DR. Okoro BBL (2yrs ago) and Now Tummy Tuck !

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Hey ladies, ive been reading alot of reviews for...

Hey ladies, ive been reading alot of reviews for other women, and it seems yall are very supportive. I am new to this and i am hoping to get a little guidance on the process. Any help tips would help. Anyone heard other reviews about Dr. Okoro? I am getting my love handles, upper & lower, and back fat removed; into my butt. I am 20 with 1 child so I am wondering how bad the pain is. They say childbirth is the closest thing to death. I took that pretty well, so im hoping the recovery wont be bad. Any tips would help guys.

So i just fininshed packing for my trip. Im...

So i just fininshed packing for my trip. Im leaving Friday @5:00am to head to ATL for my in office consultation. I have surgery monday. Im so anxious & just ready for my end results. i cant wait for this to be over.

So today i had my office consulation. I must say...

So today i had my office consulation. I must say they were AMAZING. i fell in love with the staff and my doctor even more. they answered all of my questions and even assured me i would get the results i wanted. i want a BIG but, self, natural looking, and one that fit my body. However the people that i want a booty simular to are NOT natural looking on MY frame. when you see my butt i do want you so say "damn thats a nice ass". not "oh! thats to big and i know thats fake". i asked for a k.mitchelle but. a but that is noticed in my jeans. & for that MY frame they told me they can shoot for that but that isnt realistic. He took the time to draw me what i would look like, the areas that would be gone, and explain my end result. Being that i have recently have a child and i DO have loose skin, the ONLY way to completely get ride of all of that i would have to get a tummy tuck. However after reading the reviews on here about loose skin & smart lipo scared me that i would be looking worse than b4. Dr. Okoro assured me thats not the case. He said it would a little bit of wrinkles around my belly button but after my "exillis" treatment that is included in my package that would be gone. I will be getting 800cc in both cheecks. I drilled them on after effects, surgery, follow ups, ect. and the best part is NO DRAINS !!!! the cuts are so small he leaves them open to drain. im excited. only 3 days away.. !!!!

Okay girls. 2marro is my BIG day. See you guys on...

Okay girls. 2marro is my BIG day. See you guys on the other side :)

Hello my bbl'ers. i had my surgery at 7:00a. i...

hello my bbl'ers. i had my surgery at 7:00a. i must say i am in the WORSE pain ive ever felt in my life. i have tatoos, &1 child. however NOTHING can amount to this. this is SERIOUS. it took me an hour wae up & get out of the or. it was in that much pain. i also kept feeling like was going to pass out. his is OUTSTANDING SERIOUSLY. 10 STARS ACROSS THE BOARD. even though it took me so log to get outa bed they were still so patient, so caring, you would have thought i was there blood family. i dont remember to much however i do remember looking down for a second & that baby fat is GONE. seriously. flat as a pancake. i have a little bit of extra skin but he also did the exillis treatment for me and i got bk next month for another. from what i see my looks GREAT however i have my bloodie garment on. ill take more pics once i can shower with this off. i did feel the needing going in butt. i felt somethign being drilled to me and something being pulled out. it reminded me on contracts. like a pain you know u have to deal with but u gota wait till a certain period until u can get ur epidural. & the only reason why i felt it is because i woke up towards the end/. i remember him saying "she wanted a shelf & she got it" she looks amazing" great job team". "her stomach looks great". however i was dozing in and out. i cant wait to take this garment off. so i would advice you for ALL the women that have been told u will need a tummy tuck and lipo wont work for you. seek another doctor. cause as u can see my son tore my body up. ill post more pics once im u 2 it girls thank u for ur suport
1. girls they told me i cant take my garment off for hours. however im BOODY every where. do u think a quick was off would hurt?

Hey girls hope all is well. Well so far I am...

Hey girls hope all is well.
Well so far I am miserable like seriously. Even though it's only been two days I'm freaking out because my but has dropped. (which I figured cause the swelling has gone down). But as if now its not big enough. I want it back to the size it was on monday. I thought I got 700-800cc however I four yet yesterday I only got 680cc. I'm about to cry. I know it's to early. But im still concerned. My front is banging I got flat belly & great hips lil waist. But I need my ass to match.
"nycutie: we have been playing phone tag. Lol
But so far I take my vitamins as normal. I think I'm having a more difficult time because I have a 7mon old & he's jus as needy as me. UGH!!!

