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Im 35, married with 2 kids and ready to get the...

Im 35, married with 2 kids and ready to get the body of my dreams. I need a BBL. Im 5'7' and 190 lbs. I've always had hips and a somewhat flat stomache until I had kids. Now the little kangaroo pouch refuses to leave me. And the cellulite has taken over my thighs, stomache and butt. I hate it. Even though I work out and watch my diet, I still cannot seem to get this cellulite under control or get to my ideal weight of 165. Over the last 5 years (since hitting the 30 year old mark..dang what it is about turning 30 that your body refuses to coorporate), my weight seems to fluctuate from 180-200. I wear a size 14. I've always had the Sponge Bob Square Pants butt... It's genetic. Most women in my family have, and it didnt fail to skip me. It sucks...I wear padded panties to compensate.

Anyway, My best fiend and I have decided to go through this journey together and we are both going to get BBL's. 2 years ago I got a breat lift and it looks great. Im so satisfied. We are having a hard time deciding whether to go with Dr. J Curves (which is where we live) or travel to Miami to have it done with Dr. S. Hard decision. I will keep ya posted. Oh and would love to hear your experiences on how your BBL's are holding up, especially if you went to Dr.J or Dr.S.

I wil post current pictures of myself soon. TTYL...Love and blessings to all.

Scheudled First Consult - Going to Meet Dr. J

I scheduled my consult today to see Dr. J. My appointment is in 2 weeks on Jan 26th. The lady I spoke with on the phone was very nice, and provided a lot of information. I decided to do the in-person consult for $100 instead of a phone consult for $50 since I live right here I the same town. I was told that in addition to the $100 consult fee, I would need to pay another $400 deposit to schedule a surgery date within 30 days after my consult. All of the money goes toward the price of the surgery. If I pay for the surgery without getting financed I can get a surgery date within 90 days or so. If I plan to finance I will not be able to get a surgery date until January 2017. Yeap, yal heard me right. I said 2017...My lip hit the floor when I heard that. I may not be sure which doctor I plan to see, but one thing I am vey sure of is that I will not be waiting until 2017 to get my BBL if I can help it. That is waaaay to long. Anyway, I will keep you posted on how my consult goes. I plan to schedule a consult with Dr. S this month also. I've heard wonderful things about both of these doctors and I'm having a hard time choosing. We shall see.

I thought I'd share some current pictures. This is me now. A mess, I know..Don't judge me.!

Dr. J's Webinar was VERY helpful....Almost sold on Dr. J

Just attended Dr. j's informational webinar and it was very helpful. I think he does amazing work and I'm looking forward to my upcoming in house consultation. I have not setup my consultation with Dr. S yet, but after attending Dr. J's webinar, I feel like dr. J is the right doctor for me. The only hesitation I have is his very far out surgery date schedule (2017) if you choose to do any form of financing. I can't wait that long Yal, so I'm trying to get it done without financing. The price is $9800 for bbl without financing plus $950 more for the bra roll area. Plus $5500 for tt, plus $1150 for hips. I only plan to do the bbl, plus bra roll area, but I guess the doctor will advise me on what areas are best during my consult.
I'm still going to have a consult with Dr. S, for a few reason, his prices are a little lower, he also does amazing work with shaping the butt, and he has come highly recommended by personal friends that I know. The only downfall is that I'd have to travel and use a recovery house.
Oh, I also found some photos that I'm going to post as my wish pics.

Wish picture

I found a photo from a patient of Dr. S. From 2006. This is closer to the look I am going for. Not too much, but still enough to show projection and roundness, and fullness.

RS Addict

Im starting to become obsessed with rs. I stay on this site in all of my free time. Okay, I stayed up last night until 3am reading HasanDoll2be journey. OMG, she looks amazing. She is my ultimate wish pc but our body types are not the same so I am still trying to find someone who has a similar body to mine before their BBL. I will say that after reading her journey with Dr. Hasan, I feel like I want to go with him. I think I've pretty much ruled out Dr. J even though I have already paid $100 for a consultation with him (coming up in a few days). Im not sure if I get my money back f I cancel the consult with Dr, J. :-(. I cannot justify paying $12000-$16000 for Dr. J when these Miami doctors prices are soo much less and their work is equally as good.

