almost 2 months post op and stillll LOVIN IT!! :) - Atlanta, GA

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So I've been researching doctors for the past 2...

So I've been researching doctors for the past 2 years, trying to find the PERFECT doctor to do my BBL, and FINALLY I FOUND HIM!!! I had my consultation with Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta on may 17th and from the moment i walked into his office I felt like "this is it". The staff is really really nice, and so is Dr jimerson himself! they all made me feel comfortable as if I've known them all my life.

As I showed Dr J pictures of "my dream booty" he told me that I was the perfect candidate for what I wanted. I'm 5,2 & 133 pounds yuckkkkkk!!! I've always been 120-125 but gained some extra weight in preparation for the surgery, and im so ready to get this fat out my gut and into my BUTTT!

Well I made my deposit today and my surgery date is set for June 13th 2012! I can't even begin to tell you guys how excited I am :) :) I'm 22 and been dreaming of a big booty since I can remember!!! Today I can officially begin my COUNTDOWN! I'll Upload pics and definitely keep you guys updated! Wish me luck!!! :)

Okkkkkkkayyyy! So tomorrow morning I go in and...

Okkkkkkkayyyy! So tomorrow morning I go in and have my blood work done, and get all my prescriptions! This is soooo nerve wrecking!

So yesterday I went to the dr and had all my...

So yesterday I went to the dr and had all my bloodwork done. When I was done with that the nurse gave me a huge book of information on pre and post op procedures. Ahhhhhhhhhh I'm freaking out! My surgery is in exactly 13 days :)

Okayyyyy! sooorrryyy i been MIA ladies! I have so...

okayyyyy! sooorrryyy i been MIA ladies! I have so much filling in to do! on wednesday i had my bbl done with dr J in atlanta! my appointment was at 130 but i was in his office ready by 1145 =) once i was all ready for surgery dr J came in and asked me "how big of a booty do you want" i said "make it HUGE" we both laughed and he assured me that he was going to do exactly what i asked. The anesthesiologist came in and said he was going to give me some "happy juice" and thats all i remember! When i finally started to gain consciousness i was in my bed in EXTREME pain. I seriously felt like my body was going to explode. My mother and boyfriend was with me, and they both was nervous because i was in so much pain. My mom said my face was really swollen but my ass was FAT! I didnt get out of bed at all on the first day unless i had to pee.

The second day wasnt so bad, i made sure i kept all my pain pills close by because i didnt want to feel no kind of pain what-so-ever! I drank lots of fluids (mainly water, and gatorade) and stayed in bed to get rest.

the third day seemed to be the worst for me, it seemed like i was gettin more swollen than i was on the the first day! i had a lot of pain getting in and out of bed. my knuckles are sore from me using them to push my upper body up off the bed! and to top it off My face got swollen AGAIN i dont know why! laying on my stomache is starting to irrtiate the hell out of me! i wanna lay on my side but im afraid to pull my drain outs! Later on that day i took off all my dressings and that was PAIN! i had so much tape over me so pulling it off of my already sore booty was terrible! after i took off the dressings it was time to take off my garment! I cant even begin to explain to you ladies how i felt! make suuuurrreeee you pop a pain pill before u start this process because believe meeee, your gonna need it!

so today is the fourth day and im doing much better! i havent taken any pain pills yet because i feel this pain level is tolerable, which is good! i looked in the mirror this morning and i LOVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my booty! ughhhh! im ready to get out of the garment and put some dresses on! my boyfriend keeps asking "can i touch it?" lol he loves it too! if you ladies have any questions please feel free to ask!

Im trying to upload some pics! but i dont know...

im trying to upload some pics! but i dont know how!!!!!!!! ugghhh! maybe ill try a little later!

UGHHH!!! i wake up every 2 hours in PAIN! i keep...

UGHHH!!! i wake up every 2 hours in PAIN! i keep popping these pain pills like candy. When i woke up this morning my throat was KILLING me, it feels raw and dry im guessing its from the breathing tube they put down my throat during surgery. I seriously HATE sore throats! Well on a brighter side these drains come out in 2 more days =) =) im really excited about that. I havent had much of an appetite since my sx, just been drinking plenty of gatorade and water. Also i havent been able to go #2 either i been taking colace 2 times a day and still nothing! well hopefully today i can get something out. BLAH! I called the Dr.s office to ask how many cc's i got , but they were closed i guess i'll try later. Other than that im beginning to become stir crazy being in this house ALLLLL DDAAAYYYYYYY! i wanna go out, but dont have much enegry and on top of that my walking isnt that great yet. Im still learning how to carry these two enormous basketballs on my back hehe!! ill check back with you ladies a lil later!!!! peace & big booties! =)

Heyyy ladies!!! i took a pain pill and i been...

heyyy ladies!!! i took a pain pill and i been knocked out ALL DAY! its 5 and i still havent ate yet =( i dont have a appetite at alllllllllllllllll! im going to force myself to eat something though. Still been taking the colace, and nothing yet! My mother says i might have to use a enema. Im soooo not looking forward to that! BLAH! Well my boyfriend bought me some Arinca home today.Im glad he did... it supposedly helps with bruises, muscle aches, stiffness etc. Im just ready to be healed, and ready to take this stupid drain out!

