Roud 2 booked with dr Hasan for june 5th 2017

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So ive finally heard from Dr. C, quote as follows:...

So ive finally heard from Dr. C, quote as follows: This is the estimate:
Liposuction in the abdomen, waist and lower back 2800
Liposuction upper back and arms 1200
Fat grafting in to buttocks and hips 1000
Labiaplasthy 1500
Discount - 1000
Surgical Facility 1100
Anesthesia Fee 600 (Epidural, Sedation)
Girdle and arms 160
Post op Meds 125

Total 7485
Best regards,
Dr. Jaime Campos

I really love the hour glass figure that he gives and his price is amazing, but im really scared of going to Mexico all by myself with no support (family is really judgemental and"self righteous", its so hard not having anyone close to talk to...THTAS Y IM SOOOOO HAPPY FOR THIS SITE!!!)

Tomorrow at 9AM I have my phone consultation with Dr. J, I also really love his results but i want to add lipo to the arms and labioplaty to the procedure but i know that my budget probably wont allow it with Dr.Js price. Also wondering if its safe to have work done on all these areas at the same time :( Im so confused! dont know what to do, really need ur help. Please give me your advice ladies/gents...thanks in advance

So far i have started gathering things for my BBL...

So far i have started gathering things for my BBL journey. I have ordered my protein shakes, CoQ10 tabs and my female urinal (what a weird place to start, but i at least feel like im getting somewhere) I am 5 2inches tall and weighs 137lbs, What size garments do i buy? help please! VETS! any sugestions? the boppy pillows i c on amazon are the ones for baby, is that the same one that is recommended for us after bbl?

HAve my list of questions ready for Dr. J on my phone cnsultation tomorrow....10more hours to go, really hope i can lock in a date in March with one of them...keeping fingers crossed

So Ive had my over the phone consultation with...

So Ive had my over the phone consultation with Team Jimmerson and again i was sold. I am so comfortable. his man has so much charm, he was so doown to eart and jovial twas so asy to talk to him and i just love his staff. I feel so comfortable talking to Monica, she just has a way of allaying my fears and making me feel so comfortable..she always has such a pleasing comforting tone, i have also spoken to kevin, Michelle and Aziza and they were exceptional. I really feel comfortable with this team and i feel very confident that i have made the right choice. Cant wait to meet them in person.
The only problem i had before my consultation was that i was put on hold a few times by my patient cordinator (i had to hang up and call back in an effort to save the minutes on the phone as i was calling from Jamaica-- long distance rate aint first to locate my pix, then to get Dr. J.provided i called 5minutes before my actual time, but i thought that all that would be ready for me and i would just dive right into it, plus i had to go to work and was getting calls from work place because i was over the 40mins i had asked for.... other than that i was so pleased with the way my questions were answered clearly. i was advised to gain another 5lbs so im of to fast food! im so excited. I am going to put my deposit down so i can lock in on my date, book my hotel and buy my ticket...things are really looking up for me i might even get an earlier date ....sooo awesome!!!!.... I will keep u love my fellow BBLites......HERE I COME NEW BOOTY!!!!.

What the heck is going on? so many little things...

What the heck is going on? so many little things getting between me and my new booty!! kmt!!, so ive made a $2000.00 deposit on my procedures and for two days it didnt appear in the account! WTH? does a wire transfer take that long???and last night my damn car decides to flip, thank God i didnt "go towards the light" and walked outa the reckage with only minorcuts, bruises, a little banged up and a little pee in my pants (DWL @ the wet pants) so happy i can laugh about this today. Then to make things worst after trying to gain 5lbs, i stepped on the scale this AM only to c that ive lost 2lbs, how the heck can this be when ive been eating only junk the past week???? the odds are trying to work against me getting my new booty,

OMG!! no turning back now! Sx fully paid for,...

OMG!! no turning back now! Sx fully paid for, plane ticket bought....NEW DATE FEB 5th 2013 i need a hotel to stay....Anyone doing their sx during that time and wants to buddy up? plz let me know. So sx in a few weeks and instead of gaining the 5lbs Dr J recommended ive lost 2lbs despite my efforts-=eating lots of junk food :( what can i do to gain the weight? any suggestions BBLites? i really dnt want to spend my money and not get the results i want bc i dont have enough fat :( #worried!

So after going though my check list i realize why...

So after going though my check list i realize why the 7:30AM slots are in demand, no deodorant, NPO after 12 midnight, no hair gel, no skin lotion or moisturizer. I get really miserable and dont function too well when im hungry, i sweat alot so no deodorant for an extended period noway-i just hate that hot sticky feeling after. in that case i definitely need me a 7:30am slot or closest to that....

Anyone having Sx round about feb 5th 2013 and want...

Anyone having Sx round about feb 5th 2013 and want to buddy up plz let me know....thanks

I need rehab...dwl!! so addicted to realself...

I need rehab...dwl!! so addicted to realself website lol!........OMG!i just want to get this thing over with


info regarding not sitting and wearing the right type of garments. We all know not to sit, but this explains exactly why. So contrary to what I've seen, the one with the booty cut out is NOT ideal after a BBL.... This article explains why. It much sense. I hope you all find this as useful as I did.

The recovery period for the brazilian butt lift is 3 weeks. If you sit sooner than that it can prevent some of the fat grafts from surviving. Sitting during the recovery period is harmful to the new fat grafts because it exerts a tremendous crushing pressure, up to 400 pounds per square inch in some areas, on these tender cells and tissues. Even the areas that are not crushed are under such pressure that blood flow is shut off.Squatting and stretching are not as bad as sitting, but they can place significant shear and tear stress on the tissues. The blood vessels that keep the cells alive and the grafts themselves are held together by a mesh of tissue called the extracellular matrix. This matrix is composed of protein rods and cells that link together. In the beginning it’s a gel like structure. It can get deformed by folds in the garment or constant low grade pressure. This matrix is only 50% as strong as its going to be at the 1 month post op. This is why stretching, squatting, etc., is not ideal in the early postop period.