Narrowing Down My Doctor Choices

I think I've narrowed down my doctors to Fisher, and Salama. Hasan was on the list until I heard he doesn't use drains. I need drains. I had a Breast reduction 1 1/2 years ago and the drains were a life savor. I saw one of Dr. Salaman's B4aA photos of a lady who has same body shape as mine now. Her results look jus like what I am hoping for. However, I heard Dr. S results are not always consistent too. The only thing I know about Fisher is that he has a lot of dolls raving his work on this site. His prices are less than Dr. S from what I see. I hope to finalize my decision this week then move forward with the consult and scheduling my sx date. I want to take this journey with my friend but she needs to wait until Nov/Dec to get her bbl since she recently had a baby. I really want to get mine done before June (preferably April).

More Pre BBL Photos

5'7 190lbs 2Kids ages 11/13.

Determing the Right Surgeon for My BBL

I have read at least one bad review for each of the surgeons Im considering. For me, choosing which surgeon to go with will ultimately boil down to a few things...
1. Results of the bbl (after pics look like the money was well spent)
2. Post op experiences (drains used, hemoglobin monitored, seroma's)
3. Number of negative patient reviews vs. positive reviews
4. Cost

Losing weight before BBL

Okay so I have a consult next week with Jimmerson. I heard he asks patients to lose weight before the BBl and I'm sure he will say I need to lose 20lbs or so. So I've already started a diet and have lost 5 lbs in the last 5 days. I've eaten a salads everyday for lunch and dinner and protein and eggs for breakfast. I've had nothing but water to drink, and an apple for a snack or to quench cravings. It's working but I don't know if I can continue to just eat salad everyday. I going to start doing a one hour Zumba class 3 days week starting next week. My BMI is 29. My weight is 186 and I'm 5'7".

Decided to Go With Fisher and Paid Deposit

Okay, so I've decided to go with Dr. Fisher and today I paid my $1000 deposit. I am hoping to schedule my bbl on 4/14/15 but I cannot schedule that date until I pay half of the total cost. But I hope to pay the entire balance off in 2 weeks anyway. So I should be okay. I'm not sure if I want to stay in a recovery home or rent a condo and hire a nurse, I plan to travel alone, so I leaning towards a rh. However, I've heard the rh's can be a rip off I'm not sure yet on that.

Best Compression Garments, Waist Cincers, and Faja's

What the best types of compression garments and waist cinchers to buy? Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.


Anyone want to she the cost of an apt/condo, and private nurse? Im coming from Atlanta to have my bbl done by Fisher the week of 3/24. I do not want to use the Vanity RH.

My sister is a CNA, and she agreed to travel with me, but it would cost me about $1800 to bring her with me ($800 paid to her for taking off work, $250 her plane ticket, $500 apt/condo, and a rental car $280).

On the other hand, If I can get another Fisherdoll that's getting a bbl the same week to split the cost of a Condo/Apt. we could hire a nurse and masseuse and split the cost. That is a lot less than $1800.

What yal think?

Wish Pics

Just a few wish pics

How do i change the incorrect location listed beside my doctors name???

Why is the location beside my doctors name incorrect? I changed the location to Miami but is still shows as my home location beside Fisher's name. Anyone else experience this issue? I send a email to rs, but waiting on a response.

Measured for First Time

I had my measurements taken today, I've always had wide hips so I'm not surprised at that measurement. I would like to see my breast at 36, and my waist at 29 or 30. Maybe I will be closer to this after I lose another 15-20.

Breast - 40
Waist -37
Hips - 46

I'm a Stalker

I stalk this website day and night. Love all the updates and reviews, very informative. Glad to have this community of rs sisters sharing their stories. This is also a place where lifetime friendships have developed. Right now for me, this is so much better than Facebook and Instagram.

