40 Years Old, 3 Kids, BBL and Inner Thigh LIPO.

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Hello there ladies. Very nervous about my...

Hello there ladies. Very nervous about my procedure. Paid in full with some hesitation after reading bad reviews, but the pictures here are the best when researching BBL. I AM hopeful that I will be a success story. I have read horrid stories about Customer service. I have not yet experience that. I just asked the office to write a Dr. excuse for work where they omit the plastic surgery word, so I can take sick leave time off.

I am 5.2 and 126lb. I have been asked to gain 10lb, which is a torture for me since I have been trying to maintain, and am afraid of how I will look. I am willing to do it for the benefit of a good butt. I gain weight pretty easily so it won't be hard.

Here are my wish pics and pre op pics. A local doctor told me I needed a TT but Dr. J said that I don't. My local doctor planted some doubts in me after saying that's what would take to get the desirable results.

I am going to document my journey to help future ladies... I hope my results won't be deceiving and I am satisfied with them once this is all over. But either way... you will know.

Please give some encouragement if you have been through this, and if you haven't but are about to... I'd love to share thoughts.

I HAVE been torn about making my surgeries "public" and share it with Co-workers, but I just feel I cant. I am trying to think of ways to conceal it and make up a story as for my body changing reason. My PLAN is to wear very loose clothes and say I am starting to lift some weights and do squats... I NEED an excuse as to why I am using my pillow at work. Any ideas? My husband suggested I say I hurt my tail bone and can't put pressure on it. We will see...

Here are my preop pics and my wish ones. Not sure if this will be achievable.

Also if anyone ever had inner lipo done.... please share your result satisfaction. Thanks!

Pre-op Pics and Wish Pics

I hope I get something somewhat close to my wish pics. I am working on gaining 10lb which is killing me as I fear weight gain and I read that you need to maintain the weight you have gained 3 months post surgery... :( ... but I guess I can do it for the sake of a nice round bootie.

Pre-op pics

More Pre-op pics.

Do you think that my wish pics may be obtainable? I am also getting lipo on my inner thighs... I have read that in some cases the results may not be the best, But I also seen pics of some very nice after results. Thank you ladies!

What's the best pillow to use?

Hey vets and future dolls... What are the best pillows out there... ? I am confused as to which ones to use... prices go from 13 -100$... Is it worth buying the high end ones? Thanks!


30 DAYS... that's it!

Pre OP Today... Very Dissapointing due to Lack of Professionalism

Ok ladies, so today i was supposed to have the pre op over the phone with Dr. Jimerson. The Surgery is only 3 weeks away and I have been patiently waiting. It was 4pm and still didn't hear from anyone. No calls!!!! I called them and Derrel picked up the phone and transferred it to someone someone called Renee. She was talking to me with a very unprofessional tone. It didn't look like she knew what she was talking about. I asked her to email me the preop list and instead of emailing it she asked me to get pen and paper (seriously?). She told me I had to start taking Iron and when I asked her the dosage she said "just whatever they sell over the counter".

I am starting to see the lack of professionalism in Dr. Jimerson's staff that most of his patients talk about here in RS.
It is sad that after paying almost 12000 you get people that do not seem to love their job and lack people's skills. I hope he reads the comments of the hundreds of patients that complain about lack of professionalism and he decides to do a major clean up in his office staff or re-train them.

2 Weeks and counting... Encouragement needed!

Getting really anxious and nervous at this point. I HAVE spent hours and hours reading at people's personal experiences and feel a little scared. Read some really bad reviews on different doctors and I cant help but think that something like that could happen to me. I am extremely nervous about my belly. I had a doctor in my area say I needed a tummy tuck or I WOULD GET "hanging skin". That just keeps coming through my mind. I have seen tons of reviews of people with similar fat and shape in my belly area and they had great results. Dr. Jimerson did not recommend a TT so that makes me feel a little better... sometimes... others I can't help but question whether my belly will look bad. My main goal is to be able to wear a bikini... I AM ready to burn my grandma dress like bathing suit... so I hope my belly looks descent. Please BBL vets, look at my before pics and let me know if your body shape was similar and what YOU though of your results. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!

If you all

Anyone out there who was undecided between a TT and a LIPO?

