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Okay, so I have been waiting this surgery for...

okay, so I have been waiting this surgery for about 3 years and I'm ready to go. I am 5"6 and 187lbs currently but I intend to get down to 170 by the time I have my procedure. I live in Atlanta. I want to lock in my date in the next few days. I'm trying to decide which doctor...
Dr. Hughes- $11,500 (bbl plus estimated flight and hotel)
Dr. Fisher- $6500 (bbl plus estimated flight and hotel)
Who's better ladies? Please share your thoughts. I love Dr. Hughes and his work but is it work 5k more?

I paid Dr. Fished Today. Surgery 01/22/15

Hey Ladies, so after months of consideration I decided to go with Dr. Fisher, here is why. I life in Atlanta and I received quotes with Dr. J, Dr. Hughes and Dr. Fisher. My quotes were on liposuctions of the back, flank, and abdomen.
1. Dr . Jimerson- 11k (cash-fast track)
2. Dr. Hughes - 9500k ( I love him but with all the travel expenses it was about 12K)
3. Dr. Fisher- 5k ( I like his work and it's more in my budget

I have been working with Lia from Vanity and so far she has been quick and responsive. I paid for my surgery today in full with my care credit which I already had. I would never pay anyone that kind of cash always use a credit card in case theirs a dispute. My $5050 includes- surgery all fees, compression garments, lipo board & foam, 5 massages, and lipo gel. After I paid it she sent me my receipt, invoice, and what labs are required 30 days prior to surgery. Lia has been on point and she follow through. I'm excited . I will post my pictures and measurement soon.

before pics

Some wish Pics

I don't just want a big butt. I want to be in good shape prior to surgery. I want a flat tummy, small waist, hips and a big butt!

How to prepare for your BBL menatally, emotionally, and physically...About 90 days unitl surgery

Ladies I am about 90 days away from my BBL with Dr. Fisher and its time to get ready. 2 years ago I had breast implant surgery and I learned what to do and what not to do. This procedure is serious and we have to make sure we are at our best on all levels.
1. Start taking daily supplements
multi-vitamin , Iron 325mg with Vitamin C 1000mg ( I use emergen-c and drink together, Vitamin D, Probiotics, Digestive enzymes. (please check with doctor )
2. Eat a healthy nutritious diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins
3. 8-10 glasses of water daily
4. Cardio exercise 5x per week for 30 minutes
5. Weight train/ weight training classes 1-3x per week(especially butt and abs)
6. Waist train
7. Sauna 3x per week
8. Mediate/pray daily or anything that reduces stress

Doing these thing before surgery with get your mind, body, and emotions to a healthy state which will help us to heal better and faster. All surgeries are traumas to the body. We can't control the outcome but we can do our part.


How to prepare for your BBL mentally, emotionally, and physically...About 90 days unitl surgery
20 Oct 2014
• 3 months pre

Ladies I am about 90 days away from my BBL with Dr. Fisher and its time to get ready. 2 years ago I had breast implant surgery and I learned what to do and what not to do. This procedure is serious and we have to make sure we are at our best on all levels.
1. Start taking daily supplements
multi-vitamin , Iron 325mg with Vitamin C 1000mg ( I use emergen-c and drink together, Vitamin D, Probiotics, Digestive enzymes. (please check with doctor )
2. Eat a healthy nutritious diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins
3. 8-10 glasses of water daily
4. Cardio exercise 5x per week for 30 minutes
5. Weight train/ weight training classes 1-3x per week(especially butt and abs)
6. Waist train
7. Sauna 3x per week
8. Mediate/pray daily or anything that reduces stress

Doing these thing before surgery with get your mind, body, and emotions to a healthy state which will help us to heal better and faster. All surgeries are traumas to the body. We can't control the outcome but we can do our part

losing weight before bbl!