Hello girls. I hope everyone is doing okay. Happy...

Hello girls. I hope everyone is doing okay. Happy healings. Well I had my smooth shapes on Friday. (day 4 after surgery). It felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to have my belly massaged. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I also got my drain removed, and checked out for any infection. So far so good girls. Every time I pass a minor, or any reflection of myself I stop and do a little booty dance lol.
I also found out I did NOT get 680cc. I DID get 720cc in both cheeks. He said he used every bit of fat I had, and had nothing left to throw away. He put a little bit of fat in my sides to give me hips also. I seriously have a coke bottle, hourglass shape. My bday outfit came in the mail yesterday & you can clearly see my self, my hips, my belly and my butt. He made sure those areas are very noticeable. The pain comes and goes for me. This morning I feel okay, but last night I was in ALOT of pain. I had to take to pain pills. It's also hard for me because I loose circulation in my finger tips wen I'm laying on my belly. The doctor said its because my body isn't use to me being in one spot/position all the time. So he recommended me sleeping with my arms by my side. It's uncomfortable but it helps. My small cuts i got have all scabbed up and are pretty much gone. No bruises just hidden small cuts. He put them in hidden places on purpose. It's also frustrating not being able to sit on my but. I hate that also. But so far all is well. It's only day 6. So let's see what this week brings me :)

Hello girls. Well I'm feeling much better about...

Hello girls.
Well I'm feeling much better about a lot of things. I was a little confused about my healing instructions. I thought you couldn't sit on your but for 2weeks and after those 2weeks you have to use a boppy and only can sit on your but for 20min at a time. However that isn't the case. I just got off the phone with my doctor. They told me for 2weeks AFTER surgery I cannot sit on my but. If I did sit on my but within those first two weeks it could only be 20min at a time using a boppy. AFTER those first 2weeks I can sit normally. They told me after two weeks the fat has settled in and has done what it needs to do so the results I have at 2weeks would pretty much be perm. However even though they told me 2weeks I'm going to take an extra week of precaution. I go back to work Monday and I will take my boppy with me. Those 20min instructions I will apply when I go back to work. Just to be on the safe side. I will probably continue to use my boppy until week 6week that way im not applying to much direct pressure. I just won't get up as frequent after week 3 but will keep it at work. Since the garment has to be worn for 6weeks I figure I'll just use the boppy until then also. Even though I can resume all normal activities by week 4. Im just going to wait until week 6 also. JUST TO BE SAFE !!!! but knowing I'm almost all clear now gives me some relief. I hope everyone is doing okay :)

Hey girls.... not much to update. ive been...

hey girls....
not much to update. ive been iching like crazy. its so crazy i can literally scratch my skin off. but the cortozone (msp) helps alot. im uploading another pics. i want u to look at the wish pic i showed my doc its (dr.salamas miami fl) work. i showed them the wish pic and told them thatsat i wanted. now if u compare my new pic im uploading to my wish..they look almost identical. hats off to my doc. happy healing girls

Weeel weeeel weeeelll girls. Today was my first...

Weeel weeeel weeeelll girls.
Today was my first day back at work & boy was it tough. I honestly couldn't wait to get back home to write y'all about it lol. But I sit at a desk 8-12hrs a day (depending on how much ot I do). Today I worked about 9.5hrs & honestly I stood up most of day. I was to scared to even do the 20min. So most of the day I stood up and stood on my knees. I used the boppy to put under my knees when they started hurting. I actually have bruises, cuts, and scrapes on my knees from being on them through out the whole two week process. I mostly stand but when my legs get tired I get on my knees. When I did get tired from being on my legs & knees I would sit. So through out the whole day I sat on my but a total of 1hr. (no lie) my leg muscles hurt soooo bad. My cube at work is pretty big so you could only tell if u walked by my desk.
The lump is just from surgery. The doc said it will go away. Just need to massage it. She also wrote me a doc note that excused me for 2more additional wks off of work if I chose. However he reassured me my results are fine and there is nothing wrong with my taking extra precaution. She said it never hurts.
Hope everyone is doing well and happy healing. I'll post pics. In a sec

Hey giiirls. Hope all is well and happy healings...