Hello Dolls, as time approaches more fears come to mind. Still worried about how my belly will look after Lipo. I am not doing the TT because Dr. Jimerson did not mention it. I have no stretch marks at all and it looks pretty firm... but still worry when I see my flabbiness. Please look at my photos and give me opinions! I think the fist doctor that I saw got me traumatized. He said I needed a TT because I would get "loose skin" after the lipo. My neighbor who has had a liposuction was shocked when I told her that that doctor had stated i'd need a TT. I was shocked too. I had initially gone for a lipo of my belly and flanks. I am kind of glad that he talked about the lipo, because that is when my research begun and I found RS... and started to see BBL pics! And then I decided on the BBL. Finding the right doctor was a whole another challenge too! I have decided on Dr. Jimerson. He is very pricey almost double of what other good surgeons charge but balancing all things out, I concluded that i'd be my best option. I have 3 kids and he is about 3 hours away from home. Miami was an attractive idea (Hassan, Salama, Perry... all good doctors but they are 10h away. I can't think of a flight after surgery... My hubby and baby will come with me the day before surgery and will stay for a night. They will go back home after the surgery once they see I am doing ok (another one of my fears!).

Anyway! today is my 2 week mark!!!! I am extremely nervous and pray things go well... it's hard to concentrate at work at this point... I just want time to fly to my SX day!

Photo editing magic!

Ok dolls. So I have been playing around with an app to create dead body that I would like. It was difficult to make it realistic but here are some pictures of what it would be somewhat close to my desired outcome. I cannot wait until surgery date to see how close The results are. I have seen some people play with their pictures on the outcomes were way better than The pictures they created. We will see!

Got my Booty Buddy today. Review

Hello Dolls! I got my booty buddy today and I am a bit worried. I tried it and when sitting on it, it goes down so much that my butt almost touches the chair. I am not sure how that's going to work once I have the big budunk... I hope it works otherwise I WILL call and complain. Does anyone own one and has had that problem ? Please let me know!

Also I started taking my iron, vitamin C, bromelain and arnica pills. Surgery is only 9 days away... Counting the days!

Question about long term Liposuction results- Does fat come back?

Ok vets, here is a question for you. Have you accumulated any fat in your flanks, stomach or lower back since the surgery? Also, have you modified your diet at all? I do not eat much junk at all, so I don't know why I have the fat I have in those areas. I am thinking is just my age! lol... But was wondering whether as time goes by you start storing fat again in the areas that were lipoed. Thanks!!!!

5 Days!

Ok ladies, I have only 5 days left. I am feeling extremely excited, happy, nervous, fearful, doubtful... I think the rollercoaster of emotions is evidently clear now.
My hopes:
I have a nicer, rejuvenated figure
Smaller waist
Rounder and more projected butt (not necessarily bigger) because I have hips and my booty is pretty wide already.
Feeling better about my body
Finally being able to wear a bikini!
Throwing away my grandma looking bathing suit... burn it!
Improving self esteem
Hoping for increased sex drive! I have heard some women say this is true for them after surgery
Wearing sexy outfits
Shopping for clothes I wouldn't even dare to look
Wearing old outfits that used to look good on me

Too big of a butt
Loose skin on my belly
Lumps and bumps on my lipoed areas
Not seeing any difference on my butt
Not seeing any difference on my waist, or not enough of a difference
Not seeing a difference on my inner things ( I am getting them lipoed)
Loose skin on my inner thighs
Feeling depressed after surgery ( a lot of women document this)
Too much pain after surgery
Did I say getting a humoungous butt?
Regretting surgery

Anyways... just wanted to run through my emotions to see if you ladies had the same hopes and fears...
Let me know! 5 MORE DAYS only.

What could happen after surgery... A copilation of what you ladies reported--READ if you are about get a BBL

OK dolls, so after hours and hours (and I mean days of reading RS stories) I have compiled a few "what to expect" after surgery. Your openness, honesty and bravery has helped me to prepare for this rollercoaster ride! I am going in to surgery keeping in mind that....

I will be swollen like a balloon right after surgery and that the bootie will be exaggerated therefore. I am going into surgery also knowing that right after surgery my belly may look like a deflated balloon, but that after a few days of compression it will attach to the muscle and will start to look great. I do not have hanging skin or stretch marks after 3 pregnancies, so that's good! My skin overall seems pretty firm. Ok... I have also learned that I could get "butt envy", meaning wishing I went bigger. Also... fear of killing fat cells and obsessing measuring. Some women report seeing their butt smaller, then measuring and realizing it's not. Ok... last but not least people report "getting used" to the results and not feeling as happy... I think that it would only take for me to look at my before pics to realize it was worth it.