A compression garment is very helpful during the recovery because the low compression prevents tissue swelling. Tissue swelling is the enemy of good healing. The pressure is not nearly enough to crush tissues or shut off circulation. A compression garment with the buttocks cutout would be the exact wrong thing as it would allow swelling in the buttocks and prevent drainage into the surrounding areas. As a matter of fact, it would milk swelling from the surrounding tissues into the uncompressed buttocks.Why 3 weeks then? These are the key things that must happen for a fat graft to be successful:*Blood supply must reach the fat graft before it runs out of nutrients.*Blood vessels must get incorporated into the graft successfully.*All the tissues- fat grafts, blood supply, and surrounding tissues must be knit together successfully by the extracellular matrix.It takes 3-4 days for the blood vessels to grow into the fat grafts. During the new few days, the blood vessels begin to strengthen. The extracellular matrix surrounding the fat graft takes another 2-3 weeks to reach enough strength to withstand minor stresses. This is why 3 weeks is the absolute earliest a patient can begin stressing the tissues. A patient should plan for 3 weeks mostly of rest on her stomach or sides, getting up occasionally to limber up the muscles, but avoid things that place stress on the healing tissues.The three week recovery is important in achieving the best possible long lasting result. Sitting on your buttocks during the first or second week will likely prevent some fat graphs from taking, resulting in a less prominent buttocks which you could have had by not sitting.Ricardo L Rodriguez, MD
hope this helps

Wish i had found this info b4 i ordered my lovely...

Wish i had found this info b4 i ordered my lovely EXPENSIVE butt out garment...well imo wear it still in between the other...
I have seen a few sisters talking about "shots" that they give themselves, a board and foam, what exactly are they referring to? someone pls help...thanks much xoxoxo

43 days to go!!!

43 days to go!!!

Just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas...

Just want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and prosperity in all your endeavors, also wanna say thanks to all the BBL sister who have helped me along my journey thus far by whether responding to questions, writing a review so we can learn from your experiences, dropping a word of advise or encouragement on my page or just reading my blog. I really couldn't have gotten this far without you all support, so THANKS A MIL! love u all. I really feel blessed having such a strong support system, knowing that u are ppl that i have never met, but yet still you all are so very caring and supportive. Im so happy i stumbled on this site when i thing ever!! because this journey is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster, this minute excitement is oozing through my pore and the next im drowning in all sorts of fears....

I have realized that a lot of persons are having difficulty getting through to Dr J's office (myself included), i know this is very frustrating and annoying but we have reached this far so lets not allow that to get us down. I have planned to start calling from 8am Thursday morning and will continue until office closing hours so hopefully i will get through to someone. xoxoxo

Different PS has different views on the best type...

Different PS has different views on the best type of compression garment for post BBL, here are a few, read and make ur own conclusions...hope this helps

1. Butt-Covered Compression Garment Best following Fat Graft

Compression Garment Instructions and Purpose after Brazilian Butt Lift
The short answer is that your butt needs to be inside the compression garment to minimize swelling.
Most important is to follow your surgeon's advise. He/She has specific reasons for their recommendations. In general this is what I recommend to my patients - wear their garments for a minimum of 3 weeks full time then for 12 hrs (day or night). if not a lot of redundant skin following liposuction to a maximum of 6 weeks. To be effective the garment needs to fit snug but not too tight as to cause pressure problems (inspect your skin if discomfort and when skin is exposed), or prevent you from sleeping. As the edema resolves it is common for patients to switch to a smaller garment that fits - A Spanx type garment would work rather than ordering one or paying more at your doctor;'s office.
Following Liposuction and Fat transfer procedures used in the Brazilian butt lift, the compression garments are required for three main reasons:
It restricts the amount of edema that forms and hastens its resolution by mechanical pressure
It decreases the amount of bruising
It assists the loose skin in retracting or shrinking in the liposuction areas
The length of time that the garment is worn varies dependent on the amount of fat removed, the elastic nature of your skin, how much loose skin remains at the liposuction site or how much swelling from edema in the buttocks you have and other factors. Your surgeon would give you the best advise. However in general this is the routine for my patients.
The first garment should be fitted for you in the office prior to surgery and applied in the operating room. Often it will become loose as the edema is mobilized and then it will need to be replaced. Spanx is a reasonable compression garment if it gives enough support and is the right size. I have my patents bring them in and confirm that it fits well.
Most important advise is to listen to your surgeon's advice as he best knows how much fat was removed in the donor sites and transferred into the buttocks, and other factors mentioned above
Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS

You should use what your surgeon wants you to use. Your surgeon has a way of doing things and the way that you wear compression garments should be in accord with him/her. I use tight garments that do cover the buttocks because that helps to reduce the swelling, the shape and the recovery.
John M. Anastasatos, MD

3. Were you happy with the before and after photos you saw before surgery?
Plastic Surgeons all have different ways of doing things. If you saw before and after photos of patients of the Plastic Surgeon you chose, and you were happy with the results that you saw, then I would trust your surgeons recommendations. Obviously, his techniques work for him.
Daniel P. Markmann, MD

4. Butt out
In my experience butt out is better, the way the fat stays is tiny little blood vessels grow into the fat, allot of compression may hinder this and you may loose more. I also recommend putting very little pressure on the buttocks for the first few weeks.
Michael Constantin Gartner, DO

5. Brazilian butt lift and postop garments

In my patients I use a smooth soft garment with no zipper or clips. I don't like a tight garment but I like the smooth garment. I think the garment does not have to be extremely tight to get a good result. And I think a garment may cause indentations in the skin and problems with the final result.

I think massage may even be more important than the garment. And my patience to do early massages have less pain and better results with more skin contraction. If your garment is making indentations in the skin and may be too tight and you may want talk to Dr. about this.
Wendell Perry, MD

6. Garments and Brazilian Butt Lifts
Garments are necessary for body contouring. It helps redrape the skin over your core. No garment should be excessively tight. It should support and not strangulate. Stage I and II garments are use to give different amounts of compression. Stage one giving more compression than Stage II. Your PS should be monitoring your response to your garments at your follow up appointments.
Earl Stephenson Jr., MD, DDS

7.Tight garments
In general, garments should be snug after liposuction but not after fat grafting. For this operation, since you've had both then a good combination is important. The garment you have looks great but sometimes I'll cut a hole out of the bottom from each side. It relieves the pressure in the area and allows more perfussion to your newly grafted areas. Hope this helps.
Ricardo A. Meade, MD

8. Garments should not harm the fat cells but sitting will
Provided your surgical garment is not too tight, it should not compromise the newly injected fat cells. Sitting on your buttock however in the first few weeks after surgery can certainly kill the fat cells and reduce the volume of surviving fat. It's important to avoid direct pressure on the buttock area by sleeping and sitting on your side and using pillows and/or cushions to reduce the pressure on the fat cells. Discuss this in more detail with your plastic surgeon if you have any further questions.
William Bruno, MD

