34 Yrs Old 2 Kids 5'3' 142lbs - Atlanta, GA

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My first "review", im not sure how this works but...

My first "review", im not sure how this works but ive been obsessed with reading everyone's experience. I have quite a wait before November, but ive waited years so a few more months wont hurt. I'm not looking for fat transferred to hip just the booty. And a smaller waist. I'll add pre-op pix soon. (When i get a little more courage)

Wish pics

First Consultation

Going for my first consultation this coming Wednesday! ???????? I feel like ive been waiting forever!! I will post before pictures Wednesday too.

Consultation today!!

Omg, information overload. So many changes.
So apparently im getting a tummy tuck too. Moved my date from Nov to Sept 1!!!! Cost is way way way more than expected.so instead of a 5 month wait only a two month wait. The tummy tuck comes with a pubic lift which also lifts the inner thigh. I weigh 140 now and he says of i lose about 10 pounds i can expect to lose about 9 inches off my waist. He doesnt do extra big booties. More like a jessica biel bubbly/ athletic look. I promise pictures asap!

Pre-op pix

Sorry the lighting was bad and the mirror was dirty. I was trying to get some pix on here in a hurry. I'll post more later

So, had my consult...

Im very confident in the "safety" and expertise of my dr. I love that he is local and yet world renowned inventing S.A.F.E. Lipo. And from what Ive gathered he has worked closely with the likes of Mendieta. The facility is top notch. Nothing sketchy and There is no fear lingering in the back of my mind that I could die. Although i know there is always risks. Everyone I have consulted with from the receptionist, patient coordinator nurses and doc himself are very accessible, friendly, and knowledgable, promptly returning emails and phone calls.
I'm already worried about buyers remorse.
At the consultation he informed me that besides lipo for a Brazilian I also need an unwanted tummy tuck. I was not expecting this as I don't have any stretch marks or hanging skin. I didn't want the scar nor the extra recovery . From what Ive read having a bbl with a tt recovery is down right brutal. Not to mention a HELL of a lot more money than I had anticipated. I'm almost embarrassed to add the quote he gave me. Also the results I wanted he wont perform. He said he doesn't do bootys that look like Kim K or JLo....???? That he only will do a more natural athletic "Jessica Beil" type. I kind of wanted an in between the two. Ok so the quote he gave me is more than anyone else's I have ever read on realself ever...
Over 23,000$!!!!!
But, I am financing the entire thing through a company that only covers medical. I do not have the cash for plane tickets or any other out of pocket expenses that would be required with going to Miami or out of the country. And there is no wait. Other than what I needed for work. I know he takes his time on these procedures and doesn't run his patients through like cattle.
I'm gonna do it. Pray for me

Have a new consult with dr curves????????????

I canceled my surgery with Dr. Wall, I just didn't think he was going to try to give me the results I wanted. He also said he wanted to add a tt which I may need but I do not want. Maybe after i do the bbl if Im not fully satisfied i'll get a tt. He also only does smaller more athletic looking bootys and I want a bigger butt. So....
More research and I'm now #teamjimmerson oh and because of the switch my cost was cut in half

34 Yrs Old 2 Kids 145 Lbs

This is my second review, I decided to switch doctors and rs wouldnt let me update my dr so here I go again. I started out with a different doctor who quoted me a price double and Said I had to have a tt. Im ok with not having a perfect stomach although i think my skin will retract pretty well. And if i dont like the results ill get a tt later. But i didnt have that option with first doc. And i only seen a handful of before and after bbl's he had done and honestly i didnt see much of a difference. His lipo and tt's are beautiful but I wanted more volume.

Its getting close 3 weeks!!!

So I havent updated in a while. Ive had a lot of medical problems since I first started this journey. But after seeing some bbl sisters results I am motivated to start updating more frequently. July 15th I had surgery where a kidney stone was removed from my bladder and a stent about 6 or 7 inches was put in the tube connecting my kidney to my bladder. I had to wear it for two weeks. I had complications with that surgery. My bladder didnt "wake up" after anesthesia wore off and I had to go home with a catheter as well as a stent. 2 more visits with the ER due to passing stones and Im finally feeling back to normal. Im medically cleared now to proceed with the bbl. So Im staying at A New You Recovery house. And I can already tell Mrs Marcella is an angel. Im planning on staying 9 days after surgery. I ordered the new you recovery kit from chiseled lux and Im mailing that out. Plane ticket done. Oh Dr J told me to lose 5 or 10 pounds. Which Im surprised since Im 5'3' 145 lbs.... Anyway I haven't lost anything, because I havent been able to exercise and my diet before which was ketogenic contributed to my making kidney stones. Ive actually gained about 3 or 4 lbs :(.
Maybe I can lose back about 5 lbs within 3 weeks. I'll take some more Preop pix soon.
I can hardly sleep Im so nervous...