I AM coming in with a lot of good information from all of you! Thanks so much for sharing and patiently responding to all of my questions. Thank you!

Emotions 1 day before surgery

OK ladies this is it, only 30 hours away from my surgery date. I am not going to lie to you... at times I wonder if this surgery will b as worth it as I have hoped it would be. I try to stay focus on positive results but can't help but to think about all what ifs. About my doctor... I keep reminding myself that he performed an average of three surgeries a day and that he should be able to do it with his eyes closed! to keep myself positive I remind myself of all the clients he transformed... And I've seen real results here! I honestly do not go by his website photos, I have a friend that works at a plastic surgeon's office and she tells me not to trust plastic surgeon's website pictures. Real self pictures come from people like you and me for just trying to use their own experiences to help other people... I am sure there may b a few fake profiles but for the most part most profiles are "for real". To be honest I have been so busy I haven't even packed and I am leaving tomorrow at 8 AM for my preop apt!!! I do have everything and anything though...since I have been getting things ready for this day but just havent had the chance to put it all in my suitcase . I will have to do that tonight... Hopefully before midnight!! Talk to you all very soon, I have a long night ahead of me! Take care dolls! Much love

I made it! New me pics

It's done!

Agee more pic- 10 hours after surgery

With foam and padding everywhere and lots of sweealing

Before and afters SIDE to SIDE :)

What do u all think?

Day 2 post OP

2 days POST OP

A few more pics from day 2

Hi how are you? It's been miserable the past two days but it's been well worth it since I absolutely love my results. The pain is some bearable and painkillers are not helping me at all. Did anyone have this problem ? Sleep is deprived. I only take short naps during the day and night on don't know what some long sleep, I truly miss that and need it. I remember hearing ladies talking about not using the bathroom, Yep that's me. I feel really bloated since I having use the bathroom in four days. My body itches really bad from the garment, it drives me nuts specially at night. Would any of you recommend a second stage garment? I cannot wait to get out of this one. Well, not everything is bad news, I really like the work my doctor did. He achieved the fullness on the roundness on the projection I requested. Here's a few pictures, what do you all think?

Picture of the day

Feeling very sick but hanging in there when I see my results. Here is a a picture for all of my ladies.


Pain has been horrible so far. Ms. Marcella went back to Dr. Jimerson's offie and was able to get me some stronger meds. I haven't taken them yet because I took the hydrocodone not knowing if new meds were going to happen.

No I haven't pooped. My stomach is killing me too, and I feel cramps, but no gas or poop so far... I have been taking laxatives but nothing has happened. I better poop soon or i'll be a poopy mess.

I feel bloaded... can you imagine 5 days of food in that stomach??????I'M BEGGING FOR RELIEF!

Ladies, I Hate the faja provided by Dr. Jimerson. The fabric is so stiff. I also feel like my booty is going to explode every time i put it in or take it out... such a desperate feeling... (anyone else has that fear?). Wouuld any of you recommend a faja that is firm yet soft to touch and somehow comforatable? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase share names and links. Thank you ladies@

My worst day ever

My worst day ever. Hello dolls today was day 6 post opas you know I have a lot of issues with pain and constipation. The cramps from not pooping where so bad I even regretted the surgery. So many thoughts came into mind... Will I ever feel 100% again ?

Thank you ladies YOU are the best

Ladies thank you soooooo much for your responses, they mean the world to me!!! I took the magnesium but it did t help because I couldn't hold it down. I was feeling so weak and my blood pressure was so low I threw up every bit of it. LaDies the cramps were so intense, labor was a breeze compared to it. I was hesitating to have the nurse help me by pulling th poop out, because I didn't want her to feel disgusted but the pain was so bad I had her do it. It didn't help because the stool was to compacted and too high up. We grid the enema and after about 30 min I got some relief. I cried out of exhaustion... Please ladies if you go though this and the meds constipat le you, please do an enema right away on day 3 or 4. I am feeling better... Thank you SO much for your help, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best Recovery Facility in Atlanta: NEW YOU RECOVERY HOUSE

