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My BBL Journey I've been contemplating having...

My BBL Journey

I've been contemplating having this done for years and finally have enough courage to go through with it.  At first I wasn't going to post anything because I don't want any negative energy around me while going through this process (I've seen it on other reviews).  I ended up changing my mind because this website helped me out tremendously and I want to give back to others going through this journey.

My phone consultation w/ Dr. Jimerson's office was on June 27, 2016.  I was expecting to pay a deposit and get a 2016 date, this wasn't the case.  I had to pay in full before they would schedule me in 2016 (fast track list).  I paid in full the following day and was given a surgery date of August 8, 2016.  I'm getting the BBL with 2 additional lipo areas, bra roll & upper back.  I'm 5'4" 166 lbs and was told I didn't have to lose any weight.  Thank goodness because the struggle to lose weight is real!!!

I had a pre-op phone conference on July 18, 2016 and we discussed all the details about the surgery.  She gave me the info to a nurse that will come to the hotel the day after the surgery and show my fiance how to administer the meds, take the garment off and on properly, and how to massage and drain the lipo'd areas.

I haven't had any problems with customer service.  If I have a question I call and speak to the first person that answers the phone.  If they don't know the answer they put me on hold and find out.  I learned fast that if you want a quick response ask the first person that answers the phone, don't ask for anyone specifically.  This week I plan on posting my shopping list, tips and tricks, and more pics.

BBL Shopping List

Below is my BBL shopping list.  I combined Dr. J's list with other lists I found online and on Real Self.  Please comment and let me know if I'm missing anything.

1.  An extra garment (purchase after surgery- you won't know your size)
2.  Lymphatic massages (3-6)
3.  4x4 gauzes
4.  Scissors & Nexcare tape- clear & flexible (scissors are optional)
5.  Female Urinal
6.  Chux bed pads
7.  Sleep Aide
8.  Super absorbent maxi pads- overnight & regular
9.  Peroxide (mix with water 50/50)
10. Alcohol pads
11.  Large Ice packs (3-4 so you can rotate them)
12.  Arnica Montana (gel & pills)
13.  Bromelain
14.  Neosporin
15.  Boppy pillow and/or body pillow and/or neck roll
16.  Dulcolax (or ex-lax & gentle lax or suppository)
17.  Baby wipes
18.  Vitamin C 1,000mg
19.  Powerade/ Gatorade
20.  Water-proof mattress pad or shower curtain liner
21.  Maxi Dress (3-5 bring limited clothes & shoes)
22.  Flip flops
23.  Saline nose spray (nose may be dry)
24.  Tons of water! (64oz per day)
25.  Bleach wipes
26.  Anti-bacterial soap (Hibiclens or Dial)
27.  Pills organizer
28.  Chapstick
29.  1/2 yoga mat (Amazon: CanDo High Density Half Roller, Black, 6 x 12 Inch)
30.  Thermometer
31.  Lawn chair/cot (zero gravity chair: cut bottom out)
32.  Benadryl
33.  Tape measure (for body measurements)
34.  Baby oil (to "milk" your drains)
35.  Cough drops (throat may be sore/dry)
36.  Lipo foam (padding for garment)
37.  Big panties & sports bra
38.  Bullet for smoothies 
39.  Soup, crackers, protein bars, chicken, fish, nuts, eggs, fruits & veggies

BBL- What to tell Co-workers & your Employer

I was worried sick about how to deal with the BBL & my professional work environment. This is one of the reasons I've waited so long to have it done.  My work environment is very stiff and uptight, not relaxed & low key like myself.  I finally said this is my life and I'll do what makes me happy.  I started doing little things that hopefully help disguise my bbl when I return to work.  

I started using my boppy pillow at work 3 weeks ago (5 weeks before my surgery).  To get my coworkers use to the pillow and ask any questions they have now rather than later.  I told one lady that I was having problems with hemorrhoids and it hurt to sit for long periods of time.  I told that same lady that I was having hemorrhoid surgery and would be off for two weeks.  I told my boss that I was having "female" outpatient surgery and would need two weeks off.  He didn't ask any questions, thank goodness!  I also started wearing butt pads that I plan on gradually increasing in size.

