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After 3 yrs of extensive research, I'm Dr J all...

After 3 yrs of extensive research, I'm Dr J all the way! Consult scheduled for Nov 8, 2012. Hopefully I will be under construction in January. Fingers crossed! My original consult was scheduled for 12/12, but I called and they moved it up. I am doing in house consultation. My boyfriend has been helping me pick out our new booty:). I should charge him half price...lol! I have posted before pics, pics of myself that I have cropped using "Plastic Surgery Simulator" app, which was a buck eighty eight. Money well spent, and wish pics. I will keep you guys posted when I know more! I am asking for BBL, Lipo of the chin and fat grafting to the lip. We shall see!

Andrew Jimerson, ALL DAY! I forgot to add to my...

Andrew Jimerson, ALL DAY! I forgot to add to my earlier post that I am 5ft7in, 185lbs, 37 yrs old.

I have an in house consult on Nov 8th. Can anyone...

I have an in house consult on Nov 8th. Can anyone tell me what the procedure for pre-op and/or medical clearance is? Do I need to drive back to Atlanta for this? How far in advance before surgery? Thanks!

So I have been browsing the site all week,...

So I have been browsing the site all week, narrowing down my questions for the consult, the items that I need/don't need and hotels for travel.
So far, some good tips and extras I have learned...
-Sesame oil to rub on lipo area to increase recovery for the nerves to rebuild
-Folding chair with butt out to sit in for recovery weeks (walmart)
-Don't forget to pack a thermometer for your trip!
-Garments from lipoexpress.com
-Make me heal vitamins, best price amazon.com
-Hampton Inn (offers mimi kitchens/dining area), Hyatt and Holiday Inn Express (which offers free full breakfast)
-Pharmacy across the street from his office has best prices on meds
-Overnight stay is approx. 7-10 days
-Everyone swears by Arnica for healing/swelling
-Best price on EKG and medical clearance is local clincs
-Drink lots of water and pure pineapple juice a month before surgery to aid in healing/swelling and keep you regular
-Bed pads for fluid absorbtion
-Walmarts generic stool softener with colace works great

These are just a few things I have learned from the basics in my research! Hope this helps ladies!

Hello BBL Dolls! I had my in house consult today...

Hello BBL Dolls! I had my in house consult today and scheduled my sx for 2/18/13! Here was my experience:
I arrived about an hour early as I am coming from out of town. When I arrived I found out that my original consult date had not been rescheduled in the system, but they were glad to fit me in. The office is clean and nicely decorated, buzzing with would be donkey booties! I had to wait a little over an hour while he finished a surgery. My boyfriend ran into a guy in the office and his wife was in "surgery"! I guess words catching on!
We were whisked into an exam room where we chatted it up with one of his assistants about what to expect, what I like and the entire process. I slipped into my paper gown, stripped down to bra and panties and was photographed from all agles.

Dr J comes in after surgery and gives me a once over, squeezes a few spots and gives his honest opinion about what and where, including the fact that I needed hips. I had done my homework extensively, and he answered all of my questions as if I was the first and only person he had seen for the day. I knew immediately that I didnt need to say much, that this man was gonna give me the best booty money could buy! He said that I had a "dense"booty so he could probably get me 800-900 ccs max. The looser your skin, that ebetter. I am athletic, so mine is a bit more muscular. He assured my bcoyfriend that he would "hook us up" lol!

After he answered all of our questions. He gave me a suggestion to to my upper and lower bra roll, axilla (area in front of the armpit near the breast). He said it would make my back appear more narrow. I figured I might as well do my chin while I'm there!
Dr J leaves and says he will see me on surgery day, to bring my pics. He suggests that I loose 10 lbs for the best result. Nothing like a diet at Thanksgiving!

The assistant re-enters, gives me a breakdown;
9800 Lipo to lower back, flanks, abs possibly inner thigh
1000 transfer to hips
900 chin
900 bra roll
900 axilla
He gives a $500 discount for cash price.
After my 10 lbs weight loss the upper bra roll, chin and axilla may not need to be done. He said he would let me know postop , 3weeks prior to ax.
Alright ladies, I am toooooo pumped!!!! Scheduled for 2/18/13 unles....someone has a
January date scheduled and wants to change with me, let me know!!!!

So I went this morning to the bank to send in my...

So I went this morning to the bank to send in my final payment, where I almost threw up!!! This is a lot of dough, especially when you pay cash, you actually see it flying out of the window!! Holy Shit! Well my original date was scheduled for 2/18/2013. I asked if I could be moved to January, nothing available. Once I paid the balance today, SUPRISE....January became open!!! So I am now scheduled for 1/17/2013. I am sooo excited! It will be a hectic couple of months preparing with family in town and holidays, but we will make it happen! Dr J suggested that I loose 10 lbs before. I currently weigh 187 as of this morning, so I ran my butt off..literally, at the gym this morning combined with weights. I have 2 softball games Thursday but no more of that after this week so I have to be disciplined about the gym. No sweet potatoe pie for me this year:( I will post my actual weight and measurements as I go and before surgery. Now off to find a hotel and buy my recovery goodies! To all my BBL sisters, happy booty poppin!

Can anybody tell me about this folding chair that...

Can anybody tell me about this folding chair that I keep reading about where I can sit up but doesn't effect my booty??? Thanks, dolls!!!

So I have spent the ENTIRE day browsing realself...

So I have spent the ENTIRE day browsing realself and online researching. Thanks to all of the ladies for your feedback and info, tremendous help! I have made my hotel reservation, a double so my man doesn't have to worry about rolling over on my new booty...lol! We chose a hotel with full breakfast to make it easier at $89 a night.

I purchased arnica salve by De La Cruz. After much research and feedback, most sites swore by this over the supplements and it's cheap...$4! I also tried to order a boppy pillow off of ebay and ended up with just the cover for $25. I am going to return it because I instead ordered a "half roll lumber support" which I think is gonna be the ticket! Also, much cheaper. $18 bucks with a removable cover!. They come in a variety of sizes and firm-soft support. I am off to get my folding chair tomorrow and cut the butt out!