Hey giiirls.
Hope all is well and happy healings. I'm doing okay. My but is getting a little softer. So that's a plus. Today was my first day actually sittin up properly on it. I went to get my nails done. The entire time I was getting them done I sat on my thighs if that makes since. So my but was mostly out of the chair because I leaned forward so much. However when it was time to get my feet done I had to leave back & put my feet up :( thhhheeeeennnn I had to lay down to get my eye brows done. Ugh!!!
I'm still standing, squatting, and kneeling at work. That won't change.
My but inches soooo bad lol when I have a itch I don't care where I am I HAVE to scratch. My mom thinks its funny. But I'm itchin every where.
Thats pretty much it. Not much change. I hope all my bblers are doing well. Love y'all :)

Hey girls. not much change just same o...same o....

hey girls.
not much change just same o...same o...
i will be posting pics after work. i

Heeey girls. hope all is well. no much change...

heeey girls.
hope all is well. no much change from me. still loving my bbl. only wen im NOT in jeans. it doesnt look big in jeans. or atleast give me the look i wanted. however 2 ppl didnt even reconize me today cause they say "giiirl i wasnt sure that was you your but is big" lol. that makes me feel good. but i jeans. not so much :(
pics. uploaded.
hope all is well

Hey girls i hope all is well with you guys. so far...

hey girls i hope all is well with you guys. so far i am doing okay. not itching as much but ready to take off this white waist band. UGH !!! im 4wks post now. I actually sat on my but fareal this past monday and wen i went home to measure myself (i measure myself every morning and everynight) i noticed i lost 1 inch. it confused me because i didnt know i could loose inches at 4wks. but thats not bad considering i havent lost any volume or anything my whole healing process. My measurements were a 36-26-45. Now 36-26-44. But thats okay. I will post pics. tonight FORSURE !! ilyguys. happy healing :)

Heeey girls. hope all is well. i had my 1month...

heeey girls. hope all is well.
i had my 1month follow up today. i was really excited to see the staff & dr.o 2day.
i also got to meet "nycutie". & dr.o did a FAB-U-LOUS job on her. her body is def. the truth. one thing we both agreed on that Dr. O doesnt give every patient that same "ghetto body". he gives u a but that fits YOUR body. & after seeing her & her seeing me we DEF agree our ass fits us. we are beyond happy with our results. i cant wait to see u again in nov hun.

i also got my exilis treatment. it was HOT as hell.(seriously) but for the most part it felt good. i thought i could do my exilis treatment & smoothsapes at the same time but i couldnt. so i got my exilis treatment & i will get a regular massage next fri. but overall so far so good. more pics. happy healing

Heeey girls. long time no hear. i have been super...

heeey girls. long time no hear. i have been super busy and working. however i had to get on and update you guys.
i had my exilis treatment done 09/07/2012. i only had 1 treatment in my package so i only got one. however its a 6wk treatment and my doc said you have to keep it going. sucks for me i dont kno ne good docs here to finish my treatment. so ill do more research and maybe drive out of town to get it done. (well see)
my but is doing great. same measurements, same size, were all good girls. i do my squats also to keep it up. im going to start doing sit ups however i dont fully sit on my but yet. im 6wks post and i kno i can but i still wont. so for now i stick to squats. i LOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEE my ass. i do i do i do. sometimes i say "is it big enuf" however if i got it ne bigger it wouldnt look natural and ppl would kno i had work done. i will be posting more pics soon guys. i hope everyone has happy healing. ily girls mwa :)

Heeey girls. just wanted to check in to see how...

heeey girls.
just wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing. so far im LOVING my butt. buzz is starting to get around and ppl are wondering where this but came from. im geting accused left & right to havin but shots. i dont think its THAT big to be accused of that but whatever. more ppl are more aware of but shots than the bbl. its a man in my city thats given tummy tucks and but shots 500.00 a each. NO LIE !!!!!! an x doctor that has a small shop hes doing it out of. girls plz be careful of stuff like this. its so deadly and dangerous. NOTHIN is worth ur life.
i keep meaning to upload more pics. im sorry u guys. i bought this outfit that i wore a couple days ago & PPL LOVED IT. my body looked AMAZING. i want to put those pics up but im alil worried some1 will reconize me, being that i have the pics all on my fbook ect. so ill put other general pics up like ive been doing.
my lipo areas still burn alil but not bad. my but is as soft as a cussion and my scars are pretty much gone.
im alil mad i havent recieved my 2nd stage garment yet. i ordered it 09/04. but all is well girls. i PINKY promise u will have pics. TODAY.

