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Hey guys Im new to this after researching I...

Hey guys Im new to this after researching I decided to go with Dr Jimerson since I like his style of the BBL in women of color. I have paid my deposit and since Im out of work now I want to move my date up but I need someone to care for me while I'm there, so after reading other reviews i decided to contact a care giver (Sue) in the area since another user used this lady and says she was great! now i wont have to inconvenience any of my family members to go on this trip with me! I am going to call my coordinator (Sarah) and see about moving up my date to maybe Jan/Feb i still have about 25lbs to lose! I will let u guys know how it goes once I call on monday!

Wish look!

Ok so the person in the middle is ME! i was about 230lbs (I'm 5/7) I'm now 220 my goal weight is to be at least 200lbs but I can stand to go lower! but any-who this is what i want my hips/front to look I don't want to be too wide I hope I can get this look without having to have fat transferred to my hips Im not sure if the other ladies (on left and right) had fat transferred to their hips

Booty Shape (Wish Pic)

Ok ladies this is the shape I want to have I love the teardrop shape thats the look Im going for (I know it depends on your body type) but fingers crossed!!!!

More Wish Pics

ok, so I used the little app and enhanced it to what I think best fits the body!! tell me what u guys think!!!

January Openings!!!

Ok, so I saw (via IG) that DRJ has openings in January now u remember i wanted to move my date from Aug 2014 to Feb 2014 but I would be ok with Jan i did want to get down to at LEAST 200lbs now I'm 220 ish most of that is in my mid section so I'm hoping dr j can take the full 5000 cc from my stomach and back I called my patient coordinator so see about getting my date moved (i just saw the post about openings on thursday) called today but no luck getting in touch with Sarah I really want to get in by at least the 2nd week of Jan I wonder how long it would take to get my medical clearance done and faxed back to them? any info on where and how much the medical clearance would cost!? please help!!!


Im so pissed every urgent care placed i have called has set they do no do physicals for pre op!? everyone has told me that thats where they went and im sure everyone cant be wrong!? i called my primary care dr and they dont have any openings until 1/9 and i was hoping to have the surgery on 1/8 i feel like crying!!!!!


okay so today I went ahead and had my labs done at lab corp it cost me about $240 for the laps alone and the physical would be another $152 with my primary care doctor I have that appointment January 8 which is Wednesday. I also spoke with my patient care coordinator today (sarah) and I sent in some photos to the doctor of me now currently at 220 pounds he did suggest a while ago that I get down to 200 pounds but I figured since I have the time off from work now to go ahead and get it done earlier so The original photos I sent an earlier in 2012 I wighed about 240 at that time but that was earlier 2012 (I then went up to 260 pounds as of September 2012! ????) but now I'm back on track so I am currently down to 220 pounds but I figured since most of my weight was in my mid section that he could go ahead and take full 5000 cc from that area and I would be okay right!? WRONG! Sarah says that the doctor highly recommend that I am at the 200 pound mark for the best results possible so now I am on a mission to lose as much weight as possible in 30 days wish me luck I'm also going to upload some pictures of myself now at my current weight that I took last week

I officially have a date!!!!!

Hey yall okay I completed my physical yesterday and my Dr. cleared me for surgery so then I called my patient Cordinator and move my date from August 15, 2014 to February 19, 2014!!!!!! my weight as of yesterday was 216 so I have 16 pounds to go and I should be there by my surgery date!!! i'm so excited!!!!


ok guys I received a email from my cordinator saying i need to have another medical clearance done since since the the I did yesterday was done too early?! now remember i had to pay for the clearance out of pocket which was about $400! i just emailed her back to get another date within 30 days of yesterday so i wont have to get another clearance done i will let u guys know what she says once she replies if i cant get a date within the 30 days i will have to cancel!

new date!

ok I have been moved to 2/3/14 and my pre op would be on 1/31!!!

post care

when it rains it pours!! now my aftercare has fallen through!

yay me!

weighed in at 211lbs today i still have a little over 2 weeks till my surgery date but I am trying my hardest to get down to 200lbs!! does anyone know how much approx. the meds will cost without insurance? or about how long the drains have to stay in?

Pre op pills

okay I see that a lot of members are posting about taking pre-op vitamins I want to know is this necessary and if they really work if so where can I find them and which vitamins exactly do I need to buy! pls help surgery is 2 weeks away!

Hotel Booked

Ok guys Im 12 days pre op and my hotel is booked I will be at the Hyatt Johns Creek less then a mile from Dr J office ....so excited!!!

Bobby Pillow Arrived!

Just received my free (had to pay $12.95 for s&h) from nursingpillow.com using promo code family2013 kinda took a while to come though ordered it on 1/9 and received it 1/23 nontheless its here bofore my surgery date (2/3) i'm also considering being a part of a documentary that my doctor will be doing it's called Dr. J curves: backstage pass I think it would be fun and exciting to share my story and experience!!

wish pics


Im Here!!

ok I just arrived in Atlanta and checked into the Hyatt Johns Creek super close to Dr Jimerson's office and close to shops and dining my pre op is 1/31/14 at 1pm so i will update then.... ttyl!