When I return to work I plan on hiding the BBL with long shirts and sweaters (it's always cold in the office).  Hopefully they won't notice but if they do I'll tell them since the hemorrhoid surgery my weight goes straight to my butt, LOL.  Eventually they'll stop asking, at least that's what I'm hoping.  I don't know if any of this will work because I want a donk!  I didn't spend this much money or travel this far for a little booty.  Go big or go home, LOL!  

Please share how you plan to or did deal with your work environment & bbl.  Also, I will upload my before pics the weekend before my surgery (2 weeks!!!).  I'm trying to lose the 4lbs I've gained since my consultation.

Pre-op Appt

I had my pre-op appointment on Friday, August 5th. His office is very nice and clean and the staff was friendly. They took my vitals and then I had a consultation with a coordinator. We went over what to expect the day of surgery and after care. Dr. Jimerson came in and introduced himself to my fiance and I. The coordinator was a sweetheart. She was very informative, funny, and professional. I left there feeling like I was in good hands with Dr. Jimerson and his staff. I will post my pre-op pictures later today.

Pre-op Pics

Here are my pre-op pics. Surgery at 9:30am, nervous yet excited. Please say a prayer for me and thanks for the support!

It's going down!

See you on the other side!

Day of Surgery

I wasn't able to update after surgery but did take pics. When my fiance and I arrived he went to the room and I went to the bathroom. In the bathroom I took a urine sample and put on a hair cap, robe, and compression socks. I went into the room and the anesthesiologist went over what to expect in surgery and asked a few medical questions. She placed the IV in and left. I took some before pictures in another room and returned to the room where my fiance was. Dr. Jimerson came in, marked my body, and answered all the questions we had. The anesthesiologist came in, I kissed my fiance bye and I went into the operating room. They washed my body and I laid on the operating table and that's all I remember. I woke up and they asked if I was okay. My fiance came in, I got dressed, and we left. The pain is easier than I anticipated. The hard part is getting in and out of bed. The pain level is at a 5 out of 10. I'm hoping it will be easy today. The nurse comes in to remove my garment and give me a message. I'll let you know how that goes. The first 24 hours were a breeze. I was walking, eating, and drinking alot of water.

Massage and updated photos

Today I had my garment removed and was given a bath and massage. When the nurse pulled the garment off she did it so fast that I didn't really feel alot of pain. I stood up in the tub and was given a bath. It felt great but I started getting dizzy so she hurried up and took me out. They laid me on the bed and began giving me massages on the lipo'd areas. I must say this was the only painful part so far, a 7 out of 10. I squeezed my fiancés hands and breathed through it. She said I'm low on iron and needed to get some ASAP or I'll be in the hospital. I was getting dizzy, my eyes were too white, dark circles under my eyes, and I was pale. Renae was so sweet and she walked my fiance and I through everything. I'm going to have her return tomorrow to help with the drainage and scar tissue. I'm loving my results but I'm trying to not get too excited because they say your true results won't show until 3-6 months. My fiance said they put 1100 in each cheek and 250 in each hip.

2nd massage- 2 day post

Ever since the 1st massage I've been extremely sore and stiff. The pain level was a 7. Today I received my 2nd message and felt much better. She sponged bathed me and told me to have the shower water run on my back to reduce some swelling, what a relief that was. The message was tough but I felt much better after. I'm able to get in and out of bed with no help. No noticeably changes to my butt. Tomorrow I'm going to take my measurements and more pics.

Recovery & Updated Photos

I didn't have a bowl movement in three days so the nurse had me take a suppository and the stool softener. It was terrible after I took it because I still couldn't go. Between sitting on the rolled up towel and doing it with my garment on I was too uncomfortable to go. My stomach kept cramping and I kept trying to go. Finally I went late yesterday and again today. The recovery is more uncomfortable than painful. I don't have any feelings of regret or depression. My fiance is giving me the messages, sponge baths, and changing my dressings. I will have the nurse return tomorrow to make sure everthing is good. Only one of the three drains are draining fluid so I have fluid pockets. Other than those minor things everything is going great.

Just when I think this is a walk in the park...