Hey girls pics. posted. ill reply to comments wen...

hey girls pics. posted. ill reply to comments wen i get to work. running late love u guys :)

Hey girls. long time no hear. &i know thats my...

hey girls. long time no hear. &i know thats my fault &i need to do better about getting on and checking in with you guys. but i have been alil down latley. & i should have got on here b4 and talk to yall about it but idk why i didnt think about it but hear goes.

So girls i have someone in my ear that is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS downing me about my surgery & my body. like seriously. its getting to the point i had to cry about it to my bestie about it.
but 1st let me back up &say for the girls who dont know i gaint hella weight with my son. i mean seriously. i became "gross" (view my b4 pics) & with all that weight gain my self estem dropping girls. FA REAL!! & I guess i just got impatient & wanted my body back quick, fast and in a hurry which is why i choice to have my surgery 6mon after my son was born. from that day on i had the body & now i just need to get bk to the "old" me b4 i had son. where i hold my head up high & dont care what nebody thinks. so FINALLY i thought i had got there. i mean. i felt so good about myself girls. but i have this 1 person (which i wont say who he/she is to me) but just understand there always in my ear. "you seriously waisted your money", i hope u dont tell anyone one how much you spent...cause that wast worth it". "all u did was make ur self wide, you should have went rounder" "it dont even look big when you stand to the side".

Hello my loves, i hope all is well. things for...

hello my loves,

i hope all is well. things for me are going well. the booty is going good as well. im in a much better place than my last update. im not paying attention to ANY more negativity or bs. my results are looking great. i attempted to do some sit ups tuesday night and my lower back upper but (self) was actually a little sore after. i think i wil start placing a pillow under me. i stil sit on a pillow when i drive. its not needed but i stil like the cushion. my lipo areas are no longer sore and i have tiny tiny small bruses on my but where i was poked. its only 2 so nothing major. im still wearing my garment. i dont wear my band any more but i will start back wearing it once i figure out where i last had it lol. i hope all is well. i will be posting pics soon. ily



HEEELLLOOOOOO BBL'RS !!!!! I hope you guys have...


I hope you guys have been doing well. I have missed you girls alot.. I havent been on in awhile and I wanted to space it out on purpose because I read alot of women that say bbl'ers leave/stop writing after 4-5 months. So I wanted yall to see my 7month results and still keep you guy updated.
I had my 6month followup last month and LOVE Dr. Okoros new office. I am so proud of him. I love seeing and catching up with Amanda, Uma, Mj and even seeing the new hires. I met with Uma an she told me they have my pics on there website !!!!!! I was SUPER happy. If you look at the last patient on the gallery of BBL. THAT IS MEEEE !!
Its so weird looking at my flat ass before and wondering "how the hell I went so long w/o joining the booty club" lol. I love my results guys. I honestly do.
My waiste is small, nice natural looking but, and no problems at all. I was looking into the exilis treatment where I live. However plastic surgery is not to popular here so i havent really been taking it serious. And driving out of town every wk doesnt fit my schdule right now. So i hope you ladies aedoing well. safe & happy healing. I will post the 6month pics they put on there website. love u guys !!

1yr and 7months

Hi ladies,
I hope all is well. I haven't been on in so long but I wanted to give you an update. I'm doing great! I didn't make my 1 yr apt back in august so I actually just went last week. Looking at my before in after pics are a drastic changes girls omg !! I still can't believe that is me ! My but actually got a lot bigger through out the year after surgery. Which of course I'm not complaining. I'm still wearing my full body garment I got after surgery and started wearing a waist training the 1st of the year. I'm in the gym 30min 3 times a week. I do crazy insane workout because I'm so short on time. I'm so excited about this summer. Last summer was amazing and ready for this as we'll. I'm loving my amazing shape it looks great. Of course I still have stretch marks from gaining 70lbs with my child however I don't mind the "beauty marks". At least that is how I have learned to look at it! I'm looking into an treatment to tighten up my skin around my belly button. I have a little bit of cellulite at the bottom of my but I'm taking care of that with squats. However for now I'm loving it. I miss talking to your girls and I hope everybody is doing we'll I'll post pics soon!