I have read so much about supplements i am cross-eyed! I have decided on a multi-vitamin, extra vitamin c, iron supplements and bromeline. I asked Dr J about the iron supplement and he said that unless I have labs that say I have low blood, there is no need but I have read about too many ladies ending up in the er for low iron. I will cover my butt, no pun intended! Also, I read to buy a cheap shower curtain to cover the bed before you put the sheets on, great idea! I also purchased the disposable pads for the bed.

P>S> I decided to go ahead and add the chin! Might as well;)

Alright Ladies, hope you had a great holiday, until next time! Happy booty poppin"...:)

I have read blog after blog since I have decided...

I have read blog after blog since I have decided to go on the BBL Journey. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing..lol. While I have gained a wealth of knowledge about what to do, not to do, what to purchase what to skip, what supplements to take, how to sleep and what to eat. I am starting to totally freak out!!! I cannot sleep due to the anxiety of sx:( I am very excited but am anxious that it will not be what I expected, that i will never look the same and that my ass will be whopsided! I am trying to stay positive, I go up and down. Is this normal? I feel good about it and am looking forward to having some curve for the very first time, EVER. As you can see from my pics, I am straight up and down, any which way you flip me and have half of a crack! I am totally prepared, paid my bills 2 months in advance, my man treated me to someone cleaning and disinfecting my house while I am in sx, love him. I have purchased all of my goodies but am wondering about this "board" I keep hearing about for lipoed patients. Any info ladies? I have been taking my vitamins (womens complete ultimate from dollar general, a vitamin is a vitamin) plus 500mg of L-Lysine for immune health. I have loaded up on OJ and Pineapple Juice for the Bromeline thats in it to keep from bruising so bad. Well, I count down the days. My Medical Clearance is scheduled for 12/21/12. Hope all goes well!

So I am 3 weeks and counting!!! I received my...

So I am 3 weeks and counting!!! I received my medical clearance today! All looks great. BP was 108/60, it runs low for me and my family so I decided to have my cholesterol checked since that typically runs high on both sides. I am somewhat happy to report that it was 182. Which is not fantastic but not in the red zone, either. I decided to throw in a HIV test as well since its been a while and I am a responsible adult...lol. I felt no need to worry but its been several yrs since I had my last test, so I'm glad that I did it. Oh, its nonreactive...fyi..lol. So anyways, off I go in 3weeks! I have had mixed feelings, which I think is normal. I have almost backed out a few times due to anxiety. Now, I am in the excitement mode! I am going to look totally different! I am going to be able to wear a sweater dress without looking like a linebacker!!! So, I am pumped! My girlfriend is going to be my caregiver, I don't know how I would make it without her. She is in for a ride:) I decided against taking my man because I don't really want him to see me all taped up and swOle! I would much rather him see the end result, POW! I have everything that I need and got a few items for Christmas that I needed like a black robe. My stepmom bought me lavender chamomile pillow spray to help me relax...she's precious.

So I leave home on 1/16/13 and drive 3hrs to my pre-op at 1pm. Surgery is scheduled for 1/17 at 10am. I plan to go to the room after pre-op and setup everything and get my scripts filled, go to the grocery for Gatorade, etc. After sx Dr J says that I have to stay 48hrs after so I plan to leave on Sun to return home, then back again 10days later for the drains to be removed. So we shall see!!!! Shelly at the office says that I will schedule all of my follow up appts the day of my pre-op.

Oh, I forgot! After reading foundumissnewbooty blog, I decided to return my squeem waist cincher and order the miracle vest instead. I am doing my bra roll and upper bra roll as well and she said she wish that she would have ordered the vest. So I'm going to take it from a veteran! Her blog rocks so I have purchased everything for her regimen! Oh oh oh!!!! Amazon.com has the squeem latex vests for $38-45 right now! Reg price is $70!!! I purchased two, a large and a med. One nude, one black. I also purchased that yucky magnesium drink to clean out your system. I will do one this week and one a few days before surgery. Well ladies...to b cont!!!!

So after reading foundumissnewbooty site and many...

So after reading foundumissnewbooty site and many others, I have condensed a list of what everyone has found to be essentials and most effective! Please feel free to add, the more the merrier! Hope this helps, Happy booty poppin' ladies:)

The foam mattress pad that you can cut a hole in to lay on your back:

The Board for your compression garment:

The Squeem Miracle Vest:

Boppy Pillow:

Vedette Butt out Garment:

Foam Inserts:


Make me Heal Pre & Post op Supplements:

Heating Pads/Blankets;



Cheap Maxi Dresses:


Arnica gel (for bruising)
Bendable Straws
10 Cotton Tank Tops
Alcohol Prep Pads
A box of Gloves
Sesame oil to stimulate nerve repair
Nivea q10 Firming Lotion
Dial Anti-Bac Soap
Stool Softener
Pastry Roller
Moist Flushable Wipes
Black Robe
Plastic Shower Curtain
Baby oil ( for milking the drains)
Extra Strength Tylenol

Belt or suction hooks to hang your drains while in...

Belt or suction hooks to hang your drains while in the shower

XXXXXXXXLarge panties...lol

Folding Chair to cut the seat out of

Sorry for the multiple posts ladies, I just keep...

Sorry for the multiple posts ladies, I just keep thinking of new things..lol. i wanted to add that I had a c-section in 92, when scar gel was unheard of. Instead i used vitamin E capsules 1000 I.U. I would bust them and rub them on my belly to prevent stretch marks and then the site where the staples were once the staples were out. I did this every day before bed. It is sticky but I have virtually no scar and absolutely NO STRETCH MARKS, and I gained 55 lbs when pregers! I had to tell my boyfriend that I had a c-section, he said he would not have known. With this being said, this will be my tried, trusted and true go to scar treatment!

So just a little summary...I purchased a foldable...

So just a little summary...I purchased a foldable chair. I proceeded to cut a hole out big enough for the new booty. I sat in it. Oh, this is nice, I say. I get up, clean up my mess and try again, only to fall completely thru it square ony rush, folded in half! Thank goodness my girlfriend ran to the store beacause I had to sit there til she was able to pull me out! Sooooo...buy a HIGH QUALITY CHAIR!!!!! LMAO!!!

So exactly this time next week I will be a new...