Hey dolls my surgery with Dr. Fisher is less than 90 days away ????????????. So its time to get in shape... Today I weigh 190lbs and my goal is to lose 25lbs before surgery. Goal weight prior to surgery is 165. My plan will consist of a healthy diet, cardio, weight training, yoga and I'm trying Garcinia Cambogia cambogia. I really want to be at my best on all levels to protect my investment. We can do this ladies, lets utilize our time before surgery wisely. Any weight loss tips?

supply list.... done

So even though my surgery is more than 2 months away i ordered all my supplies. Actually too many
Iron pill 325mg
Emergen c
Stool softener
Water pills
Rectal suppositories
Arnica gel
Firming gel
Arnica gel
Sterile alcohol pads
Gauze pads
Cotton pads
New gel scar gel
Compression socks
Medical tape
Band auds
Baby wipes
Boppy pilow
Foam seat pad(cut butt out)
4 Inch foam mattress (cut out butt space so you can lay on back)
Body pillow
Ring cushion

Tot @325.00

No more shopping ????


Supply pictures

Surgery Buddy needed 01/22/2014 Dr. Fisher

Any of you ladies having surgery with Dr. Fisher in Miami the week of January 21st? I really want a surgery buddy!

Weight & Current measurments

192- Current Weight
41- bust
37- waist
46- butt

I am so off track ladies my goal weight prior to surgery is 165. My goal measurements after surgery are:
159 -weight
40- Bust
28- Waist
45- Butt

I have a lot of work to do.

54 days left-Booty Boot Camp starts today

Hey beautiful dolls! I hope all of you had a wonderful turkey day...well I have been gone for a minute but I'm back with the jump off :)!!! My weight today is 192, I confess I have been eating bad and not taking care of myself. My goal is to get to 165 prior to surgery also to be physically fit and have a healthy balanced diet! I don't just want a bigger butt and flat stomach. So 54 days of booty butt camp is in full effect today. All I want to do is work out, eat healthier and be consistent. Ladies wish me luck, it ain't easy.... I don't want to spend all this time,effort, and money on my bbl without making permanent lifestyle changes. This procedure is bigger than just surgery. The surgery is part of it but our lifestyle before and after will determine the outcome. I don't believe in drastic diets, I just want to eat better most of the time but it's hard. I eat when I'm stressed and food is my vice so my next 54 days will mostly consist of not emotionally eating and just eating normally. I'm working out and taking my supplements. That's all for now ladies, just checking in.

New Wish Pics

just bought my plan tickets! great deal

Hey dolls just purchased my round trip tickets to Miami. Only 198 round trip on southwest airline.

New body Recovery services- Miami recovery house

Hey beautiful ladies after much thought and consideration I have decided to stay at a recover house ( New body recovery services) during my bbl recovery from doctor Fisher. Last week I had the opportunity to accompany a friend of mine out the country for surgery and its a lot of work. I think this is a better route for me. I choose this recover home because I read a review and she was very pleased. So here's the info

I'm staying 8 days 7 nights, it includes transportation, 3 meal per day, private room, lymphatic massages (I'm getting mine from Vanity), cable, WiFi, laundry and 24 hour nurse c a 're (a real nurse). I called today and spoke with Mine the owner and nurse and I really liked her. She said she never has more than 2 /3 patients at a time so she can focus on individual care. I felt so comfortable after speaking with her I booked my stay for 7 night for only $900(does not include massage). I went on her site and paid the deposit today .


From site
We have over 10 years in the healthcare and beauty industry. Providing transportation, lymphatic drainage massages, meals, private rooms with queen beds, cable tv and internet and all during the comfort of your stay. Around the clock nursing care to meet your needs for bathing, housekeeping, laundry etc. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

how to recover fast from surgey

Hey ladies found on Real Self, very helpful.....
How to recover fast from surgery?
Please make sure your caregiver understands your needs and limitations and is prepared to help. Always speak to your doctor about how soon you can drive. Even if you feel fine, you may be compromised in a way that could effect driving.

Taking supplements and viatamins can help the recovery process but you mist report all supplements to your physician. Some supplements, herbs or even teas may cause bleeeding or have other effects on surgery or recovery. Garlic, Ginko, ginseng, apsirin containing products and vitamin E are among the supplements many physicians would ask you to avoid.

Before surgery eliminate alcohol and minimize caffeine, processed foods and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Try to get as much rest as possible before surgery and have your home life and professional life organized as well as possible.

Most importantly, follow all of the guidelines provided to you by ypour plastic surgeon. review your preoperative paperwork with your caregiver and be sure you know what to do and how to contact your plastic surgeon at all hours. Even if you feel great, don't start exercizing, lifting, etc. before your plastic surgeon gives you the Okay.

Best of luck to you.