Pre Op and Meds

Ok I had my pre op today and I did not speak with dr jimerson I spoke to Kim and she answered all of my questions and gave me my script for my six meds which I was able to get field at the local Walmart. for $160 (without insurance) I also used a walmart pharmacy med card which is basically a discount card which I got from one of the other users here I will list the info for that As well as a list of the meds that you will be given one of the meds was something that you can buy over-the-counter and it was only two dollars for the storebrand version Will post a pic of that also I was also given at the time of the consult a list of people who do the lymphatic massages which I will also post tomorrow I'm off to see about getting another garment and pricing the massages and pick up any last minute things that I may need such as gauze peroxide medical Tape etc. I also want to let anyone know if they have piercings they would have to come out day of surgery however if you have any of those plastic retainers you can keep those In!! also no sitting for two weeks then after that Boppy Pillow for 3 to 6 months!? any other questions!? feel free to ask ttyl

Tomorrows the big day!

ugh I could cry right now! i was supposed to have surgery at 7:30am but his nurse called me at 6:01pm and said he has to push his schedule back and moved my surgery to 1pm mind u i cannot eat or drink anything after 12am I will be starving by 1pm! i will update u guys once i wake up from surgery and get settled..... ttyl!!!

crossed over!!!

Ok guys I had surgery at approx 5:30pm and it went well felt a little dizzy and got hot once I stood up but I feel a lot better today i also threw up once i got back to hotel from surgery (i had not eaton nor drank anything since sunday11:50pm ) and only had water saltine crackers and my antibiotic pill which i saw in my vomit so i need to ask dr if he needs to write a script for a single pill any who i will keep u guys posted daily here is my 1st preop pic

1 day post op!

okay guys I am a one day post op I get a little dizzy when I stand up I think its due to lack of iron so today I had my wonderful caretaker go out and get some iron pills and they seem to work today was also the day I was able to remove my garment for one hour and tidy up it was not hard getting it off the lovely nurse Renee walked me through how to take it off I had more trouble putting it on the taking it off and it is tight as hell!! dr. Jimerson told me while he came into Mark me that since most of my fat was on my back inside he may not be able to touch my stomach at all I was a little saddened by that but nurse Renée told me that he was able to get 200 cc out of my stomach so my belly is not as flat as I would like it to be but I can't complain because he did tell me up front and he also asked for me to be at least 200 pounds on my preop appointment I weighed in at 214 lbs overall I am satisfied I love the way I look in my garment I am not sure how many cc were removed but I asked to have the full 5000 taken get out I'm not sure how much was injected into my behind. I will ask him on my post op visit how many cc were taken it out I did not have hips added I will also upload some pictures that I have

1st Massage

ok today was my first massage it felt really good i was referred to her by Dr Jimerson's office she was a prior patient and she travels! she came to my hotel room she was on time and very professional! i also had my 1st BM today! I think the massage helped with that I will post her info I also took a lil walk today around a like to get my blood flowing will update later or tomorrow with pictures also as anyone cut the "thong" part off the shaper!? its a real pain in the ass!?

Hey y'all!

ok so Im almost 2 weeks post op and my but has gone done alot :( but still better then what it was i forgot to ask at my post op how much was taken out and how much was added now i have been a bad about wearing that garment PLEASE WEAR YOUR GARMET 23 hours a day for the 1st 2 weeks i just could not take it . it was fine during the day but at night it was crazy even with towels under the strap it still hurt like hell in the AM! so i just used a girdle my granny gave me over some spanx and its working for me my measurements are 34 bust waist 32 and hips 47ish (not sure what my measurements were before) swelling has gone done a lot!! i will post pixs in a few i also ordered a new garment i will most pixs of that too

more pics

Going..going...wait a minute!!!

hey guys!!! My booty is going down!!! not Flat but down and i want it back!!!!! still a hell of a lot better then what i started with tho! still thankfull heres a pic what y'all think?

Update Time!!

ok guys even though by behind went down it still looks a hell of a lot better then it did!! trust me i now at least fill my clothes out and have a huge boost of confidence!! i really wished i would have asked how many cc's were taken out and put in I will make it my business to call and ask tomorrow any-who here is a pic


hey guys Im feeling fine!! I am 5 weeks post op and i can sit and drive with ease i still cant lay flat on my back just yet but I'm sure I will be able too by my 8th week.

Hey y'all!!!

hello all I'm 2 months post op and just decided to give u guys an update I am able to sit down fully with no pain at all i do still use my boppy pillow if I'm sitting and the chair is hard! i love my tush but i have picked up a little weight in the belly area (remember i was not able to get alot of cc's removed from my belly since most of my 5000 cc went to my back and flanks) any-who i still love my body and my confidence has skyrocketed!!! DR J is a real stand up guy i keep in touch with my realfself buddy!! footballwife please see her profile she is a really sweet and beautiful woman im also uploading some new pictures

Update Time!!!!

ok guys im 4months post op and im down to like 206lbs I love my results! but im thinking about doing it again not anytime soon but in the next 5 yrs or so (after i have a baby) i would like to have some phat removed from my belly then moved to the butt and fill out my hips i wonder would i get a "discount" or something i will call Dr Jimerson and see it will not hurt to ask right?! what do u guys think?

Hey y'all!

just a lil photo update!


ok guys im really thinking hard about getting lipo to my belly that pouch is really bothering me but none the less here is an update pic!

Hey yall

sooo i just updating you guts with a few pics Now i dont know if i told if i told u guys or not but but i will be having the surgery again within the next 3-4 years this time i want to have the fat taken from my belly and have some put in my hips to fill them out and then more added to my butt maybe about 200-300 cc what do u guys think? also im looking on lipo express for another garment but this time i want mid leg black with thin starps in size XL (the garment i went home in was a 2xl) im just a little concerned with it may be too little since the entire butt area would be closed in i will love to have your thoughts on that as well
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