9.should i wear Compression Garments after the Brazilian Butt Lift?
Some doctors recommend compression garments, some don't. I think that there are more that recommend them than there are that don't recommend them. The goal is to minimize swelling. I have performed this procedure for over 14 years and have always used compression garments for my patients. If they are kept smooth, they will not cut off circulation. Sitting on you butt places over 100lbs or more of pressure on your buttocks. Post surgical compression garments do not even place 10 lbs of pressure on your buttocks.
In my opinion, wear the garment, don't sit!
Daniel P. Markmann, MD

10. how long should i war my Compression garment following bbl
Following a Brazilian butt lift, compression garments are crucial for a smooth recovery and great results. I typically advice my patients to wear their garment 24/7 for 3 weeks then 12 hours a day for the next 3 weeks, followed by a phase 2 garment. Like spanx for another 3-6 weeks. Good luck!
Melinda Lirag Lacerna-Kimbrell, MD, FACS

10. Compression garment after liposuction
Compression garment may or may not be necessary after liposuction, depending on which area of the body liposuction was performed. If you are having your hip area liposuctioned for Brazillian buttock lift, then I would have you wear a compression garment for the hip area. If you are having your hip areas augmented with fat graft injection, then, I would not recommend wearing a compression garment at the hip hip/thigh region. Second stage compression garment to me means at least three to four weeks out, wearing a very light compression type of garment for support. What would be more important during your postoperative period would be gentle massages at the area of grafting and areas harvested, to help smooth out any possible lumps or bumps.
Kim-Chi Vu, MD

11. BBL Compression Garments
Liposuction and fat grafting are associated with swelling. To control the healing process, to reduce swelling and increase comfort we use surgical compression garments. Mild pressure on the buttocks splints them and reduces the shear which may interfere with the blood vessels reaching and nourishing the fat grafts. Several companies now produce surgical garments specifically built for use after BBL in which higher pressure is applied on the abdomen and lower back / hips than on the buttocks. Your surgeon can advise you what to do.

12.The right garments for a Brazilian butt lift
The Brazilian butt lift is a beautiful and effective way to create a wonderful curvy shape and a full round bottom. This procedure can provide challenges to traditional liposuction garments. Liposuction garments should put pressure on areas where fat has been removed and should avoid pressure on areas where fat has been added. Most liposuction garments do not perform both of these actions at the same time. For this reason, we provide our patients with a choice of multiple garments that we have had specially designed as well as custom inserts that will provide extra compression in specific areas for each individual patient.
Peter A. Aldea, MD

13. Avoid any tight garments on the fat grafted area
Yes, any un-necessary pressure on the area that was injected with fat is unwanted. If I use any garments, I cut out a hole over the buttocks to avoid pressure. Take any scissors and simply cut out a hole in your garment to take the pressure off Sincerely, Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

14.Should a Board or Plate Be Worn Under Compression Garment After Brazilian Butt Lift?
Hi! I have been reading in a few of the ladies reviews that they wear some type of board of plate under their garment after the surgery. Is this necessary? If so, for what purpose and where would I purchase it?
Doctor Answers (1)
Only need to wear a garment after brazilian buttock lift
There is no need for any plates or boards to worn under your garments after a fat transfer to the buttock (Brazilian buttock lift). In fact, such a hard material could actually harm the fat cells. Discuss this in detail with your board certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes, Dr.Bruno
William Bruno, MD

15. Best garment after BBL butt out or butt in
Another good question...the answer depends.
yes, a tight garment will compress the swelling, but too tight and it might restrict blood flow and fat survival.
I have switched between open gluteal garments (big holes for the but to stick out) to closed garments that have lighter compression in the butt area. Tara's garments in Miami makes excellent custom made ones.
hope this helps,
Michael Salzhauer, MD

Square Booties After BBL. Is This Because of the Hole in Most Compression Garments?

After doing some research, I have noticed that some patients who received the Brazilian Butt Lift have a square shaped booty (view from the back) once the fat settles in. Some women have said in their stories that the fat settled down in the opening at the bottom of the garment. Is this a result of the large hole (pee hole) in the bottom of the garment?? and if so what garment would be best to keep the butt round instead of that square look from the back???
Doctor Answers (1)
The squaring phenomenon that you refer to is more likely due to the inability of the buttock skin over the apex or most projecting part of the buttock to stretch out. Additionally, if you look closely at before photographs of these "square" buttock patients, often you will see a pre-existing flattening over the most central portion of their buttocks. This is precisely why many of these patients are coming in in the first place; to fix their flattening. The reality is that this pre-existing flattened skin is very, very difficult to expand by injecting fat beneath it. I usually will bring this condition to the attention of my patients, if I believe it to be significant, and inform them that they may not get the full rounding and projection that they expect. Sometimes a second stage of fat injection is needed after the central buttock skin has stretched to its new projection and relaxed. It is my opinion that the garment type has very little impact on final buttock shape. However, when I do apply a garment after a BBL I cut holes in the garment directly over the center of each cheek to help allow the skin to stretch. Good Luck!

28 days to go! Can't wait #excitement.

28 days to go! Can't wait #excitement.

Heres a thong compression garment i found on...

Heres a thong compression garment i found on amazon . I prefer this one to the one i have currently simply because it has a zipper front and will not put as much pressure on my newly transferred fat cells to pull in over my butt to put it down fall of it though is that the impression of the zipper might show under tight clothing, but i might get one to wear after my 3 or 6 month mark.

M y surgery is in 19 days and i have no clue as to...

M y surgery is in 19 days and i have no clue as to where to schedule the lymphatic massage . If anyone knows of any good ones in Atlanta tell. Thanks much...xoxo!

15 days to go, and at 2am i cant sleep, feel so...