Web reference:

Post-operative care for any cosmetic procedure is paramount in the success of the procedure and rapid healing time. I give all of my patients the following post-operative instructions after any facial surgery procedure.
NUTRITION: It is very important to stay well hydrated following surgery with liquids, such as Gatorade, chicken broth, Jell-o, water, etc.
FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS: Always have a follow-up appointment with your surgeon within one week of your surgery.
MEDICATIONS: You will experience some discomfort and pain for several days following surgery. Take the pain medications and the antibiotics that were prescribed by your physician. Do not take Aspirin, Vitamin E, Ginko, St. Johns Wart, or Ibuprofen two weeks prior to or one week following your surgery. Constipation may occur due to the pain medication and can be treated with mild laxatives, stool softeners, fruit juice or prunes.
ACTIVITIES: Avoid heavy lifting or vigorous exercise for 2-3 weeks. Keep head elevated for 2-3days to minimize swelling.
DRESSING/DRAINS: Your facial dressings and drains will be removed within 24 hours following your surgery. Sutures will be removed within 5-10 days and if tissue glue is used, allow the glue to slough off on its own.
MASSAGING: Once sutures are removed and the flue has sloughed off, you may begin massaging your scars with Vitamin E oil. Avoid sun exposure including tanning beds as this will cause the scar to turn dark. You may resume your preoperative skin care treatment at this time.
HEALING: Bruising and swelling may persist for 2-3 weeks. You will have residual swelling that will take a few more weeks to resolve. It is not uncommon for some patients to experience some depression during recovery and should resolve by the third week.

It’s important to prepare for cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. Preparation can improve the quality of your result and the quality for your experience as well. It’s important to prepare physically, medically, and mentally for these procedures.

It’s important to be in good physical condition before proceeding with these procedures. Ideally, results are best when patients are within ten percent of their ideal body weight. In some cases, patients are unable to reach this goal. This group still benefits from cosmetic surgery, but results may not be as dramatic and recoveries may be slower.

It’s also important to be medically ready for cosmetic surgery. Patients should be extensively evaluated to rule out other medical conditions. Areas of particular concern include cigarette smoking, blood pressure management, and the patient’s baseline hemoglobin.

Mental preparation for cosmetic surgery is extremely important and helps lower anxiety levels before surgery. It’s important that you have a comfort level with your surgeon, anesthesiologist, and the surgical facility. It’s essential that all your questions be answered so there are no surprises.

Arrangements for postoperative care also need to be in order. It’s important to have a care giver not only for yourself but your children as well. Addressing as many of these issues as possible before surgery will significantly improve results and the quality of the experience.

10 Tips To A Faster Recovery:
July 22nd, 2014
1. Don’t smoke. Smoking (even a little) slows down the recovery process. Refraining from smoking two months before your surgery will help speed up your recovery as well.
2. Eat healthy. This means eating plenty of whole foods and trying to avoid processed foods.
3. Always attend your follow-up appointments. This is an easy way to have your recovery questions answered directly by your doctor while providing you with needed support through your recovery process.
4. Don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol can also slow down the recovery process.
5. Minimize your caffeine intake.
6. Rest up! Sleep is one of the best and easiest ways to speed up recovery.
7. De-stress. Make sure things are taken care of with work, plants, etc. pre-surgery so you can completely relax through your recovery process. Meditation can also help to speed up recovery.
8. Follow all post-op instructions as directed by your doctor.
9. Ask for help doing things. This may sound silly but many patients start going about daily activities before they are fully ready. It’s ok to need/ask for some help lifting that heavy box from your garage.
10. Avoid aspirin and other products such as Ginko, Ginseng and other herbal supplements, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and speedy recovery!

Hope this is helpful.

New body Recovery services- Miami recovery house- uoate

new contact number , please see below

I hope all is well. I am sending you this email to inform you of our number change. It has been updated on our website as well. Our new number is 786-650-8203. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Thanks for your business and Happy Holidays!!

New Body Recovery Services

Todays Weigh In

Hey lovely ladies so today I weigh in at 188.8 (23.8 lbs to go) I'm not worried, I have a plan and I have been getting healthy. Today I state my herbal pills cleanse to get my liver and body cleansed for surgery. I'm taking Nature's Secret Multi Herb and Multi fiber for 30 days. I have used these pills over the years to detox.
I want to get to 165lbs by surgery and so far I have been doing the following.
I'm Doing cardio 4x pw, weight training/ toning 2-3 x pw, taking my vitamins and supplements, Sauna 2x pw, cut out junk food, waist training, lots of water. I am adding new thing each week.

