Bbl and Tummy Tuck

Nerves are yet to g the best if me. I want to...

Nerves are yet to g the best if me. I want to have the procedure however, going crazy over the what if's. Bbl &tummy tuck together is overwhelming my mind. I have scheduled 3 weeks off. Dr Jones said that should be enough time. As I'm reading, others have said that they couldn't stand up for over 2 weeks -that's concerning. If someone can clarify the tightness of the stomach muscles.. Would be great. Is it like the tightness of a corset?
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wright Jones is exactly what everyone has stated. He was polite and courteous. He created two dialogue while discussing his suggestions. He made me feel comfortable in his office. I really like the fact that he is about quality and not quantity. He expressed that he takes his time so the surgery is lengthy, around 5 hrs.

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