15 days to go, and at 2am i cant sleep, feel so unprepared, even though i know that the major complications are rare i cant help but wonder "what if im the ome in a million that it happens to" oh bwoii! Shm. Don't worry hon we are going to b fine, at least that's what I'm trying to tell myself dont know how much its working but im tryin to stay positiv. Needless to say, I just really wish DrJ had included the upper back and bra roll area in the BBL package kmt I sooo need to get rid of mine and cant afford to apend a dime more on this thing as ive already exceeded my budget :( Now that I've gained the extra pounds I can't bare to look in the mirror :( just really hope he's really really aggressIve with the lipo especially my abdomen. Sorry for being such a drama queen but with no one to talk to I just had to get that off my chest, and Thanks for the listening ears. Don't kno what I would do with y'all. Xoxo

Stepped on the scale this morning only to see 134...

stepped on the scale this morning only to see 134 Lbs :( dont know what else to do, i am more than worried at this point. Spoke to Aziza and she told me to send new pics so they can assess to c if its worth it go through with my sx. Im writing this line with tears in my eyes because even the bra roll that i was bitching about seems to have disappeared. I have put so much into the preparation to go do this :( I have tried everything possible to gain the weight and instead im shedding lbs.

Dont know what to do to keep my weight from...

Dont know what to do to keep my weight from drastically fluctuating and this is just in matter of days!!!!!! this is effing crazy!!! is this even flipping normal? does anybody else have this problem? its not like im doing anything differently. I was convinced that the damn scale was the problem i tried my neighbors own and it reads 135 but thats hardly any better. This is so freaking frustrating because i dont want to spend this money and get the results i want :(

Ive added a few b4 pix, please tell me what u think

ive added a few b4 pix, please tell me what u think

It was almost 6:30pm when i heard my phone rang...

It was almost 6:30pm when i heard my phone rang saw APSS on my phone, I had given up for the day, Ive been trying to get the office for a while and voila Aziza called, she is such a sweetheart...i just really appreciate this kinda things and its customer service like this why im happy that ive chosen the J team to do my Sx She called to find out if all was well with me, i can see she was swamped with work but she did call and after closing hours i might add....really pleased, this shows that she does care about her patients welfare...i like that alot. So she said she has looked at the new pix ive sent her and i shouldnt worry myself and she will have Dr J give me a call at 4pm tomorrow. So im waiting to hear what he has to say.

So new formula for weight gain, ive started that today im now adding brown sugar, oats, and lasco food drink mix to my protein mix, ensure and boost (so freaking sweet) but this better work. fingers crossed.

So happy "lady in red"decides to visit early, i...

So happy "lady in red"decides to visit early, i was so worried it would be on time and get in the way of my labial augmentation. Can u imagine trying to accommodate her while tending to those traumatized lips ? lol cant wait to see the newly upgraded lady :)

To all the lovely ladies having Sx within the next...

To all the lovely ladies having Sx within the next week, i just want to wish us all the luck that we will need. I trust that we have all prepared ourselves the best way we know how and have been following our PS's guidelines thus far as it relates to eating healthy, avoiding the foods and/or pills/supplements that we should be avoiding. I pray that we will find the strength to endure all that lies ahead for the ensuing days/weeks. I hope that our transition will be smooth, stres-sfree and event free and that we will be pleased/satisfied with our metamorphosis.

I know that as the time draws closer mixed emotions are 'raking havoc' on our cognition; The fear of venturing into 'unknown territories' i gong to wake up?...will there b any complications...; The excitement of seeing our life long dream become a reality; The anxiety to see what our results will look well spent/wasted. With such emotional pandemonium we have conjured some thoughts that are about to drive us crazy. Some of us (including myself) have had nightmares nights upon nights, we've had thoughts of not following through with our procedure, we might even find ourselves standing in-front of the mirror asking ourselves "are you really doing this?" but ladies we deserve this, we deserve to look and feel the best that we possibly can AND MANY BEFORE US HAVE DONE AND SO CAN WE. lets all make these negative thoughts be a thing of the past and lets embrace with open arms "basking in the ambiance"

Cont'd basking in the ambiance of bootious...

basking in the ambiance of bootious booties.....xoxo!!!

ps ive added b4 and wish pix for labia augmentation as promised...

I wish Real self had a surgery calender where...

I wish Real self had a surgery calender where members could log their sx date in if they want to, this way it would be so much easier to keep abreast and be able to support each other more especially on that special day. When ur burdened by the emotional roller coaster it means the world to u when u look on ur page and see a word of encouragement and helps so much to kow that somewhere out there someone cares. Where and how can i go about making a suggestion to get a surgery calender?

So im in Atlanta, getting prepared for my preOp...

So im in Atlanta, getting prepared for my preOp today, i really do hope i get to see Dr.J as ive requested! well ladies plz keep me in ur prayers...xoxo

Hi ladies, sorry for not updating sooner. So, i...

Hi ladies, sorry for not updating sooner. So, i had my preOp earlier on Monday i was scheduled for 2pm, i ended up having it at 10am. It was really good I ha a very long chat with DrJ and he examined my body and told me what he thought. I lot him i wanted 1000cc to each cheek, 400cc to each hips and 200cc to my labia and mons-pubis he laughed and said 'girl i cant build a house without bricks' we all brst out laughing, then he said he will try and get out as much as possible from where i had the fat and that i should add the back bra roll and arms so i did add the arms, even though it was funny what he said about the bricks i was torn up inside to hear that, but he promised to do his best with what i have. At the end of my PreOp the nurse asked me if i had eaten this morning so i told her no, and she said do u want to ur sx today? i was shocked and said hell no!! another lady who was booked for Wednesday i think gladly took the offer. i wasn't mentally prepared for that at all.

My caregiver and i reached the office at 7:20am we thought nobody was there so we were outside for about 5minutes when i decided to go push the door and voila it opened (i was told to be there by 7:45am) so as soon as i went in the nurse gave me a box with a gown, a cap, a urine cup and a compression socks to put on, and ask me to urinate in the cup, i had to turn on te pipes in the bathroom to try to get some urine out because i a emptied my bladder i left the hotel, anyways i managed to get a lil bit of urine and she did my pregnancy test. We proceeded to the prep room we went over the consent forms and she explained to me what to expect after sx, the she did my vital signs and every thing was perfect. I asked for a senior nurse to insert the iv because the prep nurse i had didn't really seems confident then one of the senior nurses came in and inserted the iv in my hand-she was pretty good at it and even though the previous nurse said i had rolling veins the senior one only took a second to find it. (So ladies b4 midnight of the day of surgery drink lots of fluid so ur vein don't collapse) After that they took my regular pictures from all angles and just one of my mons-pubis and said dr J will take the more up-close and personal ones when im on the table (was i happy to hear After that Dr J came in and marked me up, and i was like mark a lil more to this side and was laughing and said "girl turn around and let me do my thing i said imo hook u up real good" i was happy to hear that. after that the nurse injected some fluid in my IV line and the next thing i remember was being told by the nurse to try and, then she said i should try went i got back to the hotel and my caregiver brought me to the car. The nurse and my caregiver said i asked a whole bunch of questions after the woke me, but i dont remember any of that, they also said theyve trying wake me up for 2hours after sx and i couldnt wake up!

