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From what i can remember Ive never been...

From what i can remember Ive never been comfortable in my own skin. I always wanted to be something that I physically cannot achieve. Ive been overweight most of my life and though diet and excercise has helped me feel better because im going a positive and healthy thing, it hasnt done a thing for the way my body is shaped or proportioned. I am a 25 yr old hispanic female with no children. Ive been researching doctors and procedures online, on real self, and on make me heal and the before and fters that ive seen the most dramatic changes on is DA DA DAAAAA....Jimerson. I have requested a consultation and this is what i want
Butt augmentation with fat transfer to butt and hips
What do i mean round one? Well....i do want to have a mini tummy tuck after having fat transfered to my butt and hips and while you can choose to have a tummy tuck with fat transfered to butt your hips wont be able have work done since you will have to lay on your side for your recovery; hence, you will destroy the work to your hips. It doesnt make sence to me to have a nice, big full booty and no hips. That isnt the look Im going for since I want a nice, kind of dramatic hour glass figure. Im also interested in lipo in lower back rolls, arms, and inner thighs.

Round Two:
I dont know if i will go for jimerson for my tummy tuck. Why? His tummy tuck lines are a bit high on some patients but that may be because everyones body is different and for him to be able to give them a fully flat stomach the incision had to be where he made it. Completely understandable.

This is what I know will make me happy BUT i know that having a great ass and hips with a saggy stomach for a yr wait to recieve a next procedure isnt going to make me happy. Maybe I can do a tummy tuck along with my BBL, omit one of the areas I want lipo and later on go back, get lipo in that area and get that transfered to my hips. I think that this will make me happier than having a saggy stomach and big hips and ass.

Im adding wish pics to my profile, im not putting...

Im adding wish pics to my profile, im not putting up actual pictures of myself until I at least have a phone consultation with him. I think that I kind of figured out what is most important for me to achieve with this procedure, overall roundness but more fullness on the bottom. I guess its easier to say it like this... a butt that looks like two teardrops rather than a two basketballs. It just looks more appealing and natural. Anywho, thats basically what you can tell from the pictures I put up. All of which are from Dr. Jimersons website.

First off Id like to thank those who commented and...

First off Id like to thank those who commented and welcomed me, thank you! Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences here and have helped us who might have been just curious, to being interested, to being motivated to not settle with what we were given genetically by our parents. Since my last post ive been thinking heavily about what I want to do and what surgeons im choosing and Ive decided I want to do my TT first in order to have a even greater result with my BBL. As I already mentioned Im not looking to having Dr. Jimerson perform a TT on me since I dont find that area of his work appealing. No one surgeon can specialize in everything, to me he is the go-to guy for butts and hips. I have found two surgeons that I am interested in having a consultation with for my TT. The first one is Dr. Geoffrey Leber. His website : http://www.bevhillsdoc.com/beforeafter/tummytuck/index8.html
He has really great reviews on his bedside manner, answering questions, being patient, and going the extra mile on making the patients comfortable on makemeheal.com so Ive contacted him and am waiting to send in my pictures and some general information. The second doctor is Leonard M Hochstein, website : http://www.lhochsteinmd.com/photo-gallery/
Ive also contacted him and Im waiting for a response as well.

I was talking to a friend who is planning on going to Dr. Pantoja in MX for a BBL, TT, and Lipo and told her about my change of plans and interest in having more than one surgeon for my procedures and she was shocked. She goes, "so youre willing to pay twice?" My response "How many bodies do I have?"...This isnt a car, a condo, a home, or an object this is my one and only body and I know that I can go to one doctor and have good results or go to doctors who I feel specialize in the areas I want work on and know that Im going to look better and be happier paying more than skipping out and saying "I shouldve done it right the first time around"

Here is another doctor I contacted for my...

Here is another doctor I contacted for my TT

Ok so as Ive been researching it has become clear...

