BBL !! 25 Years Old | Not a Lot of Fat to Transfer - Atlanta, GA

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I had my consultation a few months back, I was a...

I had my consultation a few months back, I was a bit worried because I have never been able to retain much fat (Blessing and a Curse) In times like these anyway. Haha. The doctor took a look at me and said "you have more fat than you think" (G Thanks) He then also suggested that I look into Brazilian thread lift to go along with the fat transfer since I wanted more projection than my fat had to offer. I went home and did some research. Since this procedure is fairly new (The Thread Lift) I did not find to much on it but I did see some good results. So I figured if I am going to get one I might as well get the other to assist. (I only want to do this once) So ! With the threading you are supposed to get the sutras put in a month or more before the BBL (I had my sutras put in about 3 weeks ago) | I spoke to my Dr. today and they prescribed me my new antibiotics for Monday! I am excited but nervous. I will be spending most of the Holiday on my tummy - But he did say I could go out for NYE! So back to excited again.

Surgury tomorrow!

Grandma is coming in today, I'm excited. Not really nervous... gonna go get my hair done today so i'm not walking/laying around the house like a complete bum. Haha, got the next 3 weeks off from work! Need to oder my booty buddy so I can sit down instead of being on my tummy all the time. 9AM tomorrow it goes down, && I start my antibiotics today!

On a side note, I feel almost 100% from my first surgury to insert the Sutrs (for the lift) that was about 2 weeks ago. A little soreness but nada major, and the incision has almost healed up... to bad they have to cut it back open tomorrow. ????

Night Before!

Sorry about the spelling errors in my last post. I completed it on my phone so autocorrect wasn't my best friend haha.... Okay! its 9:00PM, I finished my antibiotics for the day. Ate my last meal and about to hit the bed. I head to the doctor tomorrow at 8:00AM! Now I am getting a little nervous! Next time I post will be after the surgery! :)

Awake Finally!

So ! I got to the Dr. Office right at 9:00 - We headed down stairs I showed him my wish picks and he said okay cool we got you then. Lol | They put the IV(s) in (After changing into the surgical clothes) and Doc came in and started marking me up! Like I mentioned in my first post, I didn't have a lot of fat in one particular are, so there were a lot of marks (I'm really slender up top now. At least I will be when this swelling goes down) We started around 10AM and I was OUT (Sleep). My surgery took a bit longer than normal - I'm assuming that it was due to the amount of areas he had to lipo. Not sure I will ask him tomorrow on my follow up. When I left, I did feel nauseated and sore, really just wanted to sleep. Went to get the prescription filled (I was sleep in the back seat) haha. Finally got home and made it up 3 flights of stairs! smh - laid out the bedcovers on the couch and passed out for a few hours. Woke up ate some soup - I went to look in the mirror and it definitely looks perkier ! But I cant see the actual size right now due to the amount of wraps I have on. Once I get pics I will Share ^_^ Best of luck to all who had their procedure done today as well! Can't wait to see your results ^_^


So the doc gave me Oxycodone - Which basically just puts me to sleep (Great sleep might I add) But still just reading everyone's reviews as to how long the "extreme" soreness continues. I know I will be sore for a while but I want to be able to get up and down without moving like a turtle. Haha so how long were you all sore? I see some of the other ladies who had surgery yesterday up taking pictures and everything but I have had NO real energy since the surgury. *Sigh* Guess everyone is different... Anyway - About to head to the Doc again! Get some new bandages, make sure everything is ok take some pictures so I should have some by this afternoon. Also - Quick shout out to the everyone going into surgery today! (Sending prayers up for all of us)

Check-up done!

So the check up went well! I finally saw myself in the mirror for the firs time and I was like wow! My waist is snatched lol - My butt is not too big, which is what I wanted, so people would not know frfr that I got anything done unless it was close friends. But more shapely now and I love it!I switched to a smaller body suite (x-Small) And my undies fit perfectly now! added some hips and all ^_^

Still really sore - Eating soup and oxycodone. Took my first shower, which was amazing might I add.. Got on the new body suit, what an experience lol, and now I am about to K.O again Here is a photo of the after. I will add a couple before/ afters later on today. ^_^

Doc Posted this

Just posting a pic that the doc sent me immediately after finishing.

Travel day??

Well I was supposed to head to Nashville today (From Atl) I don't feel too hot so decided to give it an extra day. The trip is not that long but laying on my tummy in a moving car is not what I want to be doing right now. (Too many bumps and I start to feel nauseated) Besides, what is one extra day? Ha.

Last night was the same - up on and off every other hour or so to pee... My Faja is pretty tight so I need to gt up and walk around to make sure blood is flowing everywhere. && to think this is my life for the next 6 weeks lol. I do think I will go to the store to find something a bit more comfortable. Doc said as the swelling goes down it will fit better. So I will give it another week or so.

Quick question - is anyone else having butt spasms? Like were you muscle jumps? Lol, its not painful but an.... interesting feeling to say the least.

Hungry or Na?

Has anyone else not been very hungry since their surgery? Or at least when they first had it? Its just day 2 Post - but I have not eaten a whole meal since. My doctor is telling me to eat some more so that I can gain a little more "Junk in the trunk". hah But I'm just not hunrgy for real at all. I can feel my tummy growling or doing something rather, but I don't think it is from hunger.

In other news - My Faja is ripping lol - Might need to either go up a size or get one with the back out.

Little Sad

Finally made the trip up to Tennessee - Feeling a little emotional today even shed a few tears over some little things. I hear it is normal, but it sucks that this is happening on Christmas Eve... Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Soreness is also getting better, I only take my pain meds sometimes which is good. Going to try and go tomorrow without taking them at all.

