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Hey Dolls, I have my consultation coming up on May...

Hey Dolls, I have my consultation coming up on May 1,2013. I decided today I would call and see if I could pay for my down payment in advance since I was reading on here that a couple of my BBL sisters had paid their down payments before their consultation. I was told by Maxine that I would have to pay a 2,000 dollar down payment if I wanted to put down a payment today. I decided I will just wait to talk to Dr. Jimerson before putting down a payment so I can make sure he’s the right doctor for me. I absolutely love his work and I feel in my heart that he will be the one for me.

When I first made my consultation appointment, If I would have known that they was going up on the price I would have paid for a down payment so I could get locked in on the price they told me at first. I’m so excited about my Journey and I’m even more excited about this website because I have so many BBL sister like me that also taking the Journey with me. I plan on getting my SX in October and I would love to get close to any of my BBL Sisters that will be in the ATL area around that time to hang out with. (HMU) This is my first time getting anything like this done and honestly I’m scared out of my mind, But I know it will be well worth it in the end. I haven’t told anybody about my SX, but my loving boyfriend because people are just too judgmental around this area. I could really careless what anyone has to say, but I just rather keep them guessing! ;-)

OMG I'm so disappointed right now!!!! I got a call...

OMG I'm so disappointed right now!!!! I got a call from Dr.J office and they moved my Consultation back to May 7,2013 because he won't be in the office on May 1,2013... My heart literally went to my stomach! They won't let me pay my down payment early to get my SX date locked in and now they have push my consultation day back. Anyways I just pray on May 7... I can get a late September or early October appointment for my SX! I'm so ready to get this SX over!!!



Omg Dolls, Dr.Jimerson just called me. He sound so...

Omg Dolls, Dr.Jimerson just called me. He sound so sweet and down to earth. He pushed my consultation back until tomorrow which is no problem because I understand how things come up! I loved how professional he was for calling me ahead of time and letting me know the circumstances. I can't wait until I let you sisters know my exact SX date... I'm grateful to be getting this procedure and I have now stopped worrying about it. I'm just putting everything in God hands. Anyways, Love you sissy...&& Good luck to all of you! :-*

Yayyyyyy :-) So Today I finally had my phone...

Yayyyyyy :-) So Today I finally had my phone consultation!!! It went Great! I was told I needed my back roll added which is a extra $900, but that's not bad at all. I want my shape to be perfect, so it's whatever best! My SX date is set for Dec 4,2013 for now, but they said after I pay my SX off in cash I could get moved up with no problem! That's fine with me because I plan on having this thing paid for in July. Okay Now it's time to go shopping for all my goodies!!! Ttyl Sissy :-* I will update you on my shopping list soon.

Okay, So Im on the road headed to Texas for...

Okay, So Im on the road headed to Texas for Mother's Day and figured I should update you Dolls! Anyways, I have a serious problem because all I think about is this SX! If I look at one more butt I'm going to literally go crazy! Lol I'm just so ready to get this thing over with!!! I haven't told anybody about my SX, but I think I'm going to be open with it..i mean who gives a $h!t what anybody have to say! If they could afford it, I'm 100% positive they would do it too! Anyways, Love you dolls & Have a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers (:

Getting Fit

Hey Bbl Sissy, I have been working out lately. I have been looking on RS and it seems like the woman who was already kind of fit before SX have came out with the best results. I plan on having a healthy lifestyle anyways after SX, so what better time to start than now. It actually feels so much better to 5 pounds lighter.... I know that's not much, but it's a start. Well I wish all you loves the best! Ttyl :-*


Hey Bbl Dolls, It's been forever since I updated you loves!!! Well I wanted to wait until it got closer to my date to update, but I'm in the car on my way to ATL and I figured it's no better time than now. I'm finalizing my last payment of 11,400 cash on Monday morning to Dr.J because I literally can't wait on this surgery anymore! I'm extremely ready to get it over, so please pray that I can get a earlier date b/c December is not going to cut it!!! I have all my supplies ready because I have been doing all my recovery shopping along the way. I wanted to be completely prepared when my day comes. I will be updating y'all soon on all my tools. I left my list at home. (Please forgive me!) Well after I meet the staff I will give y'all another update and tell you how it went & my new surgery date! :-*