So exactly this time next week I will be a new me!! I am tooooo excited! I am not really nervous anymore, but I am sure that will change.

I did a saline laxative last week to clean out my system from the holidays and let me just say....HELL TO THE NAW!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! My bunny hole burned so bad that I had to put neosporin on it! Hey, but it worked! So anyways, I have been drinking lots of water, I have stopped all vitamins but I still have a protein shake with fruit everyday with pineapple juice for the bromeline.

I rcvd my foam piece that I will cut a square out of to lay on. I ordered it from amazon.com for $25, since the foldable chair was a flop! I will post a pic later today of what it looks like.

I will also post more later, as I am at work so I hafta run!

Oh my gosh this time has come so fast, I can't...

Oh my gosh this time has come so fast, I can't believe its almost here! I have been working like crazy trying to get clients in before I leave. I am a hairdresser and you would think that I was moving out of the country for good! Lol. its only two weeks!!! Anyways, I am too excited. My things have been packed first in my closet, then at the foot of the bed, now in the dining room for about a month now. I just keep unpacking and repackaging it..lol. I received my foam piece that I cut a hole out of so I can lay on my back i will take a pic of it when I get there to show you guys since I already wrapped it up. I got the idea from another rs member, I just can't think of which one.

Nothing really to report. I started my stool softener today and stopped taking all other vitamins about a week and a half ago. I was worried because everyone has been sick at work so I had my fingers crossed but all is well! Well ladies, I will keep you posted!
Thanks so much for all of the well wishes, much love:)

WE MADE IT! Do let me tell you ladies about my...

WE MADE IT! Do let me tell you ladies about my day, the good and the bad...grab the wine!!!

We drove 3hrs for my preop at 1pm, leaving Charlotte at 8:30am, we pulled up at the office at 12:45, with 15 min to spare. Signed in then was escorted to a room where they asked me to change into the paper napkin. Let me start by saying my consult was Nov 8th where I met with Dr Jimerson and we went over the areas to be lipoed and that I would transfer to hips and buttocks. Then his assistant comes in with the price sheet. To make a long story short, I had to pay for two extra areas today when I arrived. One of which I knew about because I added when I arrived, the other, a misunderstanding, I guess. I added my chin when I arrived, which I ask if he would do for half price. The patient care cord as hesitant to ask and I was persistent considering I paid ALL CASH and it is customary to discount muliple areas of Lipo. She leaves the room and comes back with some song and dance about calling "corporate". I had to laugh...who the hell is corporate? I thought this was a private practice. Anyways, I felt like she thought I was a dumb b::$:$ch who didn't know better. I already didn't like her attitude, so I just paid it and moved along. While I am on the subject of attitude, I don't much care how people pay for their surgery but I was informed that I could not pay my balance with a check because the type of clientele that they have has burned them in the past. My response ," you don't use a check verification system here? Her response (same hic), can you go to the bank and get the money. Tacky and low maintenance, to say the least. When I arrived, the woman behind the desk greeted us with a full mouth of food and when we left they were chowing down on Zaxby's at the desk and a lady in the lobby waiting for her friend is on the phone talking about smoking blunts last night while she was laid out across the arm of a chair. Needless to say , this is NOT a very professional office environment! I was not impressed, especially for his prices! At the very least I would expect someone to offer me a beverage or at least take their lunch in another room! I never received a confirmation call or email.about my appts, either. Just sayin. All in all, most people were very friendly.

Ok, so after spending 2 hrs there for them to take my bp and sign paperwork, I am off to fill my scripts. I only filled the muscle relaxer, the shots, antibiotic, hydrocodone and the pill to take before surgery. Total at Kroger was $223. The shots alone were $180! The pharmicist was nice enough to use a discount card!

So we are all checked in, had dinner at Pearl Lain which was pretty tasty and has a nice bar, even tho I can't drink:(. Oh, I forgot, you can't get into the shower for 7-10days until the drain comes out! I almost died when she told me! I said imma be so ratchett!!! She said I can take a bird bath but water can't run over the site! Gross! Oh well, the things we do, right?

The hotel is nice. Holiday Inn Express, Johns Creek$89 a night with laundry on the 3rd floor, good vending, free breakfast, 5min fr the sx center, right behind Zaxbys ( such good salads) and close to Kroger and Walgreens. I brought my bluray for netflix for my girlfriend and so we can catch up on Lost, I'm do addicted! Lol.

Here is my preop info
I am pretty solid as I work out and play sports.

Straight up and down, just like a wall....:( Not for ong honey booboo child!!!

These aremy Lipo areas with fat grafting to the hips and buttocks:
Abs, flanks, lower back, upper back, lower bra roll, upper bra roll
. And chin. Total: $13,400, can a b$$ch get a beverage?

I brought 2 ace bandages that are self adhesive. One for my upper bra roll since the garment doesn't not provide a lot of compression in this area. Also, they say they will not send you home in a bra or underwear, and to put a bra on when u get out so the garment won't rub your breast. I brought a compression sports bra from old navy beacause they are wide and will provide good compression for the upper bra roll (the area under my armpit).
The second ace bandage is for my chin. The nurse suggested it because the one they provide is somewhat irritating.

Let me say this....when it comes to "areas", everyone in the office has different lingo about what is what. This is how I ended up paying for an extra area, even after my consult. MAKE THEN PHYSICALLY POINT OUT WHAT AREAS WILL BE DONE!!!!! This was annoying to say the least and made it appear they were not on the same page and somewhat messy. Just sayin'. I do love Dr Jimersons work, however. So I guess you hafta take the good with the bad, but imma need for him to tighten up on his ship. Just sayin'.

I am so super excited!!!!! Imma have an ass for the first time in my life!!!
Well alright ladies, see you on the flipside! My sx starts at 10am, I will keep you all posted. My God keep me safe. Amen.

Ps sorry for typos, its hard to type a lot on this phone.

So I am awake! 4 more hours until I need to arrive...