Another Wish Pic

Recovery Home is Booked

Just booked my recovery home with Assistance for Life. I spoke with Vivian, she is very sweet and easy to talk to. I've heard good things about Vivian and her sister Maria, so it wasn't a hard decision for me. I plan to stay 7 days/6 nights transportation, food, a garment, and 3 massages all for $1350. I think this is a good deal.

Heperin Shots to Prevent Blood Clots

Are Heparin Shots administered to all BBL patients? Anyone Know?

Weight Lose is Coming Alone Well -6lbs in 5 days

Since last week, I've been doing the Atkins/ Southbeach Diet (no cards/ very low carbs, no sugar, only water). I've lost 5 lbs since Wednesday (5 days). I'm also seeing a weight loss doctor and taking b12 shots weekly. My weight is now 189 it was 194 on Wednesday. I was down to 191 a month ago when I joined this site, but I gained a couple pounds. I'm trying to get down to 180 by 3/24.

Down 5lbs

Forgot to post this with with my last review

Pissed! Trying not to go Ham on Someone!

Why the h do you tell me a date is available when I pay, then call me back to confirm and say no availability for a whole month later than what I asked?

Now My Surgery Date is Not Available

Wednesday 3/28 - I contacted Vanity via chat on their website to see if Fisher has availability on 3/25. The person responded and said Fisher is available hydathodes after 3/21 and told me I have to pay at least half to reserve my date.

Saturday - I call my coordinator, she is really sweet. i asked for the 3/25 date, she takes my payment, then runs to check with doctor to confirm my date. Fisher left for the day so she has to call me Monday to confirm my date. I'm feeling some kind of way because I was expecting my date to be confirmed when I paid two seconds ago...shoot, prior to taking my payment I would think you would've known the doctor had no availability in March.

Monday 2/2 - I'm told Fisher isn't available 3/25 or any other date in March....we can fit you in in April.
Huh? What? Excuse me? Pissed!

Waiting for Surgery Date Confirmation

waiting for my coordinator to let me know I'f 4/14 is available. It's been 2 hours...haven't heard back yet. Will give it to end of day. Feeling some kind of way because I never really had a consult..couldn't speak with the doctor to ask questions I have, and coordinator doesn't know the answers to my questions. Felling like in left hanging and have paid all this money and don't even have a surgery date.....
Just venting...I'm not mad anymore, just disappointed

Question for RS Sisters using Vanity

When you paid Vanity to have your sx date scheduled, did you get your date scheduled right then at the time of payment, or did you pay, give them a date, and have to wait a day or more for your pt to confirm your date?

Change Coordinators

I had to request a new coordinator since I still don't have my payment invoice, still don't have my email confirming my quote and what's included (full back plus free garment), and still don't have the most important surgery date. You'd think after paying everything up front I would have all this right? Smh!
Hoping my new coordinator will take care of me when she returns to the office tomorrow.

Down 9lbs in 7 days

Okay so I've lost 9 lbs in 7 days. I would like to lose about 10 more lbs because from what I see, there is a ton of fat still left of this body!

Pic Down 9lbs

For some reason the picture did not load with my last post

Back on Track

My new coordinator, Ana is wonderful. My sx date is scheduled 4/14. Vivian at Assistance For Life has me booked for 7 days starting 4/13. I'm not booking my flight until my lab results are back (next week).

Willing to Swap Dates with A March 2015 Fisher Doll

If any of you beautiful Fisher Dolls with a March Date is looking to change your date to April, let me know. I'm scheduled for April 14, but I prefer March. Send me a pm if you are interested in swapping dates.

Any Fisher Dolls the Week of April 14?

Trying to connect with other ladies that will be at Vanity the week of April 13th. I'm staying at Assistance for Life which is 5 minutes away from Vanity.