Ok so as Ive been researching it has become clear that it is recommended that you do a BBL first and then a TT. Ive tried requesting a consultation with Jimerson using his website but I get "stuck" and not being able to complete it. Ive called two different numbers to the office but I havent received a phone call. No big deal since it is the holiday season even though I called last week. Tuesday I will make it a goal of mine to get someone on the phone because I need to get the ball moving on this! I kind of wanted to the tummy tuck first simply because my stomach really bothers me but if I have a great ass and some nice hips nothing a undergarment cant help me with so Ill just tough it out. I am almost 100% sure I want Jimerson to do my BBL because there have been quite a bit of ppl complaining about one area of their procedure or another with Salama and one lady even had 2 infections. Yes these things happen but number one, Salamas butts almost all look the same and a lot of them end up looking a little boxy to me. They are wider and have less projection than Dr. J's. Even if I were to go with Salama I wouldnt use that garment he gives to his patients for the first week it seems like the little bit of butt that sticks out from the hole of the garment stays flat, like the crease of the butt, right at the bottom isnt round, again it looks box. Im no expert and I dont want anyone coming at me sideways for my opinion on what is clear in PHOTOS right here on this very website. Im not knocking anyone or trying to persuade anyone to go to a particular surgeon...im just stating my observations. A turn off about Dr. J's is the three to four incisions he makes around the side of each butt cheek, scars will eventually fade...boxy butts dont. Im going to definitely make sure he understands I dont want a hump on the very top of my butt making it look high, that is a look that is a bit popular, ive seen it plenty of times but the patients mightve wanted that and that isnt something he does entirely on his own accordance.

Hello lovely ladies! Along with many of you I have...

hello lovely ladies! Along with many of you I have fallen victim to complete addiction to this website, to the stories, before and afters, collecting wish pics and even pics of what I DONT WANT so me and mr jimerson are very clear :) What a process this is! Im adding some more wish pics onto my profile because I know it also helps others explain what it is they want to achieve without using words. I cant wait for Monday to roll up so I can call the office and set up a consultation and a surgery date. Ill keep u guys updated and once I have a set date for surgery i will post my horrific pictures up. Dr. Simons office has been great with emails back and forth, still havent heard from Dr. Lebers office which is the one im most interested in since they offer a pain pump for the TT procedure. One woman had a BA and a TT from him and said that her BA was what hurted her not the TT because of the pump so thats one advantage I hear that im not hearing from other doctors PLUS his TT looks so natural, not overly stretched and fake/stiff looking.

Hey all :) Good news. I called the Dr. Jimerson's...

Hey all :) Good news. I called the Dr. Jimerson's office I have a phone consultation with him on 01/25/2013. The office knows I would like to have my surgery in February but Im not sure when I will be able to book it, if I have to wait until after the consultation so I sent them another email and hopefully I can get a reply soon, if not Ill just call back. My boyfriend said that he will be coming with me for the surgery and wants for us to go down there a day or two before to enjoy GA together which was sweet. Its awesome having his support. My mom...man, I dont know what to do. Should I tell her? Should I not? Of course many of you are like....UH, YEA TELL HER lol but you dont understand. She will LITERALLY worry herself SICK. She will get so worried that she will become ill and that is something that I dont want. Of course the thought of the chance of something going TERRIBLY wrong and her not knowing a thing about it also scares me but I try to comfort myself by reminding myself that Dr. Jimerson does this procedure an average of 4 or 5 times a week and that should put me at ease. I try not to think about the VERY slim chance that I can be the one with a devastating result regardless to how experienced and comfortable he is at his work. I just want to be positive about the whole thing. I asked my brother and he said..."don't....just dont tell mom." How long am I planning to stay out there? Im definitely staying there more than a week after my surgery, perhaps up to 2 weeks so when I come back, Ill "look" normal (with clothes on of course) so Im hoping she wont notice too much too soon although if she does notice I really dont mind. I just want her to not put herself in the hospital over this.

