Gain Weight, Gain Weight, Ughhh!!

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I had the gastric bypass done Feb of 2011, I was...

I had the gastric bypass done Feb of 2011, I was 300 pounds, lost the first 100 pounds in 6 months, almost 2 years post-op I'm down to 139 pounds. I've lost my breast, my butt is shriveled up like a prune, my stomach is sagging, & my arms are bat wings! But with clothes on I look hot lol I'm ready!!!

So I did a phone consult with Dr Salama Nurse and...

So I did a phone consult with Dr Salama Nurse and she stated that HE told her I don't have enough fat to do the Brazilian butt lift and that he recommends a body lift...In which that will make my butt even flatter than ever!! I don't want any objects inserted into my buttocks..I wish to have a nice and natural procedure! I've seen patients smaller than me used their own fat for the procedure. So anyways they are asking me to gain at least 20 to 30 pounds 0_o......Again, I'm a Gastric Bypass patient....I risked my life to lost 150 pounds not I have to gain some back LOL....ughhh Today I'm soooo frustrated.

And then on top of being frustrated ..I don't have a consult with Dr Jimerson until Sept 19th....So I HAD another Consult scheduled today at 12PM in which I paid $50.00 for and they canceled on be (DR ONOKO) ...The new consult will be tomorrow at 8AM.
(rips hair out)

Sorry for the Typos...I'm just upset

Sorry for the Typos...I'm just upset

Okay so I got an email from Nancy stating that Dr...

Okay so I got an email from Nancy stating that Dr Salama will not do the Brazilian butt lift procedure, but he will do a body lift procedure.
Then today at 8am I had another consult with Dr Oroko from Georgia and he stated that I have well enough fat for the Brazilian Butt lift..I'm flying in September 12th @ 3pm to see him and pay my down payment!! OMG I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "Wonder Girdle" ...I have uploaded the pics of...

The "Wonder Girdle" ...I have uploaded the pics of this girdle that I have been wearing

Okay Okay OKayyyyy!!! Can someone please help me...

Okay Okay OKayyyyy!!! Can someone please help me because my hubby has lost his freaking mind!. Okay look. I went into meet my local surgeon today 08/30/2012 just to get more info on what I should do about my body. I really don't feel like flying to another state but I will do it. So I got completely naked and he specifically told me that since I've lost 150 pounds and my skin is VERY loose, also my butt is very saggy and needed to be lifted, he felt as if I should NOT get the Brazilian butt lift, but instead he was told me that I should get the Lower body Lift and throw in Pushing all the fat into my buttocks for free....hmmm? He stated that The results of me getting a Brazilian Butt Lift would be way different then someone who had not lost all the weight. So I really can understand that part, BUT the part that upset me was when he demonstrated how my body would look afterwards...He pulled my back fat up by my butt cheeks and what the HELL!!! It was all flat!!! I mean there where NO CURVES NO NOTHING!!! And my hubby just sitting there as if he was happy!! ( I guess he don't want me to get that big rump shaker because I would turn MORE heads)....Okay so I really expressed to this doctor that I will NOT have a flat ass and no hips....So he explained to me that he will take all the fat that he was going to remove and PUSH it to my buttocks....He stated that since he is only pushing it to my buttocks that the fat is not being "Re-Injected" so there for the fat cells will live instead of some dying. I never heard of this Procedure that he is talking about but he claim that I would be very happy with the result and he said "Trust me, I know what you want".... HELP MEEEE :(

After all the LOCAL consults, After speaking with...

After all the LOCAL consults, After speaking with Dr Cortes and then speaking with Dr Oroko it seem as if they have a better solution for me then these local surgeons.
The thing about it is that Dr Cortes is CHEAPER!! He is located in Houston Texas. Again to refresh everyone, I had the gastric Bypass done and lost 150 pounds. Well at this moment I'm on a high protien diet to gain about 20 pounds because I lost a little too much. My goal weight was 155-160 to attain that curvy look, well I dropped down to 132 pounds:( Everyone told me I look sick and lost too much. So now I'm getting my weight up to normal range and so far I'm at 140 pounds.
Well anyways to make a long story short I suppose to fly to Georgia to meet with Dr Oroko for a better consult and pay my down payment, I meet with him next week Sept 12th :-O ....But I'm thinking what if Dr Oroko says that I don't have enough fat, then that's when Dr Cortes come into play.
Dr Cortes told me that if I don't have enough fat, they have new permanent implants that would go UNDER the muscle which will be permanent and wayyyy better results, and then he would had fat from my bottom to shape it and give me volume in my hips. He is charging $7500 for this! Wayyy Cheaper!
So now I'm stuck in a rock and a hard spot lol, I really didn't want to do the implants, but he indicated that this procedure is not the same as getting regular implants, he states that most surgeon put the implants on top of the muscle which would give the look not natural i guess.