So I am awake! 4 more hours until I need to arrive at the office and oh my how excited I am:) yesterday I was nervous and today I am excited!!! I just cannot believe its here, it just seems so crazy! I started this journey about 5 yrs ago and was looking into a guy out in LA but his prices were $25k and I was just not gonna pay that! Well, I put it in the back of my mind until about 2 years ago when I started looking again. In about October, I ran across real self and signed up. This is where I found Dr J. I was blown away by his work, which I must say looks better in person, if that's even possible! Lol

So I called and scheduled my consult for 11/08/12. Let me say this....Dr J is so precious, this man has such an energy about him. So I have decided to only take one picture just for the general shape, but I'm pretty much just going to leave it up to him. I can just tell by his work that he has an eye for sculpting the body so I'm just gonna let him do his thing with very little input from me. I trust him.

So after my consult on 11/8/12 I paid within 2 weeks (I had been saving for 5yrs!) And was able to secure a January date, and here I am! I am glad to have January cause I will be almost totally healed by summer! Whoop! I can start working out again by 6 wks so that Puts.me at mid March. Not bad.

Ok imma try to think of anything that I forgot. They say the triangle part that he Lipos is the part that's the most sore, as he is real.aggressive in this area to give you that Jcurve. They have said that recovery pain is.mostly.discomfort like you have worked.out times 10! But.not super painful. I cannot sit, not even on a boppy pillow.for 2 full weeks. Which means no driving. The garment must be worn for 6 weeks, cannot be removed for the first 48hrs and then for the next two weeks I can remove the garment for one hour a day. Since I am.not having my thighs done, she said that I can wear the full garment (butt out) for a minimum of 3 weeks.and the I can switch to the squeem vest. However, I am concerned about having a fupa! So I may just go to a thong garment.

I will have on drain which has to stay in a minimum of 7 days, no longer than 14 days. Once it has a max of 30ccs or less in a 24 hr period I can have it removed.

Well I can't think of much else so I guess I will keep you all posted after I am done! Thanks to all of the Ladies for your support and well wishes, this is the best site for info and support!Holla and happy booty poppin'!!!

Holy cow this is not for the faint at heart! I...

Holy cow this is not for the faint at heart! I will update soon.

So imma.do.my best to explain since I'm typing on...

So imma.do.my best to explain since I'm typing on my stomach. I'm gonna give.you.the.short.version.
Arrived at.office, changed.clothes
They tried to put an iv in me 5 times. I almost passed out.
Dr J came in and marked me up and as he was leaving I said "do u wanna see my pic or know what I want?" He said "oh yeah'
While they were trying to do my iv the anesthesiologist asked me a bunch of.questions. I told her twice.that I have a low.toloerance for.pain meds. So I walk into surgery suite and and climb up on table. I was out.
I remember them trying to wake me up for 5 HOURS while I continued to throw up and piss all over everything. Well they became concerned because I couldn't wake up, and my oxygen would fall between 60-80 % while I was out. Then they told me some nonsense about having sleep apnea. NEVER HAS ANYONE SAID SUCH A THING. they continued to give me meds to wake up which didn't wrk. They were trying to send me home cause they were closing. I did not move. Only because I couldn't. I was pissed at this point cause they kept offering me meds. finally I screamd NO MORE MEDS!!!! I had been over medicated that's why they couldn't get me up. ALL THE WHILE I AM PUKING. I insisted that I be sent to the hospital where they proceeded to.tell.me.this was.voluntary. I.didn't.give.a shit! I felt the worst I have ever felt in my.entire.life. so they wheeled me to my car because I could not walk. So here I lay in the hospital as I type this. I refused all
Meds until about 3:30 am where I onlytook half.of a hydrocodone. I feel.so.much better. So this is.my.journey.so.far. i haven't really looked at myself but from what I can see looks pretty good. He removed 4400ccs 200 into Each Hip and 800 to the butt. And I have this golf ball size knot on my chin which may be a seroma. Keep you posted ladies. This surgery, aside from my complications is a beast.

So the first 24 -48 hrs are pure hell, I'm not...

So the first 24 -48 hrs are pure hell, I'm not gonna lie. However, Dr J came in to see me this morning at the hospital and we took the bandage off of my chin and it was the bandage that made my chin look like that so no seroma! I am swollen to death tho! F@#k me!!! I don't really.hurt I am just sore. I feel like I have two Charlie horses in my butt cheeks and someone drop kicked my on the throat from the tube they use to intubate you. No more nausea and I have been up walking the halls and stretching as much as I can. I hate being down! They are going to release me from the hospital as soon as eat lunch but I must admit thatI am glad that I came, it has been so much easier having multiple people help you out. I was up every two hours last night to pee and to walk a bit. After I left Dr Js office at 6:30pm yesterday I had half of a hydrocodone at 1:30am then another half at 4:30am and 10am this morning. The half at 4:30am made me a little woosey so I held off as long as I could. They are great for helping you sleep but do very little to take away the soreness because its not really pain. I took pics but I can't load them from my phone so I will when O get back to the room. All in all my experience was ok I think that he needs to work on professionalism at his office tho, fo sho. The only reason that I would say otherwise was the disregaurd for the pain killer overdose and bot sending me to the hospital sooner.. I think my recovery would have been easier. I am on track now so I will keep you posted.

Dr J said that I was so sore because of the amount...

Dr J said that I was so sore because of the amount of CCS he removed, so all of you ladies that want the max.....BE PREPARED!!!

So I've had a chance to look at myself at DAMN, Dr...

So I've had a chance to look at myself at DAMN, Dr J did the damn thang once again! It has been a tough road but I think it was worth it, but I can't say that I would do it again...lol.

Ok.so.I.had my sx on Thurs at 10am and just wanted...

