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I have yet to have a nice shape. I wear a squeem...

I have yet to have a nice shape. I wear a squeem daily and every one thinks that I am curvy but I am shaped like a square. I am fitness nut so I squat all the time only to have hurt knees. I have given up on squats and it is time to do something for me. This is my first time getting anything done costmetically so I pray all goes well.

Booty Buddy

I got my booty buddy in today! Thank goodness-right on time! I am getting a feel of it but I know I need lumbar support cause my back is not happy already. I wish that I could return my boppy pillow cause it is going to be big and clunky to carry through the airport.

48 hours and counting

OMG! I can't believe that I am down to my last 48 hours!!!!! Where has the month gone? I am not nervous as of yet maybe more anxious just for the unknown. I know that there are a few more items that I need and I hope that I can purchase them once I arrive in ATL tomorrow or just buy them online and have them shipped to my apt. Either way, Its go time! #timeforabrandnumein2015

Before photos

I am posting a few before pics before I head to Atl tomorrow. Since I am working with an iphone and real self only works with the windows system, I will have to take plenty of pics on my phone and then when I return I will post them all so that everyone can see unless I get lucky and come across a compatible system while I am away.

25 hours to go

It 6 am, I'm wide awake and laying on my back for one of my last times-lol. I am staying with @goldplatinumcare. Look her up on Instagram. She runs a fabulous business for the girls who are traveling from out of town and needs aftercare! It's neat because it's always other girls here who are already in the journey or just beginning, like me. She has a 24 hour nurse and a massage therapist that comes as scheduled! As of right now I'm not nervous. My pre-op is at 1130 today. And I keep getting complimented on how long my legs are and how good I'm gonna look so just that alone makes me excited and takes away my nervousness.

15 hours!!!

God is good!!!! Had my pre-op with Kim today and went to pick up my meds. I am pretty calm right now and I pray I stay that way. I am a ball of nerves but mostly I'm ready to have my new body. I am just gonna sit on my onion for the rest of the day, read and get ready to activate MOC (my operation cocoon)!

7 hours to go!!!!

Lol I'm scared to sleep!!! Like that is gonna make time slow down! My tummy is in knots! I have washed and rebraided my hair, my bag is packed-meds, lipgloss, and id. Maxi dress is on the bed. I am going to take another shower in the morning mainly because me and the hair fight so much that I can't deal with it and I'm sweating after I finish that fight! Lol. I know everything is going to be ok-with medicine today-yeah I am gonna be ok! Say a lil prayer for me ladies.

On the way

Ok dolls!!! We are on the way! I prayed for strength last night until I fell asleep. I have showered again and triple checked my bag. So I'm good right now just thirsty more than a little bit. I looked at myself in the mirror and I am so thankful that yesterday was my last day of frumpiness!

A brand new me is born!!!!

Ladies!!!!!! I'm a new person! After all the nervousness I had the process went really well. I remember walking into the OR, getting wiped down with the iodine, I don't know how I got on the bed, I remember putting my arm on the strap, I saw the oxygen mask get put on my face then I woke up on my stomach. I think I said "heyyyy" but I felt like I had been dranking without the hangover. Right now, I'm not in too much pain just tight from the garment. I'm so excited to see what I look like tomorrow when I get my first massage.

To those ladies coming from out of town

Ladies!!! Terris at Gold platinum care, LLC is doing a wonderful job taking care of us girls. She makes sure we eat, take our medicine on time and if it is anything we need, she is gonna make sure we get it. So anyone who is traveling from out of town, I recommend her wholeheartedly!!! She is a super sweet woman! I don't think she has a mean bone in her body. But the facility is great! If you left something at home-she already has it so then you won't have to go spend any more money! If you wanna see what her place looks like her IG is @goldplantiumcare for a single girl traveling-this is the place to stay-With a nurse and massage therapist on staff! You can't go wrong with @goldplatniumcare :))))))

1st massage

So I got my garment off and got my first massage! I had a lot of fluid built up in my lower back area. The massages are a beast but they are so worth it! Ok I just took more narcotics and I am really to fall over.

