with bad credit?

Thank you for all your help!

So Ladies I was sad to learn Dr. J's next...

So Ladies I was sad to learn Dr. J's next consultation isn't available until June of next year!
I want to get my surgery in Jan/Feb.
Any other good Doctors to recommend? Has anyone seen Dr. Okoro?
Thanks for all your help!

Okay sorry ladies I have been updating like crazy...

Okay sorry ladies I have been updating like crazy the past two days, but I can't help it I am so excited!!!!

IF you want to finance go through medical financing they require only 600 credit score and one open account for at least a year with good payment history!

They require you to put half of the procedure down and verify your income.

Also; if anyone has a consult with Dr. J and needs to cancel please let me know!

Okay I have found financing, and want to go with...

Okay I have found financing, and want to go with Dr. Jimerson
Consultation isnt until may & then they said surgery within three weeks.

SOOOO if any of you ladies have to cancel for any reason - Please let me know! I am here in Georgia and can switch easily.
Thanks a bunch :-)

Thank you to everyone for all their input and advice. I really love this site!

After seeing someone that wanted to change dates...

After seeing someone that wanted to change dates and being unable to reach her - I contacted the office and sure enough they had an opening for tomorrow at 11am!!!
Consultation on the way. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions I should ask? I have some of my own.
Looking to schedule the surgery for either end of january or end of march! EEEEK! I am so excited :-)

I had my consultation this morning and i'm still...

I had my consultation this morning and i'm still undecided. However, if you are considering a Bbl at all Dr. Jimerson is the only way to go!! He was very polite and honest.
Monica the patient coordinator was amazing. Very sweet and informative.
I'm undecided because i'm somewhat nervous about the surgery and recovery process. I need to loose ten pounds before the surgery and for best results I'll be getting liposuction of stomach, love handles, bra roll with grafting to hips and butt. I wanted to get my arms, but I think it will be best to do that desperately so I can have my arms fully functioning while the rest of my body recovers.


Refer to comments below

Thank you to all that give their input, Iappreciate you all!!! I hope my information helps you all :)

I am curious about bruising, scarring, etc. I am...

I am curious about bruising, scarring, etc. I am seeing alot of post op pictures that have black round dots i'm hoping its just bruising and that the scarring won't be so bad.

also wanted to know if anyone hired a nurse? If so, how did you find the nurse. Do they specialize in this surgery? How helpful was it?
Thank you soooo much for the help!!!

HELP ME!!!!! In Serious need of advice

I weighed myself today and I have gained 15 pounds since January! I am reconsidering a BBL.
I went for a consultation with Dr. Jimerson a while ago and he wanted 11,000 for my procedure and his results were very drastic.
I don't want to pay 11,000 also I don't want a huge butt. I want to look as natural as possible.
I am considering going to the Dominican Republic. I have seen that they cost around 3,000. Does anyone know if any of the doctors have an emergency hospital near by?
How do we check malpractice or injuries for a doctor overseas?
Also if there are any doctors in the United States that are below 7,000 I would be willing to go there as well. I really appreciate any help anyone can give.
You all look beautiful with your post-op pictures, I love it!


Please read review I need help!!!!

LaGrasso - Miami or Duran in Dominican Republic

So I called Duran this morning, hopefully that minute phone call isn't a million dollars on my phone bill - LOL! Her assistant answered the phone in Spanish so I said No Hablo & she spoke english. She was very rushed, I asked a couple of questions but she kept rushing me with the email and saying they will give me a quote after I send pictures and that was the first thing I needed to do.

After that I received a phone call from a consultation request I sent on here to Dr. Jeffery Lagrasso in Miami. His assistant Geenie called me and made me feel EXTREMELY comfortable. She said they are running a special BBL with EVERYTHING included and an added area of lipo on my arms only $6500! Although it would be more less in the Dominican I think I am more comfortable of being in Miami where nearly everyone speaks english and there are plenty hospitals near by. Geenie spent nearly an hour on the phone with me answering all of my questions. She also took time to text message me pics of the most recent surgery he performed which looked FAB!
She scheduled my surgery for November 4th! I am going to go into my physician first on Monday to make sure this is something I will be okay doing with my medical history. I have to pay the deposit by the 31st to lock in the price, so hopefully my surgeon gives me the OKAY!
Maybe 3rd time is a charm - this will be the third doctor I've looked into, but I am really excited about this.
Love you all & I appreciate EVERYONE's input and help. Is anyone else considering going to Miami for the surgery around that time? Or any ladies that live in the area?

New Pictures - Wish Pictures & Dr. LaGrasso! Anyone having SX in Miami area beginning of November???

Okay I have been posting like crazy and I did this around October/November last year and just fell off because I thought I could work out and eat right to get rid of the fat, but unfortunately the opposite has happened. I have gained at least 10 pounds in less than a year, so this fat has got to go!
Im hesitant but I am posting my pictures I had to send into the doctor - Yikes - don't judge my naked - pre surgery body lol.

I did more reviewing on the doctors in the Dominican Republic and had several things jump out to me as concerns. I went through pages of reviews on here for Yily and Duran and saw someone discussing incidents of women being hospitalized and them deleting the comments and forums in order to cover it up.

I feel having my surgery in the United States will be much safer. It is easier to research malpractice suits, deaths, or any issues one has had with surgery. I found Dr. Jefferey Lagrasso and I am comfortable with his staff and have my phone consultation tomorrow. I have to put my $500 deposit down by Saturday if I want to stay on the schedule for my surgery.

Are there any ladies that will be traveling to Miami - Fort Lauderdale around the beginning of November for surgery, if so we could travel together!

Whoops, forgot pictures!

Jimmerson or Okoro

If any of you ladies are considering these two doctors, I live in Atlanta and am more than willing to show you out on the town after the initial healing of the booty :-) Also, if there are ladies in Miami area I will be there for a few weeks in November and I would love some hot ladies to go out with after my initial healing!

:-( Went to my primary care physician today...

I went into the Doctor today because I am supposed to pay on my surgery next week and wanted to get checked out first.
I found out I have sleep apnea. I am scared that my throat may close while undergoing surgery. He told me to have my tonsils removed!
Does anyone else have sleep apnea that got surgery?

Yayyyyyy! I finally put down the deposit - Dr. Lagrasso here I come

So it is happening ladies. I am going to get my surgery November 4th. Nobody said anything about having sleep apnea, I would still like some info on that if anyone has any :-)
Don't know

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