Hi Dolls, I have been in Atanta now for a full week. This journey has had many ups and downs but my team at the New You Recovery house has been a huge part on keeping my sanity and my health always straight. I have to write this review because I would like all women coming to Atlanta for surgery to get the best care they can get. I chose the NEW YOU RECOVERY HOUSE after seeing their website. The mansion is located in a secured gated community only 15 minutes from the airport and about 35 minutes from Dr. Jimerson's office. I had a beautiful suite to myself which was shared with a great roommate after day 3. Ms. Marcella is the CEO and Director and has a heart of Gold. She is truly passionate about helping others recover and genuine in the work she does. As a cancer survivor she understands first hand the pain involved in surgical procedures and made sure I was cared for 24/7 beyond basic needs. Ms. Susan will take great care of you and she cooked gourmet meals every day, she even did her specialty tuna sandwich just for us! They always made sure we took our medications and felt comfortable at all times of day and night. I was picked up by a limousine and taken to all of my appointment by a limousine and a chauffer. She truly made this a unique and pampering experience and can say I felt like a celebrity in her care. I CAN only say but good things about her and her team's prossionalism and ability to handle patients in pain and distress. They were so patient with me... What made me make the decision to stay at their recovery house is the tone of voice and excellent customer service Ms. Marcella provided over the phone before surgery... She was so nice and attentive that I was sold! She allowed my baby and husband to stay with me for the first nigh and included all three meals for them. Ladies if you are looking for a vacation while recovering... make sure you check her website. Ms. Marcella has a great sense of humor and will make you laugh on the days your pain is taking over you. I had a lot of difficulty with my medication and she personally went to talk to Dr. Jimerson to have them change it so I could better handle the pain. She went above and beyond! WWW.NEWYOURECOVERYHOUSE.COM

New you recovery house

Here are some photos for you ladies

First time in a bikini in over 8 years

Still all bruised up. Day 8 post op

Peek-a-boo of my results

What do you all think so far?

Day 12 ladies...

I'll do a full review later on on how I'm feeling and such, but here r some pics

One more pic

Feelings at 12 days post of

Let me tell you dolls that this journey has been way more intense than I had anticipated. I have read a lot form many of you in real self and thought I was prepared for this journey. But quite honestly no matter how much to read I think nothing come prepare you for your own personal experience. A 12 days postop I still feel a lot of pain specially in my back. I have an overall back pain that stems from playing so much on my back and standing up all the time. I do not feel good copy layer of all the area where I had like lipo done however I do feel horrible burning deeper inside those areas. I also feel a lot of pain in my inner thighs. My husband spends at least one hour daily massaging all the areas on that actually helps. I still have fluid in my belly back in enoug I still have fluid in my belly back and inner thighs. My inner thighs are very lumpy And super hard.

Let me tell you that this BBL journey also comes with very unglamorous situations. Today I went out for the first time and of course I had my garment on. As many of you know taking off the garment is not a one person pass for the first time and of course I had my garment on. As many of you know taking off the garment is not a one man task. Even though I had to use an enema twice so far today have to be the day I was going to use the bathroom with no extra help. I panicked at the store when I knew I needed to do number two. I tried to pull my Garman to the side and I thought I was safe to proceed so I did.... Oh Lord, out of all the disastrous situations in my life I think nothing topped today's. Yes ladies..... I POOPED my garment! Beauty can be shitty... Lol

Just saying, prepare yourselfs!!!


How long did you all waited to have sex? How did you start... Best positions?

Dreading going back to work... HELP

Hello ladies, how are you? Today's my first day of work I am feeling sick And nauseous. It's been two weeks and three days since surgery but I am still feeling very sick and nauseated. This horrible garment just not how every time I get on it I feel like puking, I cannot put it in or take it off on my own so I'm afraid about having to use the bathroom. They made some Funny but this are real fears, I wish I could take more time off until I feel better. How long did it take you to feel 100%? How did you all feel on your first day of work? On top of that I tried the booty buddy pillow and I feel like I cannot drive with it, he feels so uncomfortable. Please help. Thanks a lot.

Quick update on the "no go" work situation and other tales

Hello my beautiful ladies, I just wanted to update you real quick on how things went after my first day of work .so I ended up going to work on told my boss I was feeling weak and sick to which you responded if I needed an additional days I needed to do a family so I ended up going to work and told my boss I was feeling weak and sick to which he responded if I needed an additional days I needed to do a family emergency absence form. That form needs to be signed by a physician with an explanation of the type of surgery performed. I did not want to go through that so I decided to suck it up! The worst part of my job is the fact that I have to sit on my thought for almost 8 hours. I am using the booty budy pillow which sucks. I'm feeling pretty miserable at work, but all my coworkers are being extremely supportive. Lord knows I'm so thankful for 2 days off this week. On top of that I do not have any pain medication... So I am using 800mg of ibuprofen which doesn't cut the pain. I left a message for the nurse 2 days ago but have not received any response. I don't want to insist as I also don't want to come across as drug seeking, which is the reason why I haven't gone to the ER. The pain is so intense at night that I may just have to go tomorrow.