With all that said, I got 750cc in each cheek and 200in each hip and 100cc in my mons-pubis and labia, i wish i had gotten more in my butt, but i also know that i didnt have much too work with in the first place so see how this will turn out.
Yesterday was basically pain free, i mostly felt soreness around the lipo'd areas and a constant throbbing at the incision sites on my butt,i was very dizzy for almost the entire day after sx i know thats from the pain meds, also my vag is swollen to, i love what im seeing down there and hope that i dont lose much hehe...Today the discomfort is worst, i wouldnt say i have lots of pain, its more like discomfort, ive always been a tummy sleeper so sleeping on it is not so bad, my only worries with it is squeezing up my vag so i put a neck travel pillow at my pubic region to avoid the pressure off it. that seems to be working ok. I took a handicap room at the hotel and blv me its the best thing ive done so far because its so easy getting on and off the bed as it is very low plus i have a lot more space n the room and the bathroom has rails all over to help u get in and of the tub easier.
I have taken some pix but i cannot upload the as i didn't bring the USB connection for my cam r phone, but i will post pix as soon as i can. Again, that u so very much ladies for ur kind words, encouragement, prayers and advices. I know those prayers are working because i was expecting a lot more pain and discomfort from this procedure. xoxo!

Hey ladies, sorry for not touching base for so...

Hey ladies, sorry for not touching base for so long i know u all are dieing to c some pix, so here are a few of them. Im totally inlove with the size of my vagi hehe! i have to be walking with my legs wide open because theres not enough space there or it lol but i love it.
to me my booty looks small, im a bit disappointed but i know i didnt have much fat to work with in the beginning. i guess dr j did the best he could with what i had. I cant wait for all this to heal up so i can start enjoying my new body....
I took the garment off yesterday oh boy that was a piece of work i tellu!!

Im swollen all over nothing sees to be heling :(

im swollen all over nothing sees to be heling :(

Hey ladies how r u all? i do hope tht all my...

Hey ladies how r u all? i do hope tht all my postOp sistaz are healing nicely and that my preop Op buddies are doing well emotionally and are making headways with heir preparation. Thanks agin ladies for ur continued support...xoxo!

Well today post op day 6, my measurements remain the same, arm-12" waist-31" thigh- 29" and hip/but 44". The swelling at my pubic area has gone down some and my "sexy lady" feels abit hard now and one side is bigger than the other which i dont mind much. since Friday ive noticed some small water filled blisters that come up on the both sides of my lower abdomen, i called dr J who told me to take of the tapes as it seems to be some sort of allergic reactions to the tape that they have used and was advised to put triple action neosporin cram on it and cover it with sterile gauze, I have been doing that and its not helping as new ones are coming up I was told to come and see him today but im just gonna wait until 2moro when i have my first postOp appointment.

Im still not in that much pain, the incision points feel a achy and theres alot of stiffness especially after just getting up out of bed/if in the same position for a long while. Its not so bad finding a comfortable position to sleep in because ive always slept on my abdomen, so i just use a few pillows and a neck pillow to increase the comfort. I put the neck pillow (it shapes like a boppy pillow) at my pubic area with the back towards my thighs and the ends towards my abdomen so that my "sexy lady" lies in the center so no pressure goes on it while i sleep

I have lost my appetite somehow, i have no interest in food, but i force myself to ea because i have to take my pills.

my drain is going really slow now with less than 25cc in the last 24hours, so its time to get rid of it hehe....cant wait. What else??? Oh, ive scheduled my first lyphatic drainage massage for 2moro at 3:45pm. Im so anxious to get it done, Im gonna ensure that i dope up on pain pills b4 i go for it as ive heard that its painful as hell..eally hope it will get rid of some of the stiffness i have . Also when i lay on my abdomen i can hear n feel fluid moving r shifting from one area to he other-hope the massage can get rid of that too.

Cant think of anything else to update on ladies so next time...xoxo!
oh yea!last thing :) I had to cut the sides of my garment because it was cutting into my flesh, since i cut it its far more comfy.

Oh boy, where do i start now? ladies the pass few...

oh boy, where do i start now? ladies the pass few days were literally hell!!! i was feeling so well after sx, no pain to my ass lol. So guess what i did? I took my limping ass on a penguin marathon shopping spree!!! for 2 days straight by the end of the 2nd day both legs thigh and feet were super swollen and as shine a young avocado lmao! on top a that they were sooooo painful! AND ON TOP OF THAT my butt hole was literally tearing out with constipation...nothing seemed to help. When i went on my 1week post Op, they couldnt even take out my drain as it was so i was advised to keep the drain in for a second week and we will see what will happen on the second week posOp visit....the legs were so swollen that they literally squashed my 'sexy lady' and killed most of her delicate grafts :( so bloody pissed!!!!!! but what to do? i went and scheduled an appointment with massage envy and as my luck would have it i went very early @ 4:30pm for my 4:45 apptmnt ONLY to hear that my appointment was indeed 3:45 AND NOT 4:45 Any who the following day i got to see belinda, and OMG!!! she is the BEST!!! when she saw how bady my legs were swollen she said 'my gosh girl do u have an ankle? ur definitely gonna need more than an hour' DWL!! unfortunately 2hours wasnt available so i got 1 1/2hours, at first it was so painful as she touched me then about 15minuts into what she was doing the pain started to diminish.....i tell u that lady has magic in her hands!!! lol! when i came home Thursday night i was in no peace as every second i had to rush out to the bathroom, peeing down the place and that continued the entire night...smh...and by the morning there was a dramatic reduction in the swelling and the pain had also reduced ALOT. i REALLY COULDNT BLV THAT MASSAGE COULD HAVE SUCH A DRASTIC EFFECT ON SWELLING AND PAIN. So i booked her for the friday and the sunday. Today she came at my home and it was just as magical....she is a goddess i tell u! Thank God for her and the art of lymphatic drainage massage.....

