Duran BBL, Lipo & TT Feb 26 2016

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Stats: 49 yrs, 5'5" 145 lbs, healthy ( no meds),...

Stats: 49 yrs, 5'5" 145 lbs, healthy ( no meds), previous lipo in 2005, non-smoker, no children
Why BBL? My Latina ass is not there..I have a square flat butt which has dropped with age and lack of exercise I want to feel more voluptuous on my bottom half
Current stage in the BBL: setting up consultation w/ my top three choices: Dr Stanley Okoro (ATL ) Dr Andrew Jimerson ( ATL) Dr Jonathan Fisher (Miami) . Dr Okoro is scheduled for in person on Monday February 17- very excited as I think he may be my first choice. I want surgery mid April or early May. I'm hoping for 750-800 cc to each side. I will update after each consultation..best wishes my chicas!

RH Chosen: Rocio Ortega RH

I've chosen Rocio Ortega RH based on the excellent reviews, the owner emailed me this morning and then called me via WhatsAp to answer more questions, they have hospital beds, they have a web page and a FB page, they have a new vehicle for transport, the house is modern and very clean. They offer massages for $25 per 45 mins. They also offer other spa amenities. The decor is modern and minimal. OF course they have a doc and nurse available.
The only cons is they are 15 mins away from CIPLA and the transportation fees for the 2 weeks is $100 (airport xfer, CIPLA xfers for SX and FU appt.

Feb 26 2016 Officially a Durán Doll

SX with the Queen of Dolls: Dra Durán onFeb 26,2016.

DR Packing List

My bags are packed. This is what I'm taking. I'll update with what I actually end up using
• Black Robe (1)
• Black Tank Tops & T-shirts (5)
• Black Flip Flops
• Black crocs
• X Large Cotton Underwear (16 pairs)
• Cotton Shorts (1)
• Black Pajamas w/button up top
• Cotton dress (2)
• Travel shoes (slip on)
• Black Palazzo Pants for plane
• Light zip up hoodie for plane
• Hair Scarves (2)
• Cozy Socks (2 pairs)
• Wish Pics and NO Wish Pics
• Blood test results
• Large Baby Wipes (7 pkg)
• Body Brush
• Normal Toiletries in travel size (Hair Protein, toothbrush, toothpaste, face cleansing wipes, baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter, sample package of shampoo & conditioner, razor, quick dry towel, spray bottle, satin pillow case, curling hair cream)
• Wash Cloths (2)
• Lavender oil
• Arnica Cream
• Arnica pills
• Bromelain
• Vitamin B & Vitamin C
• Folic Acid
• Iron Drops
• Oxycodone (left over from last surgery)
• Benadryl pills for itching
• Soothing lotion or cream for itching (Mometasona)
• Magnesium (stool softener)
• Compression Socks (2 pairs)
• Compression Arm Sleeve (1 pair)
• Small Throw Cover
• Overnight Super Maxi pads (90 pack)
• Female Urinal (EZ P)
• LipoFoam (5)
• Back Lipo Board (1) & Front Lipo Board (1)
• Puppy Pee Pads instead of Chux (60pack)
• Backpack and Mini Lock
• Neck traveling pillow
• Boppy Pillow
• Stage 2 Faja
• Lanyard & Safety pins
• Latex Gloves (pack of 30)
• KIND brand protein and fiber nut bars (8)
• Mophie juice pack
• iPad & Charger
• iPhone & Charger
• Selfie Stick & Charger
• Electrical Extension cord
• Order DR Currency = $200 US worth
• Get USD for surgery, tips massages, prescriptions, RH, etc
• Submit out of the country with bank
• Order DR Tourist Card
• Confirm international calling plan with Verizon
• Set up wheelchair assistance with Delta for return trip
• Detox 1 week prior to surgery (no sugar, no caffeine, no liquor)
• Schedule Colon Hydrotherapy 3 days prior
• Place gym membership on hold for 2 months
• Absentee Ballot
• Secure lymphatic massages for return home
• Start Arnica pills & Bromelain 1 week prior to surgery

Travel Day & Checked Into RH

I've arrived to Santo Domingo today. The driver from the RH was waiting for me after I got through immigration and customs which was a breeze. The drive to the RH took an hour since we hit rush hour traffic ( Santo Domingo is capital to the DR.).
The RH : Rocio Ortega is modern & super clean. Everyone that works here is so friendly. I paid the 14 days, the nurse for surgery day and the transportation. I'm sharing my room with a young lady. There are only 7 other patients in the house. My roommate was told not to bring the chux and medical things. I may have overpacked. UGGH they are very accommodating here. I'm glad I chose this RH so far I go tomorrow to CIPLA at 10am for blood work and testing

Closing this Post

Hi Dolls. I'm not updating this post anymore since I have another post going. I thought I could keep up a BBL Post and a TT post separate but too confusing. Please check out my TT BBL with Dra Agustina Durán post for updates and pics.

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