My garment makes things worse... I simply hate it. I get relief when I have it off but I know it's crucial for a positive outcome. Honestly I don't know if I'd go through this again if I went back in time. I hope to feel "me" again soon... Sometimes I doubt it...

I know everyone heals differently but could you tell me on your own experience how long it took you to feel 100%?

Also... Driving with a booty pillow seems impossible and I'd I try a rolled up blanket I feel like my butt touches the seat... How long did you wait to sit on your butt... I'm not sure how much longer I can take all this craziness.

Week 3 post op pics

1 month post

Jeans... Without garment


Just started waisttraining. Making sure I have my garment or clincher always on

Week 6 night out

It's crazy how you spend hours here looking at other women's body thinking yours won't look like that. For some reason that was my thought... It feels great now to see my pictures... It feels so unrealistic! I am praying for long lasting results.

6 Weeks review.... and a few little extra things.

Hi dolls... This is a response to a question a doll had, thought the info is good so I wanted to share it with all of you. If it helps one, it's good.

Hello there sweetie... I am taking bromelain and arnica. I stopped taking my pain pills when I run out of them which was about two weeks after Sx. I would have run out of them earlier but I would only use them at night to ensure they would last a bit longer, night time is when pain is worse, at least for me. I am 6 weeks post op and still have pretty bad pain. Not bad enough to stop me from going to work, but just very sore. I feel deep muscle pain that is throbbing at night. I don't think this is the norm... I hear some people say that they are 100% 3 or 4 weeks after sx, but this has not been my case. The girl that did her sx right after me with my doctor is experiencing the same pain. I guess it depends on how aggressive the lipo is. Mine was pretty aggressive, specially on my lowerback and sides. I am also experiencing burning sensation in all my lipoed areas and can't feel the top layer of my skin, which is so weird considering I can feel the burn and the deep muscle pain/throbbing. I am however very satisfied with my results... I WAS VERY UNHAPPY with how my body looked before so I guess I would go through this again if I had a choice, but it has been very PAINFUL, and I tolerate pain pretty well.
Here are the things that I would do differently: I would make up a lie to bet at least 1 month off work. I went back at 2.5 weeks and it was horrible. I would also talk to my doctor in advance to make sure I get enough pain medication... I had a really hard time and still have, even now!

Driving was horrible... I kind of got used to the uncomfortable pillows... because I am not risking killing my cells, so I deal with it. I kind of go back and forth with the boppy pillow and the booty buddy. The boppy pillow is softer and lower, and more comfy but I feel like it puts some preassure on the sides. The booty buddy is higher but it kills my legs... it numbs them. So I alternate.

Garment... I BOUGHT 4 DIFFERNT ONES... and ended up returning all of them and using the one the dr. gave me which is the hell faja, I am not sure if I got used to it or what but I feel it is better than the ones I bought. I ended up returning all of the ones I ordered and bought me the same one 2 sizes smaller.

SQUEEM. I got the ann cherry one. It leaves lines deep in the skin, but I guess all of them do.... it does have boning but I really like the shape it gives me... personally. I will tell you more as I use it a bit longer. My waist was 31.5 and I am at 26 so I am really happy.

Please feel free to ask anything else. I had so many questions about my sx before doing it... so do not hesitate!

I would do it again... if my results are long lasting, IF THAT makes sense. I feel so much more confortable with my skin. I love the results of my butt too... not too exaggerated which is exactly what I wanted. I would recommend you though to go with a good doctor... I spent double of what most doctors charge but had peace of mind. I hope this helps!

Squeem update

Hello dolls... I just wanted to let you know my pain has worsened. I kind of feel like the squeem has made it worse... I AM GOING to stop for now until I feel fully recovered and pain free. I also feel like it may have torn my scar tissue. No more squeem for me. Any of you can recommend a good second/third stage garment? I am so sick of this garment craziness... aaahg!

7 weeks

9 week rewiew plus photos

Week 10

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