My mom and sister saw me for the first time today and loved it. That put a smile on my face for the day. :)

It's Christmas !

Took off my faja for an hour or so to try on clothes && just be naked. Oh how refreshing! Lol

Dress shopping (Snap Chat) Haha

So! I went dress shopping today! I love my new curves, they fit me well - The swelling has gone down in my butt; but then I also have gained about a pound since my surgery and it went to my butt so it got a little bigger again. (Woohoo)

Only a little sore from time to time nada major - I find it hard sleeping in my faja | Only because of the lower back portion (It aches and itches) Think he grafte there quite a bit. But i'm grateful. Hopefully sleeping becomes more comfortable since I will be sleeping on my tummy for at least 3 more weeks (Putting me at 4 weeks)

Also - Someone asked me if I bruised; I wanted to mention that I did not. I was small from jump so that might have something to do with it? Not as much trauma? I'm not sure I will have to ask my doctor when I see him. Holes are healing up well - the ones on my lower hips give me the most issue - Probably because I am laying on them all the time. Hopefully they will catch up and heal up soon too.

Couch Potato

Lower back pain starting to ease up, think the swelling in my waist is starting to go down, it's really tightin that area. They are also the only spot that is still pretty sore other than my lower back.

Got my bbl pillow right after Christmas. Been using that to sit on in some places for a short period at a time which is convenient! Right on your thighs so no pressure on the butt. Feeling kind of sluggish so ready to get in the gym but I know that is at least 4 weeks off lol.

I finish up my antibiotics tomorrow! Then I continue with the Motrin for an additional week for the swelling. Been taking zinc, vit C, Vit B complex. I feel pretty helthy over all but my monthly is coming so we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, that's all for now! Follow-up apt for next Friday so i'll post after that unless anything drastic happens between then :)

Back to work :(

So I did not get to go to my follow up appointment this past friday because of a family emergency. I rescheduled for this upcoming friday.... Can't wait to see what he says because I definitely want a round 2. But I'm not sure where I would get the fat from! Ugh. I was also talking to him about a fat transfer to the breast. (just a little nothing major) But he laughed and said "the question is where are you going to get the fat from?" My response "you let me handle that" haha I have been eating as much as I can ever since, which is turn has made my butt a little bigger. But nothing major. What will be the issue here is making sure I eat to keep it up when I do get it. But at least the fat will be back there already .

Anyway Work! I am traveler so I go back and forth to work by plane each week.. and man oh man was that plane ride on this dang BBL pillow a rough one. Its not comfortable for longer than 10 minutes. (The instructions do say get up and walk around ever 10 mins ... but what is the point if I cant sit down and do my work???) Work has consisted of meetings today which made me have to carry this thing around ... I try to get to the rooms before anyone notices and sit down first... It has almost worked so far. We had a team dinner yesterday and I walked in and one of my co-workers asked "Hey did you bring your stair stepper in here with you" ... Yes was my reply. My Faja is a little uncomfortable... trying to sit down and not allow it to creese is an issue, it hurts the center of my tummy and is causing a slight indentation. Fortunately next week I work from home so I can go back to laying around again.

Staying off my butt has been easy until this point... Although my butt has gone down in size slightly, It was not due to this week... Travel day tomorrow (Home) and over all work was a success *Insert tired emoji here*

Oh and by the way I am going out Friday night with my friends for the first time! I'm excited but happy the change is not too major... I will chuck it up to my amazing Gym routine haha.

6 weeks!

Okay! It has been a while since I left a note but didn't want to fall off the map completely haha.

So! done wearing my Faja finally! And I am sitting normally for the most part - Over all I lost about an inch in total since the surgery which is great in my opinion. Loving the new curves back there but also ready for my round 2. I have a check up in 2 weeks ... going to inquire about it then as well as a fat transfer to my breasts. I also want a smaller waist, so want him to bring that in a bit more. A few little things here and there. I see at least 3 more surgeries in my future... my largest issue is gaining weight! *sigh*

Anyway - I am almost completely healed.. a little sore on my sides and lower back but it is coming along... I am going to the Dominican Republic soon so bathing suite season! Will upload pics as I try them on. :)

I hope everyone else is doing well!

I fell off the map!

Hey ladies so I know I fell off the map. As things get easier I found less and less thing to report on.

Anyway... remember when I said I was deff going to do a round 2? Well... I went to the doctor for my 6 month check up... and I was telling him about how I had some fat on my back that I wanted him to go ahead and get rid off... (Not even thinking about a transfer) He told me the cost and I was like Heck yeah! He then said in the process we will go ahead and just add that to your butt... call it a bbl touch up. So I got super excited!

We planned to get it done 7/30 and when I got there yesterday he said wow you did put on a little extra weight. Good job! So he looks at my tummy and says, well we might as well get this out too.... So ultimately this turned into a round 2 !! As he was marking me up he said just so you know you probably wont get any more fat from any of these areas and that this was our last shot at this. I noded and said "Yeah I know" - Little does he know... the fat transfer to the boobs is still up in the air for me... my butt was just a little more important.

Anywho!! More pics coming soon ^_^

1 Day Post Round 2 (Refer to my last 1 Day Post Post as I feel the same as last time)

Day 3 |Way easier the 2nd time around

So! Day 3 of round 2.... Happy with my results (gladly) because there is no more fat lol! Lol (to graft anyway) but yeah. I will post pictures soon... it added another inch or so and the fullness is great (more hips) so I'm happy. Hope everyone else's journey is going well!
Dr. Lavenhouse

During the threading he was great - Made sure I was not in any pain and kept me in the loop the entire time with what was going on. For the BBL however, I told him I want to be sleep. I have seen the surgery done and it does not look pleasant.

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