Preop Labs

Okay so I had a physical and all of my blood work done this Friday. I also had my doctor do an EKG, at first she said I wasn't old enough for an EKG, but after I informed her of my upcoming surgery she went ahead and did it. My EKG was normal. I should have the results of my blood work sometime next week. My iron has been a little low in the past, so I may need to take an iron supplement if anything. My girl allaboutme ordered a supplement called Hema-Plex which is good for building your blood and increasing your iron. I will probably order this. Thank you Allaboutme for the sharing this with us.

Labs Look Good

Received my labs today and my bloodwork and iron levels look good. My HGB is 13.2 (that's the Hemo) and my iron levels are all normal. I was prescribed Vitamin D to take for 12 weeks since my Vit. D level was too low. Other than that I'm on the right track. My surgery cost also includes labs that I will have done before my surgery date.

Boppy Pillow - This Thing Doesn't Work

Either I'm not use it right, I'm too heavy, or it just doesn't work. But my butt is still touching the seat with the boppy under my thighs! Glad I only paid $15 for it. It's seems useless.

BBL Supplies - Shopping List

Must Haves:

Compression Garment (Vedette 929 Women's Celeste Front Zipper Mid Thigh)

Squeem/ Waist Cincher (Ann Cherry)


Ab Board

Triangular Back Foam

Female urinal

Disposable Underpads "Chux"

Long Maxi Pads

Anti Bacterial Soap

Dial Soap

Cocoa Butter

Disposable Wash Cloths

Nice To Haves:

Cuff Straps


Q Tips

Medical Tape

Alcohol Pads

Benedryl Gels


Arnica Gel

Stool Softener

Water Pills

Body Scrubbed

Pill Organizer

Booty Buddy

Suction Hooks (for drains while showering)

Length of Recovery Stay after BBL, 4, 5, 7 days???

My BBL is going to be on a Tuesday. I think I will fly in on Monday. Im using my miles to get my airline ticket and I have limited days to choose from for my return flight, I have the option to return on Saturday (4 days post) or Monday (6 days post). Not really sure which option is best. The only hesitation I have with the Monday return is that I will be away from home for 8 full days and have to pay rh 8 days vs. 7. Im okay with it if that is what's best, but I do not want to stay until Monday if it is really not necessary.

Flight Booked

Just booked my flight. Vanity wants you to be there the day before sx for the preop, and you have to be there before 2pm. I couldn't get a flight to get me in before 2pm in on Monday (day before sx) so I'm flying in on Sunday. My sx is scheduled on Tuesday. I didn't want to fly back home on Saturday because that would only be 4 days post op. There were no flight options available for me to fly back on Sunday since I'm using my miles to purchase my ticket. So I will be flying home on Monday. I will be there for 8 days total. That allows me to get in to have drains removed (if needed) on Saturday or Monday. My coordinator told me that Fisher does not put drains in every patient. It just depends on the individual. She also told me that if I get drains in, the drains will be removed in the office before I fly home. They do not like to leave the drains in on out of town patients.

54 days to lose 15 - 20 more lbs

Have to lose 15-20 more pounds. I need to be at my ideal weight when I get my bbl.

This Water Helps Reduce Stomach Fat

Water That Helps Reduce Stomach Fat and Bloating

In the Picture I just posted, this is the only liquid I drink. It helps reduce bloating and cleanes your kidneys.

Don't Buy All Thise Supplies

Listen to Lealie Moskowitz. She is on rs and also YouTube. She basically says the only supplies you will really need is lots of Chux, Maxi Pads, tanks tops, house slippers, a robe, small bottles of body wash, some body cream.
Did any of you dolls use all the supies you brought?