So as I sit here I got to think if I just hop on this plane to meet with Dr Oroko, or should I just say 4 get it and go to Houston!!

TYPO** I meant that he would use the fat from my...

TYPO** I meant that he would use the fat from my areas to shape my bottom and hips

*Takes Deep Breath and Crack Knuckles* Had a...

*Takes Deep Breath and Crack Knuckles*

Had a chance to talk to Dr Cortes today and he was able to really review my pics, he told me that he understand what the other surgion was saying regarding having a lower body lift. He stated that by me loosing all that weight, if he were to do the brazilian butt lift; my skin is very loose and saggy that it would not hold volume and it would look a mess. The surgeon here in my area was charging $11,994 for the lower body lift. Well Dr Cortes stated that the charge for the procedure of just getting a butt lift would be $4800. Once I get the butt lift done I then have to wait until I heal, also I have to wait a few months (maybe 2 or 3) to get the Brazilian Butt lift. He claim that he will be injecting fat into my thighs as well.
I know that some of you ladies don't have to go through this, well you might of not loss so much weight like I did, This is just something that I have to go through. I'm very happy that I don't have to pay over 10 grand, and another thing, I know with the lower body lift; the tummy tuck is included BUT this local surgeon states that he will NOT use the fat for Brazilian Butt lift, he will throw the fat away!!!! That's another reason why I don't want to take that route. I need all the fat I can get lol

I got a few messages today of some girls who said...

I got a few messages today of some girls who said that it would not be wise to have the implants done. Even my hubby is upset with this decision. From what I understand the infection rate is VERY high. and do I want to take that risk? Hell no! I already to the big risk into having the Gastric Bypass done.
Just to break down my mental thinking for you ladies, I'm 30 years old. My whole life been about my kids and hubby. When I had the Gastric Bypass done that was my moment to give back to myself. I had let myself go BIG TIME!! We only live once! I really want to give myself attention because I stop doing that 12 years ago. If I do this I'm gonna do it BIG!!. Implants are out the question but when I talk to the surgeon he makes it sound so good!!

Also, I'm just waiting on my other review from Dr Oroko. Like i said before I suppose to fly and meet him next week for the down payment and also for him to do more of a physical consult on me. This has taken a big toll on me, Right now I'm self employeed, but I am a full time student. When I'm not at school and when the kids are all taken care of I find myself sitting in front of this computer for HOURS looking at women (lol I'm not bi) and I think my hubby love sitting here with my as we look at different butts!! I can't wait for the AFTER pics
Anyways I also found another WISH PIC, her frame look about the same as mines.

Well I booked my flight this morning heading to...

Well I booked my flight this morning heading to ATL!!
Leaving on The 12th and returning on the 12th, I will arrive at 9am, my appointment with Dr Okoro is at 3pm, then I'm leaving back out
to go home around 930pm..Oh yea I'm in and out, got friends down there but no time to say hi lol.

This appointment is just so that Dr Okoro can physically give me a better consult and better suggestions! If he is talking good then I will go ahead and make my down-payment to schedule A surgery date!
I'm thinking sometime March of 2013 because by then I would of gained 20-30 pounds (hopefully)

Meeting with Dr Okoro Wednesday to make my initial...

Meeting with Dr Okoro Wednesday to make my initial decision & pay my down payment! I'm excited and scared at the same time. I'm hoping he tell me that I have enough fat!! I have NO problem gaining some weight, I really want to have the procedure in March when it's spring break.

Wish me luck ladies!!

Leaving my home around 4am, So anxious to meet Dr...

Leaving my home around 4am, So anxious to meet Dr Okoro! They called me this mornin to confirm my appointment. I'm ready more then every! I wish this was the actual surgery date lol!!

Well, After my consult with Dr Okoro a few months...

Well, After my consult with Dr Okoro a few months back he told me that he don't feel comfortable doing surgery until I have gained weight. When I walked into his office I was about 132 pounds, Right now I'm about 139. He told me that he wouldn't take my money until HE KNOWS for sure that he can get me the body that I wish! I showed him my wish pics and he told me that he can do it! He looked me in my eyes as he was talking which made me comfortable knowing he keeps it 100. He told me that he could do the upper breast lift and tummy tuck, but he stated that he will not do the Brazilian Butt Lift until I have gotten more fat for him to use. He then stated that If I don't want to gain the weight then he will recommend the Butt Implants. My Husband was TOTALLY against the butt implants so we left the office and I will just try my best to gain some weight. Sorry for the late update,
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Okoro understand my vision of what I want done!

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