Good morningggg big booty divas!!! So this morning...

Good morningggg big booty divas!!! So this morning i took off my garment and decided to go for a walk outside because i been trapped in the house for a week now. I went into a store to get some breakfast, and i caught about 10 men looking at my new ass! ha! I feel so much better today otherwise, i did get a lil dizzy and started to sweat bullets as i was walking outside tho. The arnica has been working great for me! patiently waiting for tomorrow to get here im sooooooooooooo ready to take these drains out! ttyl!

Hey divas!! so today i had my drains taken out!...

Hey divas!! so today i had my drains taken out! and i feel amazing! Dr J said that he gave me 800 cc's in each cheek and 200 cc's in each hip! I thought i was gonna be put into a smaller garment today but the nurse said for me to wear this one for 3 more weeks! Next week i take off all my steri strips which im excited about! I been out today and im starting to walk much better! The only thing im having trouble with is driving =( i need to find something else for me to sit on in my car because my yoga mat rolled up wasnt enough support for me. With the yoga mat rolled up i still felt like my butt was on the seat and thats a serious NO-NO!! Tomorrow ill go out and try to find something else or if anybody has any suggestions for me pllleeasee feel free to let me know! Also this garment is a bit too much to wear out in the heat so im gonna have to buy me a waist cincher to wear while im out and just wear the garment when im inside. Im realllllllly happy with my results! everytime i pass anything that shows my reflection im checkin my ass out! its seriously about to be a PROBLEM!!!! HA! well let me go spend some time with my babes, i dont want him to feel like im ditchin him now that my booty is done =) talk to u dolls lata! be happy be safe and BIGGGG BOOTTTTTTYS!

Heyyyyyy ladies! today im feeling great! last...

Heyyyyyy ladies! today im feeling great! last night was the first night i was able to sleep straight thru the night since surgery! (im tellin u....everynight has been constant waking up in pain!) today i plan on going out and finding me a waist cincher and something firm for me to sit on in the car. I know some of you ladies have been asking me to take some pics from the front and from the side so i did that just now for u guys to see! I still have another week n a half off from work so that should be enough time for me to get everything figured out! Today i took a shower for the first time in a week and it was HEAVEN! going all week with just "washing up" was so frustrating! UGH! im still very sore but not so much swollen ( i can thank the arnica for that) . Speaking of arnica my mom tells me that i should try the Arnica topical gel as well to get rid of this "raw" feeling im having on my back. Im definitely gonna go get some of that!!!! So tomorrow i have a flight to catch and im kinda worried about sitting on my butt for this plane ride. Not only am i worried about that but im also worried about all my family noticing my bangin ass new body come outta nowhere. I dont want any1 to know that i had this procedure done so im trying to keep it on the low. I dont want it to be obvious at all, but knowing my fam they are going to ask questions and wanna touch and see and IRRITATE me! idk what to do. im sure ill figure something out. Mayb ill just have a bad attitude with them from the start, thatll make them not want to talk to me =) anyway ladies let me go get myself together ill be sure to update later! happiness and BIG BOOTYS!

Hey dolls! today i feel okay, not as good as...

Hey dolls! today i feel okay, not as good as yesterday though. Last night i slept without my garment and i dont think that was a good idea at all. I woke up SWOLLEN with a terribly stiff back! BLAH! im just ready to be HEALED. im tired of wearing this stupid garment its sooooooooo annoying and uncomfortable! Yesterday i went to macys to try to find the waist cincher and i found a couple but didnt buy anything yet, i wanted to go to another store and see if i found anything better first. But can i tell you i went dress shopping yesterday and had a GREAT time! OMGGG every dress i tried on made me feel sooooo sexy and amazing! my body in those body con dresses are CRAZY! i cant even explain how good i felt! my stomach was flat and my ass was FAT! just how i alwaysssssssssssssss wanted ! UGH! ladies that feeling was my high yesterday! just knowing that i looked DAMN GOOD in everything i tried on was enough for me!!!! So im gonna go get washed up and start my day! ill check in with you divas later!! team BIGBOOTY!