48 Days Until Im Fisher Fine

I have yet to purchase any supplies. My rh cost includes a free garment, and my sx price also included a free garment so that will be covered. I tried to order the Booty Buddy but it's sold out. I am going to make my own. Im only going to order lipo foams, epi foam, ab board, and will make my own triangle. The only toiletries I will bring is Dial soap, Hibeclens, pads, chux, baby wipes, Tylenol, iron pills, and arnica gel. My rh comes with free juices and bottle water and meals. I will also take about 6 dresses that I don't mind soiling, tanks, compression socks, slippers and some yoga pants and jacket to wear when I fly home. I will be there for 8 days. That is going to be the longest time I will spend away from my hubby and 2 kids. Going to miss them.
I am not feeling nervous or anxious right now. I am so glad I found this site and really appreciate all the dolls on here who keep it real and share their journeys.
#FisherFine #FisherDoll4/14/15
Just started my iron pills today even though my iron was a 13.2 a couple weeks ago when I had my labs done. I also take

Foam 1/2 Roller Works like the BBL Pillow and Booty Buddy

My half roller arrived today. I ordered it to use on the toilet. However, I see that it also works in chairs and in the car. It's hard so not as comfortable as the BBL Pillow or Booty Buddy, but it still keeps the booty off the seat.

More pics of the Half Roller

Vanity - Lost a Couple Coordinators and a Manager

My coordinator, Krystal is no longer at Vanity. I'm sad about that. I heard 2 other coordinators and a manager also left (not sure of their names). So check in with your coordinators and make sure you are squared away and have everything you were promised with your surgery cost in writing!

Removing Drains Too Early

I was talking to another Fisher doll this week who ended up in the ER getting cc's of fluid removed. This made me nervous so I called my PCP today and told her all about my upcoming BBL. My PCP told me today that taking drains out too early will cause fluid build up that has to be removed later. She told me to ask to have the drains remain in for at least10 days (I'm only staying for 7 days po) but she confirmed that she would remove my drains after I return home.

So it may be helpful for anyone else with this concern to ask your PCP if they are comfortable removing drains for you, if your Surgeon sees that you are still draining when it's time for you to return home and he is okay with you leaving in the drains.

I've read how anxious patients are to get those drains out, but if you are still draining, leaving them in seems better than removing them too soon. When I had my breast reduction, my surgeon would not remove the drains until no fluid was collected in the drain which was 12 days in my case.

Just food for thought.

Dr. J Curves Jimerson Dolls - who Does Your Lymphatic Massages?

Can any of you Jimerson Dolls give me co tact information on who does your lymphatic massages?

I live near Dr. J, but getting my BBl in Miami. I will need a Masseuse when I return

35 More Days Till Fisher Gives Me A Booty

35 days....10 more pounds to go.

Recivery House Change - Team New Body Recovery

I just realized that I would be alone in the recovery home that I initially reserved and that isn't going to work for me. I don't even like to sit in a restaurant and eat alone, so yal already I don't want to recover alone. So today I was able to snatch up the one spot that was open with Moni at New Body Recovery. Thanks to my girl Allaboutme for putting me up on that open spot! I'm so excited, the countdown is real Yal. 30 days until I fly to Miami. Now my husband can stay home with the kids while I go and do my thing. I Thank God for the open doors and people He places in my path. Won't he do it? #TeamNewBody #TeamFisher

Recieved Lab Slip and Questionaire on Vanity's new Portal

My sx is in 26 days. Vanity sent me a lab slip to have my labs done at home. They also sent me the questionaire. I made an appointment with my PC to have my labs done this Monday. I had my labs done a month ago just to see what my iron and Hemo levels were and I was good. My Hemo was 13.2 and I wasnt taking any iron pills. Since then I've been taking iron pills and Vitamin C so I expect my lab results to come back clean again next week. What do you all think about Vanity's new portal as their new way to communicate and recieve information between Vanity and the patient?

12lbs Down 23 Day To Go - Last Pre-Op Photos

Im 23 days pre-op. Lost 12 lbs, have 3 more lbs to go to reach my weight loss goal. I'm excited and looking forward to meeting the BBL King. My prayer is for a very round and projected booty that is shaped like a slope, not a shelf. A Booty that is big, but not huge. Round hips, but not wider hips since mine are already wide. I pray that there will be no flat or square shapes in my booty or hips after surgery. Lord please give me the desires of my heart and bless the hands of Dr. Fisher as you use him to scultp my body.