I also got a phone call from Dr. Simon himself, one of the surgeons that I was interested in for a tummy tuck. He was very laid back, down to earth, nice and when he asked where I was from (NJ) he asked about how bad it was during Hurricane Sandy which was nice. I mentioned in a prior email to his office that I wanted to know if after a fat grafting that of course includes lipo, if these areas can receive further lipo along with a tummy tuck. He told me something that I havent heard from any surgeon, he said that I may be pleased with the result of lipo and may want to hold off on the tummy tuck although he has performed this procedure to young women who havent had children yet such as myself and since I have no children and im young my skin should tighten up quite a bit, I really really hope I can do something else other than a tummy tuck, I am allowing at least close to a year before deciding what to do with my stomach and hopefully with a few tricks that im learning about that help with sagginess and buldge I can at least have a mini tuck and not an extended scar. Dr Simon then asked if I had any questions for him and told me that his assistant will get back with a quote. The email had the quote for lipo along with a fat grafting which I already said I was having with another surgeon. I replied asking for a quote for the tummy tuck and I got a reply saying he doesnt recommend one....ok, well thank you for wasting my time. I wasnt asking about his fat grafting. Im going to hold off on the whole tummy situation and getting quotes until after this procedure with Dr. Jimerson and giving myself a yr for my skin to kind of bounce back along with a exercise routine and trying some of these tricks out such as suran wrapping your tummy really tight and then using a sweat belt and doing regular stuff or exercising with it on.

I just scheduled an appointment with a primary...

I just scheduled an appointment with a primary care physician (no I havent had one since I was much younger) to make sure everything is ok with me and I mentioned to the secretary that I will be having surgery so I wanted him to do a EKG as well ( i may have to wait for another appointment but that beats getting to GA and having to come right back to NJ for a medical reason) I just want everything to go smoothly and make sure I got everything covered before booking with Jimerson. Im also going to start purchasing items I will need for the surgery very soon but I will surely update as I am now. Thank all you guys that show support and have left comments I wish you guys all the best as well!

Booked for surgery! time to buy supplies! anyone...

booked for surgery! time to buy supplies! anyone have some advice/tips on what I should buy

I bought almost all of my medical supplies I think...

i bought almost all of my medical supplies I think I need for my surgery, unfortunately I feel kind of invisible here. I update my blog, ask questions and I really dont get any feedback from anyone so i did the next best thing and just read a bunch of reviews and see what helped other people get through the recovery as far as supplies goes and my list is pretty big. I bought about 15 or 16 things all off amazon.com and I was happy to find like 98% of things I was looking to purchase. Its a pain in the a** to have to buy things seperately from different websites. I guess I should list the things that I purchased.

-boppy pillow with cover
-female urinal
-Medline Locking Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms
-stool softner
-Sanar Arnica White Ointment
-Arnicare Gel Twin Pack
-Johnson and Johnson Red Cross Waterproof First Aid Tape (since the silicone strips Im getting have reviews that they usually fall off after the 3rd or 4rth day figured this would help)
-ScarAway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets
-Mederma Scar Gel
-Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy Advanced Cream Formula (figured id try to get minimize my stretchmarks while im at it)
-Make Me Heal Plastic Surgery Healing Supplements & Vitamins Kit
-Sunbeam 756-500 Heating Pad with UltraHeatTechnology for my neck and back
-Aveeno Anti-Itch Cream, 1% Hydrocortisone, Maximum Strength
-Preggie Pop Drops (21 Pieces) - Assortment of Sour Flavors (to subside nausea...i dont want to take anymore pills so i got candy lol )
-Texsport Bazaar Armchair (I saw a review from lady who did the most brilliant thing...she bought one of those portable chairs that ppl use at the park and cut the part that would touch her butt out and she was able to sit without putting any pressure on her butt...definitely got that!)

Im also planning to do a series of "home made slimming wraps" starting now until my surgery and afterwards to see if it will help with my stomach so I bought:
-Celtic Sea Salt, Fine Ground, 16 Ounce
-Eternal Essence Oils - Jasmine Fragrance Oil
-Illite Organic French Green Clay Super Fine Special Powder for Face Facial Body Mask Skin Natural Regenerator

I still have to buy more things for my wraps but i didnt have enough time this morning before work. Right before I pushed "check out" it hit me...Im really going to do this! Im excited but I am still a little scared and nervous. I know this is normal but I can only imagine how I will feel as the date approaches!!! Well, thats all for now ladies. Ty to whoever does read and comment!

I found out about Dr Jimerson on realself.com and I chose him because his butt augmentation before and afters surpasses all other surgeons Ive researched including surgeons in mexico like Campos, Pantoja, and in the states like Salama and Mendieta.

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