Surgery date changed to 02/27/2015

Hey Dolls due to me not losing the 20 lbs as fast as expected I pushed my surgery date back a month. I want to be right when I have my surgery and since I B.S. until December I have not lost the weight yet but its underway. So 2.5 months to go :(!

check in Happy New Year beauties

I havent check in, in a while but im still here. Surgery is less than 60 days away, i have been working out and losing weight. Getting ready for my big day. Current weight 187

faja please help

Ladies please help me in selecting a faja? What faja do you like? How do you pick a size?

weight in

hey dolls. I have been m.i.a. for a while been busy in booty butt camp. Todays Stata
I have been eating clean, lean high protein, lots of cardio, weight training, yoga and waist training.
18lb to go!

Recover Plan-Less than a month away

Hey Beauties I am less than a month away from my surgery with Dr. Fisher and I very excited. I have been spending my time planning and preparing for surgery. Since I had my boobs done a few years back I know how difficult recovery can be. Sometimes you get down and depressed and I'm doing everything in my power to combat that. I will combat that by preparing and keep this month stress free. Some of the thing I'm continuing to do is work out and eat healthy and clean so that my body is ready. Today I will start listening to my hypnosis cd every night and meditating daily. Hypnosis and affirmations prepare you mind and as we know the mind is in charge of the body. I have attached copies of my Recovery plan which basically is a list of what I plan to do daily. I also made a list of all the movies to buy and TV series on Netflix to watch during my time in Miami because I am a type A person who hates to be bored. I got depressed after my breast job and one thing I remember is I didn't have a recovery plan. So this time I want to make it a better experience. I hope this helps someone. Don't just plan for your surgery plan your recovery.

Final Wish Pic's

These are my finale wish pic's. After months of looking

surgery in 3 day and caught a bad cold

Hey ladies my surgery is in 3 days and i caught a cold a few days ago. I don't have a fever so hopefully i will be okay. I can't believe it here already.

Anxious & Emotional

I leave for Miama in the morning and my nerves are shot. Crying, praying and scared all at the same dame time. Once I dropped my babies off it hit me. Also since I'm going alone I'm nervous. Dolls please keep me in your prayers and keep me company over the next week. Goodnight

Yesterday Pre-op

I arrived in Miami yesterday and Moni from New body Recovery Services (786-650-8203) picked me up from the airport. First let me say she is the bomb.... She is very cool and inviting and makes you feel like family. I was so scared coming alone but Moni make you feel like your staying with your sister. She had another patient in car who arrived yesterday as well and she took us straight to vanity. Let me tell you we we there basically all day. When I arrived at Vanity first the take nude pictures of you, paper work, fit you for garment, and last but not least I got to meet Dr. Fisher. Dr. Fisher is cool as hell, very honest, funny, and will put you at ease. He took his time and asked all my questions... Today my surgery is at 2pm so I will post my before measurement and pictures shortly. Thanks for the love I'm in good spirits and feel great.

Surgery today Pre-op pics & Measurment

Started at 192 42-35-45

178 Todays weight (pre surgery)

Surgery in a few hours. Later dolls

Made it to the other side

Surgery yesterday with Fisher will update later. Thanks for your prayers.

made it

Will update later had surgery yesterday with Fisher.

had first massage today

dolls I will detail the whole story in a few days just too tired right now. but I had first massage today at Vanity with Maria and it was okay. I took two pain pill first but it wasn't that bad.

BBL - My susrgery details

My surgery was suppose to be a 2pm because Dr. Fisher said he likes to take the most complicated cases first. We get at call a 12pm that from Vanity and they say come now. So Moni takes me up there. Once I get to Vanity they take me back for a pregnancy test. Then they call me back for more pics, put you surgery scrubs and they Dr. Fisher came out. He asked if I wanted a donkey booty and I said yes. The day prior I gave him my wish pics which he stapled to my chart. He once again told me I will have loose skin around my waist. That I had a butt at the bottom and he would fill the rest in. They took me to surgical room which had Latin music playing , gave me my IV and strapped me in. I woke up shivering as nurse was putting on my garment. Asked for my cell phone to call my child. They wheeled me out to Moni and she laid me in the van to take me back to the recovery house.
The good- My pain level was a 1 or 2 I wasn't in pain
The bad- I was nauseous and extremely dizzy. Moni administered an suppository which took care of the nausea but the dizziness didn't subside. My blood pressure was vey low and I couldn't stand the first night. The other issue I could not pee. I took like 30 minutes all night to pee. Moni had to get up with me every few hours to check my vitals.