Contact info for ladies coming from out of town...

Ladies here is a screenshot of @goldplatinumcare instagram page.

4 days post op, before 2nd massage

This is the second time seeing my body and I fall in love with it more and more!! I am about to get my second massage and I found out that my body rejected the drain. Cause the gauze around the drain area is soaked but my drain tube is empty since weds.

After 2nd massage

Today's massage was not nearly as tough as the first one. I even noticed a difference after my massages. I used to be one of those women who down played plastic surgery buy now since I see what it can do to my body! Omg! I will never ever turn my nose up to plastic surgery again.


Today makes the 2nd day that I have woken up with a swollen face. Cold compresses help reduce the swelling but it still kind of bothers me. My incision site in the front reopened last night also which is good cause I know I'm draining. I think the swelling has something to do with the fact that my drain tube isn't working and I am sleeping a lot more than what I was in Tampa.

Today's goal: go #2!!!

This morning I sprung up out of the bed, turned on some music, and took my antibiotics and make me heal supplements. I feel wonderful today-even put on some tinted moisturizer and lipgloss. (Who am I getting cute for-I don't even know)! I am able to pick up things that I drop on the floor without my grabber.

However my face is still swollen but today I put on my Mary Kay eye firming cream and soothing eye gel to diminish the swelling faster. I also stayed up later last night reading my book because I really need to finish it cause I have work to do while I'm here.

My front incision area leaked pretty bad last night. But honestly I am ok with it since my body rejected the drain tube.

And most importantly!!!!! I took the garment off unassisted to go #2! I was scared to squat but I couldn't wait any longer. I bought some dark towels from the dollar store and folded them up so that I could sit my thighs on it but the way that the bathroom is set up, I balanced my heels under the toilet, then my right hand on the sink and left hand on the tub to take off some of that pressure.

I am so happy with my progress cause I was even able to put my garment back on unassisted!!! Yayee me!

Drain is out!

This week went by fast! Since I was not draining and another girl in the house had her follow up today, I decided to go along. Cause I needed some outside interaction. Geeta (I love her) went ahead and took my drain tube out but she made sure that I did not have a (forgive my spelling) senoma first. And if you don't like needles chile don't look! Lol. She told me that the swelling to my face is normal in addition to the tingling on both my pinkies and ring fingers. It will all go away in due time. Jerrell gave me a letter stating that I need to stand on the plane come Saturday but yall the way I'm feeling I am almost ready to get back on my grind. Greta also told me that I can drive in 2 weeks just use my booty buddy. She also told me to watch out cause I will be get married following the procedure!

I must say this journey so far has been a great one and with the encouragement and support from you all, it just made it all so much better! So anyone reading this still trying to decide, I got 3 words for ya-DO IT GURL!!!! Dr. Jimerson is the best of the best! And I just never thought that I would be so happy with my body and how I look today!

Thank you again ladies!

Got on board

Ok ladies so I put in my ab board that I purchased on Amazon Tuesday night. Cause after talking with AtlantaPYT, I want my waist as small as I can get it. My goal is 29-30 inches. I was going to post pics last night after wearing it 23 hours before my massage however, I had a turn for the worst last night. I took my hydrocodone on an empty stomach and I got lightheaded, dizzy and ended up rescheduling my massage to tonight. I think I was in the bed by 7. I took the board off this morning though when I went #2 this morning and I am even more impressed. Today is 48 hours after my drain is out so when I get to shower tonight, I will definitely post the pics after my massage. I'm so excited how my body changes daily. It's like a daily Christmas present!!! :-)

Last 20 hours in the A!!!

