Doc puts me on mandatory 6 week diet! BBL Journey - Atlanta, GA

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Hello Ladies, Here are my current stats:...

Hello Ladies,

Here are my current stats: 140lbs 5'5 36-33-40. I initially was considering having lipo of my stomach earlier this year after I have been unable to lose my belly fat after pregnancy. I had a great pregnancy and my son is now 2 but it really put my body through a lot. When I got pregnant, I was really small and under weight. My normal weight had always been around 120 but I got down to 105. During pregnancy I gained 60lbs! This time last year I was working out and got back to about 120, but lost my entire butt! So after getting on birth control in December last year, I have gained 20lbs. I have a lot of stretch marks from my pregnancy and may even need a tummy tuck. During my research on lipo, I came across the BBL and thought perfect! Why put all this precious fat to waste when I can have a fuller bottom? So I spent a lot of time researching doctors and stalking RS and finding wish pics. I was torn between Salma and Jimerson, but have decided to go with Jimerson.

My consultation is on November the 8th and I’m really excited. I’ve heard from a lot of ladies on RS that many times you are asked to gain weight or be at least 10-15lbs over your goal weight. My goal weight is 130 so I think I am right on point. Anything over 130 and the fat just shows all on my face. Because I’m already small, I don’t want a big ole ridiculous booty. I want a natural look and considering getting my hips done as well. I would love to have my surgery in December just because I’m so over wearing girdles and being uncomfortable. Plus I figure that will give my body enough time to heal for the summer season and I can pull out my bikini! ? But, I think he may be booked for the month. The other issue is than I am a student and I can’t have this procedure done in the middle of the semester. So if I can’t have it done in December, then I’ll wait for May, which will be my graduation present! YAY! But the down side of that is I have to hide this gut for another 7 months… ugh. I’ll post pics up before my consultation and keep you ladies posted. xoxo

I was so ready to put up some pics today, but...

I was so ready to put up some pics today, but after reading some recent post by others, I've decided to... grab my popcorn instead lol! My consultation is in about two weeks with Dr. J and I am SO excited! I'm really thinking about scheduling my BBL in May next year. I want to be at least 155lbs and that's not just going to happen by December. I've been sick with a cold for the past 4 days and lost my appetite. I weighed myself today and lost 5 pounds! Down to 140! Ugh! I'll be glad when this is all over and I can get back to eating but mostly out the bed! Anyway, till next time ladies xoxo


Hey Ladies, Ok so I had my consultation with Dr...

Hey Ladies,

Ok so I had my consultation with Dr. J on the 8th of this month. He was really cool and answered all of my questions. He suggested that I get a tummy tuck bc of the lose skin and my hips done too. My total came to like 14k with bbl tummy tuck and hips. So... I'm not thrilled about the tummy tuck scar so I'm looking into alternative laser treatments for lose skin and it less expensive and no scar! I haven't decided yet but I think I may just wait on the tuck. He also suggested that I gain 5lbs and said he could get me to my goal. Thanksgiving rolls around and I'm like perfect! I can gain these 5lbs during the holiday season easily! I pigged out and ate sooooo much. It was wonderful!

This Monday I went to the doctor for my check up and my blood pressure was HIGH! A normal reading is 120/80 and mine was 150/110! The nurse took the reading and wanted me to take another one at the end of my visit. I rushed out bc I was late to class and they called me back asking me to come back the next day. I come back in on Tuesday and my pressure was 140/90! So she ran some test did some blood work and in addition to my blood pressure being high I also have high cholesterol! Now keep in mind that I have gained 25lbs in the last 12 months bc of my birth control. She told me that before she puts me on any high blood pressure medicine, I have to get on a 6 week diet: lose 5lbs, no salt, increase fruits and vegetables by 50%, no alcohol, exercise at least 3x's a week and low stress! As she was telling me this I could feel my blood pressure rising! It's crazy because I'm not overweight! I'm 5'5 145lbs and having issues from the weight gain! Ugh! So I'm going to really get back in the gym! I wish this could have weighted till after the holidays but I have to get this under control ASAP! I don't know if I will be able to move forward with the bbl but at this point I'm just trying not to have a stroke! Whoosahhhh! I was planning for my sx for May so there is still time to get it together. I'll post again after my 6 week diet is over! Happy Holidays ladies! Eat healthy and take it from me, you don't want to overdo it :)

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