Supplements I'm currently taking

These are the supplements I'm currently taking. There is nothing in these products that are on my "do not take list"

A few more supplies I ordered today

Another wish pic

Getting closer....

Saw this on pinterest thought id share

Leave for ATLANTA Thursday morning!!

This has been an emotional roller coaster! Nerves on 100ยก!

Ive arrived in Atlanta

Im at my home for the next 10 days. Mrs Marcella is AMAZING as well as her staff. Stretch Limo from airport to home. Snack as soon as I walked in. These are some of my supplies. Pre-op at 3:00 and sx at 7:30 am!!!!! Oh my Gosh it's really real!!

Ive arrived in Atlanta

Im at my home for the next 10 days. Mrs Marcella is AMAZING as well as her staff. Stretch Limo from airport to home. Snack as soon as I walked in. These are some of my supplies. Pre-op at 3:00 and sx at 7:30 am!!!!! Oh my Gosh it's really real!!

A few supplies

Try the pix again

One more time

A few supplies

If it don't work this time im done for a while

Just had my preop, everything went great

On my way ya

Go time

Made it to the otherside

Im gonna give a more thorough update later. Feeling ok. Mot to much pain woke up very nauseous. I cant see much a difference at all. I pray to God its gonna come on through. 900cc in each cheek 200cc each hip. I pray he didnt go to conservative

Meant to add pix

Man I pray theres more projection than what im seeing, ill dp more each day cause i mnow it changes

Been in hospital since day of surgery

I cant go into all of it right im too groggy been having some pretty tough complications. Been laying on my stomach on hospital bed but had to flip over for a minute so i snapped a shot

Still in hospital

Sorry guys for not updating lately, I'm actually still in the hospital, had a blood transfusion last night, my hemoglobin dropped critically low to 5.9. This has been absolute hell. When it got that low I started hallucinating, and I was not on narcotics at all. Because they were giving me migraines. I really dont mean to scare yall, but this is my experience it may not be the same you. I thought for sure I was prepared for this surgery. I WAS NOT. Had I known I was gonna go through all this I would not have done it. I dont ever want a round 2. Ive given birth twice without an epidural and had kidney stones. I have never felt closer to death than with this surgery. Dr J was awesome my caretakers were awesome. I just did not do well with this surgery. When I first was admitted it was about 12 hours post surgery, for urinary retention. Basically my bladder didnt wake up from anesthesia when I woke up. Which has happened to me before. (And all i did before was go to er get cath and go home and removed it 3 days later. )Then they begin to triage me and admit me because they said I had sepsis. My blood pressure at one point was 80/35 while my heart rate was 135. And there was flucuations of this. They begin aggressively giving me antibiotics. Dr J told them it wasnt sepsis it was way to early for infection and thats what the body does sometimes after going through an agressive surgery like that.. Your body obviously doesnt like so it starts fighting. So they stopped the antibiotics but admitted me for ovservation, good thing though because my hemoglobin dropped critically. Sorry if Im repeating. Its just been crazy few days. Anyway the pain is bad really bad but was not the worst part. I could have tolerated that. But the feeling of bleeding out almost to death was so scary. The dr just said I lost a lot of blood. It happens. I took iron supplement blood builders religiously before this surgery. Ok getting tired, ill finish later.

Real quick

A way I found to sit today, in the hospital, (if you go they gonna look at you crazy, but who cares you paid for this booty not them)

Feeling soooo much better!!

Im loving my results!!! Im so glad there is light at at the end of the tunnel. I feel like like a new person! Just had my first massage which gave me life! They are an absolute must!!!

Not loving my stomach:(

Really upset about my tummy:(

Very happy with booty results


Changing providers

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