Just Left Dr.J Office & OMG

I just left Dr.J office from paying off my surgery and OMG it's no Joke! Monica & Shelly Booty is the Bomb.Com!!! I mean they Bodies look perfect!!! I couldn't be more happy to have chosen Dr.Jimerson to do my surgery. I mean this man is talented!!! My Bbl costed me 12,400.00 but I got a 500.00 discount for paying cash leaving me to pay 11,900.00 total. I got the Fat Grafting to the Butt for 10,300 + Hips 1,150.00 + Bra Roll 950.00 - 500.00 cash discount= 11,900.00 Total. I paid my balance off today and I got my surgery date moved up to 10/9/2013. My first surgery date wasn't until December and that was just to far for me to have to wait. Well I will be updating you dolls on my complete supply list soon. I got a lot of my stuff from Drugstore.com and MakeMeHeal.com & Walmart. Good Luck to all my sisters and I wish all y'all the BEST! (:

23 Days Before Surgery

Hey My Bbl Dolls, I only have 23days before surgery and I couldn't be more excited. I wanted to update you dolls on my Product List of all the things I got for surgery and If you see anything I'm missing please let me know.
I got a lot of my products from Drugstore.com, Walmart, BabyRus, and Forever21
Boddy Pillow (Baby R Us) and Makemeheal.com
Body Pillow (BabyRus)
Maxi Dresses (Forever21)
Sweat Pants (Victoria Secret)
Jordan Slippers (Footlocker)
Size 10 Panties and Sport Bras (Walmart)
Bathroom Cleaner
Laundry Detergent
Shower Curtain Liner (Walmart)
Femine Wipes
Baby Wipes
Arinca Montona/Gel (Drugstore.com)
Pill Organizer (Walmart)
Small Bottle of Alcohol/Peroxide (Drugstore.com)
Shea Butter (Walmart)
Hibiclen Skin Cleaner (Drugstore.com)
Dove Soap
Scar Gel
Firming Body Lotion
Stool Softener
Cotton Balls
Black towels (walmart)
Black fleece blanket (TjMaxx)
Dog Training Pads
Surgical Tape
Make Me Heal Pills Pre/Post Op (Makemeheal.com)
Hyatt Place (5Days) and
Twelve Downtown (Reminding Time)
I cant wait to show you dolls my results because I know Dr.J is going to have me looking Great. I been cutting back on my food intakes lately and trying to get in the mood of eating healthy. Well I Wish all you the BEST on your Journey and Happy Healing to my Sisters that have already crossed over.

Only 13Days To Go

Hey Bbl Dollz, I only have 13 more days to go and I couldn't be more excited. I literally can't even sleep because of all the anxiety I been having lately. I started on my Pre-op Make Me Heal Pills yesterday, So I can get my body ready for this procedure. I already have all my bags packed up and I'm just taking it easy now of days. I don't want to put to much stress on my body. Well I can't wait to cross over and I will definitely keep everyone updated! :)

Help Me Bbl Vets

I'm only 6 days away from SX and I need to know if I will need a nurse. I'm taking my boyfriend with me to be my caregiver, but I don't know if he will be able to give me injections. It's not that he won't do it... I just don't know if I would let him do it! The nurse cost $200.00 a day and that's pretty pricey for something I really don't need. Please help me before I end up spending money I don't have to spend!!!!!

I Need To Vent :-!

So Bbl Dollz I Have Gain So Much Weight && Im So Stressed About It!!!! I literally Have Been Crying Myself To Sleep && I Haven't Been Wanting To Go Anywhere. I Gained The Weight Initially Because I Wanted About 1,100ccs Put Into My Butt. But Now I'm Totally Depressed About It. I Weight 180 Pounds and I Pray Dr.J Take Most Of This Weight Off Of Me After Surgery. I Went Out This Morning For The First Time In Weeks && I Ran Into A Old Classmate. The First Thing Flew Out Her Mouth When She Saw Me Was... "Dang You Have Gain A Lot Of Weight!!" I Almost Wanted To Cry Right There, But I Just Laughed It Off And Said "Yeah, I Have Been Eating Good"! :) Well I Leave Monday Oct 7 and Im Having Surgery Oct 9 at 9:30am, So please pray for me because I need it!!! I will update you Dollz On Everythinh.

Headed To ATL

Hey Bbl Dollz, Im on my way to ATL && couldn't be more happy!!!! It's almost my time after waiting almost a year on this Bbl. I can't wait to show you Dolls my results. Well pray for me Dollz... My surgery is Oct 9, 2013 :)

Tomorrow Is My BIG Day!!!