I think I spoke too soon because these past few days were tough.
Saturday, 5 days postop:
I got my period it was light when the nurse came, thank goodness. She did her routine and removed the drain on my left side since it wasn't draining (due to it being bent) and massaged the fluid pocket and told us to keep pressure on it towards the groin lymph noids. She said i should stop the pain meds because thats why I'm not having a bowl movement. Later that night my period came full force with severe cramping and it hurt to sleep on my stomach due to the fluid pocket and right side drain. There was no way I was stopping my pain meds. On this day I was super emotional.
Sunday, 6 days postop:
The nurse called to follow-up and recommended doing another suppository before I get a blockage. I told her I would do it tomorrow when I got home. I didn't feel like going through the constipation again while on my period so she said okay but tomorrow would be the latest day. She said again I needed to stop the pain meds, I told her I would do half a pain pill and 3 advils, she said okay. I should've listened to her advice.
Monday, 7 days postop:
I stopped my pain pills on this day because I knew I had to have a bowel movement when I got home. I went to my post op appointment and they drained 4 tubes of fluid from the fluid pocket and told us to massage it in a downward motion and it should go away. Everything else was great so we left and headed home. During the 9 hour drive I laid on the back seat for half the ride and laid on my stomach on the passenger seat for the other half. My stomach still hurt so I laid on my boppy pillow and took 3 advils every 5 hours. I was an emotional mess until I got home. When I got home I was constipated for 2 hours. My daughter asked through the door if I was still alive. I won't go into details but it was torture. I felt so much better afterward. My fiance said we came home too soon and I was scaring my daughter and neice. If only I listened to the nurse.
Tuesday-7 days postop:
My garment is too tight and very uncomfortable and it has been since I added the lipo foam (should've listened to the nurse). Removed the lipo foam and just have the back triangle piece and hand towel on my back until I feel normal again. It feels much better.

Kids say the darndest things.

When I got home I gave my daughter and neice a quick hug. My daughter asked what happened to me because I looked rough. I told her I was in a car for 9 hours what does she expect. She said I looked skim and they went to the car to help my fiance bring in our stuff. I ran upstairs to change into gym shorts and a t-shirt before they noticed the change. They came running upstairs excited we were back. My daughter asked me why I was moving so stiff. I told her I hurt my back working out. That I was doing a butt and gut workout for two hours a day on my vacation. She said turn around and when I did she said goodness gracious! At the same time my neice said what is that, asking about the leggings to my compression garment. I told her I had on a compression garment that I've been waist training. And my daughter said, "Oh no wonder cause there is no way you can go from flatty patty to that". I laughed and changed the subject, even though I wanted to choked her. I told my fiance and he couldn't stop laughing. He said I was better off telling them I feel off a horse. LOL!!!!


Can't wait for 3-6 months to come so I can see my final results. I feel like I lost alot of volume. My current measurements are 45-32-44. 5 days after surgery my measurements were 45-35-46.5. I have a few dimples that I pray fill in. Overall I'm very happy with my results but I'm hoping fluffing is real.

CC's removed:
Ab: 1500 cc
Lower back: 1,000
Bra roll: 400 each side
Flanks: 600 each side
Upper back 250 each side
CC's injected:
1100cc in buttock
250cc in hips
5000 cc removed (max)
2700 cc put back in

13 weeks tomorrow

I love shopping now!!! Still asking my family if my butt is getting smaller. It must be a mental thing because they say no and are getting sick of me asking. I'm slowly starting to sit without a pillow but not for long. I stopped wearing my garment after 12 weeks and wear my waist trainer for half a day. I've gained 5lbs since the day of surgery. Plan on hitting the gym soon to lose the 5lbs and tone my arms, abs, and butt.


Not 100% back to normal but almost. It still feels awkward sitting without my boppy pillow. I get bearable sharp pains in my hips and butt. I still haven't slept on my back or sides so it's still uncomfortable sleeping. Enough complaining, those things are minor in comparison to my results. I'm in love with my new body!!!!! I can finally wear crop tops, bodysuits, high waisted skirts, and body-con dresses. I hope my results stay forever!!!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I was a nervous mess until I met with Dr. Jimerson and his staff. After meeting them I knew I was in good hands. I had a wonderful experience and my results are amazing!!! Thank you Dr. J!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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