Ok.so.I.had my sx on Thurs at 10am and just wanted to.give a.quick.update. while in the hospital, I forced.myself.to.walk.every two.hours and tried to stretch as.much as I could. This, I believe, has been a TREMENDOUS help in my recovery. I am now able to.get in and out of bed by myself and I turned around and face the back of the toilet to pee. This is tricky, so have some paper towels handy unless you have good aim!.lol. I had basically my entire.torso lipoed so it has been hard using my arms to.pull myself so stretching has helped. I just do as much as I can until I feel resistance, but I kinda push myself beyond it a little.bit. I bring my arms over.my head as high as I can, I try to bend to touch my toes and from.side to side and I also bring my knees as high as I can to my chest. Then I lift my legs to.the.side, back and front. I do this every time I walk, every two hours. Right now what is the most painful is.my lower back where the triangle is. I tried laying in my foam square at the hospital so relieve some of the pressure on my back because laying on your stomach gets uncomfortable after a while. I lasted about a half hour because the back of the square sits right where the triangle is. I think after a few more days it will be good tho. Let me say this, they show you how to sit on the boppy pillow.while you are in the office, easier said than done...lol. I have found the higher the bed or chair the easier cause your stomch is.gonna be super sore and it makes it easier to.get in and out of.bed. I slept with pillows.under my breasts and head last night kinda propped up on my stomach and it was nice for a.change. the best sleep that I have had was when I took hydrocodone with the muscle relaxer. That's the ticket. I did it for the first time last night. I also.gave.myself my first shot, right thru.my.garment in my thigh. It was a.little painful.near the end. Relatively speakin, it was nothing...lol. well here I go to take this garment off. I will.post pics and the experience after I.live thru it! Thanks everyone for.checking on me! Sorry for all of the typos, I'm.on my phone.

So we decided to drive home yesterday. After...

So we decided to drive home yesterday. After taking off the garment and all of the bandages, it took a while and I didn't want to get up early this morning and do it, then drive home. The drive was not bad at all. I took one hydrocodone and one muscle relaxer and it was ok. I laid down in the back of my jeep so it was comfy. I woke up this morning and walked a bit and its suppose to be 60 here today so I will go for a walk outside this afternoon. So I promise to post pics today as we left yesterday I didn't get a chance because they have to be loaded from my laptop. So I have already thought about round two. I know its crazy with all that I went thru I just don't know if my tummy is small enough. I carried almost all of my weight there so he tried to sculpt my butt and still do what he needed to do to keep me proportionate. He told me it would not be flat flat so I'm not suprised. He also told me that the max my skin would probably hold would be 800ccs in each cheek, which is what he did. I am very excited to see what I will look like in a month or two, but like every addict, I'm ready to get high again! Hahaha! I am laying on the foam piece in bed today so I can lay on my back, which is more comfy today, thank God for it. Speaking of foam, I used my foam inserts on my flank areas when I changed my garment yesterday. I didn't want that backward dent in my lower back, and it seems to be helping. The nurse at Dr Js office mentioned they were looking into different garments to prevent it from rolling up in the lower back to give you more of a slope and not a dent, but they haven't come up with anythng yet.So, I will stick to my inserts. I am going to try and go in a notch on my garment today.Pray for me....lol. also, I drank tons of pineapple juice before surgery and I have very minimal bruising. FYI. For those of you getting Lipo to the chin, the compression strap is annoying, it feels like I'm being choked constantly! I tried an ace bandage, the compression is better but the choking is worse. I'm gonna look today to order more garments. Here is what the removed and put in:

800ccs in each cheek
200ccs in each hip
1300 out from abdomen
400 out from each flank
1600 out from lower back
250 out each side of upper back
200 out each side of back bra roll
150 out each side of front bra roll
100 out of chin

Trust and believe if they have lipoed any of these areas, YOU WILL KNOW!!!! A lot have ladies on here have complained about addidtional areas, whether they have been done or not. Tryst and believe, you will know! I have steristrips all over by butt, flanks and one behind each arm. I am bruised under each armpit and have a lot of soreness in these areas as well as my flanks and upper back. I'm just saying, you will know! I am glad that I did all of the areas that I needed because I am broad shouldered naturally and these areas made me smaller. I didn't want to be shoulders and butt..lol. I also was very realistic about my results. I knew that it make take two times to tweak it and get it exactly the way I wanted. Especially my tummy since I opted to NOT have a TT. Well imma jump off here and get going. When I change my garment today, imma post pics. Oh! I forgot! When my man pulled the covers off of me this morning so I could get up, he said look at that a$$!!! I have NEVER heard those words come from anyones mouth about me so I said "what are you watching on tv" haha I had to laugh at myself!!! Pumps in a bump Baby!!!! Mich love the God above for seeing me all the way thru and to Dr J and his staff for giving me super swag and a head that won't fit thru the door!

So I am finally able to sign into realself after a...

So I am finally able to sign into realself after a day or so. I'm not sure what was going on. So I will bring you guys up to speed. As far as pain goes, this has not been a bad surgery for me. I will say that it is just mostly inconvenient. Not being able to sit down or lay flat on your back or side is annoying sometimes, but laying on the stomach is really the most comfortable. I have been using my foam piece in the bed sometimes to sit in and kinda recline, thats been a nice change. Today was was kinda ruff. Not because of pain, I just generally didnt feel good and could not get comfy. I dont have much of an appetite but have doubled up on stool softeners today cause I havent had a bm since Thurs morning. This is kinda normal for me, though.
So onto the good stuff, I am absolutely in love with what Dr J did with my body! It may not seem like much and I will say for those who have not had this procedure yet, if you see someone in a pic that has a big, nice round butt, I can almost guarantee its gianormous in person. I feel like mine is big but when i take pics, it doesnt appear as big as in person. I was like DAAAAANGGG when I first took my garment off, All the padding and stuff just adds to the bulk. I like the size of my butt now but would not be opposed to going for a second round for more lipo in my abs. I carried most of my weight here and felt like he did a good job evenly distributing the lipo to make me look balanced. To me, this sets him apart from others work that I have seen. All in all, I would like a smaller midsection, but we will see when all of the swelling subsides. The first time I took my garment off I HATED my stomach, it just looked fat and like saggy skin, I almost cried! I can see that over the last few days its going to be fine and back to smooth...wheewww!!! One thing that has made ALL the difference is the board, it has made my lower tummy smoothed out. You can see in one of my pics that it bulges, well thats gone now! My measurements this morning were 39.5-36-47. they day after surgery I weighed 188. My hips have held steady at 47 so Im keeping my fingers crossed!
As far as the chin lipo, thumbs down. I dont know if this was so much that it wasn't worth it or that immediately following surgery I did not have a compression garment on for 24 hrs because of the nausea and I havent worn it much since because it feels like im choking. So I may not be happy with the results because of this, and its early to tell, too. Well Ladies, thank you for all of the kind words and thoughts. I will be happy to answer any questions that I can! Happy booty poppin'! OH, i almost forgot!!!! I got a little jiggle at the top...lol ,BAM!