Day 2- Midday my blood pressure went back to normal, I can pee, still not in pain just stiff. I'm eating, drinking, taking meds, taking vitamins, and resting, and board. Had my massage which didn't really hurt. Came back Moni bathed me and put my foam and boards in.

Day 3 post op

Hey dolls its been 2 days since my bbl and i feel great. Im Not in pain and have stopped taking the pain medication. Im stiff but light stretching help. Also bored. But other than that all is well.

Day 3-Took my first poop

So i have been taking stool softners and felt the urge yesterday. I got up this morning made some tea and green drink. About an hour later let out a full bm movement. Moni just gave me my shower and padded me up which leaves me exhausted. I have my 2nd massage at vanity today.

Day 3 -continued

Went to Vanity & got my second massage from Maria at vanity. I was more sore today so it was a little painful but not too bad. Today when Moni gave me my shower and changed my garment It exhausted me. Other than that im feeling really good. Happy healing dolls.

Moni- Newbody Recovery Services Review

I've been here at Newbody Recovery Service for 5 days and this was the best decision I could have made. I don' t know where to start from the moment she picks you up you feel like your with family. She is so cool, fun and a people person. Her house is beautiful, spacious and you can eat off the floor. Once you get here you feel like you staying with family. The house just has positive energy. She always has help here and Ebony and Karen are amazing. She keeps your room stocked with water, Gatorade, and pineapple juice. As well as medical supplies. The food is delicious and served on a tray. She baths you, dresses you, and pretty much I feel like a pampered spoiled child. I'm not looking forward to going Home which is strange form me because I don't like being away from home. Since she is a RN the level of care, skill, and expertise that I have experienced has far exceeded my expectation. I now know the real purpose of a recovery house - They take care of you so all you have to do is heal! We are having so much fun in here with thee other girls and we look of for each other. The other girls and I are healing quickly and easily and I know its from the amazing care I am receiving. I was so scared to come alone but this was a wise decision. I will be forever grateful for the care, support, and assistance I received during such a emotional time. Out of a scale of 1 -10 this place is definitely a 10. I hope this helps someone who is looking for a great place to stay.
Moni - Newbody Recovery Services 786-650-8203

Post-op Day 4

Today has been good, less stillness. I went for 3rd Massage today and other than things are cool. I'm walking a lot and stretching and each day I feel a little better. 2 more days and I blow this joint, worried about the plane ride back. Any tips?

Day 7-and flight home

Hey beauties. Yesterday post op day 6, i returned to vanity. I received my finally massage frrom Maria, juliet removed my stitches and drain. It didn't hurt just at incision site. Saw dr. Fisher and was cleared to leave. I got my letter for airplane and had a driver take me to airport. The ride home was uncomfortable even at airport you have to just stand up or get on all four. I purchased the booty buddy and i dont like it its not working for me. I kneeled in airport talking to a guy i met. On plane i got in first row window and spent my 2 hours on my knees or leaning over seat talking to the people behind me. Tried the booty buddy but it just didn't work right. You will be so worried about sitting. The pressure is stressful. The walking is okay but im walking funny. Today day 7 I lay in bed drained. No pain just tired all the time. About to eat some bean and rice and steak with veggies to get some energy. Dolls any tips on sittings?

Post op day 8- get back to your routine

Today I forced myself to get back to my routine. I was very. Tired the last 2 days and i think its because I had been tsking a water pill everyday since surgery. So i stopped and had more energy today. Even did 15 minutes of walking outside. I drove today and i had to sit. I just sat on my boppy pillow. Other than that still not in any pain, just stiffness, my Vagina is swallowing. I still have alot of inflammation.

