BBL: Tomorrow is my Big Day! #excited #alittleanxious #positivevibes - Atlanta, GA

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So far my experience with Dr. Okoro's office has...

So far my experience with Dr. Okoro's office has been fabulous! Initially, I was very nervous about the idea of doing Lipo/BBL....People make you feel so vain when it's discussed in casual conversation. They say, "You're fine, you don't need that, you are already attractive, etc." Which is their truth - but what's wrong with making improvements? I knew right away that I couldn't tell anyone, (which adds to the anxiety). How would I pull this off without anyone knowing? Once I started reading this site, I felt a LOT better. So thank you ladies for sharing. I am all set for tomorrow and I'm mentally prepared for 2 weeks of not sitting down. I just hope I'm ready for the pain. I will post my journey here daily for the first 2 weeks to share my experiences in the days following my surgery. Stay tuned.

Sore but lovin it! 1 day Post OP

Hello Ladies...well I had my surgery yesterday and all went fab! The staff was soooo attentive and Mr. Okoro made me feel very safe. He is such a wonderful doctor. So, now to the juicy part: Yes, it did hurt afterwards but during, I didn't feel or even hear a thing. I hired a home health nurse (Tres Belle) to pick me up and bring me home. She was great. The ride home was hard because I had to lay on my stomach on the seat which hurt my incisions. Yesterday she stayed with me and helped me change the dressings. Most of the bleeding comes from the butt crack and the back under the bra roll. I get tired & dizzy quickly. It is very hard to get out of bed because of the soreness. Taking the garment on and off also hurt. Let me know if any of you ladies have questions. So glad I did it. My butt is bootyful!!!

2 Days Post OP

I am stronger today. I'm up, walking around & enjoying my new shape. I'm still very swollen but I'm wearing my garments 24x7 (except when I shower). I feel like I'm progressing very well. No nausea, not much drainage, very little blood and I'm slowly regaining my energy. I'm following Dr's orders to a TEE (lotsa liquids, soup, crackers, applesauce and herbal tea). I go back next Monday for my Post Op. #excited

Happy healing #swollenbutcute

Just laid around (on my stomach of course) all day yesterday and today. I'm swollen and waiting for my bruising to heal. In the meantime, I'm happy about the results I see so far. My post op is in 2.5 days so I'm looking forward to asking questions about a couple of the booty lumps. I expected that, but just wondering how long before it softens up? Any info would be appreciated.

Dr.Okoro - Day 9.5 Post OP - ITCHING

I am itching but not from the meds. I itch when I take off the bodysuit and get in the shower. I am trying to desensitize my skin but it's very difficult. Do any of you ladies remember this itchy phase? How long does it last?
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