Faja Size

My measurements right now Pre-Op are 36 bra line, 34 Waist, 43 hips. I wear size 36C bra and size 12 pants that are loose in waist. I have no clue on what size Faja to buy. Any suggestions?

$7 Firm Roll Pillow - Works like $79 BBL Pillow

Thanks to another rs doll who recommended this $7 pillow she found at Ross. She prefers to use it over the $79 BBL she purchased because it does not make her legs numb like the BBL pillow does. I'm going to Ross tommorow to find this.

Cleared by Vanity for Surgery

My pre-op labs came back a couple days ago, I submitted them in the Vanity portal and Vanity reviewed them in 2 hours and notified me that I have been cleared for surgery! I was informed by Vanity to stop taking my vitamins and prescriptions 2 weeks prior to surgery. That means I have to stop taking everything on 3/30. I'm not overly excited and I'm not nervous. I am looking forward to it though.

Flight to Miami in 5 days, Surgery in 7 days

Well, here I am 5 days till my flight to Miami, 7 days until my surgery. I'm not nervous or excited, probably because I'm in Orlando enjoying spring break with my husband and kids. Heading back home to ATL tomorrow, will pack and get myself together for this surgery. It sucks to be told that you are layed off while on vacation, yes that happened to my hubby yesterday. It's okay, Gods got us and has something better in store for my man. We've been there before, God saw us thru. The devil is a lie (In my old church lady voice). :-I

I know Moni is going to take good care of me while I'm at Newbody! I wish I knew the other dolls staying At Moni's place same time. My time in Miami will be short. Surgery on Tuesday, flight home 4 days later on Saturday morning. Flight is 1 hour 50 minutes. I still need to find something to sit on during the flight. I refused to by the BBL and Booty Buddy, well actually, when I tried to buy them, they were both sold out both times that I checked. So I figured I would wrap my hard half foam roller in soft foam, then cover it. Haven't gotten around to doing that And don't think I will have time before heading to Miami.


My sx is in 4 days and I have no clue what kind of booty Im gonna ask for. I know what I DONT want. First, I DONT want a round 2. I see lots of dolls planning for round 2 at 1 month post op after swelling and volume loss. I dont want to be that chic. That is major disappointment to spend all this money to be planning round 2 before recovery is even over from round 1. Heck to da nah...
That makes me wonder if I should ask for a big ole obnoxious donkey booty?

Secondly, Im already a wide load, I could barely fit in the darn seats at Universal this week. The wideness is real yal. You see the pics. So I know for sure I do not want any fat added to my hips. I need Fisher to cut some of these hips off...narrow them and make them round. But as far as the booty, I want projection, but I don't want a big nikki booty. I don't want a natural small round booty either...Im torn...I better figure this out before my preop on Monday morning.

Had My Preop At Vanity Today

Arrived in Miami last night and stayed in a hotel near airport and Moni picked me up this morning at 9:50am. We picked up another girl from a hotel around the corner, she has surgery with Fisher tonight at 7. Moni just dropped me off at Vanity at 10:30, I was called back at 11:10. Completed my paperwork and pictures by 11:45. I did not see Fisher during my preop, I will meet him tomorrow before my surgery. I was suppose to get my free garment today, but the lady who passes them out was at lunch so I have to get it in the morning. Everyone at Vanity seems nice, but you can tell they are overwhelmed because they are so busy. I've have seen some big booties today, pictures really don't do justice. Seeing the booties in person gives you a whole other perspective. Lol, it's a trip.


This is my encouragement and my peace of mind.

Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged. For the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

Philippians 4 : 6-7
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Fisherfied - 1 Day Post Op

Well yal this southern bell made it thru, praise God. I passed out once yesterday when I got back to my recovery home. Yesterday was very ruff, but I pushed myself to hydrate and keep moving.