Ladies where have the time gone??? I remember just last week y'all were praying for me and my surgery! I fly out tomorrow at 230ish heading back to Tampa. I am nearly packed, got my doctors note to stand up on the plane from Jerrell, my booty buddy inside my carry on along with my book and headphones. My excuse is gonna be that my girls and I were running stairs down the street from her house and I slipped doing down and hurt my tailbone on the edge of a step. Just in case someone asked. I also plan on using this excuse to the 3 guys I'm supposed to be meeting up with upon my return to tampa also. My final measurements here in Atlanta are 36-33-47. The goal measurements are 36-29-47 and ordering a smaller garment will definitely help. I'm so excited to go back and begin my life as a brand new me. Cause as of right now, I don't even feel like I had a surgery, I feel 100% better!

Safe in tampa

Ladies I just wanted to let you know that I have arrived safely back in Tampa. It feels so good to be in my own space but I do miss being catered to though. However, it's time to put on the big girl panties and start anew! :-)

ordering my second garment online

OK ladies, so I didnt get to order my second garment before I left Atlanta so I tried to order it online last night and I am having issues with the website. So for time being I am using all 3 pieces of epi-foam in addition to my ab board until I can talk to someone tomorrow. As of right now, I definitely ready to go down to a smaller garment but this is all I can do in the meantime.

1st post surgery drive

Ladies I had to go get food and I am not the type of girl to ask for help cause all my friends live so far from me. But my fridge looked like a bachelor's fridge! Then again it was the bachelor's fridge-beer, wine and condiments! It is was mess. Now my initial plan was to walk to publix cause it is right around the corner from my place but after picking up my DVD case yesterday, I knew that I will not be able to walk and carry something heavy. So I drove to my favorite walmart (where my mce works-don't judge-he is just eyecandy). I must say it was an interesting drive, already being tall then sitting on the booty buddy. Then to ensure I did not put any pressure on my onion, I kind of reclined so that I was almost gansta driving. I don't foresee me driving anymore this week cause driving today was just awkward. Hopefully yall got friends who live close that you can call after your sugery. :)

new garment is here!

Finally I am in my smaller garment! I am so happy cause I could feel the old on get looser thoughout the day and I was not comfortable with that. My waist is holding strong at 32 inches so I put all the epifoam in the new garment and immediately went to the second hook upon closure. Another update in 24 hours! :)

Another inch down-15 days post op

One hour out of the new garment and its Christmas again! I used all the epi-foam but without the ab board this time. My measurements are 36-31-46. I lost an inch off my onion and I guess that is ok. I am still happy with my progress. My new garment is comfortable, just a little pulling on the shoulders but I have some fuzzy socks to help with the tugging of my skin. I went back to using my ab board because I felt like I had a little pudge looking down but from the side, it is flat. It might be all mental to me. I will post any changes tomorrow. :)

Bouncing off the walls!!!

Ladies I can't stay home anymore. Geeta told me to wait 3 weeks to drive but I am going crazy in my apt. I walk daily but that route has become boring. I have got to get back on my grind. I am the on-the-go type of girl. I ordered a lumbar support off of Amazon but it won't be here until the 20th. So I gotta ask does anyone have any suggestions for me when it comes to getting behind the wheel? I am going to try to make it to Monday hanging around my apt but I need some of the basic necessities in life to survive.

15 day pic

I just wanted to show you all a comparison pic. When I saw the pic, I dropped my phone cause I can't believe that is how I look. Dr. Jimerson is truly a blessing!!!

Please forgive me, I am bored

So while my garment was in the dryer-yes I dry mine-I need a waist of the gods-I started playing in my clothes. I'm at day 16, waist is holding strong at 31 inches!!


Ladies my waist today was 31.5 inches. I am back to wearing my thick tank tops and epifoam under my garment. Although this garment is a killer to get on and close, I think it is time to bite the bullet and go down a smaller size. Starting tomorrow, I will go back to putting the ab board inside in addition to the epi-foam, and tank. I want to take advantage of getting the smallest waist possible as my new body is forming.


Ladies, I need suggestions. I am scheduled for a dental and Brazilian wax appointment soon meaning I need to lie on my back? Are there any suggestions anyone might have to help me not put pressure on my onion or should I just reschedule both appointments till May?