Day 9 Swelling

Hey dolls. Last night i woke up so swolin my Vagina was almost completely through slit . So annoying im not in pain just Swelling. Im posting my weight and measurments today just to help you future dolls. After bbl you will gain weight and you stomach will be bigger at first. Maybe the first month due to swelling but it will go down. So i advise dont weight or take measuments until 4 to 6 weeks.
Day before surgery 178
Day 9 181.6 39.5-33.5-46.
Yesterday i was 40-34-48
I moved my scale and measuring tape until this Swelling subsides. Per Maria from Vanity by month 1 swelling should reduce by 50% reducing 20% each month after Surgery. So get off the scale and put down the measuring tape this is temporary and will pass.

Found a way to sit

First off this mot sitting shit is beyond difficult. Dr. Fisher said immediately after surgery he wants you to sit for 2 things before you stand and to use the bathroom then you can sit after 14 day. Per Dr. Fisher their is no proof that not sitting after 2 weeks makes any difference.... So first i ordered the booty buddy waste of money doesn't work. So far this is what works for me, when using bathroom sit on hands placed under thighs and your butt wont hit seat. to sit in a chair use a card chair with back out and sit you knees on a foam roll cut in half. It works,relief. It's still uncomfortable but ttomorrow i will bring to wotk with Me. Any suggestions dolls?

My chair

Day 11- the long road of recovery

Hey dolls today i feel really impatient with my recovery and just want it to be over. Im about 65% back to normal. Im still swallowing and at night its the worst. Im still a little stiff but i stretch a few times a day. Im back to work and sitting on foam roll. Im still tired and working to get my energy back. Just know that surgery is just the beginning its can take a month to heal.

Day 11- turing a corner

Today i turned a corner in my recovery. Two days ago i received a lymphatic massage from Tiana Allen. Yesterday the swelling has started to go down. Thank God but the last week once drain was removed my swelling was painful. I have been stretching alot per Tiana this helps to reduce swelling. Im about 80% today. Now my focus is on snaching my waist. We cant control the booty but we can control the waist. So my plan is
Eating healthy, high protein, fruit, veggies, going to start putting my waist trainner over garment and boards in a day or so (still super swoling), and at 2 weeks im returning to gym, lite lite cardio. I want to get my waist down to 27 inches, thats my goal.

2 weeks post op

Hey ladies I'm 2 weeks post op an feel really good. I'm about 95% back to myself. I have just a little stiffness left. I still have a lot of swelling so I'm drinking lots of lemon water.
My weight today is 179 lbs 40-32-46.5
My hips have went down which is okay because I already had hip. My butt is still high and round. Dr. Fisher lipoed the hell out of me. I don't have an inch of fat on my stomach or mid section. I started back waist training yesterday. I'm in the vendetta 944 xl but its too big I ordered the large and medium but it will a few days until then I will wear my Ann Cherry for a few hours a day. I'm also getting the lymphatic massages every other day to help with the swelling. I really want to get my waist down to 27 so that's my focus. All and all I'm really happy with my results he did a great job. I have not have any issues or complications.

3 week Post-op

Hey Ladies, I hope everyone is well today. Yesterday was 3 weeks post op and I'm feeling great. My side are still very sore because Dr. F lipod the hell out me.
Today weight 174 40-30.5-46
day of surgery 178

I'm down 4 lbs from surgery between week 2 and 3 my body dropped a lot of water weight. I have been getting massaged every other day and waist training it has helped a lot with the swelling.
My goal now is to drop down to about 165 and get my waist as small as possible.

4 weeks post op

Hey dolls I hope everyone is well. I'm at 4 weeks post op today and I feel good. Must say I'm kind of bummed today because I switched to a smaller compression garment and this morning my butt looks smaller and I lost a half an inch :(. I don't know if its in my head or not but booty gate is real. Today's stats
weight 172
I have decided to not lose anymore weigh the number bothers me but I look good. So let me get into this review. I still have lots of soreness on my sides. I still get a few massage a week from Tiana Allen of the Wellness sanctuary (she is great). I still only sit on booty buddy pillow and sleep on my stomach. My stiffness is gone. I wear my garment 24-7 and wear a waist cincher (ann cherry) over it about 8 hours a day. I still have a lot of swelling and hope my waist can get a little smaller. I still wear pads and foam so I look bulky. But ladies let me tell you it something about a round booty and waist the men and women go crazy. I have always been an attractive girl but I get DOUBLE the attention now , everywhere. I'm still walking around padded up when I take all these garments and foams off and wear body con sh*t all spring and summer it is going to be a problem. This surgery has transformed my body I can wear bikini's and everything looks good. I just pray I don't lose anymore ass. I also try and eat healthy most of the time and drink only water. I'm working out again but just walking on treadmill, push up and a few squats. All in all this is best decision I ever made and I wish I would have done it sooner. Life is to short to be unhappy with something, do something about it. Just make sure you get your body to almost where you want it before surgery and take care of it after. Any questions or advise is always appreciated.

