BBL Recovery Has Me Paranoid - Atlanta, GA

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I LOVE THE RESULTS HATE THE RECOVERY! I hade my procedure done on April 11th by Dr. Jimerson of Atlanta GA. He is the absolute best and the staff was very friendly and put me at ease but I still would like to speak to some one that is currently feeling "my pain" so to speak lol. Please inbox me so we can vent about the recovery process and compare notes...

Ok 6 days post op I'm feeling a lot better...

Ok 6 days post op I'm feeling a lot better I'm walking up and down the stairs now. Not too much tho, don't want to over do it. The first 3 days were more than I could have imagined but I'm not really one for pain. I had not idea that I would have to get daily injections, but its for my own good since I'm flying back home its too control blood clots so I guess its cool...on my way to get drains removed will post more details later. So far so good tho.

Overall its not gonna be an easy road, you are...

Overall its not gonna be an easy road, you are gonna have to toughn up and press through. The more you force yourself to get up and walk around, quicker you will heal. You want to drink plenty of fluids water, gatorade etc. Eat proteins, (nothing fried) fresh fruits and veggies. Honestly you're really not gonna want to eat anything heavy for a few days anyway. I didn't get a lot of sleep the first few days. For 1 its not comfortable for me to sleep on my stomach but also because you need to wake up every 2hrs to walk around even if its just from the bathroom to the bed. Listen to your doctor and the nurses, if you follow what they say to the "T" you will be fine... I got nervous because I felt like I was swollen everywhere, but if you think about it your body just went through a lot so don't stress, give it time to recover from the trauma. The garment will feel like its fighting against you lol, but its ok, it needs to be tight so that your skin and body can heal properly. Dr. J is really aggressive with the lipo, meaning he is gonna get a that ugly stubborn fat out, your stomach will look "great". I was lucky because I have family in GA, you will need someone with you for the first 4 days at least. I would dare to say the whole time you're in GA. This is not something you want to got through this alone. Will post more 2moro :-) (sorry about typos I'm on my phone)

Ok I know I all over the place but let me start...

Ok I know I all over the place but let me start from the beginning. I first starrted this journey 2 years ago... finally narrowing down my search to a doctor in FL and Dr. J in Atlanta. Both seemed very capable but. I wanted a doctor that specialized in BBL and would give me the aggressive results that I wanted. I didn't want a wimpy doctor that was limited to 400 to 600ccs. I wanted a BIG BOOTY lol... I live out of state so I ended to a virtual consult basically phone and email pics. He was very patient and I felt very confortable not to mention. The patient care coordinator Michelle was very informative and was willing to share her story with me and answer any questions I had. I made a appointment and 2weeks later I was in ATL for my pre op. I purchased a boppy pillow for about $20 from walmart and went home to prepare my mind for the next day. ....My surgery went well. I was then placed in my families car and taken home all the while speaking high out of my anesthesia mind and thanking everyone for a job well done. Lol. I had to put my big girl panties on for the first few days, it was like learning to walk all over again. I was swollen and bruised in places I didn't know I had but I could still see dramatic results even with the swelling.

For the first few days My neice had to help to...

For the first few days My neice had to help to back and forth to the bathroom waking me up ever 2 hrs to walk around and take my meds on time... I LOVE her to death for this... My 2 sisters, 2 neices and mom were my 24hr on call took me 5 days to actually have a bowel movement. I took stool softeners, fleet, magnesium nitrate, and even a suppository nothing worked but then I drank an ex lax tea. Finally on day 6 relief. Nasty but true. Ok I am currently post 9days and I'm feeling great still sore and a little stiff but all and all 8 don't regret one day of it... My butt looks great I actually put a can of dax grease on my new shelf lol and took a pic, it stayed up Pics to come. I will post them as soon as I get home. Flying back home 2moro. I wanted 1000ccs in each cheek but my butt couldn't handle it so I ended up with 800ccs. My doc informed me that if he would have forced more then they fat cells would have been too compressed and would have died sooooo yea... oh and ladies although we are told we can sit on our butts after 2weeks. The longer you wait and use the pillow the better chance you have of keeping the fat cells without reabsorbing. Hope this helped. :-)

Ok the flight home was really uncomfortable, I had...

Ok the flight home was really uncomfortable, I had to ask one of the flight attendants if I could stand in the front near them. He was very nice so I ended up standing for about and hour of my 1 1/2 flight home. Really wasn't that bad. Make sure you have pain pills the road to recovery really doesn't begin to get better until your 2weeks and then its still sore on ur sides. Be patient with yourself tho, it gets better. Oh and I called the airport in advanced and told them I had surgery and they arranged for a wheelchair to take me to the plane and once I landed to my ride so that was a plus. Trust me you won't feel like walking a carrying or pulling a suitcase.... BTW: trying to post picks from phone.

Please excuse the big girl bloomers wasnt feeling...

Please excuse the big girl bloomers wasnt feeling really sexy p.o day 4. lol. Will post more recent pics tonight.

I went through a little hassle with the financing and misunderstanding of which company they accept but over all it wasn't too bad. Michelle and Monica were very helpful.

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