1yr 7 months post

You know I'm always here for you girls and questions or concerns love y'all

Hola ! Hola !

Hi Guys, I hope all is well with you. I cant believe its been 2 years ! I am now looking into a Tummy Tuck. Hope to recieve the same love and support as I did before. I will be posting picture and going into detail of why I want a TT. Also how ive been holding up with my BBL. !! Cant wait to talk to you guys !

2yr update

WELP here it goes. The loose skin I have after the bbl. Love my bbl but my doc said it's so common thus happen with women who come for bold after having children. When the fat is sucked out your left with loose skin which is why women get tt

Tummy Tuck Done ! 3/13/15

Hi Girls,
I cannot express to you the pain I am going through. I am absolutley misserable. I have read 1000 reviews watch 100s of youtube documentaries and NOTHING can prepare you for this. Im 23 and have a high tolerance of pain. I assumed I'd b fine. The day of surgery I cried for hours. That night i cudnt sleep. It took me an hour just roll over and check my phone. My mom keeps telling me to just think about how good I look. I feel like I'm border line falling into depression. It's THAT bad to me!!!

Today is day 3 and I was about to brush my teeth, (haven't done since morning of surgery lol I know that's gross), get me a cup of ice and slowly tackle walking down the stairs. I probably shouldn't have went down the stairs just yet. I feel short of breathe now. But im making it ! I'll update you guys later

Tummy Tuck Day #4 (i included Friday as day 1 just to make me feel better)

Hi Loves,
We today is monday 3/16/15. Im about to start my day. Just getting up I want to attempt to fold clothes, light clean up. Nothing major. Walking more. I have a all natural medicine that I would recommend for you guys m doctor gave to me. You can find it at any store. But it helps with swelling of surgeries.
I am on a antibotioc i take 2ce a day, I have a bedtime medication to help me sleep. Hydro cordon for pain and medicine for nausea. I Didn't have any drains thank god. I had those with my bbl and hated them. But I'll post some pic below let me know wha you think.

TT Day #10 and Back to Work

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to update you. I am now 10 days post TT. I am back to work and so far so good. I still have my stitches in and cannot wait to get them removed. I'm slowly winging off the pain meds. Don't want to get to use to them. Pain not bad. I have on a garmet that I purchased from my Dr. that did my BBL (Dr. Okoro) love his garmets. So far so good. I have swelling in my lower stomach, where my stitches are. It discourages me because it appears as though my stomach isnt flat. But I know a TT is a slow heeling process. Im trying to be patient! still hurts like hell to laugh or cough. My Dr said i need to hold a pillow and lean over when Im doing 1 or other. Itll ease the pain. I go for my follow up tomorrow and I will update you

3wks post TT

Hi Loves, todays 3wks and 3 days for my TT. And I must say its been hard. about wk 2. my stomach has swelled so bad it hurt. I went to the doctor and found out that wasnt swelling it was fluid. He ened up draining my belly and it was flat as a pancake. The 'pudge" will come and go. that is for sure swelling, but today its looking great. i have been focusing on the scares. Im putting neosporin at night and merdermia (mis spelled) in the morning. I have been wear 2-3 garments a during the day and 1 at night. My 1st garmet is 1 that you step into and comes up very high. Right above your ribs. My 2nd is another garmet i got from dillards and a 3rd is one i wore w/ my BBL. I know 3 sounds like alot but for all the pain i have been through i am going to ensure this is a sucess. I have been taking hella pictures. I take about 3 a day and compare them to the day before. Just to see my progress. i will post some tonight. Other than that still working and going straight home. I have weekly follow up visits and stil taking it easy. My doc said less walking is better. So well see ! TTYL loves

6 wk post Tt

So far so good !
I'm so ready to excerise very scared. I'll get fat without working out. Hopefully tomato he will tell me what I can do. I hate my scare but I'm sure it'll get better. The middle round circle will get cut off. That was extra skin from my belly button was peirced. Once I hit 3 months if it hasn't gone flat it'll b removed here some pics

Update almost 2 most post !

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