Oh! i forgot to tell u all that i had a seroma...

oh! i forgot to tell u all that i had a seroma that was aspirated when i went for postop apptmnt.....sorry for the this kind off mixed-up update, im trying to update from memory lol...which really is not my forte' so i will add things as i remember xoxoxo!

Thank God! my drain is finally out and im feeling...

Thank God! my drain is finally out and im feeling good.

God bless Dr Jimmerson!!!! Im totally inlove with...

God bless Dr Jimmerson!!!! Im totally inlove with his work. Hes has sculptured my body so well!! Today I changed my garment and go down to a small in the black, its such a beautiful sight!!! i really love how it shapes my body. Im so sorry i waited 2weeks to change my garment, by next week im try to change to the xs as this one still feels a lil loose around the abdomen, I guess Dr J is much more aggressive on the lipo than i thought. Because i had very little bruising i thought that he wasnt too aggressive....sill me!
Today i had my 5th lymphatic drainage massage and i must say THERES A BIG DIFFERENCE after the massage. I would advise persons who are about to have their SX that IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE UR LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE AS SOON AS 3-4 DAYS AFTER SX, so as to reduce the risk of having developed scar tissue at the lipo areas. I waited 9days to start doing my massage and i have scar tissues on both sides and on both innner thigh. My masseuse Belinda-God bless those magical fingers of hers says they can be broken up with massage but it hurts and i wish i didnt have to go through that. .....

Hello my beautifull BBL sistaz, im just stopping...

Hello my beautifull BBL sistaz, im just stopping by to give u all an overview of whats beeng happening. Today marks 3weeks since sx, im happy to say im doing well as t relates to haling. I still feel a bit of stiffness in the areas that were lipo'd but i do some mild stretching before i shower and this seems to help lots with that. I can now bend to wash my feet properly now (thank god lol) also i can bent my knees to go in my garment and pants etc. My body is really starting to feel somewhat normal again.
I had noticed some stretch marks on my butt and hips and i have been using Palmers ccoca butter massage lotion for stretch marks, it has in vit.E collagen, ellastin and shea butter and i think its helping alot as they have faded some what. I would def recommend it. Also the scars are healing well and seem smaller everyday i look at them, im happy for that. I also use Palmers scar formula which seem to be help too.
Today i had my 10th LDM and it was good, the swelling to my legs and feet are totally gone, that to the thighs are almost gone now and they feel 100% better so now even though i still do a little bit of massage in those areas my target areas are now my back, side and abdomen. To massage my abdomen, y masseuse gives me a chair so i putt 2pillows on the chair push my legs through the back of the chair and rest thighs on the chair and my upper back on the massage table, by doing this my butt is left hanging off and as such NO PRESSURE TO MY DARLING GRAFTS :) So far no further change in my measurement....
Thanks again ladies and gents for ur continued support throughout my journey, I culdhv done it without u all. xoxo. I do wish u all the very best in ur endeavors- whether ur preparing for sx, thinking about sx, healing from sx and those who have already healed and are enjoying ur 'new you'. Love!
Oh and the 'sexy lady' is doing well too she has lost a lil volume but she looks awesome and feels so fluffy and nice :)

Measurements Before After @ 22...

Measurements Before After @ 22 days PO
waist 30 25.75
belly button 32 27.5
hips/ass 39 41

Hey ladies!, do hope you all are doing well. Since...

Hey ladies!, do hope you all are doing well. Since lastnight i noticed that my butt is extremely hot, it feels like it has a fever, i put the back of my hand on it and it feel extremely warm, theres not pain to it. Has anyone else experience anything like this? should i be worried? Ive checked my temp and im not having a fever and no where else on my body feels this way :( plz help....thanks lots

Hey ladies thanks much for ur advice encouragement...

Hey ladies thanks much for ur advice encouragement and the care u showed to me in my time of need. I really cant say enough how u all have been helpful to me. God bless u all...xoxo!
So my fears are allayed, it seems there was a loose stitch in one of the incision on my right cheek and it had caused some inflammation and that's what was causing the elevated temp on my bum. I got some anti-inflammatory n demanded some antibiotics and im happy to say that its much better now. Again thanks a mill ladies lots of hugs and kisses!!! Im also using the icepack on it that seems to help too

Today im 28days PO, butt has lost one

Today im 28days PO, butt has lost one not too happy about that at all.

Hello again ladies, i just want to keep u all...

Hello again ladies, i just want to keep u all updated. So yesterday i was so mad after doing my measurement and realizing that i had lost another inch off my butt, but today im all calm and is actually thing clearly. Even though i wanted it much bigger (in all fairness) my overall silhouette is improved and i am more curvy even though my hips are a little uneven. The unevenness is not so obvious depending on the clothes im in.
My abdomen is flat but there r 2 areas/spots that could have been sucked out some more for a more even appearance.
however, the high light of my sx is my va-jajay i am soo happy with the results !!! for te most part i love the size n shape of it, i love the fact that the inner labia fits perfectly no longer protruding and my clitoral hood has been pulled back (it was excessively baggy so i had to pull it back a great deal to be stimulated, playing with my self was hassle because i had to use both hands, but now OMG!!! as i put my hands in my panties i get oh my goodness THATS TMI RIGHT? dwl!!! I JUST WANNA SAY THAT'S THE BESTS $1800 spent, i would do it again in a heartbeat. And what makes it soo good for me is that i never knew that fat grafting to the labia would have caused improved so ecstatic and believe me words cannot explain how happy i am that i did this procedure....xoxo

Home sweet home tomorrow yaaaah!!! but im dreading...

Home sweet home tomorrow yaaaah!!! but im dreading the long flight ....i hope they will allow me to stand for most of the flight...bittersweet!!!

Hello my fellow BBL-Beauties! i hope u all are in...

