BBL Journey Dr. Okoro 25 March 2013 - Atlanta, GA

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Today was my pre-op consulation with Dr. Okoro. I...

Today was my pre-op consulation with Dr. Okoro. I went very well. Well let me back up. I hade mixed emotions during the consulation. When I saw my pics it almost brought tears to my eyes. I couldnt believe my body looked the way it did!! However, Dr. Okoro assured me to take a good look because I will not look that way ever again. At that point, I felt very confident that I had chosen the correct doctor for this procedure.

I always wanted a bigger more shapely butt for as long as I can remember but did not want to get inplants. Well since moving to Atlanta 2 years ago and discovering the BBL procedure I was ever so motivated! Everyone has a nice butt down here! I stressed to my doc that I wanted my stomach and waist to be as flat as a pancake and the rest put it all in my butt! He laughed, but I wanted to make sure my results were gonna be realistic for me. I didnt want to get bogged down to internet pictures that may possibly be photoshop. So, went to his gallery of work on actual patients. We compared pics and decided on the best results for me.

Overall, so far I am happy with the decision I made. I feel confident and comfortable that I am in the right hands. I will post before and after pics soon.

Two more days!! I am soo nervous and anxious!! I'm...

Two more days!! I am soo nervous and anxious!! I'm not too worried about the surgery itself more so worried abut the results! I hope it is all worth it. I haven't told many people, only those who I know will be supportive. I'm just starting a new relationship and he seems to be supportive but he has concerns about if this surgery will "change" me. Well the only change I see will be a happier me!! So just relaxing and getting together my supplies. I will have him to help during recovery and my friend who is a RN that will help as well. I'm a nurse as well but we make terrible patients. I decided to do local sedation(Percocet and Xanax) I hope I don't wake up during surgery!! Will take before and after pics soon. My pre surgery measurements are : 5'5 158 bust 34 waist 29 hips 42

Okay guys. I have reached the other side!!. The...

okay guys. I have reached the other side!!. The procedure itself wasn't too bad. I had it done under local anesthesia, percoet and zanax. I was asleep most of the time. I recall him saying her stomach is flat and also commented that I now have a wasteline. Now, when it came to the butt injections. I could literally feel every injections and it was no fun. He finally stopped at 780. Through out the procedure I asked him how much he was putting in and he said you do the math. It was the nurse to me to ask "how large is the syringe" He laughed and said I love working with nurses!! Now my butt is huge!! he also asked if I wanted a shelf and I said NO!!. everyone in the room agreed. Shelves are so unnatural looking. Overall I am happy with the results so far. I will take the garment off today to shower and take pics. Oh. also stay ahead of your pain. Meaning take pain meds scheduled ever 4-6 hours or else it will be hell. I also got a funnel from the automotive department to help urinate.

Day 9 today and I'm starting to feel more like...

Day 9 today and I'm starting to feel more like myself. I'm starting to get use to seeing my body this way. No more pain just stiffness when i drive and if I'm stationary for too long. I continue to do my self massage about 5 times per day to my stomach. It helps to smooth out the lumps. I get my first massage on Friday. I decided to do the massages locally. I continue to have edema to my lower extremities. I have cankles!!! Other than the swelling everything else is ok. The reason why I went through with this surgery is to see a better me and to be comfortable in my own skin not to look like nicki minaj or some orher cartoon character. I look better in my clothes dresses and skirts especially. I'm happy with my decision and would do it again!! Also if u have an insecure man before your gonna go through hell after!!ughh!! Current measurements 34-27-45 weight 158 5'5. I'm hoping waist gets smaller!! Some pics in clothes

3week photos getting softer

3week photos getting softer

Day 24 and I feel great. Most of my swelling has...

Day 24 and I feel great. Most of my swelling has gone down a lot. I lost 8lbs of fluid weight since surgery. Today I had my second lympatic massage and she worked out the lump I had around my belly button. As it gets flatter I notice some wrinkles in my skin so Im going to get the exclis treatment in another week. I also hve my second smooth shapes treatment tomorrow. I absolutely love my results and hope they stay this way. I have my one month appt next week and hope dr.o gives me clearance to start working out. Just toning up at this point!! I just can't wait to get out this garment 24/7. I can wear it at night.

6 weeks!! Well things are getting back to normal...

6 weeks!! Well things are getting back to normal.I'm sitting a lot more now and its actually getting more comfortable.I still have some swelling in the lipo areas and my butt is finally rounding out. I so happy with my results now then a couple of weeks ago. I continue to wear my garment at least 12 hours out of the day. I still get sharp pains when I bend but that's ononly in the lipo areas. I'm uploading some 6 week pics

7 week update

7 week pic

9 weeks..truly loving my results

I'm doing well..working them squats daily!! It changes every day!! More round now at 9 weeks
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