3rd garment is here!!!

Ladies I am so excited! I have been in the XL garment with a tanktop, epifoam and ab board for the longest and not loosiing any more inches even after massages! And today it finally arrived. I am so excited that I want to put it on right now but I am going to wait until showertime tomorrow because I thought I was withdrawn from my online classes but my advisor failed to tell me it was too late to withdraw so now I have 4 assignments to complete by weds.

On Another Note, I have started "helping" my steri strips lift. Actually I have removed 2 of them completely. I had been babying the strips and not getting them wet or any shea butter on them but I was told they were supposed to fall off a week ago so I am just gonna help them a little. Until tomorrow sitting at the 31 inch waist for the last time!

Brandnume vs 3rd garment

Ladies it was a fight but I won! As I sit here now doing my homework, it isn't as uncomfortable as I expected-the thighs, the thong not even the shoulders. The midsection is smaller though. Just to try it out, I just wore a tank under it. I think by the end of the week I will be back in my epifoam and ab board. I know I'm 2 weeks, I will be ready for a medium garment or squeem.

Crazy creases

24 hours out of the garment and I have the worst creases so bad that I am having a hard time rubbing my Shea butter on my back and sides. I haven't felt this way since before the surgery. I have been massaging the area with my paint roller as the garment washes and dries.

On a positive note...30 inch waist!!!!!!!!!! I am adding the epifoam today regardless so I can't wait to see my results tomorrow! :)

30 days post

Today makes exactly 30 days snd I wanna say the timing is perfect cause I'm getting started to get tired of the make me heal supplements but I know they are working cause my results are the complete opposite of what my girl went thru.

So today I wore something that showed my shape. I think they epifoam took away from my curves but I did find a catch people looking.

Lastly, I must say, after wearing that garment in my crack for so long already and I have more time to go, I have grown fond of thongs. I tried on a few last night and I was very pleased. Actually thongs are the only underwear that really fit.

Early 1 month post

Ladies, I need advice. Tomorrow is going to be my 1 month anniversary from the birth of my new body but I am kind of in a difficult situation right now. Ive been wearing my new garment since this Tuesday and I lost an inch but now I am back up to 31 inches again. It is kind of frustrating because I am noticing that my legs are swelling a little and more embarrassingly, my pink lady isn't happy with all this compression either. My massages are every other week so the next one is March 5. My plan was to wear the garment for 23 hours a day until 29 March (8 weeks total) but with the issues that I am beginning to have and no loss in inches, I am considering ordering a corset and some slimming gel to see if I can loose more inches that way. I mean I love the way I look right now but I have 2 more weeks where I know I can maximize on the molding of my new body. Y'all please give me your 2 cents on the matter because I can be indecisive at times but right now isn't one of those times. I need to move and I need to move quick.

Cankles alert!!

I don't know why but my feet and ankles has swollen to no end! I have cankles! I put in my compression socks and I am hoping for the best. Has this happened to anyone else?


I took some pics of my scars today. I want to track my scar progress because I'm deciding if I should go buy some mederma or keep using my raw Shea butter on my scars.


Someone please tell me how long the itching is going to last? I am 6 weeks post op and it feels like it is getting worse. Geeta said those are my nerve endings healing but I can't concentrate on life cause I am itching so bad. I am thankful that I have my foam in between my skin cause I could imagine I probably would've broken skin already.

Too soon

Ok I need opinions. I'm going to see a live band with my girls tmrw and I don't really wanna wear another sun dress to hide my garment. Is it too soon for skinny jeans and is the divot under my butt really noticeable?

About last night.

Thankfully my corset and butt lifter came in before I went out to meet my friends. I honestly don't want to start wearing this corset but this tampa humidity and garment isn't agreeing with my body. I feel the corset working but my only concern is how it hugs my hips-practically digging into them. I plan on buying a smaller, shorter garment once my body is acclamated to this heat. But as of right now, corset in the day and garment overnight. I hope this isn't gonna be counter productive. Fingers crossed
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