When the hate dont work they start telling lies!

Hey dolls this is a quick vent session on the hate you will receive after your surgery. A few months ago my friend had a bbl in Mexico by an unknown doctor. She already had a good shape but just could have lost 20 lbs first. She sat on butt from day 1 and her results were okay. I had my surgery and it totally tranformed my body. She told me tonight that my body looks like everyone else we all look the same. It pissed me the fu$# off. I workef extermly hard before and after my surgery and why would say somsomething to take away from that. People act like they are happy for you but secretly angry by you success. Remember ladies sometime we need to do our dirt by our lonley. If you dont have anything nice to say why say anything at all..... Friends are suppose to uplift an support each othet. Even if you dont like my results why try and tear me down? your thoughts ladies? Have you been hated on after your bbl?

8 week post op- upate

Hey beautiful people... I have missed you guy and I have some updates for you, the last few weeks have been crazy.
Todays weight 170.3
So over the last few weeks my body has changes so much. I'm finally stating to see my waist shirk so ladies don't get discourage if you waist is not tiny right after surgery. My waist and swelling g have taken 2 months to go down. I'm actually down to a size small in my ann cherry waist trainer and a 36 in my faja. My garment game has slacked the last few weeks but I'm back on track. I wear my faja at night and my waist trainer during the day at work.

My stomach is great but I have a dent from the faja above belly button and excess skin at the bottom. Also my side are finally stating to heal and I have a few lumps so I have resumed my massages and wearing garment with board and foam. According to my massage therapist those things will get rid of it. My swelling has went down considerably and my sides are not as sore. Tiana my massage therapist says my body is about 70% back to normal. I feel great! At night I have some itching.
I have tendonitis in left elbow due to overuse after surgery so I'm working on that. Its painful as hell... I know sit on my butt but I still use booty buddy at work and while driving.
Overall ladies I absolutely love my results and my new body all I wear is fitted cloths... Dr. Fished did an amazing job my butt totally fits my body. Get use to the compliments men and women stare all day everyday, its insane.

10 weeks post op

Hey ladies, I'm 10 weeks post op today!
39-29-45.5 ( finally my waist is under 30 inches)
I feel great and I so love my new body. Everywhere you go people will stare so get ready. I will do a more detailed post later.

12 weeks post off

Hey ladies wanted to give you guys a quick update.

todays weight 169

I'm 100% back to normal now. My sides are no longer sore, finally. Just a little swelling left maybe 10 %. My butt went down about a half of an inch but it may be due to my weight lose. I weighted 178 the day of surgery and now I'm 169. Even though it has went down the projection is the same but it looks a little smaller. My waist is tiny and my shape is amazing, I can wear anything. I still have a small dent above belly button that I don't think will go completely away, so I may have to live with it. I may put a tattoo over it. The thing with any surgery is that it will never be perfect you will also have some form of a complication. I also still have tendonitis in my left elbow which is killing me.
The mental aspect of adjusting to the so called ideal body is difficult at times. Everything you wear looks great but it also look sexual. you will be objectified which at times is overwhelming. But all in all I love my results, my body and this is the best money I every spent. My body has been completely changed and transformed.

12 weeks post op pics

4.5 months post-op going strong

Hey ladies just a quick review. All is well my butt is holding strong and I live my results. Will update later.

Before & After

1 year and half review - round 2

Dolls I doing a round 2 bbl. please follow my journey

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Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fisher did an amazing lipo, my butt is are great, he totally transformed my body. His level of care and surgical skills are impressive, i did not have any problems after. His prices are amazing. I know alot of people talk bad about Vanity but they were great, i didnt have any issues or problems. I cant sress enough how pleased and satisfied i am.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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