This morning (1 day po) I feel so much better than yesterday! Moving around better, able to stand a bit straiter. Hmmm, I think the sx is worth it. Those 2 percucets I took at midnight helped significantly! Real talk. Hopefully I can get my own meds today, Moni went to just about every pharmacy in town and they were all out of Percucets. So I had to put on my big girl panties and bare thru it most of the evening with no meds. Had to borrow from another girl because Tylenol wasn't doing anything. Every hour I drink a bottle of Gatorade, water, or pineapple juice. Then I get up to pee, I am pee'ing by myself now using the pee easy female urinal while standing over the toilet. When I'm awake, I have to pee every hour. I'm also taking liquid iron (SSS Tonic) twice a day. I keep falling asleep uncontrollably sometimes mid-sentence. When I sleep, it's like 1 1/2 hour increments. What wakes me up is me having to pee. It's hard getting up, very sore and tender. It's like doing a sit-up and holding it for a couple minutes until I shimmy myself up on all 4's and make it down to the floor. I looked at my booty in the mirror and I like it. Waist and hips look good too. I know a lot of it is padding and swelling. The last thing I said to the anestiolgist before he knocked me out was tell Fisher NOT to give me a big donkey booty. Lol, I don't even remember saying that. But it looks like Fisher gave me a big booty and nice hips. I can tell he went ham on my waist and back. I'm praising God constantly and thanking Him for a safe sx, and that my recovery is getting better. Even though I don't have any meds. Hopefully I get my meds today. The pharmacies were completely out. I borrowed 2 percusets from another doll who is staying here at my recovery home. I took them at midnight and its 4 am right now. They are starting to wear off. Jesus help me thru it.

Ms. New Booty

Just a few pics

Fisher - 2 days Post Op VIDEO

This is a quick video to show yal how I'm coming along. I'm 2 days post op and feel good. I'm starting to itch in my back, stomach, and butt.

4 DAYS PO - Disappointed

Today makes 4 days PO. I had my first poop and was able to see myself naked. I DO NOT like how my butt looks. It looks flat, like a shelf at the top then flat as a board all the way down to my legs. Its pretty depressing...They keep saying it will drop and round out, but I don't see other Fisher dolls with flat butts.

6 days PO- Drain Out and Flight Home

Yesterday was 6 days PO for me. It was fun meeting several of you rs dolls at Vanity the past week. Vanity is a trip. But that is a story for another day. Yesterday I met Fisher for my post op and to have my drain removed. Fisher said I am coming along well, he explained how my butt will drop and look less Shelfy in the coming weeks, and assured me that my already flat waist is going to get even flatter. Then the nurse pulled the drain tube out and it hurt a little. Not gonna lie. Fisher snatched the heck of out my waist, abs, and back. I love how aggressive he is with his lipo. My hips look really nice and round too. I forgot to ask how many CC's he put in my booty. All I know is it is the right size for me, hopefully I don't lose much volume though. I can tell the shape of my butt is changing daily so I'm starting to feel much better about it.

Okay so I got to the airport right in time to walk into the plane around 6:20pm. Thank goodness to Prettycop and her husband for letting me hang out with them until my departure time. My plane ride was NOT great. We had turbulence the entire flight except for 15 minutes that the seatbelt sign was off. I stood for those 15 minutes and also stood in the bathroom for 30-40 minutes while the seatbelt sign was on. I had to sit using my butt pillow under my thighs the rest of the time. I felt swollen and sore when I got home so I added additional lipo foam boards under my garment on my back and stomachs to reduce the swelling. I slept with all 5 of those lipo foams on and it was a beast. But I stuck it out.

Drop and Fluff - Starting

My butt was super high on day 1-3, it's starting to drop a little and soften up. It's still super hard, but she is taking shape! Fisher was right, I was paranoid for no reason.

Day 9 PO - Fisherdoll Pics

Decided to post a few post op pics. I'm still early in the healing stage and still need my butt to drop and fluff. It's still very hard and I still have lots of swelling in my back and tummy. It's coming along though. It takes time.