All of my post op pics are with my garment on...

All of my post op pics are with my garment on except the black dress and the sweat pants.

SO today is day six. Yesterday was a little hard,...

SO today is day six. Yesterday was a little hard, mostly stiff all day and had cabin ever. Ugh!!! So today my sweetie took me to the gym where I walked on the treadmill for 20min then to lunch. Oh my gosh, I felt like a champ! I put on make up and everything...lol! Most of my bruising is gone except for my upper thigh and pubic area. Why, I don't know because I didn't have any work done in this area. It started when I went to a smaller clasp on my garment. I guess it was just pressure. My Suzie is PURPLE! But most of my bruising is gone. I swear by the arnica salve! So I am thinking of going to just the squeem vest soon. I will discuss when I go see Dr J tomorrow for post op. My measurements for this morning are 39-36-46. My preop measurements were 39-40-43, I think. So I am happy and still have swelling to go down. I am so ready to get this drain out! I feel like imma snatch it put everyday! So my bf goes back to work Fri for 24hrs, so I am totally on my own. Laws, we will see how it goes, I don't think I can get this life sucking garment on with pads and all by myself! Well ladies, I will keep you posted!

HELLO LADIES! I hope that everyone if fairing well...

HELLO LADIES! I hope that everyone if fairing well in all of this ice. Well, I am one week postop. I went for my followup yesterday and he said everything looks good and I had that stupid drain taken out! Ugh! I was so afraid I would snatch it out by accident! Yesterday was kinda rough cause I was in the car for about 8 hrs round trip. It took a lot out of me so I'm on the mend today. The last few days I have been slack on my compression. It started because the garment is sort of short for me like it was stuntting my growth height wise..lol so I slept with the arms out cause they were sore. It felt so good that I did it the next night and without the ace bandage wrapped around my breasts. I was doing this for compression under my arms where he lipoed. I woke up this morning and measure and went from 39 to 43 in my chest area!!!! WTF?????? Aw hell NAW!!! So I am wrapped so tight today I can't even breathe!!! Yesterday on the way to ATL I decided to ust wear the board with no foam. It did feel much better in the car cause if you sit or bend a lot it can dig into.your Suzie a little bit and bruise easily. My measurements this morning were 43-36-47. I hope that my hips hold at 47, I pray, I pray! I ended. up cutting a small slit from the butt opening towards the hip area on each side of my garment. It was cutting into my butt cheeks so bad and was irritated. It feels much better, whew!
I have been alternating between the board and the foam in my abdominal area. I feel that the board does a better job in flattenenig while the foam is more.comfortable. As far as my chin goes, I have a hard 1/2 inch area all the way across my neck that I think may be scar tissue. I have been trying to massage it like deep as I can. Dr J said to just keep doing it, hopefully it will soften. I wouldn't much mind, but you can see it. So we will see how it goes by my 6mo, we may Need to revisit, if ya know what I mean. I am going down to a smaller garment, looking for these is like overwhelming! So many choices! Oh! I will say this, I have found a new way to sleep that is super.comfy. I place a firm pillow under my thighs, one under my stomach and then stack my head as high as I want. I found that sleeping on my stomach all of the time put a lot of pressure on my lower back and this feels much, much better. I have been keeping up with my arnica salve which if I did it again, would be the one thing that I couldn't live without! That stuff is the bomb! I started incorporating my multi vitamin back into the vast array of pill popping throughout the day. Today is the last day of shots and I have been trying to ween myself off of the hydrocodone.
I am riding solo today so putting my garment on by myself was tricky, especially with the foam. So I tried something. I put on a like spandex stretchy tank top. One that would not crease under my garment. I put the foam and the triangle under the tank top, I then put my garment on.Worked like a charm! I had to readjust a little but the tank held everything in place while I fastened it up. Of course I also ace bandaged my breasts until they were pancackes, put garment on and then a compression sports bra from old navy, which I swear by!!! I have followed foundumissnewbooty regimen about the lotion and the heating pad. I think I started at day three postop and think this is why I got a lot of the fluid off quickly.
My man has been sooooo helpful, he's working today so I'm by myself. I don't think I could have done it without him! He has catered to me hand and foot, and he had flowers for me when I got home. I read other people's blogs and forget how thankful of him I should be. He is trippin about the booty tho! Let's not get it twisted! I have already been told what I can and cannot wear, if I go out, how often, how guys are gonna treat me, how I should react. Haha its too cute really. I know he loves me now! Hahaha anybody that would go thru this week with me had to be a trooper! So thank you everybody! Ok ladies, happy booty poppin, til next time!

Ok so I had to put myself in bondage for real...

Ok so I had to put myself in bondage for real yesterday! And I am glad that I did! So prior to yesterday I had been slack on compression in my upper bra area. So I put my foot down yesterday, sucked it up and tightened up. Two days ago my measurements were 43-36-46 and today I woke up.and measured....39-35.5-47!!! Hot Damn!!! That fluid is a beast! I do feel like my legs are a little swollen so I have this massager from brookstone that you lay your legs in. So I did that for like 20 min and I feel better. I continue to deep tissue massagethe hard lumps and it hurts like a b$%&h, but I push thru. The reason that I am.blogging today is to tell you guys about the garment sale!!! Here's the info
I ordered anny1017 and Sal351
One is a full body compression and the other is a thng. I also called the boutique and they were able to help me with sizing, which all runs different so I was glad that I called. They are running a sale for 20% off $85 or more. So I got both garments for $127. Nice, considering that the one from lipoexpress is $130 by itself!
I am tired of wearing this dang thang, I feel like a linebacker that can't breathe!!! And don't even get me started on the rash between my butt cheeks. I mean could they not have made that part cloth? It serves no purpose as far as compression. I'm sure it looks like I have the clap....anyways...hopefully these new garments will be better.
So I continue to do the usual and today is a good day but I have trouble getting a good nights sleep. I am done with all meds except any pain meds which I am taking as needed, like a half a day. I get very excited about my Wal-Mart outings since I cannot drive and my sweetie works 24hr shifts and I can't get out much. My girlfriend is taking me to the YMCA tomorrow and I'm so excited...haha! Anyways ladies, happy healing to all! I have my first massage scheduled for Monday, so I will keep you guys posted on how it goes. Have a great weekend and keep it clappin'...lol!

