1day to go...its almost here! can't wait

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Im kind of nervous but excited at the same time.....

Im kind of nervous but excited at the same time...I'm sure it will be ok...I have always wanted a big butt and now is my time to shine!! By the time I get finished 2 chainz will have to take a second look! It may not by birthday but I'm sure gona act like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to b happy with the way I look and confident as well.

Im thinking its about time to start getting the...

im thinking its about time to start getting the things in need for my sx which is set for april 26 2013..each time i start making alist go brain dead and really dont know waht to get. i know i need scar healing gels and things to that nature not to mention warm socks and big loose clothing but just dont know what vitamins to take to get ready for the sx and after the sx,,,please help

It wasn't that bad at all

It wasn't that bad at all

looking for a buddy for november or december dr ortiz it is!!!!

this will be round two for me

going to vanity at end of year needing a buddy

i will be having my bbl for the second time at the end of year havent set a exact date yet but would like to aim for end of october to mid december. i would like to find someone to split the cost of hotel and care giver expenses if this sounds like an interest to you well send me a message! thanks

looking for a vanity buddy for end of october -dec

i need abuddy to accompany me for my vanity expierence at the end of the year...inbox me for any information ...

looking for a buddy for october or november

anyone interested please drop me a line or two

need caretaker and transportation info for miami area

i plan on going to dr fisher in november however i needed to know if anyone has info on caretakers and transprotation for a reasonable price. all input is greatly appreciated. thanks
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word of mouth and tons of research

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