Tomorrow is my BIG day Dollz! Well I have everything prepared and I'm just taking it easy tonight. I'm at the Hyatt Place 2 Mins away from Dr.J office and it's pretty nice here. The staff is so friendly and made my stay very comfortable. I went to Dr.J office for my Pre-Op today and his staff is AMAZING!!! I purchase my meds today and it cost me $315.00. I will upload some pictures of my supplies and medication so you can see what it looks like. I'm very excited about crossing over and I'm in such a happy place right now. I'm definitely going to tell Dr.J to give me the most CC's my body can handle. I want my butt to be huge!!! Plus If I lose any volume it will still be big! Well Talk to you Dollz Later && Please Pray for me. See you Dollz soon :)


Hey Bbl Dollz, I didn't sleep good at all last night. I guess I was just too excited about this surgery this morning. Well I just took my shower with my antibacterial soap and got my maxi dress on. Me and my boyfriend is about to head over there in about 20mins, So wish me luck! I will upload a picture of what I look like now and show you my after in the same dress after surgery if I'm up to it. I know Dr.J is going to give me the body of my dreams, so I have No Worries. Well see you Bbl Dollz on the other side!

Feeling Better Already

Well Bbl Sisters I have officially crossed over and loving my results already. I have a BIG butt and my waist is so tiny. My hips look great too. Dr.j is so talented. I can't wait to get out this garment because it's Hell!!! I had a little problem with my blood pressure And heart rate... So I have to go back up to Dr. J office in the morning to check on it. His staff was amazing and took great care of me. I will upload pictures soon as you Dollz can see my results. I still can't believe how great I look... I guess its just a mind game. Well Talk To Dollz later and please pray for me.

Drain Problems

Hey Bbl Sister, I had a problem with my drain last night because I Accidentally pull on it and it stop draining. I went up to Dr.J office and they fix me up so nicely. I took a picture so you dolls can see how huge my butt is. All the staff couldn't even believe how well I was doing. I think it's the make me heal vitamins, so Dollz please get them before surgery because they will help you a lot!!! I feel great and look even better. Thank you for Dr.J hands.

Ms. New Booty


I Need Help!!!!

Sorry if this is a little TMI, But I need help. I haven't had a bowel movement in 3 Days. Do anyone know anything I can take that will help me go to the bathroom ASAP!!!!

Day 4 Post-Op

Hey Bbl Dollz, I'm feeling Great! Long as you take your pain pills on time... You won't feel that much pain. (Just stiffness) I try to get up and walk everyday to get rid of the stiffness. I drink plenty of water, take my "Make Me Heal" Pills and Iron vitamins daily. I won't lie... This procedure is not to be taking lightly. I have been planning for this surgery for over a year and I still don't feel like I was prepared. When you're limited to the things you can eat, the way you can sleep, the way you have to seat, and not being able to do anything for yourself... It really makes you feel some type a way. Especially If you're use to being independent like myself. I just Thank God that I have a boyfriend that's really going the extra mile for me right now. I'm not trying to discourage anyone because I promise it's worth it!... I love every inch of my new body and couldn't be more happy!!! But please plan to have some down time for yourself before jumping into this procedure. Well I'm suppose to get my next massage with Belinda at 11am, So I'm about to try to get this garment off and get ready for her. Oh yeah and DONT Cut your garment because OMG I made the worst mistake cutting the sides off my garment because I didn't want it to push too much into my hips and my back started swelling up!!! Luckily I had another garment that I bought from LipoExpress to put on, but my back is still killing me and it was hard to sleep last night.
If you Dollz have any suggestions on how to get the swelling to go down please let me know!!!
Anyways, Love you Dollz and I will update you soon! Happy Healing to all the Dollz that crossed over and Good Luck to everyone considering this procedure!!! I Love my results.