Waist Cincher

I purchased two waist cinchers to wear when I start waist training in a couple weeks. Does anyone have the Valencia brand cinchers? If so, do they work well? I found these in my local hair store for $18.99 each.

Waist Cincher Pics Didn't Post

17 Days PO - Dramatic Difference in Before and After

Just a before and after front view pic comparison! Dr. Fisher really snatched my waist and created a nice hour glass.

3 Weeks Post Op - Fisherdoll - Yes, Booty Dropped

Today is exactly 3 weeks post op for me. Fisher is a true artist. I went from wearing a size 12-14 and L, X-Lg to wearing a size 10 and mediums. I thank God everyday for allowing me to do this, I have my confidence back. My husband LOVES this new body.

Fisher Doll 4 Week Post Op and Happy

Yesterday I was officially 4 weeks post op. Here are a few pictures. I will take more pictures at 8 weeks. I have lost some volume but it's okay, I'm happy with my results. My measurements are 34 bra line, 32 waist, 46 1/2 hips (was a 49 after surgery). All of my work slacks need to be taken in at the waist because they have the ugly back gap. I cannot find jeans that fit right, so I've been wearing skirts and dresses. I'm tired of not being able to sit, but I sit using a pillow my husband made out of a pool noodle cut into 4 pieces. It works better than anything else I've tried. I don't have any pain but I still swell up after working an 8 hour shift. I wear my garment with the vest waist cincher. My tummy is still tender to touch but my back and sides feel numb. Sometimes I have itching that gets annoying. Other than that recover is coming along well.

6 Week Post Op - Fisherdoll

Thank you Lovedivine!

7 Weeks Post Op Fisherdoll

Life has been busy. I still wear my garment, foams, and ab board when I'm home and thru the night. During the day I only wear my garment. I had both of my garments taken a few weeks back. I am not wearing the waist clincher right now because the one I have causes my butt to look shelfy after wearing it. I still have some numbness and tightness in my back, but no pain. I am back to my normal everyday routine at work and I have started exercising to tone up. I am not sitting directly on my butt or laying on my back. At night I sleep on my sides and stomach. I still sit with a pillow under my thighs to keep my butt off the seat because its uncomfortable sitting directly on my butt, so I don't. Yes, I still walk around everywhere I go with those booty pillows. I think I want to have my thighs and arms lipod next.


It's been six months since I had my BBL by Dr. Fisher. I love my results. My booty is just the right size for me.

Round 2 - Lipo only is in my future!

Not sure who I want to go to for Round 2. Fisher told me he doesn't do many round 2's, but he does them. I want someone who does lots of round 2's. I want more lipo in my back, and waist. This is a picture of the look in going for.

More Post Op Pics- 7 Months Fisherdoll

More pistol pics

8 month Post Op - Fishersoll

Doctor Fisher is amazing! I like what he did with my lipo and booty. I have gained some weight but I am in the gym and on a diet trying to work it off. But I still love the new me. I'm contemplating a round 2 just for lipo. I would benefit from a mini tummy tuck to get rid of the skin on my lower abdomin and to have a flatter tighter tummy. Fisher told me I would still need a TT after my BBL. It will be 2017 before I do anything else.

1.5 year post op update

I'm still loving my new body after Dr. Fishers BBL.

Ready for Round 2 with Fisher

Okay Dr. Fisher told me when I had my bbl in 2015 that I would need a round 2 because my butt was so deformed. I was happy with my bbl results but I always felt like I needed more fat on the bottom and that my butt never dropped enough. Im hoping to get round 2 done by April.

Almost 2 year update and now scheduled for Round 2

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Fisher did an amazing job on my BBL. He was honest with me about the outcome and the results he could give me based on my body frame and the irregularities in my hips and butt. Doctor Fisher did an amazing job sculpting my body and I am very happy I chose him as my surgeon. Thank you Doctor Fisher! You are truly an amazing artist and you have a talent and eye for sculpting a body into a beautiful curvy silhouette.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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