UGGGHHHHH!!! my mall experience today was not the...

UGGGHHHHH!!! my mall experience today was not the move! after about 15 minutes of walking around the busy mall i started to SWEAT like hell! i mean literally people walking by me asking "omg are you okay?" i felt NAUSEOUS as hell, felt like i was spinning. it was a disaster. I called my mom in a panic and she said the reason why i was feeling like that is because of the pain med i been taking (Oxycodone). I guess i will not be taking that nomore because those side effects are a little to crucial for me. I missed my flight today because after my mall experience my hair got sweated out BAD, and my clothes were soaking wet! I came right home and slept for 4 hours straight! Atleast i got me a cute dress =) BLAAHHH i feel better im just sore tho! i guess this is the price i must pay for a bang'n body! -_- I have not yet mastered this driving thing but im still working on it. Hopefully i can get it together guys!!! im going back to sleep! #teamBIGBOOTY!

Hey ladies!! I know I been MIA for a couple days...

Hey ladies!! I know I been MIA for a couple days but i been on a mini vaca! my flight has been a DISASTER! I so wasn't ready to fly on a 2hour flight, especially by myself. Sitting on a plane, in those tiny seats are so uncomfortable! I had all types of pillows and blankets under my thighs people were looking at me like I was crazy. But anyway seeing my family and friends for the first time since my procedure went just as I expected it to. I heard nothing but " DAMMMMMMMMMMNNNNN YOUR BUTT GOT HUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE " " what you been eating down there in the south that got you so thick!!" or "you look realllllllllllllly good!!!" still nobody has said anything about me having surgery or anything so I guess it looks natural which is a great thing! I thought my dad was going to assume that I had something done but he just said "You been working out a lot?" I just went with that!!! I got nothing but compliments which made me feel GREAT!! I didn't bring any of my prescriptions with me which was a bad idea, I definitely still should be taking the stool softener because today I felt constipated like hell! Also I'm still n pain, my lower back and stomach feels really sore and uncomfortable still. I've been wearing my garment like normal even though I'm tired of it. I had ordered a waist cincher off of for $34.00 which is REALLY GOOD! Thats the cheapest I've seen yet. My butt still looks really big, and it's still hard. I keep sayinG I'm going to go get the lymphatic massage but I keep putting it off. Maybe tomorrow illhave my sister take some pics for me so I can post for you guys. I'm gonna go take a tylenol &lay down. I'm BEAT! TeamBIGBOOTYS!!!!!!!

Hey ladies I'm bbbaaacccckkkkk!!! Oh boyyyyyy am I...

Hey ladies I'm bbbaaacccckkkkk!!! Oh boyyyyyy am I glad to be back home! I been out of town for a week, and trying to heal away from home was seriously torture!! I've gotten soooo many compliments on my shape, all my friends were asking "what's my secret" and my answer every time was "I been working out" lol. In 2 days ill be 3 weeks post op!! my butt and some parts of my stomach is still hard, my waist seems to keep getting smaller and smaller !!! I haven't took any measurements yet idk what I'm waiting on. I have totally stopped taking alllllll the prescriptions the doc gave me, I think I'm going to start back taking my vitamins I been taking before the surgery. So the waist cincher I purchased offline...guess what....?? TOO BIG!!! I got a size medium thinking that it would fit because my garment is a medium, bad idea. I definitely need a small or even a extra small! So I guess I'll keep wearing my garment until I get a new waist cincher. Some of my steri-strips started to come off, I'm glad because they are itchy. The incisions that the doc made are not even visible at alllllllllllllllllll the only incision I might have a mark from is the hole where my drain was coming out from. Tomorrow I'm going to get some mederma to start putting on it! I want no marks on this $10,000 ass! Lol anywayyyyyyy the boyfriend is complaining that i just got home and I'm running to update my profile instead of spending time with him so let me go!! Team #bigbootys!!!

Hiiiii bbl sisters!!! i been getting soooo many...