Hello my fellow BBL-Beauties! i hope u all are in the best of health (mentally and physically) I am doing ok, today marks 6 weeks PO. So far there are no change in my my vital statistics. I feel especially when im wearing the garment without it i feel delicate kinda like im gonna! in other words feel some what protected with it on, also i get really swollen in the lip'd areas if i go without it for too long.
So yesterday was officially my first day at work, i have have gotten some weird long stares and only one of my staff is brave enough to mention something about the was like...'oh bwoi, u have gained weight man' and i was like 'really? well i have some extra workout to be done' and she was like 'yes u have but its all good weight because its all in the back'....dwl! I caught one of my colleague staring too and her gaze quickly shifted when i looked at her, then she said, "u gain alot of weight man it looks good though" i stood up for almost the entire 8hours at work yesterday and my feet got soooo swollen, i went home wrapped it with some warm towel, elevated them and did some range of motion exercises and the swelling went down some.
SO I had promised to update on my light back home, here goes... All i can say is that the flight attendants on Delta are the best! I had no problem with them, as i entered the plane i gave one of them my letter from Dr.J she looked at it and gave it back to me, then she informed the others that theres a post op patient on the plane and gave them my seat #, they were so attentive....they came by to check on me ever so often, asking if i was ok, if i had any meds to be taken, assisted me in getting up, they were really nice. I had brought my boppy pillow with me and can i say...ITS THE WORST INVESTMENT Ive MADE SO FAR!!! i hate the goddam thing....i dont know if im not using it properly, but i dont find it useful to sit on. It squeezes my butt so much and feels weird, i ended up putting it at the back of my chair to support my back, luckily i had a roll of bounty hand towel in my carryon so i placed it under my thighs which i think worked wonders. i also got up ever so often and stood in the back.
For the first couple of days i went bananaz on the party scene, i went to negril and it was all partying!!! i was a galore of fun, i dressed skimpily showing off Jcurves and 'buff bay' and OH BWOI! was i loving the attention!! twas a lot of fun, such a pity i had to go back to work...
Will try an post some pix soon....xoxo!


7 weeks PO, still waiting on the fluffing fairy...

7 weeks PO, still waiting on the fluffing fairy and it seems the heifer has forgotten my damn address once again...hips/ass still 40inches, I would have really loved if they were 43 or 44 :(
My Vajajay has lost quite a bit of volume, but im assuming that it is swelling and inflammation (and u know home girl has gotten so use to seeing it at the size with the swelling and has gotten attached to it ...dwl!!!). Even with the loss of volume it is alot more fluffy than it was naturally...I am soooo inlove with it!!!! #happy with my choice to have it done!! Will post pix to sow the comparison soon....xoxo!

Hello my beautiful BBlites! I u r probably mad at...

Hello my beautiful BBlites! I u r probably mad at me for answering ur PMs, I just want u to know that im not ignoring u its just that i dont usually check my inbox unless someone put some sort of notification on the comment section... So im gonna answer most of the questions on my blog as quite a bit of them are the same and would be a bit easier this way :) so here goes

Yes im totally loving my arms, doing the arms is totally worth it, it did not cause any problem whatsoever with my recovery as a matter of fact it was the first place to heal totally... At about 3-4 weeks i had started some simple ROM hand exercises which helped alot with the stiffness that i felt in the arms. I did lose close to 11/2 inch off my arms and the sleeves of my small tops fit perfectly now.... Im really happy that i did them and its quite funny because i almost didnt do them as ive read on some persons blog that recovery was difficult for them because they couldnt use their experience was totally different...

Totally love the shape of my butt, It has the exact shape i wanted, it looks cute and natural, but its too small. I want to lose the extra pounds i have gained for this sx and go back to my normal weight which is around 115-120 and if i start going back to gym like i use to like a year ago im going to lose all the butt i have now which i DONt want to happen, so I want a humungous butt so that when i lose the weight i will still have an awesome attractive behind and hips to match the width of my wide shoulders....

I love my waist its tiny. There's a little pouch at my lower abdomen. Im thinking it might be swelling as it appears to reduce in size after having the CG on for a while but comes back up once i take it off for for a while.

Yes if I do need to do a round 2, I definitely want Dr. J to do it as im inlove with the shape of my booty, just want it bigger. To be totally honest I love my overall experience with him and his staff, i feel comfortable with him, Hes so humble and easy to talk.

My inner thighs especially the left one is still swollen and tender and the hard spots are still there. I have read that it takes the longer to heal and ive proven that. Once im in the CG it feel ok but if i go without it for a while the thighs start feeling a bit heavy..Also i have alot of itching at the lipo area on the thighs

Totally totally totally inlove with this!!! everything about it is perfect...i love it soo much i wish i could wear it on my! Im gonna rename t to 'Dr J's masterpiece' There are not enough words to describe my feels as it relates to that...i am just in awe!!! :) Im so happy with it, When i hear someone mention the word vigina my spirit is just lifted.

Ok, Im really ot too good at giving a vivid description so im definitely gonna post the pix of the position i had my massage in to avoid the pressure off my sorry i totally forgot ...gonna post it soon.
Wish for everyone a happy and peaceful Easter holiday.... Do hope that everyone that has make it safely to the 'otherside' is healing beautifully and u all have a smooth and pain free recovery. My prayer goes out to Nargas88 she has had a few bumps on her road to recovery and i pray that she gets over everything as soon as u hon! and i will continue to keep u in my prayers. Thanks again ladies for ur continued support

PS..if i didnt answer ur question just now its because the answer is already in my blog...xoxo!

PS...Yes i am still wearing my CG along with the...

PS...Yes i am still wearing my CG along with the triangle thingy for my lower back, i also use the lipofoam and wear an XS waist cincher over the garment.
No i havent started sitting on my butt yet, I use a leg roll pillow under my thighs to drive and place a cushion at my back and stand or sit using the leg roll when im at work..


Ok so here is the info on the shots, I thought i had it in my blog sorry honi. The shots should be administered subcutaneously- subcutaneous injection is a shot given into the fat layer between the skin and muscle.There are 4 sites where this can be given; upper arms, lower back, abdomen and thighs....U CAN NOT ADMINISTER IT AT ANY AREAS THAT WERE LIPO'D OR THAT HAD FAT GRATFING....Subcutaneous injections can be given straight in at a 90 degree angle or at a 45 degree angle. Give the injection at a 90 degree angle if you can grasp 2 inches of skin between your thumb and first finger. If you can grasp only 1 inch of skin, give the injection at a 45 degree angle. It is important to use a different site each time you give an injection. This prevents scars and skin changes. The sites where injections are given should be at least 1 inch away from each other.....Hope this helps....xoxo

Hello ladies how are u all doing? I do hope great....

Hello ladies how are u all doing? I do hope great. Well im just stopping by to give u all a lil bit of update. Today marks 9weeks PO and to my surprise my body is still changing which means im still healing. As such im gonna wait at least until i reach my 6month mark before i make any judgement calls ... new pix added ......xoxo!