Hey Ladies! I couldn't take it anymore!!!! The...

Hey Ladies! I couldn't take it anymore!!!! The squeezing, the itching, the cabin fever, that damn triangle! I was going crazy. So , I woke up this morning, took my measurements (40-36-46),.frustrated I.took my first full.shower, changed what dressings I had left, lotioned up, forced myself into a.squeem vest and called my girlfriend to come scoop le up. I said to heck with that body garment and that painful triangle, I.just could not.take another minute!!! The vest is a large, which I wasable to fasten on the first hook, which was nice since I was able to.fit into it pre surgery and is two sizes smaller than the garment they sent me home in! Yippie!! I was willing to take my chances for a day that I.could just feel somewhat like myself again. So, off we go. First to the YMCA where I walked 20 minutes at a #3 pace. Ok, O.suppose for just a week out. Didn't want to overdo it, lol. I lifted a little weight with my upper body. Only 5 lbs, 15 reps, one set. I don't know how the heck imma go 6 weeks at this pace. Imma loose my mind! Well, when we walked into the gym, I weighed myself for the first time since the day after surgery, which I was 189. Ok so today, I am 188...WTF???? I know I am propably swollen, yadda, yadda ya. I wanted to cry!!!! So off we go, headed to Moes for a salad. So I make it home and decide that I should place myself back into bondage. I will say, I like the squeem vest.A LOT. I will continue to wear this when I work out as it is lined with cotton and latex so I really sweat in my midsection. I'm not sure why I need compression on my hips anymore so I kinda cheated and cut the sides of my garment. I will be glad when the.new ones come. The one Dr J sends you home in is like sandpaper. Well ladies, til next time. I wish you all a healthy speedy recovery and may youhave the booty of your dreams! Happy booty poppin'!

Just a quick.update ladies, I had my first massage...

Just a quick.update ladies, I had my first massage yesterday. Let me say that I have the best massage therapist ever! We have worked together for a number of years AMD I kinda gave her the heads up in advance. She was a little hesitant when I told her but once I was on the table she jumped right in. We discussed HER feelings about being on the giving end and how this can be a little intimidating because the therapist may have a hard time reading the level of discomfort. So we agreed to talk our way thru it since this was somewhat a first for both of us. I explained that there are some areas that I can take more pressure, some areas that are totally numb and some areas that I will fly off the table if she touches me!...lol. she explained to me that it would be much different than the traditional deep tissue or sweedish that I normally get as a lymphatic massage is very light pressure. the reason being as it is more about the cappilaries in the skin which are very tiny and too Mich pressure causes them to collapse and not allow the fluid to push thru to the lymphatic system for drainage. So first we started with an all over light stroke and ended with what felt like more of a deep tissue in areas. She worked out some of the scar tissue and knots that were beginning to form under the skin. Let me tell you. I slept like a baby last night for the first time since my surgery. I woke up without any stiffness or soreness for the very first time! I wore my squeem vest all day yesterday, no garment at all, just the vest. I took my measurements this morning and I am now 39-35-45. I am happy to have lost more in my waist.but imma need those hips to hold steady!!! Regardless, I have a WAY better shape than when I started so I am very pleased with the results. The squeem vest is way more comfortable than the garment, but will not hold the triangle in place. I will say, I am ok with this because I felt the triangle was making a funny dent above.my crack, so I will go.back and forh with it. I watched a show called true life last night and a doc was doing a bbl. He said that the first 10-15 lbs you gain after surgery would go to your but instead of your stomach so that was a huge relief! Considering that I love to eat, this gave me a nice margin to fall off the diet wagon, almost incentive! Lol. Well ladies, hope this was helpful. If you decide to go with a massage, find a therapist that is willing to walk and talk you thru it so you don't feel like you have wasted your money because for me, it was extremely beneficial! Well have a great day and keep em clappin'!

Well, this week has been tough. I start back.to...

Well, this week has been tough. I start back.to work today part time and I am looking forward to it. I have followed the doctors orders to a tee and I continue to loose volume in my hips. I have been compressing my mid section with my squeem because I continued to loose inches in my hips and butt for the last two days. Yesterday I used my fullcompression garment that they sent me home in because my waist was up 3 inches from the days prior so I wanted to work it back down. This morning my waist was beck at 35in and my hips are now at 45:( this is just 2in more than pre sx. At this rate, I will be back where I started in the butt hip area. My torso is smaller which looks malkes everything else appear larger but I am upset because I paid for a butt and hips. This surgery, aside from this, has been an emotional roller coaster. I am very independent and up until this point, have been able to do very little for myself. I am.happy with the Lipo AMD my overall shape is much better. I am healthy so I have to thank God for pulling me thru all of this. I started my cycle today, which may contribute to my sadness. Also, the man and I are at odds, even though he has been helpful. I will keep you all posted and post new pics soon. Hopefully going back to work wwill liven my spirits. Pray for me ya'll.

So I went to work for the first time since my sx...

So I went to work for the first time since my sx and I am soooo thankful for my clients!!! I feel 100% better than this morning. The weather here was gorgeous! It felt like 500 hot men had broke out of the woods!!! I had my yoga.pants on and doing my thang!!!! Thank.you all for the kind words and sweet gestures! This is definitely a process AMD I have a newfound love for realself because only WE know what WE go thru! Love ya'll:)

Ok So let me start off by saying this procedure is...

Ok So let me start off by saying this procedure is emotional, to say the least but I am a pretty optimistic person and level headed. I did not go into this endeavore with unrealistic expectations. I am now 2 weeks and 2 days postop. At this point I DO NOT FEEL LIKE MY PROCEDURE WAS WORTH $13400. My current measurements are now 39-35-44. If you will look at my preop my measurements were 41-40-43. So I basically paid for Lipo and afluff package that has not fluffed. Not to mention the added expense of travel and vacation time for a caregiver. YES, my body looks different but I paid for hips and a butt that I still do not have, plus the extra pain that my body went thru. I have followed protocol that Dr J and his staff have given me, yet to disappointing results when.it comes to the butt and hip area. I feel as if he did do and aggressive job with the Lipo and had he not, I would DEFINITELY be hauling ads down there asking for refund. $13400 is ABSOLUTLEY RIDICULOUS for what my results are. I am not a happy camper. If this procedure is such that results are not guaranteed, I would definitely save your money and go to.someone cheaper, the chances are, you WOULD get what you paid for and a little extra, if you do end up with a butt AMD hips. I'm.just sayin....

