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Ok, so I already had my consultation with Dr....

Ok, so I already had my consultation with Dr. Davoudi in Atlanta, GA and was almost sure that's who I was going to go with until a couple of reviews stated their BBL is the best but he is awesome on Lipo. I want my butt to be round and plump. I am also not so happy about where he puts the incisions for the BBL. On the other hand I absolutely love Dr. Fisher's results in Miami Florida, but his office reviews are scary. I am already afraid of the surgery and don't want anything bad to happen because I want a amazing body. Dr. Davoudi does his surgery in the Hospital with real nurses and Dr. Fisher's horror stories about in office care is too much for me. I really want to BBL ASAP so help what would you do?

Dr Davoudi it is!!!!!

So I went to my third yes third consultation with Dr. D. He made me feel so much better and confident he is going to deliver. He answered all my final questions and reassured I am choosing the right PS.... He really is concerned about his patients and sure he will take good care of me in surgery. I am so ready to get it done now, I will be paying my deposit froday and scheduling my surgery. I want to get it done in January so I can get through it and through recovery!

3 days post op

So surgery/ recovery wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I must of my recovery Dr. Davoudi, Gwinnett Hospital and my boyfriend. The day of surgery was a smooth process the hospital took really good care of me, the get you all comfortable physically and mentally. The anesthesiologist talks to you and make sure you are ready and what to expect. Dr. Davoudi came in wth good energy ready to take care of me, marked me up and gave hugs for positive energy during surgery. It's so funny how you go back they literally talk to you for a few minutes give you relaxing drugs and then put on the mask and your out.

I woke up face down ass up ok to literal but you get what I'm saying. I felt a little out of it not to much pain drank some ginger ale ate some graham crackers and was on my way out once my boyfriend came back for the car and we left.

I drank so much water, and was urinating all day walked every hour and I actually felt good. I had very minimum pain most of the pain was in my hips but very mild. Now to the worse part...... I swear the itching was the worst the first night.... I was itching all over ... it felt like I was in some kind of crack how bad I was itching my chin was itching to and the next day I had a rash on my chin that's still here.

1day post op same not too much pain, walked a lot, drank a lot of water, laid down. That evening Dr Davoudi called to check on me. Love him because he loves his patients! I would not have done anything different for this surgery but gained a little more wait to have a little bigger booty. Dr Davoudi delivered with the amount of fat he had. He said I had about 2 liters of fat and used about 60% of fat. Which was about a can of coke on each side.... my hips are amazing !!! he rounded me out good!

I would say you diff need a support system my bf has been the best help ever, he really stepped up and helped me a lot. The day I took my shower was the best feeling and if it wasn't for him I would've been able to get as clean and comfy!

When people say booty grind is real it is I am already considering round two but where will I get the fat Dr Davoudi snatched my waist to the gods love it.... but I don't want to get excited or anything just yet I know this is a long process to see the actual results so we will see come a few months post op!!!!
Dr R Morgan Davoudi

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