6 weeks post op...Loving my results

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Hello BBL sisters. I have been stalking this site...

Hello BBL sisters. I have been stalking this site and reading everyone blogs for awhile. I am 38, 5’6 at 185 and I’ve wanted to get BBL for a long time. I have decided to get the procedure done before my 40th birthday. I have made a consultation with Dr Jimerson in November because I think his work is amazing but I am still looking at other drs. When I called I was shocked that he was so booked and didn’t have any available consultation dates till November. I was disappointed but then I thought this will give me enough time to lose some weight and tone up but still keep enough fat to get my nice booty lol. I want to get all the things I need so I can be prepared for the journey. I have always been top heavy with no butt at all and when I lose weight what little butt I had leaves too lol. I love reading some of you ladies stories and follow your journey. You only live once and you have to enjoy it in any way you can. I want to look just as beautiful on the outside as I am on the inside.

I am getting super excited about having this sx. I...

I am getting super excited about having this sx. I want to lose about 15 more pounds within three months. I know I can do it.

Consultant with Dr. Jimerson

I had my consultant with Dr Jimerson and he was very nice and told me exact what he thought would look nice on me. I need to lose 5 to 10 pounds. I would need a tummy tuck with hips added and I'm getting my upper bra rolls done as well. I had to think about having this procedure before i paid my deposit. I know it takes alot and the recovery you really have to prepare yourself for it. After weeks of thinking and praying I decided to pay my deposit. This surgery is something I really want to do for myself and I'm super excited about it. I'm planning to pay the surgery off in a couple weeks so hopefully I can get a date for either Feb or March. So now I need to start getting my supplies together. Divas I was thinking about buying a fajas but I wasnt sure if I need to wait.? Added my pre op pic Omg. ..I can't wait for a new me lol

amount of iron to take

Hello ladies I am going to start taking iron pills and vitamins pre op to build my hemoglobins but I'm not sure how much to take. Any suggestions? Thanks

I need a February or March date for Dr Jimerson. Any ladies planning to wait or Change dates?

I am planning to pay my balance in full to get on the fast track list. I was wondering if any ladies going to wait or need to change dates?

Still waiting on my date

I am still waiting on my date but I'm trying to get my supplies together. Ladies do the pre/post vitamins from make me heal have a expiration date? I don't want to buy them to early?..

5 days till I get my jcurves. ..yasssss honey

This is getting real divas. I am halfway packed but I still feel like I am missing things I need. I have just about everything but I guess if I am messing something I can get it later. I am getting a TT and bbl so thinking about how i will sleep is always on mind. I am 174 down from 185 so hopefully i will have enough fat for my butt. I need to do my measurement later and take more pics. I'm excited omg....

jcurves here i come

Today is my pre op and surgery is scheduled for Monday. ..yasssss honey. I am excited to get my jcurves. I am getting prescriptions now and getting ready to relax till Monday. I have a massage on Monday with Tianna to help me relax. I will definitely need it because i am getting nervous. I have to take measurements because i forgot to do that. I am still at 174 so that's good. GOD is good. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks divas

Today is the day...jcurves here i come. keep me in your prayers

Today is my day. I am at the office waiting for my surgery. My weekend has been wonderful. I went to Jeju spa yassss honey and it was super relaxing. Then yesterday I had a massage by the wonderful Tianna...I just love her. Tianna is the bomb just like everyone said. She will continue my massages post surgery. Pray for me everyone. God bless

One day post op

Today is one day post op and I'm feeling really as far as pain. I can stand straight so I'm excited about that. I am stiff but walking helps to loosen my body up. My one day post pictures.

2nd day post op. I am feeling really good

This is my 2nd day post op and I am feeling good other than stiffness and just a little pain. I keep thinking this garment with mash my booty when I take it off. I thought the garment would bother me but it's not at all. I guess u had prepared myself for the worst but it's been ok. My stomach is super swollen and my legs look like balloons. I wonder how long will the swollen last? I told Drj not to give me a big ghetto booty and he gave me a nice shape. I love my results so far other than the swelling

3nd day post

Today is the 3nd day post op and I am feeling good. I have a lot of swelling in my stomach area and my legs are swollen. It's been hard trying to find a position to sleep. I have a body pillow and several others just to get comfortable. I guess I was preparing myself for the worst but it's really be easy. Not a lot of pain well i can tolerate it. I was able to stand up straight after my TT, so I'm happy about that. Ladies what helps with the swelling? Added some pics

4 day post op... happy valentine's day ladiess

Today i am getting better everyday but the swelling is still here. I getting a massage today by Ms Tianna. It Snowed Here In Atlanta so that pushed us a day back. She told me that it will not be as bad. I can't wait to get a massage and hopefully that will help with the swelling.

First day post op pics

Forgot to add these

I had my massage today with Tianna the best in the business in the Atl

I had my massage today with Tianna
and it felt so good. I had a lot of swelling in my legs and feet. look like two little balloons lol. Tianna massaged me really good and my body feels so much better. if you want the best massage Tianna is the busy ladies. Her prices are very affordable and she will come to you. Getting another one tomorrow

Best massage therapist Tianna in Atl

I had my drains removed and everything looks good. I am just super swollen in my stomach and back. So when I made it back I was coming down the stairs and I guess I was so excited to have the drains out I wasn't playing attention and slid down the stairs on my booty....Omg. you know we have to protect this investment and I was so upset. But my girl Tianna. ..Omg she is the sweetest, patient and she came to my rescue and massaged me really good and told me my booty will not inflate lmbo...we laughed so hard. I was serious about my booty. The next day I was fine no pain on the side I slid on. Ladies you need to contact Tianna for your massages. Her prices are reasonable. Her information is 678-856-3864. Www . TheWellnessSanctuaryInc.com
She will take really good care of you. I wish i could take her home. Lol
Now i am 11 days post op and i am doing really well. I just want this swelling to go down but my booty is looking good. I'm also having a hard time trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. I will keep you ladies posted. Thanks


I am trying out take pics and I'm not good at it. The pics don't do my booty any justice. Dr j hooked me up and I am so in love with my body. I know it's only going to get better.

loving my results.....so worth it.

Hello divas
Today i am six weeks post op. I am loving my results. The recovery is no joke but i would do it again. I had a set back with my TT. I had a seroma and my TT is slowly healing. I know it's a chance that we take but I know it will heal completely. You really can't tell my TT isn't healed all the way. I am experiencing the icons so the gold bond lotion in the green bottle really helps or I just take benadryl and go to sleep. Sleeping is difficult too because I sleep I need my back. I am so in love now with my body. Dr Jimerson is the best in the business. He really sculpted my body and gave me curves. I Love Trying on clothes...dresses fit so nice. I will add some before and after pics.
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