Day 4 Post-Op

Just A Nice Back Shot Of This Beautiful Heart Shape Butt!!! Dr.J Is Truly Talented When It Comes To Making A Nice Booty!!! My Boyfriend Can't Stay Away From This Thing. Lol


Yayyyyy I'm so excited to finally be on my way home! It's no place like home. I can't lie this surgery have been so hard for me. I love the way I look, but I feel like I got hit by a bus. I think your first week is just the hardest time of this procedure because you have to get adjusted to everything being so different. I know I have drove my poor boyfriend crazy... Because he have to do EVERYTHING for me. When I get home I'm calling my mother over, so I can give him a break. Anyways, My results still look GREAT! The swelling have went down a lot, but my butt still looks perfect. My waist is also very tiny and giving me this perfect hourglass shape. If I'm up to it when I get home I will take pictures... But right now all I can think about it getting my body healed. Thank all you Dollz for your encouragement and kind words. You definitely feel more confidence with nice body... I feel like a model in the mirror! Lol Well Talk To You Dollz Later... I need to go take a pain pill!

Going Into My Second Week!!!

Okay Dollz I'm going into my second week and couldn't be happier!!!! Thank God I got pass that first week because it was hell. I feeling much better and starting to get use to everything being so different now. I think being at home have made my recovery a lot better and more cozy. My Butt is looking great. My boyfriend said it's starting to get soft and a little jiggly. Lol :) Every time I take my garment off I feel like a new person. Your results will literally change by the days, so I never get caught up in how my butt looks... Just glad I got a nice one. I absolutely LOVE how my body looks when I walk pass a mirror. I think my mind playing games with me because I still can't even believe I look this good without any clothing on. Dr.j really sculptured my body into a masterpiece. I tried on some clothes today so I will upload a picture to show you Dollz what that looks like. Oh yeah Do anyone know how long you suppose to wear the garment??? I forgot to ask... I just know I'm ready to trash that damn thing. Lol

New Picture

New Picture

17 Days Post Surgery!!!

Hey Dollz, I'm 17Days Post Surgery And Happier Than Ever!!!! OMG My Results Are Phenomenal. Thank God For Dr.J Hands Because Let Me Tell You Dollz. My Butt, Hips, Stomach, and New Attitude Is Off The Chain. I Looks Amazing... Every Time I Pass A Mirror I Got To Look At This Thang! LOL I'm Finally Off All Pain Pills And I Have Been Sitting A Little On The Bar Stool With My Butt Hanging Off Of It. After Two Weeks You Literally Start To Feel A Lot Better. I Think The First Two Weeks Of This Procedure Is The Hardest...After That, You Will Be Fine! I Went Riding The Other Day On My Boppy Pillow and The World Seemed So New To Me Because I Been Inside For So Long! Anyways, I'm Feeling Incredible And Ready To Dress This New Body Up. This Is Truly A Blessing To Have This Kind Of Transformation and I Value To Keep The Weight Off. It's Definitely A Lifestyle Change!!! Thank You To All You Dollz That Stuck By Me In My Time Of Need... And I Literally Couldn't Have Made It Without This REALSELF! Love you Dollz and I will Update More Pictures Soon As I Get Dressed Up! ;)

Just A Little Something

Over A Friend House & Had Her Take A Pic Of This Booty For You Dollz!

The Curves Are Dangerous

I Tried On A Dress Just To See How This Booty Would Look In It! Let's Just Say it's "DANGEROUS"!!! My boyfriend will not be letting me get out of his sight!!! Lol

Shawty Badd!!!!

Loving My New Body!!!! :)

14 Days Until My 6Weeks

Hey Bbl Sisters, Sorry I been so busy lately I haven't had time to update... But everything have been going GREAT!!!! I love my new body and it's loving me too. Lol Its definitely a confidence booster! I loving this body in everything. Well I pray all you Bbl sister and doing great. I have a few photos for you. It's really turning into the perfect heart shape booty! I loving every inch of it.

14 Days Away From 6Weeks

Yayyyy The Swelling Is Going Down!!

Hey Sisters, I just wanted to give you Dollz a small update on my post op! Well I'm 4days away from being 6week post op and I couldn't be feeling better. Everyday literally gets better and better!! My swelling is going down completely and my body is really shaping up nicely. Thank God for Dr.J because I could never workout and get a body like this! I'm in LOVE with myself like never before. My body looks good in everything I wear and it is the BIGGEST Confident booster! The little things that use to make me mad don't even get to me anymore, because I know I'm the $h!t!!! Lol My career is taking off like never before and all kind of opportunities are flowing in. I looked in the mirror the other day and literally cried! It's just a blessing to love what you see when you look at yourself. Anyone out there considering this surgery... Please go for it and don't worry about what anyone have to say because they can't love your life for you! Anyways if any of you Dollz have any question please feel free to ask me!

On realself

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