Ok so I woke up this morning wanting to throw...

Ok so I woke up this morning wanting to throw things since I dropped thirteen thousand four hundred dollars...yeah its different when ya sound it out, eh? Well after a few of the ladies that are a bit farther along in their journey have given me some inspiration on fluffing and I have actually seen pics to back up such theory, I will cool my jets. I suppose we see ourselves swollen and fall in love, even tho I swore that I would not be one of those girls. I guess that I am guilty:/ I must say that I am happy, again, with the Lipo. Let's just wait for the fluffing fairy to.come drop.some dust on this donk! I'm sorry little fairy, but I can't leave you any money under the pillow, as Dr J has it all! So I will just remain hopeful:) I did go to Old Navy and try on Jeans yesterday, just out of curiosity...yeah...that's a no go. Old Navy is not for the bootylicious chic....so don't even bother. This change is gonna really cost some bucks cause I can't fit into ONE SINGLE PAIR OF PANTS!!! Oh, and we still hafta fluff!!! Let's not forget! I have been wearing yoga pants to work everyday!!! This can only last so long in the fashion world of hairdressing. So tonight is my first outting with my girlfriends....we shall see! I am wearing a sweaterdress. The one item that I love that I have never owned until now! Two pigs fighting under a blanket, CLAIREEEE!!!!

Ok so I know this is my 3rd post of the day, but I...

Ok so I know this is my 3rd post of the day, but I must share. I feel confident in the fluffing fairy as those that are positive thinkers with faith on their side always seem to prevail on the happiest side of things....Soooo....I had a break at work today so I decided after the diet of nothing since surgery, I would treat myself to the greasy spoon...Waffle House. Bacon, egg and cheese, egg over medium, hold the knife, scattered smoothered covered, extra pickle and a coffee. So I am sitting, waiting on my food, catching up on my BadGirlRiRi tweets and this guy walks in and sits down beside me. He said "whatchu doin over there, tweetin"? I.gave him basic friendly conversation, as he was not my type. He proceeds to tell me he can go from the crack house the white house cause he's intelligent, all while picking up the bill. And he left a tip, which.speaks a lot of someone's character dining at the WH, in my opinion. So while I am not interested, I gained a laugh and $11 towards my donkey debt. So we are down to $13389! Hot Damn!

I am going to let my pics from here on out speak...

I am going to let my pics from here on out speak for themselves. I apid $13,400 CASH. You tell me...I am adding photos of me in the black dress.

Hey Ladies! A few have reached out in regards to...

Hey Ladies! A few have reached out in regards to my progress and I apologize for not being on here sooner. I have gone back to work to pay for this butt so time is limited! Overall, I have had good days and feel more like myself each day. I have pain in my stomach like on my skin, like a burning feeling. I guess these are the nerves regenerating. I am, for the most part happy with my results, however I wish that he would have taken the remaining 600ccs of fat from.my stomach. I still have a pooch at the bottom and a little uneveness from the ipo. I was hoping this would even out over time, but I don't think so. I have tried, to no end to find pants to fit this ass, and levis seem to be the ticket. I am still in the same size as preop but all this butt takes over the waist part! Levis are the only ones that don't gap in the back. I am soooooo looking forward to working out again! My spring softball starts March 7, I hope that I can do it! I will post more pics this week, as I will be 1 month postop. Til then, keep am clappin ladies! And by the way, this butt gets mad attention even on my worst day! So I hope you all feel the love put there ladies! Keep em comin'! Thanks for all the well wishes and feedback!

7mo Post-Op Dr Jimerson!!!

I have been gone for a while so I wanted to give you ladies an update. I am 7 mo post-op and I had a follow up appt with Dr Jimerson on Monday to consider Round 2. Let me recap...I had 4800ccs removed from my upper and lower abs, flanks, upper and lower bra roll and I also had my chin done. I had 100ccs injected in each hip and 850ccs into each cheek. Most of my weight was centered in the middle and I looked like a square box of tissue prior to surgery. I feel like Dr J did a nice job considering the amount he has taken out. I was afraid to get too much in my booty cause I didn't want to look like a circus freak, I wanted a more natural look. Dr J also stated that he could only do 850ccs because I already had a dense butt so that was the max. I would have opted for another 100ccs in my hips, a total of 200ccs, if I had to do it again. My body has retained about 50% of what was injected originally. This is my assumption based off of pictures and the way my clothes fit.Everyone is different, from what I have researched, typically 30-50% is retained after surgery I am going for round 2 in January, which will be my one year mark. I feel as if he now has a good platform to work from and can see the shape of my body and what it can do, so fingers crossed!. He did suggest initially that I would have better results with a mini tummy tuck, but I just don't want the scar, so i will stick to the lipo and transfer. I initially was a little upset that I would have to go back to get the results that I wanted, but now I understand that Rome wasn't built in a day. I am a hairdresser and I compare it to someone coming in with really long hair and wanting a pixie cut, well the first time is just gonna be to get down to business. Then the next time, I can see really how the hair is gonna fall and how I can tweak it to make it a slam dunk! That's what we are hoping for!
I will keep you ladies posted as I go along. As for anyone considering this procedure, IT IS A JOURNEY. PERIOD. There will be days that you say, "why did I do this", "oh my gosh I love it", "this was a huge mistake", "oh my gosh I love it", and so on...I cannot stress enough how much your body will change from the day you leave surgery until now...7mo. I have never had a cosmetic procedure where I changed my body, the emotional roller coaster is harder than the physical! Hang tough, its worth it! I am super excited about round 2, but after this, i'm done!
Also, please excuse the nudity but I wanted to give you a real Idea of what to expect.

Great reviews, before/after pics. How many procedures of this kind he has performed and office setup.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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