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Hi Ladies! I have been searching extensively for...

Hi Ladies! I have been searching extensively for someone that can turn my hot mess rear end into something beautiful! I feel the need to share a bit of my back ground that has lead me to this place in my life...I have maintained a weight loss of 90 pounds over the past 5 years. I am a single mother of 4 young children and I work hard to provide for them and we are all very blessed. But my body did not recieve much in the blessing area! From my weight loss and pregnancies I have alot of sagging and floppy areas that I cannot stand. I am lucky that I already have an hour glass figure but I definately need some glossing over. I have looked online for months at before and after photos of various procedures. I have already had breast implants this past March and they are wonderful! I was next looking to have a TT or BBL. I cannot afford to have them both done at the same time althought I wish I could. So I have decided to proceed with the BBL first. I live close to the Atlanta area and I am so thrilled that Dr Jimmerson is within my reach. The photos I have seen of his work are amazing. Most of his before patients look like me in respects to overall shape and I love the results that he has provided to those women. Most other BBL surgeons in my area seem too conservative with the amounts of fat transfer, just doing 300cc here or 500cc there. I feel like I would be happy with at least a 700cc-800cc fat transfer to the buttock and Dr Jimmerson does those amounts beautifully. I will keep you all posted regarding my consult...hopefully I will have a surg date scheduled too...and when I get the nerve I will post photos of the hot mess I am currently in possesion of.

Dra Duran replied same day to my first email! SO EXCITED!

Hello RS ladies! I havent posted in a while b/c I have still been searching for a Dr to perform the BBL. I did go to my consult in Dec 2012 to Jimerson. Everyone was nice, informative, and helpful. My quote was way too high b/c he recommended a tummy tuck for me also. I of course agree that a tummy tuck was needed, but I cant afford both procedures. In the US, that is! So I started looking at the DR to have the surgeries I want. Of course there is Yily and Duran. After much reviewing of all of the other beautiful women's info about their experiences, I decided to go with Dra Duran. Ive read she is hard to get in touch with. So I emailed a few weeks ago, in english with no photos response. Then I got clever. I then emailed photos and used bing translate to send my email in Spanish. ALACAZAM! Response the SAME DAY from Dra Duran. Even in her email you can tell how sweet she is! She gave me two different quotes: 4500 for TT, BBL and 6000 for TT, BBL plus brachioplasty to the arms. I will be calling her secretary this week to secure a date. I actually have to wait to have the procedures in 2014, probably March. I know its way early, but I figure I need to get in where I can fit in. I had such great luck getting a response from her so I dont want to lose the momentum! I am adding photos of my before. I want to be able to post amazing after pictures beside them in 8 months!

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I am feeling so overwhelmed with trying to decide on a surgeon. I have now thrown Dr Campos in the mix. My top three candidates (in order) Duran, Campos, Yily. I recvd a quote from Campos last night for 8475.00. This price includes TT, BBL, LIPO of abdomen back and flanks, fat transfer to outer labia (YES I ASKED FOR THAT, a fat ass needs some fat lips to match!!!) garment, massages and a few misc things like meds, etc. I have a budget of 9000 for the whole thing (flight, surgery, post op care, massages, and recovery house/hotel) I love Dr Campos! Why? Ive heard he's HOT, lol, plus his responses are very thorough and professional, alot like Salama. He does beautiful, tasteful, classy sillohoutes but I am afraid he is still out of my reach. But there is still Duran! I have been looking at her twitter pages and WOW!!! She was my first pic of the 3 contenders. I should just concentrate on her and not keep diluting myself with wanting to check out another surgeon. I just want to be sure I can get the best for my money. I am not trying to be so seemingly cheap. If I had the money I would spend 20K without a doubt b/c it is such an amazing transformation. But I do have other financial responsibilities and gotta keep the household afloat all by myself too! Thank you Lord for Duran! And thank you Lord for all of these beautiful supportive women on RS!!!


Hello ladies! I have been researching for months trying to decide on the best surgeon for my money, my health, and results. I have chosen Dra Robles in DR. She gives beautiful tummy tucks, gives natural BBL's, and her assistant Laura is so responsive and quick to reply to all of my emails. The price of the recovery house is included in my quote of 5200.00. I will be getting TT, LIPO, and BBL.

I had my CBC done a month ago and my hemo is 14.9. So glad!!! I am taking iron supplements, vitamin C, B complex, and folic acid to maintain my hemo. I still have so many things to do! passport, packing, and purchasing all things needed for my stay. I will keep you all updated and I plan on posting lots of pics for you all through out my stay in DR! Take care! ttyl!!

wish pics

playing with the surgery app! haha!!

so, I finally downloaded the surgery app. so much fun! My possible before and after (fingers crossed)


Ooohhh ladies! I am a bundle of excitement!!! My passport arrived today, and I exactly one month until I am on the flat in the front/round on the back side! I am a bit of a minimalist so I plan on taking very little with me. So far I have vitamedica bromelain, arica gel, compression stockings, medical grade antibacterial body wipes, hibiclens, 1 black robe, 2 cotton slips, 2 wrap dresses and flip flops, and my every day toiletries and cosmetics. I may pack a few healthy snacks like protein bars etc. Based on the majority of reviews I've read, most women do not need or use all that they take. My goal is to have 1 carry on bag with all that I need.

My honey is going with me as mentioned. We need to get that man some shorts! lol ....he is far more nervous than I am. If he would just read these wonderful, thorough reviews he could calm down. He is trying to learn a bit of Spanish too...he wants to do some sight seeing, he loves history and culture so hopefully he will not be bored as I recover. ttyl!
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