14 weeks Post op

Hey ladies just checking in to let u all know that im 14 weeks PO and that everything is going ok. It still feels awkward sitting on my butt so Im still using the legroll pillow to sit at work and to drive. I sometimes feel a cramping sensation if i sit for too long even with the legroll pillow. I mostly feel it on my left cheek and it extends to the left posterior thigh, it is however relived with massage, so im guessing it might be caused from some sort of nerve compression. Theres still a bit of tenderness to the 'sexy lady' especially if im grinding too hard on someone. Also, theres a lil bit of stiffness/tenderness in my lower back especially when i just get up in the mornings. I no longer wear my garment but i sometimes wear my waist cincher.

hope u all are doing well....xoxo!

A life changing experience!!!

This enhancement of my body has really changed my life! I dont feel like my butt is big but everyone else keeps telling me differently. The attention i get when i go out is unbelievable. Last week i went to a shoe store and when i was standing in line to pay for the shoes i chose I got two offers to pay for them, I no longer have to stand in line guys are always giving me a cut in the line or offering me their space. I get so many offers to pay for my lunch when i go to eat, and going to the mechanic shop/garage is super exciting! lol!!!! they guys go totally crazy!

17 weeks new pic

Hey ladies and gents! hope everyone is doing ok. I am now 17weeks PO, so far i think im about 95% back to normal . I think all the swelling has subsides except for my lower back which still feels a bit tender sometimes especially when i just get up in the mornings. It still feels weird sitting on my but for too long and i try not to for more than 2hours...just my I have also lost some weight despite my inactivity :( not happy about that bc i want to gain enough for my round2 which i hope to do by December 2013 or January 2014. thinking of Dr Duran, Yilly or Baez for round2....

Impatiently waiting to hear from Duran/Yilly

still nothing from Duran or Yilly! :( back to waiting...impatiently...smh! I guess good things come to those who wait, but its so frustrating!!

Im also thinking of adding breast augmentation, i dont want the very big i just want the to be more perky... which is better saline or silicone? any help will be well appreciated...thanks ladies...xoxo1

Does anyone know if Duran does Round2

I have sent her an email and my pic and she responded saying "but uve done sx already, what did u do and where" ive replied and i haven't heard from her since. Does anyone knows if she does sx on persons who have had sx b4?

9months + post Op.......amazing! new Pix

Hey my fellow BBLites/dolls/sistaz, how are u doing?
Im just stopping by to give a quick update on my progress so far. I am now 9months + post op and im happy to say that this booty still holding strong. I love my overall shape and i think Dr J did an awesome job on me, but i still want a bigger butt. I just wonna say to all the person who is 'in limbo'- indecisive/ not sure about having this procedure done because of some reason or another, I would say without any hesitation GO FOR IT, its a wonderful experience and having a better looking or a more shapely body makes life so much easier. I dont even know where t begin to tell u all how much having this procedure has changed my life. Good luck ladies
Ive added a few pix ladies let me know what yall think...xoxo!

hey ladies here r 2 bootie pic

Paying for touch ups or revisions!!!

I have been doing some looking into the whole phenomena of people having to do a second round/revision/touch-ups and base on the information i have gathered I think it is safe to conclude that most/some of these plastic surgeons (especially in the US) are purposefully messing up or not giving clients the results they want simply as a method of extracting more money of us.
In the office that I work, if a client comes back to us and is not satisfied with the a procedure or a service that was rendered after the assessment is done if the fault is ours, then the problem is rectified at absolutely no cost to the client. So why then if a plastic surgeon messes up a procedure and based on assessment it is found to be their fault the so called revision is done and clients are asked to "only pay for anesthesia" 1. Why the effff should we pay for anesthesia when u messed up? 2. You should be paying us extra for all the extra pain, time and money that we have to endure and reinvest into getting what you should have given us in the first place!

Pisses me off just thinking about this injustice, but i guess this type of business 'needs to strive' bcuz who is going to want to do another procedure of the same kind if they are satisfied with the first one....smh!

One year post op and this booty is still holding strong

Hey yall, Im one year post op on feb.5 I was so worried after doing my sx and hearing that the fat grafts wont last long But im happy to say after one year this booty is still holding strong. Not much has changed except for the fact that im gaining weight moderately (mind you i eat everything in sight lol), I dont mind much as im planning a round 2 with the hope of getting more fat graft to butt and hips again :) The compliments i get on a daily basis is for lack of a better word unbelievable sometimes i wonder if everyone is seeing the same thing im seeing, both males and females are going crazy over my figure and all i can think about is wanting a bigger butt :) maybe im too greedy . Pix to come soon ladies. Wish u all the best...xoxo!!!

Round 2 booked with dr Hasan for June 5th 2017

So im back and ready to go again. I have finally booked my round 2 with dr hasan. Here are a few wish pics.

wish pix

Recent death at Eres

WtF is going at Eres cosmetics? Why are so many females being rushed to hospital for emergency medical care? I am sick and tired of hearing of females dying at this facility! Just Thursday March 15 2017, 25 year old Ranika Hall died from complication after having her BBL. I am scared AF, I am tempted to call it quits with this procedure. There's no way in hell i want to die gaining a nice behind. I dont hear of any deaths from other surgeons/surgical facilities in the US. Is it that people are dying and its not being reported or is it that something wrong at this facility? Did I mention that I AM SCARED AF!!!! Dont get me wrong after my first procedure my life changed a whole lot for the better. I can say without any reservations that its because of the confidence i gain with the new booty that hubby decided to stop acting a fool and put a ring on this finger. also, i think that because of all the attention this booty was getting me he figured he had to own it instead of leasing it. Anyway my lovely beauties, thanks for listening to my rants. yall have a lovely night, and to everyone about to have your sx at eres i hope and pray that you have a safe and event-free procedure......xoxo

I found out about Dr. Jimmerson on realself, i was searching for a board certified PS when i found the realself website. I know i had to get him to do my work after viewing his before and after pix and realized that he was not at all conservative like some of the other plastic surgeons i have consulted with because he was giving 1000+ cc in butt and 300 in hips and that's what i want. Even though the PS i had booked with was only charging $3600 for a BBL he was only going to give me 600cc per cheek (thats his limit) and that would be a total waste of my time.....

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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