hiiiii bbl sisters!!! i been getting soooo many request asking me to post pics with clothes on. i just tried to take some and it seems like most of my clothes DONT FIT! wtf! all my dresses, jeans, leggings, EVERYTHING is too big around the waist. i cannnnnnnnot believe my waist is actually this small, and seems to be getting smaller. I did find 1 skirt in my closet that fit the way i wanted it to but there was nobody here to take the pic for me :( i tried to take it myself and it didnt come out all that great!!! oh well ill still post it so u ladies can get some kind of idea tho. So today im 3 WEEKS POST OP!! whooop whooop!! i originally was supposed to be off work for 2 weeks, but my job called and said that Dr jimerson's office contacted them and said that i would be released to return back to work on july 25!!! wwtttffffff?!!!!!!??? like seriously?!?? my last day at work was june 12th!!!! thats a stoooooopid long time to be away from work! Oh welllllll i better enjoy this time away while i can right!?!? I took my garment off this morning and i got SWOLLEN like hell!! idk what the deal is with that, i thought my days of being swollen was over!! oh and i got a another waist cincher in a small.... TOO BIGG!! smfh! i definitely need a xtra small. my mom suggested that i have my garment altered which i thought was a pretty good idea instead of spending $100+ for a new 1. Speaking of my momma shes getting ready for her surgery too, and shes dumb excited! her surgery is next week thursday and thats ALLLLLLLL i been hearing from her!! LOL! im excited for her and i cant wait to see her results!! i told the doc, "whatever you do, dont make bers bigger than mine!" we all cracked up but i was dead serious! LOL .... so let me try to find more clothes that i can take pics in! ill keep you ladies updated. #bigboooootys!

Hey all my bbl sisters!!! i know i keep going M.I...

hey all my bbl sisters!!! i know i keep going M.I.A but i always come baccckkkk! ;) first off i wanna say THAANNNKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKs to everyone who wished my mom and i a smooth recovery, its greatly appreciated! we are both doing extremely well and we are both EXTREMELY happy with our big bootys! my mothers recovery seemed to be waayyyyyyy more speedy than mine tho, not sure if its just because im a drama queen, or if she just has a higher tolerance for pain, but WHATEVER! so annnyyyyyway ive gotten a smaller garment, im no longer in a size medium garment im in a EXTRA SMALL! yesssss a EXTRA SMALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! its crazyy! ive been wearing the extra small garment for about 3 weeks now and i feel like its starting to not fit as tight as it was when i first got it, i noticed the stomach area is getting roomy (which is a good thing). I just started back work last week and it was BLLAAHHHHHHHHHHH! i wasnt ready to go back at all! my first day my back was KILLLLLLLLllNG Me so i left early =) i still feel that "raw" feeling on my back and sides, not sure how long thats supposed to last for. Also my back right above my crack still hurts like hell and its super annoying! i still HAVENT sat on my butt! its almost been 2 months and trust me when i say my butt will NOT sit directly down on anything its the TRUTH! i still use my rolled up yoga mat to sit on everything, and it goes EVERYWHERE with me, from the car, to the bathroom,the nail salon, the movies, anywhere i am that i have to sit its coming with me! other than that i been welllllll! i absolutely love shopping for clothes, EVERYTHING i put on looks AMAZING! UGH! i just took some pics for you ladies to see my 2 months results and when i tell you these pics dont do justice, they really dont! ill try to take some more tomorrow. ill keep you ladies updated!!! team BIGBOOTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Heeeyyyyyy lovies!!!! me again! i know i been gone...

Heeeyyyyyy lovies!!!! me again! i know i been gone for wayyyyyy too long, but ive been enjoying my booty and causing major HAVOC out here! *HEHE* first off i still LOVE my booty. I must say Dr J did his thing, my only complaint is that i wish i had a lil more hips, other than that my body is dope dope dope! my boyfriend CANNOTT keep his hands off my ass =) So its been 7 months and 1 day since i had my bbl and my body still feels a little tender to the touch on my back and around my sides. Dr J did say that i will still feel a lil tender because he is very aggressive with the lipo in those areas. I wear no garment anymore, even though i feel i still should be. My waist is still very tiny and i havent gained back any of the weight which is a serious blessing because all i do is EAT "/ .... i took some pics so you ladies can see my results now at 7 months post! please let me know what you guys think!

A year later

Hey dolllllllls! It's been forever since I been on this thing & ill try to get to all the questions! Soooo everyone is asking if I still happy and the answer is yes! BBUUTTTT I think I've grown into this new booty of mine and I'm thinking on going a little bigger ... My mother & all my friends thinks I am ridiculous for even considering having round 2 done but idk, i got used to this size and now its like I want more. Compared to my before body I feel waaayyyyy better, but now I see these girls with huge asses and I'm like "I want mine to look like that!" I'll show recent pics, y'all tell me what you think! Other than that I have kept my belly flat, I no longer wear my garment at all, I feel back to normal. If y'all have any questions let me know!

Side view

Pic was taken about 3 weeks ago, no garment on. Belly still flat. I'm considering still getting round 2 done. What do y'all think? I have already contacted dr Duran in dr. She quoted me $3,200. She had availability at all times, so I'm thinking around November ill go for round 2
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Dr Jimmerson is everything i couldve asked for in a doctor! very pleased! his staff is awesome which is plus!

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